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Found 122 results

  1. Hello everyone, A couple of weeks ago I got a letter from Credit Solutions regarding a debt I have with Paypal and they gave me the usual B.S about arranging door step visits, County Court etc and I sent them this email ; Please be advised that I will only communicate with you in writing. I have noted your repeated attempts to contact me by telephone over the past few weeks and via letter and one door stop agent and these have been duly logged by time and date. Furthermore, should it be your intention to arrange another “doorstep call”, please be advised that under OFT rules, you can only visit me at my home if you make an appointment and I have no wish to make an appointment with you. There is only an implied license under English Common Law for people to be able to visit me on my property without express permission; the postman and people asking for directions etc (Armstrong v. Sheppard and Short Ltd [1959] 2 Q.B. per Lord Evershed M.R.). Therefore take note that I revoke license under Common Law for you, or your representatives to visit me at my property and if you do so, then you will be liable to damages for a tort of trespass and action will be taken, including but not limited to, police attendance I got a letter back today saying the following ; In relation to your comments surrounding a door step visit, please be advised that you are not correct in your assertion that, under OFT rules, we can only call at your home if you agree to make an appointments. In law, our client is in a different position to a postman or a member of the public asking for directions. When you opened this account, you implicitly agreed that your client could communicated with you to discuss repayments. You do not have the contractual right to revoke that agreement until the 'loan' has been repaid. Does any one know what else I can say to them? plus his reply seems to be a template as it's not a loan.
  2. my son use my details to open a paypal account, he linked it to my bank account. last week,he used it to gambling in ladbrokes website, total amount he transferred was over £8000 and bank returned all transaction, i have closed the bank account which was linked to paypal and now the paypal account show a negative balance of 8630£, what should i do if i cant afford it? i have sent email to paypal to ask for a repay plan but they said they dont offer any payment plan, anyone can give me an advice? been insomnia for quite a few days....
  3. My sister has just sold her mobile phone on ebay. the buyer paid straight away through PAYPAL. Paypal will not part with the money, yet want her to send the phone. They say because she is a first time seller, they want her to prove herself, and will not let her withdraw the money for 21 days. Now call me cynical but how are they allowed to do this,, as she is not going to send the phone without payment and the buyer has already paid, but payment with Paypal, and it could be reversed. She has bought time and time again on ebay, no problem taking her money. Any advice on this, as she was depending on the money coming through, and I am sure the buyer will not wait 21 days.
  4. Apologies… I’ve re-started this as a new thread as the previous one was started by someone else and was becoming more involved, missing bits and out of chronological order. That, combined with the fact that ‘I confuse very easily’, made it seem a good idea! Feb 2007 GE Bank and Paypal credit card account opened…. Two years approx... Later Assigned to Santander Card withdrawn from the market by Santander & Paypal early in 2014 - no replacement was ever provided although initially proposed. Interest rates increased (again) and interest applied monthly to the account balance. Statement always showing the amount available to spend that month. I make payments to pay off the balance of the account (under the agreed credit limit) every month as if it was an active credit card account. I did ask Santander cards about this and they told me that there will be no new credit card issued and that I have to continue to make monthly payments to clear the balance - interest would continue to be applied to the balance on a monthly basis and the terms of the original contract still apply. The only difference being that I could not benefit from using the £2000 + and growing available to spend balance. They confirmed the Paypal card had now been withdrawn and they had no plans to issue another in its place and without a card the account could not be used. Just to clarify - I don’t need or want to use the account I diligently pay, assuming Santander must know what they’re talking about – until I happen upon a thread on the forum of a similar nature. I comment on the thread and on the advice given, request a CCA. CCA duly arrived with a completely different format contract; nevertheless I assume it’s put together, which I understand is legal. However, there is no signature. Just about to send a SAR request to Newday, as advised, and examine the contract a little further. Now I’m not a happy bunny!!!! There is no signature, my address (which is not my current one) is not on the contract, the word ‘variable’, as in rate, is missing and the interest rate stated doesn’t match the original! Now Newday have been assigned the account, they have removed years of online statements and tell me they are no ,longer available! Anything I can do – I’m still paying. In 2013-2014 it cost £1,100 to pay off £900 approx. including late payment penalties (I will check those figures again) Thanks, as always, for your help and advice B
  5. Hi, I need some serious advice on what to do. Long story short, I did something stupid and accepted a job that used PayPal. What it was is I had to accept money onto my PayPal account, and then withdraw it from my bank account to then send it back via Western Union. Apparently they were into e-currency trading and the website they gave me looked very genuine as it had the Forex logo and the different currency exchanges. Now what happened is that PayPal put that money under review and asked me to send proof. After I did that I still lost and they refunded to the "buyer". I now have a negative balance of £719.48. I can't afford to pay it at once as I am currently unemployed and in benefits. I have been paying into my account bit by bit (paying £20, £10) and now my balance is -679.48. They now call me a lot and I actually called them back and explained my situation. They basically said in a nice way that I need to pay it back fully and asked me to ask family or friends to cover it for me and then pay them back. I can't really do that, and really don't want to. I don't want to go to court as I would not be able to afford it! What do I do? and how long does it take before they send debt collection agency? And how long until they send me to court? BTW, it's almost a month now since the reversal( 9/01/2013) I don't even use PayPal. I only have it because sometimes I need it to pay something online. Other than that, I never use it. Any awesome help would be greatly appreciated, as it stresses me out quite a bit.
  6. Good Evening Wise Ones, I just wanted to tell someone about my issues that I am having with PayPal and Unauthorised Transactions on my account over the last few months. It all started when I woke up one morning to find funds had been taken from my bank account and PayPal account from a Gambling Company. To cut a long story short with lots of emails back and forth with PayPal they agreed to refund the charges. I was a bit in shock after all the stories that I have heard about the PayPal. But when checking my bank and PayPal account, only some of the transactions were refunded and now PayPal are saying that no third party has had access to my account. So my question is why have PayPal said first of all that the transactions will be reversed and credited back and now saying that the transactions are fine. Should I pursue this or give up and think myself lucky I got some of the money back??? Really need some ones help please? Kind Regards Mr Wits
  7. I am having MASSIVE issues with my paypal account at the monent and would like to know where I would stand if attempting to take this further, though I suspect nothing can be done about it due to paypals quite dubious T&Cs... So, I have had no problems until I sold something for £800. All of a sudden I get limited and they ask for ID, fair enough, I send it in. They lifted the limit. I sold another item for £700. Limited again. Asked for the exact same ID as last time so just sent same copies. Limit lifted. Sold something else again for £800 and I am limited again. Now as I understand, this is normal as I have reached a personal sales limit and they have to check I am a real person and such to comply with EU money laundering regulations. So I send in more proof of ID. They then slap a second limit on me at the same time. Asking for proof of postage to the buyers, which I provide. Then they ask for proof that I own the items I am selling. Luckily enough I got emailed a copy of my receipt (however it has other items on too) because I actually paid cash in the store for a bulkload of items at the start of december. I figure a receipt and contact details for if they want to verify will be enough so I send these. Nope..now they want tracking info for my order, but I paid cash and took the items home myself. I am awaiting a reply to that one now, but no doubt they cant accept a receipt as proof of purchase unless it has tracking info also or some other ridiculous reason like that. Then they decide (without providing me with answers about the no tracking info for my order thing) that they want my business registration number. I don't have a business I might well have done in a few months but I don't now. Basically I was trying my hand at reselling to see if there is anything to be made from it. Never again, not after all of this hassle. After fees and such if I sold everything I had bought I would have made possibly £800 overall, which is decent if I could do that each month. My plan was to register as an ebay seller as a second job or something if I found it easy to make cash.. And as if this isnt enough, they seem to have linked my paypal account to someone I sold a couple of personal items to a few months back (I didnt get all this limited crap at that time, possibly as it wasnt worth them holding the small amount of money I got for that). They reckon I cant lift my own limits until this other person resolves the issues with their account. I am at my wits end. I have sent out items that have been paid for, I offered free postage and such so I am out of pocket on that too. I don't understand how they can expect me to do anything about someone elses 'unresolved issues' It seems to me they are just trying to find reasons to avoid paying out. This might sound paranoid but if you put everything together, the asking for extra info the second I submit proof/ID, and then linking me to someone I dont even know personally, only as a buyer a few months back...well...it does seem they are purposely holding my cash. I paid nearly £2500 for a bulkoad of stuff from a shop just over a month ago. Now I have sold 3 of the things for around that amount so I would definitely be up when the rest sell, but I am back to 0 and now certain to take a loss as I only have a couple of phones and a low value laptop left. I will never use paypal again after this, even if it does end up getting sorted out. Basically if I tried to speak to a lawyer or something, would their t&cs allow them to just keep my cash? It would probably cost me more in the long run to challenge them however I don't think the way I have been treated is fair at all and I suspect I am not the first it has happened to either. They need to learn they can't do stuff like this. I don't even see how its worth if for them for the sake of a couple of grand, surely they make 1000x that from their fees in the first place...
  8. Hello Folks. I just don't know where to start, I guess it's best to start from the beginning. Around 6 months ago, I sold some ingame currency to some people, all went well, they paid upfront, and I gave them the items in game. an online mmo game. then like a month later they did a chargeback, on all the transactions. I had taken the money and spent it on bills and stuff, and then my paypal balance was -£282 pounds, they kept phoning me and demanding the money, leaving messages, since I blocked all their numbers. Now they passed on the debt to debt collectors and I got a letter they will come to my house, I am really scared and paranoid. I had a brain tumour and have a few mental issues, this is making me feel worse. They never asked me paypal, what I want to do, I didn't sign no credit agreement with them, nor did I authorise the chargeback money to be taken from my paypal account. I got scammed, lost my items and now they want money which I haven't got. please can some one give me some advise. im just worried about the door collectors.
  9. Hi all, I really need some help with this. Over a month ago I purchased a guitar from the USA. I paid via PayPal from funds already in my account. After not hearing from the seller for 2 weeks, I contacted him and asked for a tracking number. He replied telling me that the guitar was not built yet. I was notified in his email the guitar was not the one on the listing, it was a replica (copy or fake in my mind) that he builds. Next thing I did was respectfully ask the seller for a refund - he declined. I informed him that I did not want the guitar as in my mind, it was a copy. This was not pointed out in the listing. I then opened a PAYPAL dispute, the seller did not respond at all. Six days later I get an email informing me that they have sided with the seller. So to top it all off - he has over £400 of my money. I haver nothing and ebay/paypal wont offer me any protection at all. I have truely been ripped off in a big way! Now - to add insult to injury - the guitar 'I purchased' was relisted and sold again. The ebay buyer who bought it the second time has now left negative feedback saying the seller has 'stolen his money'. I do a lot of business on ebay/paypal, and I can not believe they have sided with the seller when I am clearly in the right. A friend of mine has told me that I can take paypal to small claims. Please if anyone can help out - I would really appreciate it.
  10. Hi All any help would be appreciated. I have purchased an item on ebay, and the seller asked for payment by Bank transfer. I (stupidly) sent him £260 from my nationwide account. He then gave me a fake tracking number for the item, and of course nothing arrived. I have contacted him about this, telling him I will contact the police etc and he could not give a flying.. . To be fair his English makes me wonder if he is about 7 years old. contacted my bank. Won't help, cannot get the money back. I mean I am guessing my money is gone. Forever. But I have this guys details from ebay, all the emails, what can I do? I don't want him to get away with it..
  11. Hi Forum, I brought a slate sample off ebay and decided I liked it. On that basis I ordered £363.00 worth of slates, not ebay, but paid with paypal. It is an established business, not private seller. After signing for delivery (Noting "Uninspected" on receipt) and then uncovering the crate, I find that all the slates are completely different to the sample I was sent (All the ones in crate are the same as each other). I do realise that there are obviously variations in natural slates, but they are completely different in colour and texture. I have filed a paypal dispute, and the seller has not responded to it. He phoned me to tell me to send them back for a refund, but that's going to cost a lot - at least £75, and I don't think paypal will help with return costs. On the phone he got a little stroppy, telling me he was going to make it difficult for me. So I believe he will wait until the very last minute to respond, then I'll have to return it for any chance a refund. I am very very tempted to cancel the paypal dispute, and the use Money Claim OnLine & Sale of goods act 1979 to get my money back. The onus will then be on seller to uplift the items, does this sound right, or would MCOL take a dim view of me cancelling the paypal dispute? The sale of good act 1979 states that I should not lose out when seller breaks the contract, which I believe he has, and that return postage costs are met by buyer only when changing their mind. Thanks for reading, and for any advice, Mike
  12. I recently sold an item for £45 on ebay and posted this by courier with full online tracking. The couriers own website states the item was delivered but the buyer stated he has't had it. He opened a claim and ebay being ebay found in his favour despite the online tracking. They have now put my paypal account in -£45 and stated that unless I add funds its time for the usual round of debt collection. Having never had any experience of ebay/paypal going wrong is this amount actually enforceable and is there any history of court action from these guys? I have taken screenshots showing that the item was delivered to the buyer as a possible future defence and ensure that Paypal have no access to my credit card or bank account. I'm just wondering if this is actually worth the fight as I'm guessing all manner of fees will be added to the debt. What do you guys think?
  13. Just after people's thoughts on this... On my paypal account, when I send someone money I'm prompted to pick a delivery address. The list I'm presented with lists nearly 40 addresses, many of which are at least 10 years old (such as old home addresses, employer addresses etc). However, Paypal does not offer a way to remove these addresses - they're not listed on my account (or my ebay account) - it's just a list, and browsing the paypal support pages, this is something that has been highlighted to them many times. I'm in the process of trying to get through to them to get them to remove the addresses - but people have mentioned this can take some time & head-banging before they'll do it. But I wondered - could they be falling foul of DPA by storing address details no longer relevant, and without providing an option to remove the?
  14. Hi this is Sandy (BC's o/h) Not sure where to post this but just got this in my email Dear PayPal member: Warning! Your PayPal account has been limited! As part of our security measures, we proceed regularly screen activity to learn PayPal recently contacted you after having identified a problem on your Account. demand information from you for following reason: -Our system detected unusual charges to a card credit linked to your PayPal account.. Verify Cordialement, Far as I know we do not have a paypal account Sorry if posted in wrong bit
  15. Hi, Can I get some advise here please? Paypal have been messing me around for a while and placing random hold on money that I receive from ebay sales without ever giving any reason. So I have sent them a SAR request which they firstly said they don't need to honor as they have no UK based operations - now they are saying they will provide all the information on me however will not disclose any internal notes about me and in particular they will withhold the "judgement" on why money was help due to that information being confidential. Is this right or as they having me on? Thanks Scott
  16. I have recently made a purchase off ebay, as a winning bidder and made an immediate payment via paypal, which was the payment option in the listing. I very quickly received a message from the seller saying that they didn't want paypal used and it was only cash on collection. I called the seller and they were adamant that the listing was cash on collection. Having re-checked the listing, in the sellers instructions it just gives a phone number to contact them it doesn't state NOT to use paypal. The goods had to be transported by courier, so I contacted them and they agreed to pay cash on my behalf when they collected the items for me and I have taken delivery. When does theseller know that funds are cleared in their paypal account and can safely issue the refund? They have said they will send it but it's not yet been done and it's now four days since the collection was done and cash paid. Am I being too impatient? They keep pushing for feedback to be given and I obviously don't want to do this until I've had my money back.
  17. Hello, I do hope that someone can offer me some help here as I really do feel like I have been "ripped off" by a faceless corporation who dont appear to give a toss about their customers or ethics. I have sold 2 items recently on ebay (my iphone and the wifes) which have resulted in rather tidy sum of £700 being in my paypal balance, the first phone sold 3 days ago and the buyer paid. The money was transferred from my paypal account to by bank account however there was going to be a delay of 72 hours before the money was available due to paypals "normal" review process on transactions. The phone was posted today via royal mail special delivery as the money was due to clear this evening I assumed all was well, out of the blue I had an email saying that paypal were limiting my account and the bank transfers that had been pending for 3 days have been reversed back into my paypal account and I needed to complete a very long winded verification process to unlock my account. The time scale I was give was 3 weeks..... ] I called customer care at Paypal and spoke to Robot A who was very non-committal in his answers only in fact saying that the system cannot be overidden and I had to either follow the rules or abandon the money.. I explained that the phone has been posted to the buyer today via special insured delivery and I didn't have the money meaning i was without both the product and money.. ..a weak attempt at empathy followed along with a repeat of my need to complete the validation steps which will take up to 3 weeks.. What can I do ? I feel like I have been robbed by paypal and they dont honestly give a damn - is this lawful... I am without my goods which I proved i have posted along with proving that the buyer has received it and without the money.... Any help would really be appreciated.
  18. hi all, im having a problem with paypal, i sent some money to purchase a product using the family and friends icon, i clearly stated in the notes that it was for a product and a tracking number was supplied. it has since been discovered that this person was a spoofer, i have tried to escalate through paypal to recover from the seller but the emails (and several of them i must add) all say that they cannot do anything as it was not selected as for goods or services despite the notes and tracking number clearly stating it is. i have a reference number from the national fraud squad and have reported it. does anyone have any advice as to how i can recover my money as only £80 i cannot claim through credit card company. i cannot email the seller either as there is nowhere on paypal that allows you too. any help appreciated.
  19. I used a Capital One credit card yesterday to put funds into my Paypal account and sent the money to a relative. I checked the Help section first to see if there were any issues, but it did not say you could not do it. I proceeded with transaction paying the money into the account and then sent it to their Paypal account. The relative received it into their account and did a withdrawal to their bank account, but it has been "Pending" since yesterday. Today I received an email from Paypal EU to say that I had done "a credit card cash advance which we don't allow with our service, as clarified under the 'Restricted Activities' found in Section 9 of our User Agreement." I only use Paypal once in awhile as I am not a regular user of it. I never knew that it was a restricted activity otherwise I would have looked at another way to send the money. Also if it was restricted, why did they allow the transaction to go ahead. I have asked for them to do a reversal and to pay it back to my credit card. I am very worried that they may decide to "keep" the money even though I thought it was okay. Can I get my money back and should it take a long time? Thanks.
  20. Hello all, new here as this is the first time ive needed help with this sort of thing. Ok lets get into this... On 11/04/2013 I listed a brand new iPhone 5 on eBay with not Buy it now or Reserve on the listing (This was one of the first sales i made on eBay). About 25 minutes before the auction ended, i get a call from the top bidder on my auction. He was asking if it would be ok if he could pick the item up instead of me sending him it if he won the auction. I replied to him saying that it would be fine as long as he sent payment via PayPal promptly. (Little did i know that this was a well known [problem] on ebay) After the phone call, i contacted eBay directly using live chat support because i didn't know how he could have got my number. I enquired as to how this person obtained my number. I was told anyone who bids has access to this information. I also asked the eBay operator if there would be any issues with me giving the item in person once payment had been received. I was told this would be fine as long as you have received payment. The auction ended for £410.99 and the money was promptly in my paypal account. As soon as the funds appeared i transferred the entire amount into my bank account. I then made arrangements to meet with the buy in person about a mile from my home address. After meeting him, i handed him the phone and came home and retired for the night. The very next morning i got an email from paypal stating that there was an investigation regarding a payment reversal. I then logged into my paypal and could see that my current balance was -£396.82. I then decided to check the buyers information. After checking the information i notice that the buyer had conflicting information between his paypal and ebay account. After all this it quickly became apparent that either the ebay and/or paypal account was fraudulently used and that the person who picked up the phone was not genuine. Since then, the genuined holder of the paypal account has been in contact with ebay/paypal and ebay removed the listing from my history and credited all fees to my account. Yesterday, paypal 'resolved' the dispute, i am still in negative balance and paypal want me to restore my balance back to 0. Am i completely screwed or is there something i can do? Thanks alot!
  21. I've seen a few forums about paypal debts but they're always too unique to the situation. I sold a couple of expensive items on eBay (£1000~ in total), I sent them off with a website called Parcel2Go with a company called MyHermes as I was recommended by a friend to do so. They both cost £3.50 each to send off which apparently came with "tracking" and "recorded delivery", this was my first mistake as now 10 days later MyHermes have no record of collecting from me and the tracking number does not exist. The problem is that I withdrew the cash to pay for a holiday and the buyers are obviously complaining about not receiving the item so now my PayPal account is in -£996.43 debt and I have absolutely no idea where my items are. The main thing I'm scared about is what will happen to me now? How will I pay back my debt with PayPal? I don't have that kind of money laying around the house. Cheers!
  22. I've been a member of eBay and Paypal for a number of years. I buy and occasionally sell. Last December I purchased an Android tablet from Prestige (International) based in Orpington Kent for approx £139 with a warranty of 12 months. It all went wrong in August when I returned it for a screen repair as it had dimmed to the point that unless you were sitting in a darkened room and held it at a very particular angle you couldn't see what was going on. It was returned the same as I had sent it, Prestige said there was nothing wrong with it but if I sent it back again they would look at it again etc. Given that it had cost be almost £17 in postage for a no-fix result I offered to meet them on neutral ground, agree an independent assessor or pay the post for a new tablet in place of the faulty unit. I requested a written statement of the warranty Prestige sold the item under. All this was ignored. I made a complaint to eBay and to give them their due offered and I accepted a £25 voucher for the grief I had experienced. I then attempted a charge-back under section 75 of the SOGA via my credit card supplier who refused it saying that I had paid Prestige via PayPal and it was therefore not liable. PayPal and eBay only cover for 45 days max. I am pursuing the credit card company as my understanding is that PayPal were only acting as an indirect payer particularly as I keep my PayPal account at zero at all times and use them as a type of escrow account. Am I wrong or should I continue? Any advice would be much appreciated. In the meantime be careful of Prestige based in Orpington and do not confuse them with companies of similar names.
  23. OK so i am new to all this... this is the problem, i sold an iphone 5 earlier this year, the user paid for it through paypal, i sent it via royal mail recorded delivery. next thing i know is that the user had been hacked and disputed the payment, so i sent all the tracking info to paypal, they then gave me the money back, so i thought all was good. turns out they then went to their credit card company who reversed the payment, so i sent all the tracking info again, however they found in their favour and i am now £450.00 out of pocket even though i have proof of postage etc. What can i do? I cant believe a big company like PayPal can do this! Any help or advice would be great, thanks in advance. Chris
  24. Here is a brief outline I sold a TV on preloved - the buyer contacted me via phone asked could the pick the TV up and pay via paypal. He arrived with his partner and made the paypal via his sisters paypal account - he told me this at the time. 1 month later paypal said the account had been used authorized and they was going to carry out an investigation. i contacted thebuyer via phone and he told me his sisters account had all recent transactions recalled - Which i never believed. i had to provide Paypal with the evidence - i sent the text conversions we had to arrange the pick up. Paypal refunded the buyer - The buyer then told me there was nothing i could do to get the money back and i was not going to get the TV. I have texts from the buyer boasting saying there is nothing i can do to get the money back so do what i want. These texts are all saved. Paypal then tried to recall the payment from my card - i cancelled the direct debit and my card with them so they could not do this. I have recently received the attached letter. Shall i ignore the letter? Do they have a case? Am i wrong in thinking if a family member uses your account its not classed as unauthorized ? Any advise would be much appreciated. here is the latest letter i have got. Thanks [ATTACH=CONFIG]45666[/ATTACH]
  25. It looks as though i am taking Paypal to court, I will be starting Legal Proceedings next week. Paypal do still have two address in the UK, Also they can be investigated by the Financial Ombudsman Service, therefore they can be sued. Their address is:- Paypal (UK) Limited, Whittaker House, Whittaker Avenue, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1EH. Their Head Office is:- Paypal Europe Ltd, Hotham House, 1 Heron Square, Richmond Upon Thames, Surrey, TW9 1EJ. I have sent a letter to both of these address, They were sent recorded and have been signed for as i have tracked them. Bascially they are witholding money in two accounts, £97.07 in my account and £40.39 in my partner's account and they are not allowing me to withdraw the amount which maybe classed as theft as the money belongs to me and not them. There are no disputes on any account as any disputes have been resolved. If i take them to court what charges can i add on top? I understand that i can add my court fee's on top as well as 8% interest, Is there anything else i can add on top of that? I am determined to fight them all the way, They have no responded to my letters so i presume they want to go to court, I'm not sure whether they will defend the claim as it will be for less than £200, Is it worth them defending the claim? Cheers.
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