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  1. Hi, just wondering whether back payments will start from the date given on the Tribunal letter which is 14/11/2011, or does it go from when I appealed the ATOS and Reconsideration decisions? Any help regarding this would be very much appreciated..
  2. British bank customers were hit by a new outbreak technological breakdowns today as Nationwide confirmed payments from current accounts had been debited twice - and NatWest account holders were shocked to find problems re-emerging there, having only just recovered from last month's IT debacle. Reports from Nationwide customers of double-charging appeared on social networking website Twitter today and the building society has since confirmed that some debit card payments made on Tuesday 24 July were also replicated on Wednesday 25 July. And incredibly, as RBS-owned NatWest is still wading
  3. Been lurking for a while and I'm sad to say that my experience with TFF is much the same e.g. excess interest, unjustified charges and unauthorised withdrawls from bank account. Before I take this to the next level I would appreciate some solid guidance on some of the things that have been said in this forum, not just personal speculation: 1. How much interest can they legally charge on a TFF loan even if it goes to say eight weeks and on what is that based on e.g. OFT rules? 2. How do I force the bank to charge back an unauthorised payment? My user name may give you an idea whe
  4. Hi everyone, I need a bit of information in regards to Brighthouse. My girlfriend has got a few things from them and pays around £140 per week. A few weeks back she missed one weeks payments due to not having the right amount. She walked into her local store to pay the missed weeks payment as well as the payment that was due. The member of staff informed her that there was a £20 late payment charge to be paid on top of what was owed. She said she is not going to pay it and walked out the store. She phoned me and explained what had happened. I said to her that she did the right thing,
  5. Hi, Can you pl help me with the following: This is for a friend of mine who has no PC/internet etc. She's absolutely desperate and i told her that CAG had helped me with various issues and this is her situation: She has just become unemployed again after an 8 month contract working. She had previously been unemployed for nearly 2 years. She has now been told that the DWP is linking her 2 periods of unemployment and that as she will have had 104 weeks mortgage interest they will stop paying mortgage interest in August 2012. My friend understood that if you worked for over
  6. Back in 2007 I received a letter from these with an outstanding debt of £3000. At the time, I knew nothing of DCA's and went along with it. Since then I have paid over £1000 and even to this day still pay the monthly installments. Now, after learning everything I have on this forum I've realised that the debt, when they first contacted me was statute barred. Didnt know what that was at the time, also, i wouldnt imagine they could provide a CCA request. Should I been sending a request and if they don't respond should I stop paying them? The original debt was £2200
  7. Hi there, I wonder if you can help me please. On 14 April, my husband was made redundant from his job. As we had been optimistic and expected him to find work quite quickly we did not apply for JSA for him until 24 April. I am disabled and unable to work and the news that my husband had lost his job hit me quite hard so one of my siblings decided that we needed 2 weeks down where they live and drove up to get us. Just before we left, my husband received a text message saying he had an appointment at our local job centre at the beginning of May. He called the
  8. I have a TV Licence for period 1.1.12 to 31.12,12 which is on the weekly payment system. To the best of my knowledge the whole amount has been now paid, and I have started to receive texts from TVL saying amounts overdue, this may be a catch up scenario, However, there blurb says I can start now paying in advance for next years licence, I get this rubbish every year, and as far as I am aware, there is no legal requirement or statute that requires me to comply and I guess that even if I dis enter this, I doubt if they will entertain paying me interest on advanced advance payments:madgrin:
  9. Hi, I would be over the moon if someone could possibly give me any information on my dilemma Ok, back in August 2010 I was transferred from Income Support to ESA, I was in receipt also of low rate mobility which I received a 4 weekly amount and an extra £20 something included in with my Income Support. When I was transferred on to the new ESA benefit, I was told that I would continue to receive the same amount of benefit I was getting with Income Support. I finally, after many re-booked medical assessments got a decision stating I am fit for work. I appealed with the help of an a
  10. Hi I joined Top notch Health club last year 07-11 on a 12 months non-cancelable contract. I am a student working 1 and half days a week. In the 8th month (April) of my contract I became redundant and the DD was refused. I managed to pay that month membership in cash. On the 1st of May my bank cancelled the direct debit as there were insufficient funds in the account and I have not used the gym services since. I received letters stating I owe them the remaining amount of my contract which amounts to £104.97 for 3 months. I called the accounts lady stating I have been made redundan
  11. I know this matter is nothing compared to some on here so I'm not expecting tons of replies but I wondered if anyone had any advice on the following: 5 years ago, I left self employment but was in dispute with a supplier about stock they claimed I owed them. To cut a long story short, they took me to court and I offered a payment of £5 pcm until the debt was cleared. The debt itself was only for £600 or so but the court accepted this and I have been paying this every month since. The creditor has not written to me (the debt is currently around £450) and told me tha
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