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  1. my fathers girlfriend has died she had no estate. she took out a car loan with Barclays finance, i believe this is a loan done through a car dealer to buy a car, i do not think it is hp/lease but a loan. the car is in my fathers name but she paid the payments of for the loan. Barclays are asking for the car to be sold as this is part of her estate and the funds paid to them. Does my dad have to sell the car? if its in his name not this late girlfriends?
  2. Hi, over two years ago I had an extremely MINOR scrape in the back lane doing approx 5mph, the sort that most reasonable people would disregard. I had four people in my car and no-one even felt my car scrape the other party's bumper. However he made a song and dance and started harassing my to put it through the insurance because his wife wanted a courtesy car. I told him not to be so stupid - his car wasn't worth more than £50 - however the harassment got worse, I was plagued with phone calls from people wanting me to authorise a courtesy car and people banging on the door, so I took advice
  3. I had been with my ex partner for 13 years and we had a joint mortgagetogether for 10 years. We were due to get married 10 months ago however he felt we wereincompatible and called the wedding off 8 weeks before the date. He made it very clear that he wanted to keep the house as we bought it fromhis parents so I moved out and stayed with a friend until the joint mortgagewas transferred into his sole name and 50% of the equity released to me.. On the whole the process was fairly amicable. I boxed up as much of mybelongings as I could and put into my parents garage. I told my Ex w
  4. If person A goes to live with a person B who pays for children through the CSA and person B then becomes unemployed but is not entitled to any support because of the living together rules and person A's income, what of the person A's income and capital have to be declared to the CSA? I hope this makes sense and someone can help. Thank you.
  5. HI All took out one of those at home training courses in 2006 but never got the support that was agreed in the paperwork, i constantly emailed for support but all i ever got back was replys stating change of tutor(kept emails). so i refused to pay anymore due to this as i could not complete the course without support. last payment was in 2007 i think . i was contacted in 2010 by apex claiming i needed to pay £1100 to which i replied that the account was in dispute due to the company breaking the terms and conditions of the agreement, i explained why and forwarded all the email cor
  6. Good afternoon all, Just after a little advice if I may please? I recently received a letter from Halifax explaining that a PPI claim was being made. I approached my ex and questioned this and she admitted that this was true, she has involved a third party to act on her behalf. Unfortunately for her Halifax have sent me a cheque for 500+ Pounds. Now this has come at a very needy time for me and she has now got very disgruntled at the fact that her PPI company have been by-passed and I have already received money. Had it not have been for Halifax I would not have be
  7. hi i have just split up with my ex,i rent my own flat she was staying here most days a week and some at her mum.i am the only person on the tenecy agreement.we have had a bad break up i have dropped off all of her belonging at her mums.some furniture we went half's on.she is now saying because she has the receipts for some of the stuff we bought together she is going to phone the police with the receipts and have them removed.i have paid her half for these items.i have a basic bank account so she used her card.can she do this? what is the procedure? what are my rights? thank you in advance if
  8. Hi everybody I have tried making a PPI claim to Barclays Partner Finance for a car loan that I took out. My monthly PPI payments were paid to Barclays, however they have written back to me to saying that the dealership I bought the car through effectively sold me the PPI and they have passed my details on to them. Is this correct?? Thanks in advance
  9. Afternoon all My partner has a got a mortgage in her sole name, as my credit is very poor, After 5 years i will be put myself on the mortgage as soon as i got my credit score to a better standard My qurestions are: What things might link us financially? We are doing house insurance is that okay to put my name on as saying i live in the house or will that link us? I understand things like sky, virgin media, etc will link us financially Just dont want to get in a position where i effect her credit rating Thanks in advance Journey Man
  10. Does anybody have a contact email for Barclays Partner Finance? If possible the Managing Director would be good. Have just phoned up for a settlement figure only to be told that it's significantly more than the current outstanding balance on the account...
  11. My girlfriend is having a problem at the moment with her ex partner. They lived together for 15 years and had children together, and recently split up. She moved away from her ex along with one of the children. Trouble is, a couple of the bills were in her name including the Virgin bill and his mobile phone, because he couldn't get a contract. Now they have split up he didn't bother paying and they went to debt collectors who are now chasing my gf for the full payments. Is there any legal way that her ex can be made to pay for some of the debt?
  12. Hi everyone im on esa in the sg, currently on IR as OH is unemployed, he is thinking of retraining as competition for jobs is so high we don't see one coming his way soon try as we might. the main pathway of training for what he has chosen is an apprenticeship which he can do as an adult, but in his first year will be on apprenticeship wage of 2.60ph, he plans to try to negotiate a part time one so he can continue caring for me. if not most are based on 40 hrs which i fear will wreak havoc with our benefits, are the rules for apprenticeships the same as all other jobs, so as is
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