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Found 33 results

  1. Hi Guys, I have been reading the forums for a long while now and hoping to find some kind of miraculous answer to my problems, you guys are amazing with the help and support you offer others. I have a few problems of my own and was hoping you could advise me too. I have been a gambling addict for 6 months now and have lost alot of mine and my hubbys money online playing slots etc, however i have recently realised my problem and got help for it. i have now been gambling free for 1 month but i am still paying for my stupidity. Myself and my hubby are working full time and between us bring in £2000 a month, but and its a big BUT we have so many debts its becoming ridiculous, i have listed the debts below. I started off thinking we would be able to pay these off however recently it has become more and more obvious that we are struggling to manage even the minimum payments, at this moment in time i have written to all our credit card lenders and advised them of our financial difficulty and offered £40pm, i am still waiting to hear whether they will accept this or not in the meantime i am trying to pay the payday loans off bit by bit. The problem is i can only carry on for so long before i have a breakdown. I feel sick at the thought of the debt we owe and am scared of what will happen if the lenders decline our offer of payments. Please can someone advise me on what i can do should they not accept the offer. Nationwide have already said today that they cannot accept a payment plan since the majority of the credit card debt was due to gambling transactions - is that correct? surely how the debt happened is irrelevant - the fact that we're trying to pay it off is more important? The debts are as follows: Santander x2 c/cards - £6000 2 months arrears Nationwide x1 c/card - £2800 2 months in arrears Capital One x2 c/cards - £3000 1 month in arrears Post Office x1 c/card - £1400 3 months in arrears Aqua x1 c/card - £290 1 month in arrears Nationwide Loan - £1000 - £57pm First Trust Loan - £6000 - £246pm 3 months in arrears Santander Loan - £6000 - £252pm 1 month in arrears Wonga pdl - £999.68 (original loan £450) due 28/02/11 in full QuickQuid pdl - £375 (original loan £300) due 28/02/11 Payday UK - £500 (original loan £400) due 28/02/11 24/7 Moneybox pdl £135 (original loan £100) due 28/02/11 Mr Lender pdl - £430 (original loan £350) due 28/02/11 Payday Express pdl - £400 (original loan £300) due 28/02/11 Moneyshop pdl - £750 (original loan £580) due 28/02/11 I know i have been completely stupid and idiotic to take out all this debt and at the time it seemed like a great idea but i wish i could change my thought pattern then and not take this on. I have spoken to payplan who suggested a debt management plan but i didnt think that was the right option for me, now im not so sure - what do you think? i cant go bankrupt as i work in financial services and would lose my job - i really dont know what to do anymore. Please help.
  2. Hi everyone I'm new here so please, be gentle! Basically, I got myself into a bit of trouble with Payday loan companies : Quickquid, Payday express and PaydayUK and I'm now basically in the ****. I've sent an email to Payday express and PaydayUK asking if I can pay them £50 a month and them to freeze the interest, failing that seek advice from the ombudsman. Have I made the correct decision or a horrible mistake? - I don't fear debt collection agencies but are they likely to get involved at this stage? Thanks, Glenn
  3. Hi all, I had some pay day loans and have managed to pay them all off,:whoo:I am now debt free! I now would like them to remove all my details from their systems. This is so they don't have my data but also a way to prevent me from falling for them again and getting any more debt with them. I have tried to log into Payday UK and it seems my details are no logner recognised, but I would like to contact them formally and make sure all my details on their files are destoyed. Wage Day Advance stated that they keep my details for 6 years! Is this something they have to do by law? If not how can I get them to destroy all of my data. What would be perfect would be a letter I could send to all of them (there were 4!) asking them to destroy all of my data they hold on file that I am removed from their email lists. Any ideas?
  4. Following the suggestion that on-line government petitions might be used as a means of direct action and could result in the most popular petitions ending up as private members' bills, I was somewhat surprised to find there are currently NO petitions open on the new goverment site. I am assuming the site is open and ready for business? I think we should hit the most obvious and least controversial issues hardest. (I realise there is no such thing as a non-controversial issue - I was just jesting!). However, although I have never fallen foul of them, my blood boils everytime I see a tv advert for payday loans showing an APR of over 2000%. I can see NO possible justification for such punitive interest rates no matter how 'useful' the suppliers might argue such loans are. The heart-rending stories in the news and on the CAG threads highlight the dangers of rolling such loans over and the aggressive marketing tactics of the suppliers are worrying to say the least. I would like to propose that CAG puts it's weight behind a petition to introduce usury limits setting the maximum level of interest for both loans and credit cards such as can be found in other countries (e.g. Australia, Canada) and in many states across the US. I'm not sure of the wording but I think there would be support. Comments please
  5. Hi all, About 2 years ago i took out a wonga loan. The loan was repaid on the due date and all was fine. 2 years on i decided that i would use my Wonga account again as sometimes these loans can be very handy even though it is daylight robbery! After contacting Wonga via email to reset my password as some of the questions they where asking i couldnt remember the response i got was to ring them and they could reset my passsword. After speaking to someone @ Wonga they said they would send the issue to Head Office for them to sort out but never had a reply. After several attempts I finally logged into my account using my old login details To my surprise when I logged in my account was showing that i owed £648 and my account was in arrears by 750+ days!!! As you can imagine NOT HAPPY! So after emailing Wonga on several occasions i finally got an email back confirming my loan was repaid on the due date. After a few days i logged back into Wonga to find nothing had changed. This has now been going on for 2 weeks and i am still trying to get a response from Wonga. Them having my account in arrears for the past 2 years has certainly affected my credit rating! I have asked them to provide proof that they have removed any markers they have placed on my credit files with whichever agencies they report to but I am getting no response and my online Wonga account is still showing the same. Can anyone tell me where i stand legally as they have seriously affected not only my credit rating but my life as this is stopping me obtaining credit for other things elsewhere A very ann oid member! Many Thanks
  6. I am unfortunately caught up in the payday loan trap like a lot of people on here. I have 5 paydays biggest with everyones favourite WONGA and QUICKQUID. Im struggling every month and thinking of defaulting on both of these 2 and paying the others because i never have any money. The thing is i am trying to improve my credit rating and dont want any defaults on my file, got 2 defaults which come off next year and hopefully my credit will improve but if i get another default now and done for another 6 years. I would rather get a loan to pay them all off but its hard when you have poor credit. 1. Just need a second opinion on either to continue paying these off, whilst paying extra each month and struggling until they are finished. 2. or defaulting on QQ and WONGA and offering them a payment plan (cancel card - stick to guns an all) If i did option 2 and offered them a repayment plan would they put a default on my file? Help is appreciated
  7. Hi, this might not be much of a problem question but i have gone into the payday loan trap and have 5 payday loans. I would rather get a loan to pay them all off if not most of them but my credit is poor. Can someone please let me know if there are any loan companies out their who give loans to people with poor credit. Thanks
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