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  1. I am a little confused on what to do here. I took out a loan with Payday Express over a year ago now for £500, Since then it has been passed on to a debt collector working on their behalf called CCM, I've been making monthly repayments to them of £75. I have paid off the original 500 and now just owe £175 for the interest. In November I missed a payment of £75, I was waiting until they contact me to put it back in place. However... I am still waiting, it's been 3 months and I've not had one letter or call for them asking for the outstanding balance. What should I do here? I've paid the original loan back and they don't seem interested in reclaiming the interest? Do I sit and wait and hope it's for some reason been written off or do you think soon I will be receiving a letter stating some kind of legal action in the near future? I have so many more creidtors who are my priority right now so I don't see why I should contact CCM/PaydayExpress if they haven't asked me too. Is this a little silly of me to try and ignore?
  2. I received a letter today from H.L. Solicitors regarding a £100 loan I took out with TXT Loan some time ago. First up, the letter they sent me says 'We act for HSBC who have instructed us with regard to your outstanding account with them in the above amount.' HSBC???!!! I found out this was an 'error'. I also found out that H.L. Solicitors will not send me information about the charges added to the account as 'it will be in the T&C's' (I was given the info over the phone though!!!!) and TXT Loans apparently did not provide information about when this debt dates from. Now, I am not disputing this debt, however, I dispute the £121.50 in charges, PLUS a mystery £21.50 that has been added to the account. I understand, having looked at the TXT Loans website, that a 15 day loan will incur £17 worth of interest, although nowhere on their website have I found information about the extra charges. However, the fella on the phone told me that '£100 loan was taken out, then 15 days later they tried to take £100 out of your account but it was declined' - thus leading me down the garden path with regard to the interest charged. I have read on a different thread somewhere here, that at the end of the term of the loan (in this case 15 days), they shouldn't be adding any other charges? Is this correct? Whatever the case, I unfortunately can't afford to pay it back, so they will have to make do with £1 per month for the time being anyway, I just wanted to know where I stand as regard to the £147 charges they have added on top of the original £100 loan! As posted in another thread, I am assuming that H.L. Solicitors are actually a group of kids playing at Judge Judy
  3. Hi there, I'm new here, so I don't know if I'm in a right place to post this thread. So, the problem is, that I've got loads of different debts and loans now, for example, pay-day loans, which in total would be about 2.5 grand. And I'm still struggling with the money. I need to repay these loans soon. I'm thinking of applying for another loan, but my credit rating doesn't seem so good. Is there any loan company, that could lend me some money even I have a bad credit? I can't think of any other options now.
  4. Has anyone heard of a payday loan company called Open Finance who operate in London and target new migrants?
  5. Good evening folks, I have a bit of a problem with the above payday company, on the 17 December 2011, I made the mistake of taking out a payday loan for £100. to my horror, they paid into my account £85.00 charging me the pleasure of giving me the money. They then decided the total I needed to pay back was £150.00 So within two hours I sent them an email to cancel the payday loan, under the 14 day distant selling rule. I have never used them before nor will I again. So I sent teh email, as stated in the contract they sent me. and got a response asking me to do it via there online form, which gave me no written record, so I told them no, and sent the cancelation again. This is now where it gets strange, after I sent it to them a second time, again all the same day, they have totally blanked me, I have requested there bank details so I can pay them, but nothing. all I get now are you need to pay us this amount and that amount, so far they claim I now need to pay them £600+ I have sent them two letters and have kept the slips to confirm they got posted, and I have kept all emails I sent them including the ones they sent back. I'm just making sure that I have covered all my bases and have done every thing right and in my power. ie requesting details so I can pay them back, kept all records and post slips, and canceled via email, as noted in the contract. Also I need to know where can I go from here, to sort this out. its been going on now for a few months. and it now making me feel rather ill. Summary loan was £100 they gave me £85 I cancelled via email (all emails kept) got a response from them, the same day loan was taken out. Sent two letters, got the conformation slips that the post office posted them. and kept all my emails I sent to them. They now claim I need to pay them £600+ What are my options here and have I covered myself here. I'm so sorry for the long post, and the formatting, not my best point. Yours John
  6. I have a loan with them for about 120 that was due on the 30/11 - 2 days ago. I also have 4 other loans, 2 of which i am on repayment plans for. In total i owe about 1500 to these companys and i currently earn about 120 a week so as you can imagine im finding it hard to pay them back. Anyway i told 247 moneybox the day before it was due that i wouldnt be able to pay it is there any chance we could make arrangememnts for a payment plan, to which i was told to leave it until it had gone into arrears and then phone up. Well i dont want to do it over the phone so i asked for an email adress, they gave me one and said this is for customer services email them and they will ring you. I said i wont answer their calls. I have emailed them and had no reply. Now they have started ringing me at 7.30am on my mobile and landline waking all my family up!! what should i do next?
  7. Hello everyone, I have gotten myself into debt and am currently in the process of setting up an IVA with PayPlan. I just wanted some advice on if i am doing the right thing and also if there are any things i should be doing. Debts: Wonga - £768.49 Minicredit - £500 Payday 1st - £236.25 Quick Quid - £763.75 WageDayAdvance - £312.50 Natwest overdraft - £1000 Natwest Grad Loan - £3240 Natwest Credit Card - £3045 Gas bill from previous property - £257.49 Water bill from previous property - £71 Council tax arreas from previous property - £426 PayPlan have advised that an IVA is the best option for me, paying £130 a month. I have been advised to change my bank account. I am looking at which bank i should choose - any advice? I do not wish to go with HSBC. I am currently with Natwest. Are Lloyds good? I want to open a current account and savings account. Current account i would like the equivalent to the Natwest Silver as they offer phone insurance. I currently have a good credit rating (i know the IVA will damage this for 6 years). I have been ignoring the payday loan companies, i did initially email them informing them of my position and that i was unable to pay - not unwilling - and that they should contact PayPlan with my reference number. Wonga has repeatedly charged my bank account with various amounts in teh last week. I am currently shoing at £1000 over drawn ON my overdraft - i am assuming that this will bounce out again in teh day day or so as i do not have the amount they have charged in my account? I have made a token payment to my grad loan and will do so also on my council tax, edf and water bill. My main issue is that due to all of this i do not have the full rent this month. I have paid £200 - my rent is £650 - and i am able to afford £300 on my next payday 25th November, followed by the remainding (plus £50 charge) on my December payday. I am with Marques. Im concerned that they will be annoyed as my last months rent was late - but paid in full. I have drafted this email below, can anyone let me know if it is suitable? Good Morning Joanne, I hope you are well. I hope you recieved my £700 payment, i assumed you did as i had not heard from you. I wanted to inform you that i am currently taking an IVA to sort my other debts and will be much more finacially stable after this has been set up in the next week or so. However, in the meantime i have had a loan company remove funds from my account. This has resulted in me being short on this months rent. I have paid £200 to yourselves today under reference *******. At this time i am unable to pay the rest until my following payday. I will be able to pay you £300 on the 25th November (as well as that months full rent of course), leaving £200 (including the remaining £150 plus £50 fee) to be paid on my following payday. I will endeavour to resolve this before that date. But at this time i am not in a position where i can come up with any more money than i have paid to you. I know this is not ideal and it isnt acceptable but it is what i can do at this time. I have enough to pay the normal rent payments following this one due to my IVA. It is due to having gotten myself into a difficult position which i am now getting out of. If you need to validate my IVA set up and the problems i have had please do feel free to contact PayPlan on 08448552171, my reference number with them is: ******* My deepest apologies for this, i know it isnt suitable. I have gotten myself in a bad situation and i am sorting it out. Once i have set up the IVA i will be much more secure and this will not be a reoccurance. If you need to talk to me on the phone please call between 1 and 2pm when i am on lunch. Kind regards, Allana Any advice or thoughts will be greatly appreciated! x
  8. Hello, this is my first thread I have read the threads on this site and found them to be very useful. This is my situation... Okay so i took out some payday loans stupidly i know, one with wonga which they have kindly set up a payment plan for, i had no hassle with these atall! very helpful another with Payday express which i can pay off next month another with wage day advance which i can pay off next month So yeah all them are sorted after i worked out my finances a bit, although if it wasn't for wonga helping me out i'd be in a much worse situation. I spoke to wonga on the phone by the way and they were instantly helpful. Okay so my main problem is Payday Uk, i rang them yesterday to see if i could set up some sort of arrangement with them i owe them around £430 so i wanted to know if i could pay them off in 4 months but they weren't having any of it! they said i had to default first before we could come to an arrangement of any kind My only choice was to pay £87 to roll the loan over to next month, they said i can do this for 6months but it doesnt take anything off the loan which is frustrating. i read on the forum somewhere something about only having to pay the initial loan and one months interest. I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some advice on this matter I don't really want to default as i haven't defaulted on any of them before and don't really want to start. Thanks
  9. Guest

    Cash Genie CCJ

    Hello I am in a very similar situation as previously detailed by others. I have followed instructions to go online and defend the claim in full, which I have just done today. How ever I am just going through some literature that I received and a guy from Carter Forbes kindly highlighted in red some concerning particulars: OTHER FINANCIAL INFORMATION Total Charge of Credit: 30 pence for every 100 pence borrowed, per part or full month that a balance remains outstanding. Interest is charged at the rate of 30% per month or part thereof [fixed], and applied to the balance outstanding each month on the date of this Agreement. KEY INFORMATION If you breach this Agreement, our charges are as follows: 1. If you do not re-pay the loan on time you will have to pay the following charges: 1/4 • An administration charge of £15.00; • £12.00 per letter or e-mail correspondence with you requiring payment; • the APR will continue to be charged from the first day that your loan is outstanding until the loan is repaid. 2. If you move or change your contact details without telling us: • our reasonable costs and expenses incurred in tracing you and verifying your new address which will be charged at £45.00 per search but is not limited to a single search if we cannot locate you or verify your new address. 3. You must also pay us all reasonable costs and expenses incurred in taking steps to enforce this agreement against you. If we discover that your loan application is or was fraudulent we may require that the total amount repayable is re-paid immediately. Does this change anything stated above about only owing the original loan amount plus one months interest please? Slightly worried now Thank you very kindly in advance
  10. Hi I have 7 payday loans with Wageday Advance Text Loans CountryWide MiniCredit Wonga Payday UK Payday Express I have been rolling over loans for months and am not able to keep up any more. I bank with Santander and went to them yesterday to close my bank account and open a new one with them. After reading some of the forums I wonder can these companies raid my new account? Also, I have account details for all of them apart from MiniCredit and Countrywide. Does anyone know the details of either of these? I should have known Countrywide would be slippery after I applied with them and they wanted to know my telephone banking passwords for Santander! I just told them to call me later as I did not want to give these out and then they processed my loan anyway! Is there a template e mail to contact these companies to default? They are all due to be repaid on 27th July and now I am panicking if I am doing the right thing
  11. Just a quick one....If one ( Say my friend, hehe) had a CCJ due to cash genie taking them to court and them accepting they indeed owed initial loan and 1 month interest.This was the amount paid to Carter Forbes.But is it possible to get it set aside? I mean I felt the court action was extreme as the person in question had numerous attempts to pay etc and all was ignored, however when the court papers came you can't lie as the amount is still owed so it was accepted.Now we are thinking whether it is worth looking into questioning whether them going to court and ignoring all correspondance was fair?Is this worth looking into?PS: If you work for Cash Genie/Carter Forbes - please dnt reply LOL
  12. Hello. I took out a wonga loan of £100 in December time for late unexpected expenses which due to circumstances has been rolled over a few times and is now £204. I know this is my fault. But I suppose it happens. I got an e-mail off them this morning notifying me of failed collection, that I must pay full amount today or roll it over. If I don't they will incur a charge for failed collection. I cannot afford to do either. I have 4 bank accounts, so whatever they try to take won't come out but they will still charge and I can imagine my bank will still charge! My money situation is terrible at the moment. I had to leave my regiment of the armed forces due to an injury and the only thing I could do in the mean time was to work for myself or through various mates in the same industry which is fine although currently I'm having big trouble with an invoice. I intent to return to my unit later this month but this Wonga company has got me tearing my hair out and I can't keep focused. Either way they won't be getting paid today as I can't afford it and my partners having an operation and I'm going for when she wakes up. They only have my mobile number (which isn't working) and my work phone, which will be off. I'm just looking for immediate advice. Thank you much B
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