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Found 122 results

  1. I made some posts on another forum, but didn't really get anywhere. I will copy and paste the relevant posts I made, to avoid any possible confusion, in new posts below this one.
  2. Hi everyone, Long story. I sold a mobile phone 4 months ago on ebay, i sent it recorded post as i know how easy it is for paypal to take money from you. I checked it was delivered fine as i was leaving to live overseas for a few months, and it was delivered fine. I came back today from overseas, to a debt collection letter from the company Iqor, stating i owe £137 to paypal and they will take me to court. I have logged into my paypal account and see the buyer of the phone opened a claim as he didn't receive the phone, when i actually have proof it was delivered. As i was overseas i didn't check my emails or paypal account as i didn't expect this to happen. i have called paypal, and they said, as the case has been closed theres not alot they can do, i can appeal the case, but theres not much chance i will win. i have done that, ive given the tracking number, and photos for proof of postage and am awaiting their reply. im guessing they wont be able to do anything. i need help, what can i do? Im not letting the debt collection agency take my money, as i am an honest person and have done nothing wrong, but i can't see another way out? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  3. I thought this would be of interest to people. Yesterday I recieved an email on an old Paypal account. I have been disputing the charges on this account for 3 years. IQOR have tried and sent it back to Paypal. Some history. Ebay did a chargeback on an item that someone collected and then told me a month later that it didnt work. In all the pictures it worked. I refused to give refund and cancelled my bank card. They have been chasing me ever since. So fast forward to yesterday. I received an email stating that I had sent money to a' Lucy Atzintok' on the 7th June. A total of £60.23 (funny enough the amount of money they have been chasing me for). Email stated if I hadnt sent the payment to log onto my account. Out of curiousity I tried to log on to be met with the official PayPal page stating they wanted to confirm my identity. Funny enough they wanted my card details. What a joke of a company!
  4. Hi, My PayPal Balance is currently on -£800.00 as of today. This has happened because I was spending using eBay/PayPal when I had funds in my account but when PayPal went to take it (A week and a half later), the funds had already left my Current Account on other things resulting in my Negative Balance. On my PayPal Account, the Address is an old one and so is the Contact Number. However my Name, Bank Details, Card Details are all genuine and currently active. My bank will remain in good standing because if/when PayPal request the £800.00, it will just automatically decline so I am not worried about going massively Over-Drawn. I'm now pretty scared because I'm Unemployed and have no way of paying back this £800.00, after researching and speaking to a few friends the only option we can see is that the PayPal Account is left Inactive. I know there is a very good chance of PayPal passing this onto a Debt Collection Agency but after researching, I've seen a lot of people saying PayPal don't have a leg to stand on so when they get no response from my old address (or visit old address), they will just stop sending letters and close my account. Would this be a good move? I really don't see any other options, I've rang PayPal to see if theres any way to just freeze my account while I secure Full-Time Employment but they rejected this idea. So even if the Debt Collectors managed to find my Current Address, (My Fathers) he would be able to say I am not a Resident There (Which I'm technically not.), he is very clued up and he would have no issues is warding Debt Collectors off. Your thoughts and opinions please? Edit: I should also point out I'm in England as I know Debt Collection Agencies differ.
  5. Hello all. I've never had any debts before so not really sure how to deal with my situation so if anyone could give me a few pointers I would be very grateful. I have a debt with PayPal for around £800 (completely my fault and don't dispute it in the slightest). I did email PayPal a few times stating that although I accepted the debt, I couldn't afford to pay it all off in one go as they wanted. The contents of my emails were ignored and I just had a standard 'return your balance to zero immediately' making no mention to my email. Anyway, this morning, I received a letter from a debt collection agency (Iqor) and to be honest I'm terrified. They are telling me I need to repay them immediately or they will pass it to their legal department and may arrange for someone to visit me at home. I really don't want some debt collector turning up at my home as i only work next door so someone from work could see / hear them. Does anyone know how likely Iqor would be to agree to a repayment plan if I was to ring them and tell them I can't afford it in one go - £50 a month say? Thanks for any help.
  6. I seek a very specific piece of advice about using the small claims online service. I think it likely I will have to use the service to claim for a fake windows licence on an eBay laptop which didn't reveal itself until way after the PayPal 45 day limit for raising a dispute(thanks, MS). Only two parties can be named in the online claims form. One is obviously the seller - should the other be My MasterCard provider (the ultimate fund provider) or PayPal (who actually paid the seller) ? Other info that may help with the query: Citizens Advice said they couldn't help me with this query. I post here on the suggestion of an ebay User, who cited good legal knowledge here. Another ebay user helpfully found this relevant link: (I'd post it, but I'm not allowed to, so I'll put text in here instead) moneysavingexpert.com^/shopping/^/section75-protect-your-purchases Which has this extract: "When you buy through third parties. ..Paypal.. etc. You're unlikely to be covered when payments are made to a company that isn't the one providing you with the product or service. In these cases, the credit card company usually says it didn't have a direct relationship with the supplier, so isn't equally liable. If you stand your ground, it's possible to argue that the indirect relationship constitutes an arrangement to pay. The Court of Appeal decided this was acceptable in 2006, but it's unlikely to be an easy task. The first main area is paying via an online processor such as PayPal, WorldPay or Google Checkout. Though these can have their own refund systems, they aren't as strong as the legal protection of Section 75." I have contacted the Credit Card company, but I doubt they will respond favourably, partly because of the above, but also because the laptop was it was less than £100, as that was the going rate for such items on eBay at the time. After two months setting the laptop up for my son, I just wanted to get on, so had to pay the £130+ to MS just to not waste all the effort & take away my son's homework portal. Note: a tied Win7Pro laptop licence on a Dell Latitude D630 isn't worth what MS charge to validate a fake one.
  7. Hello I've been ripped off by a seller form China, and up to today i still have not received my goods. I did open a PayPal case, and PayPal closed case the same day. I was half a day over the 45 day PayPal Buyer Protection cut off point. I have contacted PayPal. PayPal reply, sorry over the 45 day cannot do anything. It's just half a day over. I have sent a letter to the Managing Director Paypal (Europe) Ltd Surrey. If the letter don't work, could small claims be worth a try? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  8. I have just folded a business and handed it over to liquidators to deal with but we had a paypal account which I started but converted to a pay pal business account as I was only doing business purchases through it. THe balance is £100 minus but I now have had a letter from iqor chasing me for the business debt. Any cluses where I stand with this?
  9. Hi, I have an Ebay shop selling Fancy Dress, Accessories and Novelty items - I am currenty a Top Rated Powerseller - This is my only source of income. I received an email from Paypal on 19th March saying that due to security issues with my account that they need to review it and that I needed to forward them some information such as ID, proof of address etc which I have done. On the list of 'issues' that I needed to resolve there was a section that said 'Resolve issues with linked paypal account' and then it stated an email address containg my name which obviously worried me. I immediately called them to inform them that this was not my email address and that I do not have another paypal account - I was told that they would put it through a review and that I was also to email informing them. I did this - It came back refused - I called again & the agent that I spoke to was absolutely horrible!!! I was trying to explain to him that this was NOT my email address and I had NOT got another paypal account - He basically told me that I was lying and that they could tell that it was my paypal account as they could see that the account had been logged into from my computer and IP address - I argued this with him and said that It couldn't have as it was not my account, the only thing I could think of was that perhaps i'd been hacked/Identity Theft?! I asked him to give me details of this other account such as transaction etc and he said he couldn't do that as I was denying that it was my account. The phonecall ended with me putting the phone down as he was so patronising and unhelpful and not listening to what I was saying I called the Action Fraud to report the possibilty of Identity theft and after explaining to them they gave me a crime reference number and said that I was to pass that on to paypal. I called paypal again and had to explain the whole situation again and gave them the crime reference number - This time the agent was alot more helpful and agreed with me that it all sounded suspicious - The agent also informed me that the other paypal account had received 10 payments of the same amount which were reversed back out and that it was not linked to an ebay account, he also gave me the name of the person that sent a payment (I am not sure if all the transaction were from the same person) - He put through an appeal which again was refused despite all the information I have given them. I received an automated email informing me of this which states that I cannot have the money that is in the account (£1400) for up to 180 days which is 6 months!!!!! Obviously after receiving this email I contacted Paypal again and spoke to yet another agent who, after going through the same information and reiterating that the other account does not belong to me said that she was going to put through yet another appeal but this time to the fraud department and that it will take up to 72 hours for a decision. So this is where I am at the moment - I absolutely cannot believe the way in which I have been treated and the way in which Paypal are simply not listening and effectively treating me as a fraudster! I am actually the victim here and have done absolutely nothing wrong yet being highly penalised. I am in a land of limbo at the moment - The previous anxiety disorder of which I suffered seems to be rearing it's ugly head and I can't eat, sleep or concentrate. If any one has any advice or has experienced something similar then I would greatly appreciated your reply. Thanks, Jo
  10. This is a long one so bear with me: I sold a set of alloy wheels for £525 on eBay and the guy paid by PayPal I paid Thompson Freight services to send them who sub contracted the work to Port Of Tyne Pallex The goods were apparently taken to the address however the buyer wasn't in so the driver signed for the item and allegedly left them outside the house. Surprise surprise the wheels went missing The guy files a claim in PayPal and they decide against me because they can't track the parcel online PayPal refund him £525 however I've sealed my bank account so no access can be gained to it PayPal are now chasing me for £525 plus court fees through GPB The couriers have admitted liability and i have written evidence of this but under terms of carriage claim I'm due £1000 per tonne which is £104 in my case. However I believe those terms are breached due to me paying for a service whereby a parcel is taken from me and delivered/signed for by the customer which didn't happen. My question is how do I approach this? Paul
  11. Hello, Well I really dislike Paypal, awful customer service, random money holds, closing accounts for no reason, confiscating money for 180 days, and I could go on. They seem above the law, but this really annoys me, I am essentially being told I have no right to ever leave pay-pal, So I will forever be bound to their agreements, however they are changed. They have sent me their updated terms, which basically add even more powers to Paypal, including sharing information with everyone on the planet. so it says if you do not agree with these terms, close your account.. So I go to do this, and I am told due to my limitation (which was for no valid reason, but that is another story) I cannot close my account until I have fully restored my account access... but paypal make it clear they will never restore my account. This can't be legal? Surely consumers should always have the right to close an account, and to refuse to accept new terms. there are also no ebay sales or any transactions that could be reversed or pose any risk in that sense. This must be illegal and abuse of a loophole on so many levels? ... instead of closing an account they put it into indefinate limited access. what can be done? To add insult to injury, they won't even let me ask on the official forum, since they have limited the account. Talk about suppressing peoples freedom. Really hope these cowboys are held to account, So annoyed with what they get away with, CAG should not use them to accept donations on principle of what they do to people (look it up online literally millions have been conned) there should also be a webwallet section. Thanks https://cms.paypal.com/uk/cgi-bin/?&cmd=_render-content&content_ID=ua/upcoming_policies_full
  12. Hi guys, I'm new to this sort of stuff and unsure of what to do next with my current issue with paypal and Iqor. Any help is much appreciated. I sold a cricket bat online and received payment via paypal in the form of an e-cheque which I withdrew and spent as normal. I sent the cricket bat with a tracking number to the buyer and all seemed fine, until two months later (Oct 2012) I received an email saying the payment had been reversed to his bank account. So at this point I was £200 out of pocket, as well as a cricket bat. I rang paypal and said that it was fraudulent as I didn't authorise any payment to leave my account, and they told me that I didn't have to authorise it because the banks have that power. They just kept telling me I owed them £200 which I kept refusing to pay. I then queried their protection and they said that they don't protect any e-cheque payment to which I was rather angry at, even when I told them that this payment which was reversed was fraudulent as I had sold and sent an item to a buyer along with a tracking number. I then contacted action fraud and told them my situation and they gave me a crime reference number. I haven't heard anything back but they told me that nobody could collect any money from me whilst the case was open with a crime reference number. I then started receiving payment requests from Iqor a debt collection agency (in dec 2012) telling me that I need to pay the £200 even though I told them that it isn't my fault and I won't be paying because I have done nothing wrong. I told them I have a crime reference number and they went quiet for a few months until a week ago when started ringing daily in the early hours which Is starting to get too much. I know that it isn't a great deal of money but as a full time student I can't justify paying it, particularly when I know I haven't done anything wrong. Does anybody have any ideas to what I could do next? Thanks in advance
  13. hi all i think im posting this in the correct area but please move if needed. ill try to explain fully the process of events that has led me here. i have a iphone 4s tht has been barred by o2 due to a dispute over a phone bill the phone was on contract but at the time of the bar it was out of contract and is now my property not o2's due to o2's refusal to move on the issue of my bill i decided to sell the phone on ebay as i now have a new one with orange. this is where my complaint starts. as the phone is barred in the uk and not locked to any network i sold the phone on ebay.com, using the options provided when listing the item i restricted the item from being purchased in the uk so it was only available for sale in europe etc. the description of the item did not mention the uk bar as i felt this is only related if the phone was to be sold in the uk, looking back maybe this was wrong but still me description was correct and true for the market i was selling too. so the phone sold to a buyer in italy i shipped the item with full tracking via fedex, the item was delivered and signed for and confirmed by the buyer. 2 days later he informs me the item is barred in the uk and demanded a $50 refund, i ask if it works ok he advises it does but if he ever wanted to come to the uk the phone will not work. i advise him i can not give him a $50 refund but if he returns the phone i will give him a full refund plus his return postage cost. he refused. another 2 days pass and he opens a case in paypal stating the item was not as described, i submit my response about my description of the phone to paypal and tht he refused a full refund paypal find in the buyers favour and sent me the following email Buyer's name: G//////// Bovo Buyer's mail: g///////tiscali/it Transaction ID: 80030////////////// Transaction date: 24 Jan 2013 Transaction amount: $430.00 USD Your transaction ID: 7M///////////// Case number: PP-002-///-866-/// Refund amount: $430.00 USD We've determined that the buyer should receive a $430.00 USD refund if they send the merchandise back to you. The merchandise will be in the same condition as when the buyer received it and the buyer is responsible for all postage and packaging costs. 2 days later paypal refund the buyer when i contact them to find out why he has been refunded when i have not received the item back they explain that paypal has a agreement with italy?? that all they require is a proof of postage, so the above email was a lie after numerous complaints and emails, phone calls to paypal im told to appeal the decision, so i appeal and then a few days later i get the following email Your buyer provided the following valid proof of shipping information: Tracking Number: RA#########IT Shipping Company: Poste Italiane Since the tracking information shows the merchandise is delivered to you, we have issued a refund to the buyer on your behalf. If you have any further questions, please feel free to either respond to this email or send a message to complaint-response paypal.com We appreciate your patience and cooperation regarding this matter. the tracking information does not show the item has been delivered to me it shows the item arrived at heathrow. i have contacted royal mail who have advised that no departure scan has been made to show the item has left heathrow and thts all the info they can give me. i have contacted the buyer who ensures me the item was sent via a fully tracable method requiring a signiture on delivery. i contacted paypal again to advise them the item has not been delivered and i want the money back thay advised me that if the item is delivered and not in the same condition it was sent in then i can appeal the decision again, but if i the item is not delivered i cannot appeal??? i asked for this to be escalated and they advise me to write to the executive escalations team in luxemburg. my feeling is tht im just going to get shafted but i have drafted a letter to send them which if required i will post here for advise on and corrections to the wording. what are my options if paypal refuse to refund me? rgds paul
  14. Hello Everyone, I have been trying to find a section for this for ages, I am surprised there is no section for PayPal/web-wallets. Over the years I have seen Pay Pal act in such a despicable way, they randomly close accounts, they take peoples money and hold it for 180 days with no reason, and so on. I know of people who have nearly had their businesses destroyed due to Pay-Pal locking large sums and insisting they keep them for 180 days. every-time they give the same nonsense about locked due to risk. What bothers me is they seem to be a rogue company - that is out of control, They do things banks or other companies could never get away with, they seem out of reach of any common recourse (such as the FSA, or even making a subject access request) by being in Luxembourg. It's one thing that really bugs me, and it's hardly talked about, how are they getting away with this?.They have zero respect for their customers, treat them like garbage, I guess being a monopoly they have no reason to treat people well. Having read online how common this is it just bugs me and seems to be one of the great injustices in the consumer/finance markets. Having also experienced this recently I expected I would be able to get them to correct their mistake and unlock the account, but no, you get an automatic Account locked, then a few seconds later “Appeal refused” - then the our decision is final. (before appealing). I would not want to use them again, and thankfully do not keep funds there, I am just shocked they can get away with acting like this. And people don't seem to realise until pay-pal decide to keep their money. Sorry for the rant, but it is so disgusting how I have seen people treated and its frustrating knowing many people, like I did, will trust them until it happens to them. Thanks, hereigo
  15. Hi all, So I'm like many of you, I'm being hounded by letters from iQor and at the moment GPB Solicitors saying that I need to pay up for a debt from my Paypal Premium account that was closed before all of this arose. The debt is for around £2500, which is has been swindled from me - I'm not too sure what has happened because my account was closed before I could find out what Paypal/eBay had against my auction. At the moment I'm just ignoring their letters, should I carry on this way in the hope that they finally give up? Or should I actively be doing something about this because they do actually have some power against me? Many Thanks
  16. Hi there, I am only 15 years of age and last year I decided to sell a Kindle fire online (ebay). Everything went fine until I recieved a letter in the post saying I had owed the amount of £165 for the Kindle as the buyer had not recieved it. The parcel was sent through Parcel2Go and I had provided the proof of purchase however ebay is still insistant that I pay. However I am not willing to issue a refund as the parcel was delivered sucsessfully. What should I do? My mother and I are worried about bailiffs coming to our house. Part 2 I had also sold some electronic services via PayPal however the buyer charged back leaving me with a balance of -£70 and now I have no money and even more debt collectors calling. What is going to happen to my mothers credit rating and will bailiffs come to my house? Thanks
  17. Last month i sold some sports equipment on ebay for £200. i have just gone to buy something only to find out that paypal have refunded the buyer his money. i have a tracking receipt and know it was delivered and signed for by him. Coincidentally on the same day that he put in a dispute saying he hadnt received his goods. hmmmm. as my paypal account is old the email address on their in redundant so i didnt receive the emails saying what was happening so i couldnt give them the postage details. when i asked them about this they pretty much said tough u should of checked your emails (which is true i suppose). however i am still £200 out of pocket and the buyer is sat on a full refund and has the goods ive posted. I have tried to contact him but to no reply. What has annoyed me the most is that the tracking times says it was delivered virtually the same time as he placed the dispute, almost to the minute which has got me suspicious. if i dont hear back from the guy, do i have any recourse? would a court claim be worth it?
  18. I bought an item from a UK branch of a Chinese firm called called Hobby King, and used PayPal. When the item arrived it was clearly faulty so I emailed the complaint to the firm and was asked to return it to the outlet in Ipswich at my expense. I pointed out that under the Distance Selling Regulations the return postage was paid by the vendor. They refused, so I phoned PayPal, who raised a complaint and got back to me next day to tell me that as PayPal was not UK based, I would have to pay postage, and I had to post the goods back to Hong Kong, the head office of Hobby King..! This was bcause PayPal deal with that address.. I offered them the Ipswich address but they said no. So using PayPal means that any faulty goods must be returned at your expense to the company head office wherever that may be, not to the place of purchase. In my case that means a postage cost of £25 to return a £54 item. Seems I have been had. Phill
  19. I'm based in the UK and looking at having a PC built by a american company. I've had several chats with the owner and we have come up with a list of components I want. He then sent me a itemised invoice/quote for me to look over before I give the go ahead for the project. He'll then send an paypal invoice and that will start the ball rolling. I know paypal offer protection for bad transactions and also there is section 75 for some credit cards and chargeback for others. I wanted to check if these paragraphs from the which consumer website still hold true?? ***If you're making a card purchase through PayPal it's best to empty your PayPal account regularly so there is no credit balance. That way, when you make a card purchase through PayPal, the same amount will be debited from your bank account or credit card as goes immediately to the seller. **** I wanted to ask if there are any extra steps I need to consider to protect myself from possible fraud, or do you think I'm pretty much covered? Thanks
  20. Hi everyone, i joined this forum after reading plenty of other eBay related threads. Basically i sold an item on eBay (a portable DVD player). The item was a gift an never used by myself so thought it was time to get rid (was going through a clearing out phase). I tested the item fully before even bothering to go through the hassle of listing the item, it was my first listing so if the item was faulty would have saved me lots of hassle. Anyway i tested the item playing a couple of DVDs including one all the way through to test the battery was working ok as well as other functions that were included (digital tv etc) My buyer took receipt of the item on a Friday, she had this item for a good six days before contacting me that it wasn't working she said "it fails to read my DVD" and then opened an eBay dispute. Knowing how much time and effort i went into testing this i was inclined to think it was something wrong with her disc (maybe a copied/pc burnt disk etc). Needless to say we didn't reach a refund agreement, she wanted her original money plus the cost it would cost her to send it back to me. I informed her that if for some strange reason the item was damaged during delivery she left it too long to inform me that the courier i used said they would class it as she broke the item. I had a real suspicion she had buyer's remorse, she insisted that the item was for her daughters birthday and was complaining that my "knowingly selling her a fault item" left her without a present a day before her daughters birthday, i asked why she waited a week and thus leaving it right before her daughters birthday to check the item, to which i received no reply. So ebay in their "wisdom" took action and said that they fully believed that i checked the item and ensured it left me working, however the buyer had a significant case for the item not being as described and ordered her to return it to me at her own cost for a full refund. I received the item earlier today, the first thing i did was un-package it and test the item and what do you know it still works exactly how it did when i sent the item out. I know i can ask ebay to re-consider their decision what i would like to know is do i have any chance of winning here? in my eyes the buyer has lied as her reason to get her money back, it still works however i am out of the postage cost, paypal fee's and ebay fees. Due to the buyer lying in her not as described case and ebay refunding her, they are now chasing me for the debt of £46.03 yet the true amount i earned was 40.60 after ebay and paypal fee's this doesn't even include the postage costs i incurred. If the sale was returned to the buyer IE the transaction never took place why are ebay still keeping their fee for a sale that according to them was cancelled and because their chasing me for the full amount they basically want me to pay their fees 4 times (2 ebay fees and 2 paypal fee's) is this legal? Really sorry for the long post, i just wanted to as specific as possible, as you can probably tell i'm rather upset at the whole ordeal, i sold the item because i am currently job hunting and even smallest amount i'd have got for it would help. Now i'm facing being left out of pocket for what i am now sure was buyers remorse as her case was based on a complete lie. Thanks for any help/advice you can give me.
  21. Hello First of all, anyone who has a PayPal account knows if there's not enough PayPal funds to cover a transaction the difference will be taken from credit card. On the first occasion PayPal had taken the difference from my bank account instead of my card causing an overdraft charge, i did contact PayPal and spoke to one of their employees but did not get anywhere. So i just went ahead and paid the overdraft charge. Yesterday i get a letter from my bank etc, etc, you have been charged for being overdrawn. PayPal have done it again. So i paid up again, as the bank employee i spoke to yesterday did not care, i had an unauthorized overdraft balance so pay up. I think i'm right in saying i think PayPal should refund me for both occasions. Any advice to how i go about handling it this time would be most welcome. Thanks
  22. Hi. Over the last two years I have been fighting it out with Santander and Paypal, and I am coming to the end of my tether... I will start at the beginning. Shortly after joining paypal I noticed that for some reason PayPal were telling me that small transactions had been completed when I had no money in my bank. This struck me as odd (as it had never done this before). So I made some massive test purchases (about £7000) although they were declined I still cancelled them instantly (just incase anything had gone through and I recieved any goods). The next thing I know is Santander are telling me I have bounced funds.. I check my statement and see that I have a load of bounced direct debits that were set up by paypal on there. At the time it said they funds were going as an "echeque" whatever the hell that is... It did not say direct debit. Anyway. I thought Santander was to blame so I took them to the ombudsman who said that Santander was only acting on information given to them by PayPal. I rang PayPal today and they said that all they do is advance the funds then claim it back from the bank. I said that that didn't matter to me, and as far as I am concerned when I cancel a transaction I expect it to be cancelled and not to go on undercover then hit me out of the blue. They kept repeating the same lines. This, has of course affected my credit rating, and santander keeps sending me letters over the last two years asking for money. I am not paying anyone anything. I made no transactions. No money was sent from me. No money was recieved. No one sent or recieved any goods at all. What do I do now? Should I take paypal to the ombudsman? I just want this situation over with and my credit rating sorted out. I am 20, and I need to be able to get credit! I should also add that aside from this my credit history is perfect. I have never missed a payment to anyone. Thanks
  23. Hi. Over the last two years I have been fighting it out with Santander and paypal, and I am coming to the end of my tether... I will start at the beginning. Shortly after joining paypal I noticed that for some reason PayPal were telling me that small transactions had been completed when I had no money in my bank. This struck me as odd (as it had never done this before). So I made some massive test purchases (about £7000) although they were declined I still cancelled them instantly (just incase anything had gone through and I recieved any goods). The next thing I know is Santander are telling me I have bounced funds.. I check my statement and see that I have a load of bounced direct debits that were set up by paypal on there. At the time it said they funds were going as an "echeque" whatever the hell that is... It did not say direct debit. Anyway. I thought Santander was to blame so I took them to the Ombudsman who said that Santander was only acting on information given to them by PayPal. I rang PayPal today and they said that all they do is advance the funds then claim it back from the bank. I said that that didn't matter to me, and as far as I am concerned when I cancel a transaction I expect it to be cancelled and not to go on undercover then hit me out of the blue. They kept repeating the same lines. This, has of course affected my credit rating, and santander keeps sending me letters over the last two years asking for money. I am not paying anyone anything. I made no transactions. No money was sent from me. No money was recieved. No one sent or recieved any goods at all. What do I do now? Should I take paypal to the ombudsman? I just want this situation over with and my credit rating sorted out. I am 20, and I need to be able to get credit! I should also add that aside from this my credit history is perfect. I have never missed a payment to anyone. Thanks
  24. Hello, I am in need of help and advice please. Unfortunately, my problem is one that I have not read documented before - so am unsure how to proceed. In a nutshell: an item was sold on ebay,monies received, it was collected, then after a payment review paypal takes monies away. Now, I have recently received a letter from iQOR relating to this debt. However, my circumstances differ in the following way: This was NOT a chargeback / refund / Buyer-instigated action; Paypal decided to refund the account holder for the amount as they did not respond to the payment review case (that Paypal opened). and: I managed to find another seller (with whom I contacted at the time of payment reviews), he had a CRR (Crime Reference Report) created and had his money back from Paypal. I am mentioned on this report. After Paypal took my monies away, I mentioned this report to them and have been awaiting their response to my appeal on their decision ever since. I have been told by them categorically that I should not repay the debt (or 'debt') until I have heard their outcome -, but now they have thrown this spanner in the works and I am unsure what to do. Unfortunately, I also sold some other items via eBay while the payment review was being investigated and so have repayed some of the debt by Paypal seizing the funds from my account. However, I am wondering whether the amount that iQOR say I owe them can be classed as 'not acknowledged' as it is the amount remaining not the amount taken via paypal money in my account (i.e. not the original amount)? My situation is a lot more complicated than this, but this is it in a nutshell. Sorry for the badly worded post!
  25. Just received an e-mail that looked legit (well, apart from the html coding that was all over the place but that can happen to any e-mail) saying that payment to Skype for a 3 mth subscription via Paypal had been made for £39 etc. It also said if you hadn't authorised the payment to open a dispute with Paypal here (click link)... Because I wasn't born yesterday, I actually went to my PP account *not* clicking on that link but separately, and lo and behold, there is no payment made to Skype at all. So I went back to the e-mail and scrutinised it, and then realised they'd done it the simplest way of all, so easy to miss: the e-mail address used is skypes.com. I swear I had looked at it about 10 times before I spotted it, and only because I was looking hard! So there you go, if you get a strange e-mail apparently from Skype about a transaction you don't remember carrying out, be very careful where you click next. Actually, that applies to all e-mails, not just Skype.
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