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Found 58 results

  1. Im new to this website and in need of some help. I fell into arrears with perfect home and not paid them a penny since 15th december 2013. They sent me numerous letters but i ignored them i knew it was alot of money they wanted off me and i couldnt affird it, they sent me another letter a week ago asking for different payments that add up to 350 and the letter says "if the action required by this notice is taken before the date shown no further enforcement action will be taken in respect of the breech. Im still struggling to get the money to pay them. I dont know whats goi g to happen can someone give me advice?
  2. hi I would realy like some advice I had my benefits reduced so I couldnt afford to pay perfect homes I ask them if I could reduce pauments but they point blank refused so I refused to pay thinking they might take it to court and I could maybe pay £15 awk instead of £60 awk I live on my own with 3 children and I was stuck for xmas and every time you go in they hound you to get other goods so I did this this is how im in this mess but all I wanted was to get my payment knocked down now yo night a very big man came and told me he had a court jugment so give me the stuff back I still refused and he said he will bring the police to come back i thought they would take me to court first my kids or petrifide when someone knocks at my door can they get a county court jugement to take goods please help A.S.A.P
  3. hiya just wondering if anyone can help!! i have been with perfect home for a while now and i have a few stuff out with them and i have cover plus on everything never claimed before and recently my tele that i got off them fell and the screen smashed i started the claim and they took it away and lent me a tele. i got a phone call off them today saying that my tele is a write off i have to pay the excess fee of £100 to write the rest off the finance off but i wont get a new tele not only am i without a tele i have to pay £100 and i have been paying for the tv for 1yr 2 months,and they are also say they need to pick the loaner tele up and the only way i will be able to get a new tv is to take out another contract i have been paying nearly £7 a week for over a year for nothing is this right??
  4. Wanting a bit of information on a situation i have with perfect homes please. Ive been avidly reading the forums for the last week to try and learn as much as i can, but any case specific information would be greatly appreciated. I have mental health problems, and do not go out much, the internet is my main form of communication with the outside world. When my laptop broke in april 2013, i stupidly went to perfect homes, believing that a big company like them would be regulated etc. I was told when signing up that there were 3 components to the weekly charge, the price for the item aquired through hire purchase, TAD insurance (which states on the contract that it covers neither accidental damage noe theft) and a fix-sum loan agreement, which i was told by the staff member who signed me up was money they were lending me because my credit limit didnt cover the full amount of the item. i thought nothing of this, trusting that a big company wouldnt be risking these bad sales practices. Very recently my circumstances have changed. My payments are all up to date, but i contacted the store and asked if they could help in anyway as i couldnt afford to responsibly pay and was told no, nothing can be done. their website states that if you have trouble you should contact them and they will arrange a lower rate of repayment.. .so i wondered what else they were hiding, which is what led me here and how i found out about the coverplus/fix-sum loan agreement not actually being credit they have lent me. what is my next move on this? i know i should put everything in writing to head office and ask for the insurance to be cancelled and reclaimed, and remove any right for them to visit my home, but is there anything i can do about the sales person lying about what the coverplus was? any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. Perfect Home, Got a computer from them all the insurance cover the lot, little boy knocks it over and it smashes the screen, being a touch screen computer we could use it. so we contacted them told the what happened, the we if we got it to stre and paid £100 excess on insurance they would repair it for us . we wait and wait untill eventually my OH who is a software engineer contacts them who tell us that it couldnt be repaired they would just minus the amout still owed on it off our existing bill.(we have other items) we had effectively paid all that money for renting a computer for not even a year, we went in several times and contacted store manager, we said we wanted the product repaired and returning, we over heard staff say they werent going to because the repair would cst £600 and we only owed £700. after weeks out of work, due to intellectuall property being on boken comp and due nature of damge data retrieval ws not possible before returning. we have now got a new computer they apparently did s a discount n shorte. I dont see how e have benefited at all. we are back at square one. Ive read and read my contract agreement and they have follwed no procedure on there, the only its remotly like is repossession of goods because they are out an out refusing to return it.... .i want it back for the intllectual property on there if they refuse can i sue them, also can i sue them for loss of earning whilst computer ws in for repair and for distress during this time. what are my rights with the broken computer surly they cnt just terminate the contact with nothing for us, in that event we should have got a cash pay out and we shuld hve recieved letter notifying us of end of contract but we still have nothing. store manager refusing to speak to us
  6. hi there all , just a quick enquiry , not so long ago i went to perfect homes and got a 50 inch smart tv on finance , all was good until i decided to move house , i started to dismantle the tv and as i did so it topped forward and smashed the tv , i was gutted , but i contacted perfect homes and explained what had happened ,and they said bring it down and we will do a insurance claim on it, they explained that it could take a couple of weeks to sort out , so i said fair enough , but they then told me i would have to still pay for it until the claim goes through , which seems reasonable , and i would also have to pay the excess which is £100 , but i could pay it at £4 a week till its cleared , as i have other items with them totalling up to about £7 a week , so roughly £10 seemed viable , BUT the claim went thru and they explained that i would have to re-sign up for another tv ( if i wanted one) , as if i was a new customer BUT also because they had done an insurance claim on my previous tv , i could only get a like for like , which they claimed was a refurbished one , and i would still have to pay the same price as if it was a new tv , i had a ponder over this and contacted them and declined the offer of a refurbished tv if i had to pay the same price as a brand new tv , BUT my question is s hould i still have to pay the excess on the now broken tv if i have no intention of getting a replacement from it ? cheers any helps much appreciated
  7. Where to start with this one!!! I have been a customer of the above shop since April this year and I have encountered no end of problems. These have now since escalated and I want out with a full refund if possible. It all started a couple of months ago. I fell behind by one week and was threatened at my door regarding police and repossession. I told them to get off my property and it escalated into a huge row about how I was 'stealing' (I suppose they look up the definition of that word! How can you steal if something is given to you!?!) which lead me to removing them from my property by force (within the law... I didn't smack someone before you say!) as they are deemed as trespassers since they have no authority to be there. Eventually, they left. Someone from another store called me and the matter was sorted out and I was eventually refunded the TAD cover which shouldn't have been charged in the first place due to my extended warranty cover with my bank which falls into their insurance thingy. I haven't paid for it. It was free with my bank account since I have banked with them for for the last 10 years. Since then, everything went fine. For a week! I arranged to pay fortnightly. This went to plan once. I thought everything was fine until they started knocking again telling me that I am 3 weeks behind with my payments due to my weekly payments not going through. This, obviously, confused me no end due to the fact that as far as I was aware, they were taking my payments fortnightly. I refused to pay this as there was no assurance from them that I had ever agreed to pay this way even though the chap who set it up, who did everything I asked and I couldn't fault him, assured me it was and that he has done it before. So now, I am sat here with a long list of things they have done that are illegal or borderline and, quite simply, I want out! Harassing me with phone calls after closing hours Calling me 9 times without fail before opening hours Kicking my door when I refuse to answer Contacting my referee's (they are not guarantor's and should not be contacted) Hiding from the spyhole after they have knocked Put hands through the letter box in an attempt to unlock the door Point blank refuse a reasonable payment plan to clear my arrears (3 weeks at £11.38 a week. I offered to pay double for 3 weeks. Reasonable no!?!) Constantly leaving voice messages telling me that if I don't answer the door, they will force entry To berate my partner because "on your agreement you said you were living alone" (she moved in afterwards and her name is not mentioned on it once anyway! Should I inform them that the fish were bought after it and that the dog's insurance was done after it as well)) Parking their van outside to wait for me to leave the property (BLOODY STALKING!!!!!!!) Calling up on a withheld number so I will answer (I have to because of my work as some people call on a withheld number) Ringing on a Fax machine so if I answer, they know I'm in as it cuts off (googled the number, guess what came up!!!) Calling up after countless requests not to as I will only speak to a person with authority and not somebody who is just trying to prey on fears and acting like a bully boy (wrong person to mess with if that's the case) Refusing to end the contract and instead, constantly harass me because, in the lasses words on the phone, they will lose money as they will have to refund me (which is why I want them to as I will get refunded. If I cancel, I lose money which I could replace the television with) So yes, I want out and after reading my contract with them it states about repossession and if they do it without a court order. It states It is linked to the one third thing (which I am just shy of) but it is so ambiguous as to whether it means if I have paid a third, I can get the money back or if I can anyway The key word is OR in the above. I s this why they are trying to get me to pay instead of taking the TV like I have asked them to? If so, how the hell do I go about getting this sorted!?! Either way, one thing is for sure.. . I won't be jumping into bed with these cowboys again!
  8. Hi I am new on here I'm with Perfect Home for my television which I have been paying for the last 2 years, I have paid £2000 including all the insurance cover. The Tele is now broke as my son broke the screen with a toy. perfect Home have said its beyond repair and they have Cancelled my Agreement. So I am now left with no Tele and my money gone down the drain What can I do Thankyou
  9. Hi. Any help would be very much appreciated! About a year ago I had a sofa from ph ( with cover plus). I didnt miss any payments so the accounts always been up to date. I moved house and the sofa I had from them wasnt really suitable so they agreed I could swap it for a different one which was a little bit more. Now I need to check but I think they have started the agreement from week one. My question is should I have had the money id paid for the original sofa back or at least taken off the balance of the new one? Anybody who has dealt with these clowns before will know how unhelpful they are. This week, and not tge first time, they've taken an extra £30 from my bank account!
  10. Hi, All im new to this forum. I hope you can help and shed some light. A weekly sofa agreement was taken out, what we recieved was a shop floor display unit that was so called refurbished. After 6 months we rang them to get the leather replaced due to it having defects but only 1 sofa was done. However when the sofa was taken out 2 types of insurance was taken out. Cover Plus and TAD. We was told that Cover Plus would be taken into account any accidental damage and kids spoiling it. These are the keywords the staff members said to us when we took both covers. If they did not include accidental damage what is the purpose of the covers ? so after having the sofa the last payment is due, but therefore we required leather replacement but they totally refused as every member of staff told us that accidental damage is covered. what im trying to say is what can be done to this mislead information. Is there a possibility that Cover Plus can be refunded due to mislead information on taking out that it covers accidental. Im actually stuck at this point the manager came out so they looked and said its wear and tear but the kitten has clawed some of it. Any help is appreciated and respected Many Regards Tee
  11. Hi im new here but desperately need help with a problem with PH. My ex partner has an account with them starting june 2012. The account was for a 3 piece suit. then in october he took agreement out for xbox then took another agreement out in feb this year for tumble dryer all payments were weekly costing 47 quid. I left my ex after an violent argument taking my 2 children and a few personal belongings, i returned to my home 5 days later to get my clothes and furniture (after finding alt housing) to find him gone along with my furniture, he left me a kettle, toaster n bread bin!!!! My brother moved me into new house (which is looking very bare!) , the same day i received a card thru the door from perfect home saying they wanted goods back!!! And i had not contacted them to tell them about move... Seriously? I wouldn't mind a couch to sit on myself ! And id love to have been told he was moving too! Where do i stand? I haven't clue where my ex is or the goods from ph. I have just moved here for a new start for me n kids and tbh this has nothing to do with me as its in his name please help??? Ty
  12. Hi there I have had my perfect home account for around 8 months and have two items a couch and a tv ( i no longer have the tv as it got broke and i never had insurance ) i was making my payments regularly with no problems until 8 weeks ago when i got made to go on the sick due to black outs , I let perfect home know and they didnt seem to care just kept saying in need to pay . I told them my wage will got from 1300 a month to 400 and that my rent alone is 550 and council tax 140 . I got taken into hospiatl and they called round to my house every night demanding payment and to speak to me even know my partner kept tellin them i was in hospital and they would park outside the house for 30mins each time as well as asking my 7 year old who was out playing with her friends if i was in . I phoned them from the hospital and even said they can come up and see me in my ward if needed but they just kept phoning and harrasing my partner and eventually she gave them 100 pound which left her 12 pounds to survive for 2 weeks. I am still off on the sick and dont know what to do
  13. i have been a customer with perfect homes for more years than i would wish to remember and have always made my payment on a saturday when i get paid only to be informed today that saturday payments are no longer acceptable as the finace company said everyone gets paid mon-fri so payments should not be made any other day i get paid on saturdays !!! can they just move the goalposts on payments without written notice as im now getting numerous phone calls demanding payment that im not able to pay till i get paid ?? hope this makes sense
  14. Hello, Just after some advice really on how to go about cancelling the cover plus on my perfect home items, along with their insurance. I did not have home insurance at the time of signing my agreement but I do now, am I therefore able to cancel Perfect Home's? I have searched for a letter template but am unable to find one if anybody could please point me in the right direction? Best wishes and Thank you Dp x
  15. Got a sofa from these people awhile ago,had already got home contents insurance through my local council,so l took my policy into store and had their silly insurance removed. I've always paid on time and my account is up to date However today a sales assistant called to say he needed to see my insurance policy again,when I asked why he said,that my insurance didn't cover their couch, I told him that l pay for accident cover on top,and he had the policy documents on file,so I wasn't willing to bring them down again to which his response was Well if that's the case we are going to put our insurance back onto your weekly payments The guy carried on for a bit about their contracts ect ect I put the phone down Then the manager rung,and I explained what the first chap had threatened,and the manager denied everything,but said he did need to see my policy again My question is can they add their insurance back on to my account,and what should I do next?
  16. Hi everyone To cut a long stort im married with 4 kids all under 8 and my husband is seriously disabled and iv been with perfect homes for just over 4 years . The first thing i brought from them was a 2 ,3 seater sofas . The 3 seater started too sag so i telephoned them they sent someone out and said it was a fault and cost to much to repair so they offerd me a replacement which was reverbished in the mean time i found this site and seen that i too was paying coverplus so i started writing to them saying i want my money back but they just keep refuseing . Now they have finally given me my replacement sofas ( which iv finshed paying) and they not the same sofas i had . I got in touch with them and they're saying they are the same . I sat on them sofas for 4 years i think i would if they were the same and now everytime i meation this the cheeky so so saying that my sofas that they took away were dirty and disgusting to which there were not . The saying that under the sofas ( which were recliners and underneth were metal bars) were full of dirt they made me feel so small and dirty. back to the story the sofa i have now are full of stains they smaller and they dont feel like leather i cant get my money back and i dont have money to take them to court and they only so meny letters you can send them . Any help or advise would i would be very gratefull P.s sorry about spelling and ranting
  17. My partner has been with perfect home now for several years much to my dismay . We have been paying a set amount of £26.59 for awhile even tho our items now only cost £17.58. We made an agreement to reduce this to the lower payment as its a hassle going in to reclaim the extra £9 odd every week due to needing the money for other things. But the following week they still took the higher amount of £26.59 . Been in again and got promised they would change this by the 12th of April but yet again they took the higher amount of £26.59 so went to the bank to try and stop it their end . Unfortunately the way they process payments is off your long card number so the only people who can stop this payment is perfect home but that's not all the bank also told us that they also tried to take the £17.58 at the same time luckily there was not enough funds for the £17.59 to be processed and even more lucky that we didn't go overdrawn is there anything we can do ? Any help would be much appreciated . Damien
  18. Hi there, i have had a account with perfect homes and they harrased me when I got into arrears and as a result once standed out side my door for half a hour threatening to call the police. the fellow resident within the block isnt prepared to make a statement of this. But she did say on the phone to me that she would phone them which I had said in a letter. they then decided to speak about my account to my ex partner and phone my mother who was a reference asking both of them to ask me to get in touch with them as they wanted the dryer back. I feel that this is a serious breach of confidentiality and after making a formal letter taking loads of advice on the law on here a manager from the west of England ( I live in Wales) wants a meeting with me i feel that he wants this to avoid paying any time of compensation. As I cant see otherwise why someone would travel this far. i was wondering if anyone had any advice on how i can request compensation if they refuse how would I take them to court for breach of confidentiality. As they have not stopped harrasing me I cant see I have a strong enough claim for harassment the breach of confidentiality is a huge cause of concern as I dint want my ex partner or my mother who is unwell to know that I am having financial difficulties. They had been once when I arranged for someone to stay in before all of this to collect the washing machine and dryer but only took the washing machine and this is the reason i havent given it back as i work full time and never in so have to have someone to stay and at the moment I dont have anyone. Thanks for all your help in advance.!!!
  19. can some one help me me and my wife got a plasma tv from perfect homes 3 years ago it was the first time we had hire purchase agreement and the salesman told us the total cost we would have to pay is £2242.24 with insurance and coverplus we asked again how much for everything including coverplus and yet again we were told £2242.24 so we signed and we never missed a payment and today we called into the shop to make a payment and to ask how much we had left (we thought about £130) but were told we still had £450 which we disagreed we had been paying £13.08p a week and £10.78 was for the agreement and normal insurance and £2.30p was for coverplus and we were told when we signed that all of the £13.08p weekly payment would come off the total but after we looked at the agreement we have noticed that the £2.30p for the coverplus is being classed as separate from the agreement and now the total is about £2750 which we wouldnt have signed had we known this and the salesman has lied to us so can anyone tell me what if anything we can do about this as we feel we were lied to about what we would pay in total
  20. Hi there, I have been browsing through the forums for information on these people and have come accross a few interesting posts. Let me tell you my story! My partner & I rely on benefits for income (No surprise for a PH Customer). My partner is Sick & Disabled and in receipt of disability benefits and I have a weekly Carer's allowance for staying at home and taking care of us both. Back in 2010 we got a Washing Machine from them and then 5 weeks later they allowed us to get a Laptop. Now the account is always paid up to date. However, it often goes a week into arrears because we get paid fortnightly and like most people on benefits, we are sometimes subject to reasessments and mix ups with the DWP resulting in our payment days/amounts changing. We are now 9 weeks away from settling our Washing Machine and 14 weeks from settling the laptop. When we took out BOTH items we were "forced" into taking their Theft & Damage Policy AND their CoverPlus Policy which covers against maintenance and repairs. We didn't have our own (and still don't) home insurance so we were told we HAD to have these. Now I recently found out the CoverPlus is totally optional, regardless of whether you have our own cover elsewhere or not and I'm in the middle of drafting a letter for them to reclaim these costs. However, from reading these forums it would appear I shouldn't have had to pay for the TAD either! Before I demand refunds for that too, I wanted to just check the facts and make sure I understood it clearly. Also, I am including in my letter complaints of their harassment and bullying tactics. Like I already said, we have often gone 1 week into arrears and are constantly getting threatened by them saying they are going to collect the goods, call the police etc... They turn up at our house and recently sent a Debt Collection Manager from, head office who refused to leave the doorstep, threw a piece of paper with his name and number on it into our home as I closed the door on him, called me on my mobile 5 or 6 times afterwards until I picked up, called me stupid for not agreeing to let him take the goods AND then sat outside our house watching us for half an hour afterwards. I have already complained to them once about the optional CoverPlus being added to our account and told them I won't pay them another penny until it is removed and refunded. They dismissed my complaint, refused to write to me explaining why and are now hounding me daily for payments which still include the CoverPlus. So before I write to them again and demand this is refunded, should I also include the TAD cover as well or did they have the right to insist on me taking this because I don't have my own cover? To give you an idea of the scope of my claim. I did some calculations. I have just over £200 left to pay (total for both items) to end my agreement with them. That includes TAD but NOT CoverPlus. After I add up everything I have paid them and subtract what I would have paid them without the CoverPlus, I have currently overpaid by £800+ so I have told them I do not intend to pay the final £200 because if anything they should be taking that off of what I overpaid and refunding me the remaining £600... But if I am to reclaim the insurance too... well that could be even more. I have also told them they won't be getting their goods back. I know that once they are 1 third paid for they are "protected" and cannot be reclaimed without a return(s) order from the courts. I also know the courts would never grant one when there is only £200 from a contract worth over £3000 remaining. I will wait to hear from some experts about what I should include in my letter. If there is legislation somewhere that will back up my claim, please can somebody point it out to me.
  21. Hello, i have been reading around the site for a few days now and figured its time i sign up. to cut a long story short Perfect homes (Temple Finance) today posted a we called today note threw my door, it says if i do not ring them by 6pm they will return with the police, will the police come? what can they do? thanks for reading.
  22. my son has just took out a television with perfect home. he is paying approx £64 month they told him he has to pay £21 for insurance as the house he privately rents has no insurance!!! (shook my head in disbelief) is this compulsory or are they milking even more money out of him. can he decline this insurance. incidentally when he checked his account recently he discovered that they were taking this insurance weekly and had taken 2 payments of £64 also. they gave him the money out of the till when he visited the shop! please can someone advise as he and his partner have a new baby and they are struggling to make ends meet anyway. typical perfect home customers i know!
  23. Hi i have taken out a purchase agreement with perfect homes / Temple Finance and have been paying £25 a week EVERY week since june 2012 for 2 sofas. i have been very unwell and missed 3 weeks payments, 1st note through the door on the 1st week i missed. But i have just had a visit from someone from perfect homes at my door requesting goods or payment. I tried to get the rest of the remaining balance from the store but they couldn't tell me "i had to write to the head office" So i dont know how much is left! i told the lady at the door i had requested this info and cant afford to pay the weekly rate, she started by calling me childish, and said she can get police presence, and they can enter anyway to collect. i told her too and i'll film it she said, and i quote "f*cking go ahead" and laughed. So i gave her a letter saying i remove all rights of access to my property from anyone from perfect homes or temple finance under common law. So she walked away sat in her van on her phone and started to point at me laughing hmmmmm From this point I will VIDEO everything being said at my door from these loons and post it on youtube, no dout it should make for some good viewing when i confront them with the law and challenge them on any bullying tactics and false statements. ANY questions ppl need asking while i'm filming? as i know many people have troubles with them. Watch this space Richie EDIT LETTER I GAVE TO THE LADY
  24. i recently sent my tv back to perfect homes to be looked at as it was turning itself off they brought it back saying there was nothing wrong with it but when the people who brought it back left we noticed the base of the tv had deep scratches on it i have phoned the store to demand it be replaced but was told they will call back can someone tell me where i stand on this i have the cover plus insurance with them if they cant replace the base can i ask for a new tv?
  25. I'm new to this so I hope I get this right. In July 2011 I had to contact our local perfect home store regarding a fault with our T.V the model is an AOC 42 in, they sent out a replacement 36in and said they would be back 2 weeks later.....2013 and I'm still waiting and have since paid for the item. I also took out a computer in August 2011 and any late payments they harass me to no end knocking on my door constant phone calls etc, I totally resent the fact that they bombard me for payment when I feel like the victim here. Is there any way of me getting compensated regarding the T.V as costs between a 42in and a 36in are not going to be the same are they also with the rip off insurance cover that they make you sign you can imagine how much I've paid and fellow customers alike, Oh they also said that they don't do the AOC model anymore as they are having to many troubleshooting problems with it, but their store manger has informed that that is the model he will be sending god knows when they've had 3 managers in the time I've been waiting. I hate the company I wish I'd never gone there I use to go to Brighthouse a long time ago and said never again, Perfect home assured me that they did not operate like Brighthouse but when the staff that they have hired are ex Brighthouse what do you expect. Please help me
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