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  1. After some advice if poss. Partner has applied for finance on a new van for his business, he is a sole trader, so finance needs to be in his name. Credit record is good with a score in the 900's. He applied for the finance but got a call off of Close Motor Finance stating that he is being reported as deceased under a previous address on some closed Santander accounrts. On looking at his credit report from Credit Expert, under closed accounts there are 3 credit cards, a current account and a personal loan all in his name, all recorded as deceased, all opened AFTER he had moved o
  2. Hi, I have been with my other half for about 3 years and she has always told me she has a license (she lost it so doesn't have it -- I know a few people who have lost theirs so didn't think anything of it)... She is on my insurance as a "named driver" Earlier she was doing less than 35 in a 30mph road but when saw the speed van slowed down to 30 but she has just admitted she has no license!! Devastation that she lied to me aside what happens now? What happens to me? What happens to her? Thanks
  3. My partner has quite a few DCA letters to deal with, for which I'm dealing with for her. I will make a few statements first. We don't own a house, we rent - I have a car on finance, in my name only. We have no savings and she does not work, only gets benefits and some of the debts are benefit related. Firstly; DCA ask for household income - one of them ask for partners income - can they legally ask this and does she have to give it? I'm not named in any of her debts, so I was under the impression what I earn has nothing to do with her inco
  4. Partner and i are due to rent a property. They have told me that my partner would be 100% responsible for the rent as he earns more than me. Despite this they have told me as i have a CCJ i would need a guarantor who has a proven income of £22,000?? My partner is earning all the money to pay for the rent (3 x what the they need for minimum amount) yet they say i need to fin someone who is earning £22,000? Why do they need someone earning over 22,000 for my share if the contract has my partner down for 100% of the rent?? Can my partner be my guarantor? Another thing the estate agent
  5. I have a joint Halifax account with my ex which is still open but not used. I have highlighted £100's of charges in my statements (mostly missed DDs), going back to 2006. Can I reclaim these without his consent? If awarded a claim I would lodge the cheque in this account. Also, we separated 2 years ago, have 4 kids , and £1,000s in debt in credit cards (paying an agreed £50 per month) , and unsecured loans (which are in my name). He contributes nothing to the upbringing of his kids, and I am left to pay the mortgage and insurance etc. do I state these reasons of "Financial hards
  6. I am in receipt of ESA Support group with severe disability premiuim. My partner, who lives elsewhere is on ESA work focus group. If he moves in with me, can I just add him to my claim? I understand from a freind who has gone through something similar, that she got Income Support for her partner for a short while, but it was stopped and he had to sign on, but as my partner is already in receipt of ESA Work Focus, would this still be the case? I'm very confused about the entire DWP set up, as I'm sure they are too!
  7. Hi Everyone , This site helped me massively before and Thank everyone here . Recently I set up a Ltd company with a colleague from my old employment. He had the funds and I had the contacts and he spent about 2 K the company failed. I resigned last week well was partly forced to as he wanted money. Basically he was not committed to it threw some money in and went on holiday . Came back when it was not looking good he just continually give out negatives and every time I thought I ad a chance he would shoot it down. The issue is this. When we set up
  8. need some legal advice on current situation. me and my partner spilt 3 years ago, we have a 3 year child together. we moved into a rented council house while i was pregnant and as he used to be in the army the british legion paid something towards the white goods, washer, oven and fridge and towards the carpets. after we separated he left the home and was very happy for me to keep the goods as they were necessary for his daughter. now after 3 years.. (he is now engaged and living with his new partner in fully furnished home with his 2 other children) he has had his solicitor contact m
  9. Hi guys. I have taken the time today to come to my senses and attempt to arrange all of my finances once and for all... I will create a separate thread, in the relevant section for each creditor. For now though, I currently have an ongoing debt with Barclays Partner Finance, this was previously Clyesdale Financial until BPF took over. I have a remaining balance of £314.77 and currently paying back at £1 per month due to my previous job coming to an end and now in receipt of JSA. £1 a month is all I can afford to make at this moment in time. I have never ever thought
  10. I have woken up today feeling awful, no energy at all, sore throat, achy and just feeling terrible, can hardly walk around the house. The thing is i'm due to go to a Work Programme appointment on Tuesday and a job fair Thursday and i'm worried because if i'm not better for those things then I won't be able to attend and I'm worried because I know the Work Programme has a habit of sanctioning people, I have only ever been sanctioned once (unfairly) and I won that appeal so technically never had a sanction. Need some advice on this, thank you.
  11. I have left my partner this year and we filed correct tax credit forms, he was only allowed to bring £1200 in per month because of arrears in CSA to children from his previous relationships. I have a 2 year old daughter who relies on these credits for her nursery fees and I have just recieved a letter saying that he had contacted them and said instead of the £33,000 he earned he actually earned an extra £20,000 on doing home jobs. This is totally untrue but the Tax Credits office are now saying that due to this new information I have to pay £6,000 back and they will stop my credits now meaning
  12. Hi, My partner already has a mortgage and a well paid job and are lookin to get a house together but my credit is poor, what are the chances of us getting one together or am i like to get knock back. i'm in full time work earning over £20,000?
  13. Hi I'm trying to help my partner, who's been living with me but has ignored debts of approx £10k for a minimum of 6 years which accumulated before my partner arrived in my life. My partner with encouragement has tried general counselling but it wasn't long enough time spent to get to the root of the problem. Is reluctant to seek further help. With a MH condition I'm wondering if it might be possible though to get MIND to help.... Doesn't want to file for bankrupcy though. Been out of work, then my carer so can't afford to pay loans back. Is th
  14. hey guys, back in march me and my partner broke up. she started a single claim with an income for 2014-2015 is £6000 she was awarded 70wtc and 115ctc. we have 2 children. however i want to move back in, my income is £16000. now if we live together we are entitled to no working tax but 90 ctc. how does this work? as soon as we start the claim will we recieve the 90pw or will it be less because of how much she has already recieved this year? also does anyone know how long we will go without money when we make new claim
  15. A friend of mine has a business and is in partnership with with his wife, he has decided to sell his share of the equipment to his wife in order that if the worst comes to the worst the equipment would not be seized as payment for a debt which he has in his own name and not the partnership's, how does the law stand on this. The partnership is forming a limited company but he will still owe the debt in his own name up to the point of the incorporation. Cheers
  16. Hi, I am a bit in the dark when it comes to these things and I was hoping somebody may be able to shed to light on the issue I have at present. My partner and I have split up and she is going to go bankrupt. The house is our joint names and I still live at the property. We have switched to interest-only repayments around 15 months or so ago, so there are some arrears already. There is no equity in the property and whilst I have a few financial (work) struggles myself I hope to be in a position to take on the mortgage in full shortly. Reading other posts it sounds lik
  17. Hello, I'm new and apologise of this repeats. My wife gets ESA and she is in the Support group. I was made redundant and was claiming JSA Contribution based which has now expired. My wife filled in an ESA3 form and claimed for me on her claim (now IB). It's all processed now and we are receiving the joint amount. My Jobcentre advisor phoned me to say I do not need to sign on now as my JSA claim has stopped. It seems that due to joint claim I am now classed as on ESA - but I am not ill. Does anyone know what happens now for me re interviews, work programme etc?
  18. hi all im looking for some advice for friend of mine her ex partner ( been split up for 4 years) has made an application for child maintenance payments against her despite him not having the child. she herself does not have the child the child was placed with her father (granddad) about 4 years ago but this s not the first time he has done something like this when the child was first placed the granddad he claimed child tax credit despite the child living with him the granddad has a residence order for the child but the ex keeps making these applications for child maintenance .
  19. Hi folks i have been recieving various letters from a DCA and their in house solicitor for about 18 months for a debt belonging to my ex partner and today a claim form from northampton. I have just ignored all their letters. We shared a house together for many years but split up about 7 or 8 years ago and i moved out and into a new address. We split on good terms not hating each other but i have not seen him for a couple of years and he certainly has never lived at my new address, not been on electoral register, applied for any credit at my address or anything like that so i dont underst
  20. On Sat 12th April my husband was tragically killed in a motocycle accident. We had been together since 1991 and were married in 2000, although we never really lived together (long story). When going through some paperwork i noticed that he was claiming single person discount on his council tax. I know this is ok as he was living in his house alone as I lived at my parents with our son, but I am now going to move into his house with his son. What I am worried about though is, if the council question that he was married, (because im not sure if they know or not),
  21. Businessman blames mobile operator for failure of property empire A Greek businessman who lost a fortune during the country’s economic collapse is claiming £1.1bn in damages from Vodafone, after the telecoms giant pulled out of a retail franchise deal with him. Athanasios Papistas, whose partnerships also included a property management company with a scandal-hit group of entrepreneurial Orthodox monks, accuses the British mobile group of sabotaging his business empire. Mr Papistas has issued three writs seeking damages. The most recent and largest, for £900m, was served on Vittorio
  22. First of all, it's great to be a part of this community, and its brilliant to see the help and advice given, so I appreciate any advice you give. Apologies if some of its not in the right place, so feel free to move it, or advise me to make a separate thread. First off, a bit of back story. I'm a 22 year old student, who managed to rack up £5k+ of debt since 2011, and have been struggling like hell to pay them off. Finally, yesterday (28/02/14) a family member paid them all off in their entirety. A breakdown is shown below, also with a copy of my Noddle cred
  23. Hello everyone I lost my job soon after Christmas and now have had to claim JSA. Problem is i have a partner living with me since September 2013 who is from Romania. I'm British. So far I've avoided claiming as a couple because i thought it would be a waste of time and be automatically rejected anyway. Problem is, I'm now really starting to struggle supporting the 2 of us on single persons JSA and was wondering if i could claim as a couple until i find work again. I've heard the habitual residence test is tested on the claimant, which would be me and not my partner?
  24. Good afternoon all you employment gurus. My daughter is 23 weeks pregnant and has had to be admitted to hospital with Labour pains. Her partner has had to take time off work to look after the other kids as they cannot get other help as yet. He has to take tomorrow off work and his employer is demanding that HE find cover. Now, he has had a few days off with sickness (this is in part due to his job working with adults with severe learning difficulties) and the manager wants to convene an absence meeting. The main issue is that he is being penalised by his employer for takin
  25. Hi, I am helping a friend sort out a problem he has with his council. He left his wife and started a new relationship a few years ago. This didn't work out and moved back in a separate room. For the last 6 years he has hardly been able to work but has not claimed any benefits etc. The council have looked over their housing benefit claim and are saying that he can't be a lodger as the he had been in a previous relationship with his ex-wife. They had put that he was living there and ticked that they wasn't related. I have looked at the tenants handbook and on t
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