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  1. Hi all, I'm lousy at writing descriptive titles, so apologies in advance I plan to remortgage my home in April of this year, and want to collate proof of income from both self employment and benefits/tax credits paid to me over the last 3 years. Is possible to write to the HMRC and DWP to get a list of all benefits paid into my bank account for the past 3 years? So I can use that as proof of a secondary income?
  2. Hi We work on a campsite for one of the big clubs . We work a 40 hour week and are salary basic min wage ( 6 month a year contract ) we do not get paid overtime or on call payments. We live on site in our own caravan , when we are on call we cannot leave the site , drink or go out for a meal . Sometimes we are on call for 48 hours over 2 days or we on on call for 12hrs a night + our normal working day should we be paid for time on call . Regards & Thx in adv for advice
  3. Last Sunday night I paid online my mail order shopping bill. When I then tried to pay my BT phone bill my payment was declined by the bank. This morning I called into my branch to try and sort this mess out and they wanted me to ring the bank's fraud number. When I asked for help off the bank staff with this phone call I was told that they're not allowed. Although I'm not deaf I do suffer hearing problems and I walked out. How do I sort this so called 'fraud' out without using a telephone? I haven't had any letters regarding this matter. All this fuss is because I tried paying my phone bill la
  4. Hi All, I had a judgement against me in favour of Hillesden Securities t/a DLC back in 2014. The judge applied a charging order to my property and I have been paying by standing order £45 per month ever since. Today I have received a notice of sums in arrears from DLC even though I have not missed a payment since I started paying them, they actually also list the payments I have been making on the notice. I may be wrong but the agreement I have with DLC started on the day the judgement went in their favour and a payment plan was agreed, this being the case I am tech
  5. hi, i'm currently on benefits received a notice of warrant of control and notice of enforcement for an unpaid ccj that I was unaware of. bw legal are demanding £200 per fortnight on a £1480 debt! is this fair ? what can i do? the debt is a shop direct account from 2011. any advice welcomed
  6. Hi - I have a car which is financed by TFC (the worst HP company ever, their staff are so arrogant). I just wanted to find out if anyone has managed to come to a reduce payment agreement with them. I have been trying for the last 2 1/2 years to have my monthly installments reduced, reason being is I have had to reduce my work hours for health reasons so have lost +/-£300/month. I have written, complained, phoned just about done flik-flaks in their offices and they are having none of it. Their response is we do not consider your situation to be a material change i
  7. I recently moved house and was very surprised to experience Scottish Hydro taking final bill amounts out of my account in the early hours of Christmas eve morning. The total involved was £560!!! I have of course intercepted and prevented those transactions from being completed.... On closer inspection (actually looking at my paperless bills..... I know, I know......) I find that my monthly payments more than covered my usage, confirmed by the fact that they reduced my monthly payments in Jan '15. Both my accounts were in credit at this point..... Billing changed to
  8. Hi all, I have posted this on your facebook group but will also post on here just in case some of you do't use facebook but could still help. How the hell do we stop getting tax credits? I got a new job at the end of September and the pay varies from month to month as I get premiums for working different hours. In the last month I earned £1245 after tax and £1433 before tax. The month before last I earned £1227 after tax and £1420 before tax. Not much difference but this is just two examples. The lowest I could earn before tax is £1262. as my wage is
  9. Between 1st-7th April a number of payments were taken from my debit card, to a company I have never heard of. I contacted barclays who put me through to the fraud team, who said I could open a dispute. I had to wait for forms, and as soon as they recieved them I would get a refund. When the forms arrived I took them into my local branch and asked them to fax them for me, so that they couldn't get 'lost' or anything. I then contacted the fraud department and was told that now I had to wait 10 working days for a refund. 3 days after that I recieved a letter stating it would now be TWENTY working
  10. for quite sometime i have had clc finance on my credit report its nearly 6 years now but because they never defaulted me there is no drop of date it just says late payment they have not been in touch with me or bvice versa the loan was took out in 2009 what will happen with this is there away to get it off my file many thanks for any help given
  11. Hello, I am hoping someone could give me an idea as to where I stand, although I think it's probably nowhere... I renewed my car insurance with Adrian Flux in August, £830 for the policy and £200 to pay monthly by direct debit (premium credit). I would now like to cancel my policy as I've been quoted £270 (with the same underwriter!!), a saving of £560, eye watering amounts of money. I rang to see how I go about cancelling. I was told that I would owe the rest of the 12 months remaining balance minus the three I have already paid. However, my insurer would effectively pay a proporti
  12. Due to an injury at work I have been on incapacity benefitfor the past 15 years. Back in 2001 I was called in and deemed fit for work,all benefit stopped etc. I appealed this but went to the Job Centre as advisedand they could see I was not fit for work and sent me back to the Doctors for asick note. I did this but DWP had contacted my doctor and stated that I was fitfor work and not to issue me with any sick notes. I went on to win my appealand my benefit was re-instated. Moving forward in 2011 I was called in for an assessment andduly completed the pre assessment form but at the same ti
  13. Hi there. I am trying to help a friend sort out a problem & hoped I might get some advice. He had a substantial debt, which the bank obtained a CCJ for sometime ago. Frustrating I know, but he does not know how much the judgement was for or what the payments should be & hasn't been sent any payment book etc . I tried to find out more, but he just said he waited until he got a letter from the court & then paid it! The situation now seems to be quite serious, I have seen the letter that says they are going for a warrant of execution & yesterday
  14. My good friend is in a financial mess.. ..he owes thousands to a number of companies and the debts have been sold on several times. He is making small payments on each debt every month and has had the interest frozen but it is going to take him years to pay these off. He cannot go for an IVA or bankruptcy due to the nature of his employment. Any suggestions as to how we can agree an end date with these companies, with hopefully a proportion of the debts written off? He is very demoralised at the prospect of making these payments for the next 30 or 40 years, or until h
  15. Ok so looking for some advice.. 12 years ago I had finance through black horse. I have not made any payments or contact since 2007. And they gave up except send me a annual statement but this didn't happen every year. There is nothing on my credit report to do with them. I have recently bought a house for the first time and then the other day I received a statement and then a letter asking for payment. This was sent to my old address. I have not acknowledged the letter. Can they still Persue after 8 years of no contact? and is my house safe? The debt was unsecured . What do I do next? Thanks
  16. Assisting a friend, an "account" from what I can see is Stat B, she has just received a letter saying its not as a payment of £5 was made a year ago, is there a template "Prove it" letter, and should the letter and any responses be sent to FCA and TS? Many thanks
  17. Hello Please could someone clarifiy how the CSA calculates NRP payments on savings and property? It's been several years since I researched this topic, but my understanding in the past was as follows: They can only assess savings over £65,000, so if you had £100000 in savings they would be interested in the last £35K. They then assume you are earning a fabulous 8% income from this investment! Therefore the income figure would be 8% of £35,000 which is £2800, and the payment would be the usual 12% of this amount, as it is with your other income. So the payment would be £336
  18. Data transmitted during contactless payments can be picked up from almost half a metre, researchers have warned. Inconspicuous equipment including a shopping trolley, a backpack and a small antenna were used to intercept synthesised payments card data. The information was detected at more than four times the distance it should have been, according to researchers. The UK Cards Association said that fraudsters would not be able to harvest enough details to be dangerous. During a wave-and go transaction, customers tap or hold a card near
  19. Trying to fight the demoralizing Credit Repair battle. I have been registered with Equifax for a good year or more as I think that Experia n is a complete rip-off at £14.99! Forget snail mail method as I'm trying to be pro-active here. problem is Equifax have never reported any issues with Provident - not even on my Credit File and was totally unaware that they registered with the CRA's for reasons I wont go into of how credit was handed out "back in the day". my wife told me about Noddle which use Call Credit and I therefore signed up to the utter disbelief that
  20. Information for War Pension recipients and Armed Forces Pension Scheme members living in Greece. The financial situation in Greece continues to be subject to change and is fast moving. Veterans UK is closely monitoring developments but given the recent banking restrictions being imposed by the Greek authorities, the MOD has written to all War Pension recipients and Armed Forces Pension Scheme members living in that country offering 3 options. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mod-pension-payments-to-those-living-in-greece
  21. We have 2 barclaycards both we have had for many years, 1 was originally an Egg Card. Both cards in my wifes name. Current Balances: 5311.19 8405.12 We have received a default notice for both cards as we have paid very little in the last 6 months. I have just written to them asking to freeze interest and charges and give us 2 months to respond back with a payment offer. Is there anything else I should be doing yet?
  22. Hi i have been trying to find the actual legislation allowing taxpayers the right to choose to pay over 12 months instead of 10 if you notify your local authority before the start of the financial year. does anyone know what regs this ruling comes under? i want to be able to quote it in correspondence to my LA who are blatantly ignoring my right to make this choice myself. they are operating on the old system whereby they use their discretion as to whether or not you are allowed the 12 month method.
  23. Hi, First time poster, long time lurker, so be gentle! My partner had an old mobile phone debt being chased by Lowell for 3 Mobile. I sent them the Prove it letter in 2011 back not acknowledging the debt and requesting the credit agreement. They sent back one page of an overdue mobile phone bill as proof. Nothing else. The debt would have become statute barred at the end of this month. Fast forward a few years, and it now turns out they issued a CCJ for £350 in January to an old address she has not lived at for 6/7 years, whilst sending threat-o-grams to our cu
  24. Hello-question please re CCa or lack of one, Barclaycard and Amex didn't send a proper CCA but still adding % and even late payment charge on BCard x 2 -can I send a letter telling them this is wrong whilst in dispute or are they allowed to carry on like this -I stopped payments several months ago after the terms and conditions came instead of CCA. ..can anyone help with advice on what to do next please -Thanks I have requested CCA from Barclaycard x 2 and Amex-neither sent CCA just terms and conditions. Now BCard are adding % and late payments
  25. A group of disabled people is taking the government to the High Court over delays in benefit payments. Thousands have been waiting more than a year for their Personal Independence Payments, a new benefit which replaces Disability Living Allowance in some areas of the UK. Disabled people have been forced to turn to loan sharks and food banks because of the “unlawfully long time” taken to provide them with vital welfare benefits. Two test case claimants are asking the court to declare that the Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has breached his common law a
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