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  1. my daughter and her ex partner have a joint mortgage plus a secured loan totalling £90k. He has just been released from prison for theft. He has told her it will be in his best interest to declare himself bankrupt, leaving her with the debt. He is being fined for proceeds of crime. There is no way she can take on this on her own, she has 2 young children who are his. She has been paying the mortgage herself but interest only for the past 2 years while he 'sorted himself out' She knew nothing about the theft, it turned out he was living a double life with another family.
  2. Hi, my ex-partner has amassed a pile of debts, in the thousands, on credit cards. It's looking like he may go bankrupt very soon and is doing nothing about it. Head/sand interface. He hasn't contributed anything towards the mortgage, the bills or anything for over a year, apart from the minimum amount of child support. The problem is that the house is in both our names and I'm worried to death about what will happen if he does go bump as I have a young son to support. I'm a full time student at University so I'm not sure if I can buy him out or not or what my options are unde
  3. hi all here we go again ((no paperwork or documents enclosed )) Claim from northampton, dated 18 june so do i have the 5 days of service til 22.6.12 if so then my 14 days to file an acknowledgement i take as 6.7.12? The Claimants claim is for the sum of £1xxx.xx plus court fee and sols costs, Particulars of claim monies due under regulated credit agreement xxxxxxxxxx between barclays partner finance and the defendant the benefit which was assigned on xx/xx/11 the agreement terminated upond the defendant failure to comply with the terms of the agreement the
  4. Hi, I was in business with a friend and it was set up at a Ltd Company. We took out a 3yr lease on a retail shop in personal names. However our working relationship broke down I could not longer work with her. I agreed to sign my shares and profits in the business over to her upon her agreeing to take on all liability including the lease. However it has been over a year since I left and my name is still on the lease. My ex business partner has not been paying the rent on the shop since Decemeber 2012 and the Landlord is now chasing me for money. I want to know if I have a c
  5. Apologies if this is in the incorrect forum,but i would be grateful for advice on my current situation.I have a loan agreement with Barclays partner finance(BPF) for a car purchase taken out in 2010, all payments made on time as agreed for the last 3 years,having suffered from depression i had to reduce my working hours leading to a drop in income i contacted all my other creditors explaining mt circumstances and all have accepted my reduced payment offer,which was worked out using the" My Money steps" website some have defaulted the account but have still been understanding,all exc
  6. Hi All I am new to this website, but found some useful information and thought I would post my dilemma and hopefully get some advice. I am moving to the USA in 3 weeks time with my long term partner as his job has been relocated over there (for 3 years). I will be moving over on a visitor visa, therefore I won't be working (although I intend to look for work once I get there). My issue is this, I have debt of about £10,000 here in the UK that I have been paying off (I have never defaulted or had to freeze payments) for many years, but obviously I am about to be unemployed, with
  7. Hi I am hoping to get som e advice, please bare with me though as I am totally new to all this. My partner has been suspended from work following a preliminary investigation, the investigation began on August 21st when an anonymous letter was received by his Area Manager claiming he had been for want of a better word skiving work and coming into work with a hangover. His area manager immediately accused him of lying, prior to any investigation and removing him from incentive (bonus) in effect punishing him without giving him any opportunity to defend what he was being
  8. My friend separated from her boyfriend about 3 months ago. About 4 months before he went, he brought two items of exercise equipment on H.P. My friend will be moving to a smaller place in about 5 weeks. Her ex partner sold one of the items but the other remains in her property. She as had no contact with him for about 6 weeks. Should she ring the H.P company involved and ask for them to take it back, (she is unsure if he is making payments). If they do not want it what can she do because it is quite a large item and there will be no room at her new place. She is also receiving mail for him f
  9. Hi, I've been directed here by dx100uk from the Advent Computer Training forum. I was an Advent Computer Training student in 2009/2010 shortly before the company went into Administration. At the time of signing up to the course, I was unemployed and under 21 which, according to the employee that was signing me up, I needed a guarantor to secure funding from Barclays Partner Finance (BPF). My mum became my guarantor and BPF paid for the course (£5950) with a 12 month interest free payback period. I was still doing the course a year later and incurred interest which made the amount owed ris
  10. Hi All, I am looking for some fairy urgent advice please as i am kind of stuck to sort this out at the minute due to working away from home. My partner and i split up 3 weeks ago and she moved out finally last week. The details> 1. We are not married 2. We had property on 75/25 with Barrats. The house is on £33000 negative equity 3. Halifax wont transfer her name to just me - bank says showing some late payments NOT for mortgage but for other stuff but not behind on anything either 4. in 5 years we had the house she has never paid a penny towards it 5.She wont give me the
  11. Hi, my oh has two accounts with LINK , i have been a reader of the forum i did a CCA for both accounts . I was supplied with a copy of the CCA and in my mind they may be unenforceable through reading other threads. Therefore i sent them the write off letter i found on a thread here and stated that they had not supplied me with the relevant information adn requested they both wrote off the debt and that i would receive a reply in 14 days. That was 6 weeks ago and no reply despite the recorded letters having been signed for. At this stage is there
  12. Hi, firstly, apologies if this has been covered before! I have just under 6 months left on a 12 month private tenancy agreement and have split with my partner who has left the flat and moved on without contributing anything towards the rent/bills etc. My question is whether or not I can go after her for half of everything (or at least a partial amount)? The complication comes because when we first separated I tried to do the right/honourable thing and said that I would pay everything solo so that she could get on with her life. Now it has become apparent that I should have asked her
  13. I hope I have posted this in the right place. I am involved with a partnership which owns a couple of houses on a buy to let basis and one of the partners has died. We are concerned that his estate could take over a year to sort out (it seems very complex) and have tried to contact his solicitor who seems to be pretty ineffective (and that's being polite) but got nowhere - he may even have frozen the partnership bank account. Before we contact our own solicitor are there any pragmatic steps we can take to protect our tenants (as students its getting close to lease end) and m
  14. I'm new to this and don't know if I have posted in the right place. Last year I had new doors and windows from Safestyle UK. The salesman persuaded me to take 12 months interest free credit arranged through Barclays Partner Finance with the advice to "pay it off or get a cheaper loan". There was no discussion about affordability and no income/expenditure assessment. My (then) partner assured me that he would pay the full amount before it came due. The payments are due to start in August. My "partner" has gone missing (with 20k of my money). I have tried to get another loan but becaus
  15. Hi, My ex-partner recently died a few years ago while I was with him he took out a 2nd mortgage loan on his house to clear his debts but I signed too - the loan people said I needed to sign because I lived there. The house was not in both our names - it was his house and the loan was secured on his property. He said it would not affect me, they just needed to know who was living there. We split up nearly five years ago. I don't know where I stand with this. He had not been paying it, his mother says she has found a lot of horrible letters regarding
  16. Hello, sorry for the long story but here goes, I had two bailiffs from marstons at my door this morning over a unpaid tv license fine from the courts. The fine is my girlfiends who came to the door also, they said they had a distress warrant and was coming to seize and take away good unless the fine was paid in full today.I told them they wasnt coming in and they said the distress warrant they had, gave them right to force entry, i asked to take a picture of the distress warrant as i didnt belive it was from the courts but they said no for data protection reasons. My partner told th
  17. Hi, Barclays Partner Finance have been calling me almost every day for a month and a half now asking to speak to someone I don't know and have never heard of in my life. From what I gather, they are trying to reclaim unpaid debt on some kind of credit card. I have asked them several times to take my number off their records because it's the wrong number, and I have also tried blocking their number, but they either keep calling or change to a new number and keep calling from there. So far they have used 3 different phone numbers to call me: 08458787153 08453007021 08453007024 I don
  18. My partner started a new job last week. The payment of wages was agreed as weekly on a Monday. It is now Wednesday and he has not been paid for last weeks work. His employers excuse is that he needs a fob or something in order to pay my partner out of the company bank account and the person with this fob isn't in. We have £100 left in the bank and are getting pretty desperate for him to be paid now. What should he do?
  19. My wife took out a 4 year interest free loan from BPF for the purchase of a mobility scooter in December 2008. The first point is that she was told that this was a Motability Loan which I subsequently discovered was not true - like the motability loan it was 0% interest, and seemingly they gave the loan on the basis that the repayments would be met from her higher rate disability allowance, but as I later learned, a true Motability Loan only runs for a maximum of 3 years. The second point is that she does not appear to have a copy of the Loan Agreement - to be fair, she ha
  20. Hi, I have an account with Barclays and they keep changing the dates they take their payment. This month they didn't take the payment until the 3rd instead of the 29th. I mucked up and thought they had taken their payment and paid another bill which meant there wasn't enough money so the payment has been returned. I have just sent an formal complaint about the dates and wanted some clarification regarding the DD guarantee, if they take on another date than is on the agreement do they have to tell me. I have just looked at the payments I have made and they have never t
  21. I have a joint account with an ex partner and its in the overdraft and a £20 fee which he does not pay keeps amounting. Can I take him to the small claims for his half of the fee and get the account closed?
  22. Hi, I am on Income related Esa and the claim is in my name, my partner wants to apply for a job which is only 5 hours per week and amounts to around £35 per week, is she allowed to do this and will the amount she earns be taken off our Esa? I have tried finding this info online to no avail Thanks.
  23. The situation is me and my partner are looking to take on the mortgage which she at present has with her ex (they are divorced). A court consent order has been signed by him on the 8th July 2010 stating he is not entitled to any equity in the property. He has not contributed to the mortgage payments for 4 1/2 years and my partner can prove this. However his name is still on the mortgage and deeds. He is now asking for money or he wont sign the papers allowing my partner and me to remortgage. The house is not in negative equity and in principle the new mortgage company has accepted our offer.
  24. My partner and I seperated in September, since then he has missed the October payment on his BarclayCard. Barclaycard have been on the phone every three hours for a week and a half, it's been quite creepy in that they have been trying differant patterns of times to catch him in. He visits his son regularly and I have asked him repeatedly to get in touch with them and get it sorted but he keeps 'forgetting' to do so (head/sand interface) a statement arrived the other day and it accidentally fell open, like they do. Since he left he has been living on his card and his balance is sca
  25. I got a loan to purchase a guitar a year ago in November. The loan was for 12 months interest free but if you went over the 12 months you had to pay all the interest which was also at a woooping 29% Right, so when I got this I talked to one of their agents and set up an Standing Order to pay every month for 12 months... but it took a few days to get the paper work so I set it for the 28th of the month which was already December. Now, getting to November 16th this year they say I haven't paid the full amount on time and that I'm going to have to pay £124 for 2.5 years to pay the whole
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