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Found 7 results

  1. Hi CAG. I recently got a ticket for driving in a pedestrian zone at Barking It's a disgustingly confusing section of road that the council seem to be making a lot of money from. I am tempted just to pay the discounted rate but lately have been floored by PCN's. On discussing it with collegues and other law abiding decent motorist I learned I'm not alone. How on Earth did it come to this where the councils are acting so despicable..? I want to appeal this one so I can help others fight back against this robbery. I turned right at the corner in the image Barking1, there is no sign not to turn right but by the time you have they've got you. the second set of signs further in (Barking3) is confused by the arrows on top telling us we have priority over oncoming traffic. I also find the pedestiran zone sign a confusing one by itself! A circle with a car and motorbike in it. If it had a red line through it it would comunicate its meaning in a second. But they don's want that do they Any help greatly appreciated. R BarkingPCN.pdf
  2. My daughter got a PCN issued by CCTV on pedestrian zone. I"ve tried looking into google map but there are no recent street view of the area after latest renovation project. If anyone is local to area, requesting couple of pictures of the sign post pls and thanks in advance. Probably not relevant but the pictures they've sent with PCN shows the car in main frame not belonging to her. Her car can be seen but it's far behind and on looking at brent's website, they've zoomed the VRN. There are no pictures of signs but they've zoomed on HSBC sign to indicate the location of the site. The alleged contravention was on 18th April. Looking for advice before deciding to part with money. Thanks.
  3. Hi guys, Just curious as to the legality of the road markings on a nearby zebra crossing - not sure of the exact length of the zig zags either side but lets says they're 8 metres in either direction... ..except one of the four sections of zigzags is several metres shorter in order to accomodate a bus stop (ie. one side of the road has zigzags one side of the crossing running to around 2 to 3 metres, the other three run to around 8 metres). I thought the idea of these markings was to limit the risk to pedestrians and yet people can cross behind a bus whos rear end is only a metre or two from the crossing (assuming another bus isn't behind it which is straddling the crossing (as I have witnessed on more than one occasion!)). Yet if I park opposite the bus stop I'll be on zigzags and so risking a fine and points. Techincally perhaps not double standards but does seem to smack of it, can anyone offer some clarity please
  4. Dear All, I have received a pcn from harrow council for contravention 53 - failing to comply with a restriction on vehicles entering a pedestrian zone. In Station Road (College Rd - Sheepcote Rd) The road sign stated that you could enter the zone for loading purposes and I was driving a van with the intention of pulling up outside a shop on the street to load tools and materials. As it happened i passed the shop by accident and eventually managed to find a way round to the rear of the premises. Does anyone think that it would be worthwhile challenging the fine on the basis that i was entering the zone for the purposes of loading and therefore would not be in contravention of the order? A couple of further points: 1. If i do challenge, with today being about day 13 of the notice date and am unsuccessful, will i still get the discounted rate? 2. The notice date was the 3-7-14 and the incident was on 12-6-14, did they meet the 21 day requirement? What do you think, should i just pay up and take my medicine? Many Thanks
  5. Hi, newbie here. Hope this is the right section. I was driving and someone ran out in front of my taxi. She ran out just a few metres in front of me and despite going fairly slow, and braking, I couldn't stop. I heard nothing about it, as the police report sent to me said she was ok and only had very minor injuries. Jump forward 2 months, I get a letter from my insurer saying that she was claiming for damages and injuries. It says that she is claiming 'I was driving without due care and attention'. My insurance company have been absolutely useless. I feel like I've been found guilty with no defense. The letter actually said that due to economic reasons, it's beneficial to accept full responsibility and pay out! I'm fuming, she was absolutely hammered drunk, and made a mistake, and I'm paying for it. I had 4 customers in my taxi at the time who saw it and are writing me witness statements, and I got a couple of other drivers too. The insurance company just cancelled my insurance! So I'm out of work too, to add to it. After I had some legal advice they have agreed to re-insure me at £5400. I'm doing all I can, but any extra help or advice would be very much appreciated! I've obviously googled things but almost everything I've found is just solicitor companies wanting pedestrians to sue the drivers. Any advice please?
  6. Hi, I recently got a parking ticket for driving into pedestrian zone outside the permitted hours in Northern Ireland. I was using the post office to post and collect items. As a blue badge holder I thought I could enter the zone, much like a delivery van or permit holders. I asked the department to look at it but they rejected my first appeal. Does anyone has any experience of this or the Point of law I could appeal on. Many thanks
  7. Can anyone tell me if a pedestrian zone must have the correct start and finish signs at each end of the zone? I have recently received a pcn for driving in a pedestrian zone, I must confess I was hopelessly lost in Harrow town centre and started down the pedestrian zone, and once I had started there was an immediate no U tuen sign, so I could not correct my mistake, however, when I returned to the area to look at the signs in more detail, I noticed that the pedestrian zone start sign was only at one end of the street, whereas the finish sign was at both ends. Anyone got any ideas on this?
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