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Found 58 results

  1. Hi everyone i need some advice please, I fell behind with my payments with perfect homes due to personal reasons, i also moved address within this time aswel. I have been a customer with PH since 08 when i 1st got a tv off them which i am still obliged to pay for even though i thought it was for 3 yrs but last yr i asked when that would b payed off and was advised it was 5 yrs, i cant find my contracts i have also purchased a fridge freezer and oven off them since but ill cut to the chase, they have been to my house now demanding to come into my property but my bf said i dont live here, they have thretened with police and have asked my neighbours if i live here, they were asking to come in and my bf declined in the end they said well we will do it the hard way then so he said fine. Id like to try and sort this out but i dont think i can afford to pay everything off the ins, late payment fee, and the normal pay as alone this was 50 pw. Any help and advice would be appreciated Thanks xx
  2. I am being phoned constantly by p/h, even though I've been in store and made necessary arrangements, it seems that there is no communications between members of staff, please help thank you.
  3. Hi guys not sure exactly where to start. Me and my partner split up a few month ago and with 3 children I struggled to pay the bills, perfect homes was not top of my priority but I did try and make payments. I had a visit on Monday from a recovery manager ( I was not in but he left a card with a family member who was in). I phoned him up on monday and said i would make the payment on tuesday. I couldn't get in to pay it so I rang him up and told him I would make the payment today at 9.30am. I did'nt but I had arranged a lift for 3.30pm to go in and pay it. 12 o'clock today i had a snotty text message from the bully (recovery manager) saying "when can I pick up our property?" I phoned him up and explained that I am coming through at 3.30pm. He was extremly nasty and very intimadating on the phone, saying things like "you have till 3.45 or i am coming to remove good" and When somebody makes a promise to me they keep it. Came off the phone in tears he was so intimadating I felt really bullied. I have made a £50 payment as the store agreed and I still owe another £50 i am terrified that this man will visit my home. Is there anything i can do? I am now 2 weeks in arrears Thank you EDIT I am not trying to get out of paying I want nothing more than to catch up and get back on track but think i'm going to struggle to find the other £50 before friday which means he will come to my door. My normal weekly payment is £24
  4. Hi iv been a customer with perfect homes for 3 years. I have had enough of them. They constantly ring me trying to get me to buy more... they told me my couch was finishing and did i want something, only when i rang back the week later it was actually my tv stand (a big difference from £17 a week to £2 a week item) My laptop broke and i had to pay the £100 excess??? then when i got it back it had £36 receipt in box from dell, i was told , they had to pay £80 to send it? and therefore had to pay the full £100 excess. I enquired about a xbox 4 weeks ago(for my mum) and was told i could have a 2nd hand one - which ment id pay £760 for a second hand console! My partner has recently left me and im struggling to pay and was wondering if any one had advice as they wont take lower payments but yet phone once a week asking to get something - was told " hi gem, uv got a laptop finishing soon, do u want to add? me"whens it finishing" PH "48 weeks" are they real????? ~I also moved home and they changed my address without any proof.
  5. Just wondering actually with all the news about people claiming for misselling of PPI. I had a PC with Perfect Homes over 3 years, which I was told I needed to take out TAD. Can I put in for a reclaim of this money? Many thanks
  6. hi, Can anyone suggest a suitable letter to send to Perfect homes to remove their expensive cover plus and Tad agreements,Ive got home insurance through my local council(which was a absolute bargain btw) thanks in advance!!!!!
  7. Please help, Lots of problems with Perfect home, initially bought a Ps3 and spent 3 months rectifiying the salespersons mistakes, only to be dragged into another contract for a new tv, endless promises which went unfulfilled, after only having the tv for 2 weeks, we were offered a new property and decided to move, in the middle of moving my diasbled son was hospitalised and everything else went out of my head, so I did not get chance to contact anyone to say I had moved let alone PH, I was at home in between coming back from the hospital to get some more things for my son and to freshen up after being back and forward to the hospital for the last 3 weeks, There was a knock on the door to which my partner answered only for it to be the Finance team from perfect home to collect the goods, on calling the store I was informed that if I came into the store and paid the 3 weeks outstanding then the situation would be resolved, so I told the finance team at the door this and was informed that was not good enough and they either came in to get the goods or the police would be called and it would be taken anyway, when asked why I had just agreed this with the person instore and then told that wasnt the case, I asked why not and was informed that this person was the store manager and they wanted the goods back, as I had commited fraud and obtained goods by deceit, even after offeeing to show all of the paperwork from my son being in hospitall I was informed listen love you can do this the easy way or the hard way, so when I asked him to explain what he meant, I was told, we have called the police and they will gain access anyway, so instead of embarressing myself in front of my neighbours anymore to just go and get the item before the police came, with this I said I would wait for the police and explain the situation to them, I then returned inside and closed the door, only for the manager to call my phone from outside the door and be told that it was coming out the house either the easy wayo r the hard way, if I wanted the hard way that was fine and they would await the police, whilst waiting for the police to arrive, the manager continued to bang and shout through my front door, even though I had already been out and siad that I would await the police, this was continues for the next 1 and a half hours, to which the police then arrived, as soon as they arrived I went out to speak to the officers and was told by the store manager that they didnt care about my excuses even tough I had offered to pay the outstanding 3 weeks payment to them there and then or to go into the store in the morning, I was called a liar and a thief,the police then said that they were well within thier rights ot do this and to just let them take the tv??, where do I stand on this matter as I am very still shaking form this ordeal and was more than courtious to both the manager and the police as well as already being traeted badly in the past and having to rectify problemd caused by them in the past.
  8. Hi i have recently been extremly ill due to a virus. I contacted Perfect Home to let them know i couldn't make any payments for about 3 weeks as the virus is contagious. They said that's fine and i would have to pay £45 then. I was happy with that but over the last week they have been hounding me with calls ringing every hour from 9am until 6pm and today they have left a message asking what time they can come and pick up the playstation 3 on Monday i had from them. I have paid more than 1/3 of this so are they allowed to just take it? The odd thing is they never mentioned the chair or tv stand i had from them. The Playstation itself is in repair with Sony as the laser was faulty and luckily it is covered under warranty still as i never took out optional service cover from Perfect home. So the Playstation isn't actually in my flat at the moment. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated thankyou.
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