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  1. Hey guys anyone know where the cars are taken once they been repossessed had mine taken Wednesday but was half asleep when they took it as was on night shifts plus I gave the repo blokes some abuse but got no paperwork just wondered if they get auctioned off and if so where? I'm based in Newport South Wales. 62 plate Audi A3 they took got no issues with them taking it just wondered where it goes afterwoods. Cheers
  2. I've recently found out that my partner of a year has unsecured debts amounting to around £8k. He is, apparently, in the initial stages of negotiating a DMP with stepchange, based on his income alone. As we now live together and are expecting an (unplanned) child, I am concerned about the impact this will have on us as a couple. I have asked that he track down the paperwork in the hope / expectation that we would be better or equally able to manage this ourselves. He is quite adamant that a DMP is the best way to go. From my limited understanding, it seems like it would be hanging over o
  3. Hi, My partner is an Ofsted registered Childminder. She had 3 children with her while shopping in a B&M store recently. She placed some items in the pushchair while walking around the store, she then queued up for the tills to ask the cashier where something was in the store. One of the children started playing up so she went to leave the store and forgot about the items in the pushchair. She was stopped by security and admitted straight away that she'd forgotten about the items and would happily pay for them to be told "it doesn't work like that".
  4. Hi Guys, My 20 year old daughter's Ex asked her to obtain a washing machine, though a Catalogue in her name, as a birthday present for his mum. They were living together at the time, had been for a while and he intended to pay for it in full, but needed a short time to raise the funds so doing it this way allowed him that time. The item was duly delivered and installed at his mothers address. Shortly after this was all arranged their relationaship broke down. He promised to continue to pay for the machine and in fact made payments to the cataloague in order to show willing. However,
  5. Currently I receive income related ESA and have done for a few years now. Presently I live with my parents but my significant other has just bought a house and wants me to move in. My significant other earns over £30k a year so that takes use above the limit for being eligable for benefits I believe so I need to inform the DWP to inform them of the change and my benefit money will stop. The house they have bought needs a lot of work done to it and so I don't think I will move in until september at the earliest as due to my illness I am unable to live there while work is
  6. Hi, I am currently splitting up from my partner who I have a child with and we are not married. I personally have a mortgage on the property which we are living in and it is in my name. While living in the property for the last 5 years I paid the mortgage and my other half paid the bills such as electric, gas etc. My partner also has a property of their own which I have no interest in. Currently we are trying to work out how to move forwards, she is telling me I should sell the house as she wants 50% of the sale of the property. Where do I stand here? How long can she live
  7. hi there not sure if this is the right place buthere we go five months ago i went into a buisness merge/partnership with a friend who is in the same line of business who was struggling financialy because i thought extra pair of hands would mean less hours for me. i left the partnership 2 weeks ago as he was hardly doing any work and i was working more than 80+ hours a week. i had agreed for a fixed income untill his debts were up to date at which point the profits would be 50/50 but he was not paying off his debts and just chilling leaving me to do all the work. i had a compl
  8. Partner is a skilled welder/fabricator. Been with current employer for 24 years. Currently on £9.67 per hour. Older brother took over firm some time ago, for 8 years has refused my partner pay rise every year. Boss wont say why he refuses an annual pay rise. Because of the cost of living going up and his wages not reflecting on this, anything my partner can do?
  9. Hello, My current situation is my ex partner wants me to come off the house deeds for a 6 thousand pound payment to my mother. we purchased the house together with help from my mother and his family relative. he is saying we get the house valued and any money we would be due to split 50/50 he wants his sisters money, money he invested into doing the house up and will give my mum 6 k and then I will come off the deeds. This seems like I am losing out massively as he will have the whole house for 6k and also all his debt paid off, leaving me with nothing. any
  10. Hi there, I thought I should write this post on Consumer Action Group as some of the threads on this forum provided me with some valuable advice when I first got caught about three weeks ago using my partner's student oyster card on Transport for London. The case has now been settled out of court and I thought I should share my experience with others who may now be in a similar position. I had been using my student's oyster card for about 8 months buying weekly travelcards with the occasional use of top-up (when the travelcard was not valid for those zones or when the travelcard ha
  11. I too have stupidly done the same thing Scotia39. I had my partner move in April of this year and been claiming as a single parent. He earns less than me 14,000pa and has been paying the rent on the house. Had a letter today from HMRC and they want bank statements, bills etc....everything in my name still but just so wish id told them. Feel ashamed of myself .
  12. I have been incredible stupid and continued to claim tax credits as a single parent when my partner has lived with me for several years. I am really ashamed and can't believe why I allowed myself to be so greedy and stupid. I have two kids from previous relationship and one with current partner . Current partner is on the mortgage and council tax as would not have got the house otherwise. I think it will be virtually impossible for me to prove he hasn't lived here all the time. The bills are in my name, but we have the mortgage and council tax in joint names.
  13. If your partner is disabled and is a UK citizen, claming PIP and ESA due to disability, will carers allowance help or hinder a naturalisation / permant residence application for an EU member from the Netherlands? Who has been in the UK for 2 years. We find the process confusing and it seems we may do something wrong without meaning to.
  14. Hi I'm new to this and have been reading some similar situations and would like some help and advice. My situation: I picked up my partner's student oyster by accident one morning in a hurry thinking it was my oyster as both had same wallet. I used it on a bus then had to change bus due to nature of journey. I then noticed that it wasn't mine and had a fumble in my pocket to see if mine was there which it was. When the bus came, I got on and don't know what possessed me but of course I did the studpid thing and touched in with his card. Towards the
  15. I'm after some advice. My partner of 12 years walked out on me and our 3 children last Friday evening saying she was no longer happy with me. Didn't elaborate on the reason as to why she was not happy. I explained that if we were no longer together then we couldn't live together she immediatley offered to go. And did..... first few nights she would go out and come back early hours and sleep on the couch. Now she's gone all nights. She does come back everyday to see the children but prefers to spend most of the time with the kids out the way and us talking bu
  16. Hi I claim ESA(IR) and I am in the Support group, my partner wants to work, but it will be 16-20 hours per week. So obviously I will inform DWP if this goes ahead. But can anyone advise how it affects my benefit? If he earns £130 per week, is that taken of my ESA Claim or does my claim stay the same and he keeps the money, as I read that my partner can work upto 24 hours, but it might affect my benefit on the benefit letter. Can this be for more than a year, as it seems if it was me working the maximum would be 12 months. Thanks
  17. I am new to the forum so appologise if this is in the wrong section. Several years ago I was in Ltd company. We managed to secure bank funding but when the company failed we stopped and both the other director and I have been repaying the bank our debts in installments. We both signed a persobal guarantee. I have since discovered that for about a year he has stopped his repayments and because of the PG the bank is happy just to chase me. Is there something I can do to get make him continue paying and bringing his share level with mine? Is there also a way to pursuade the ba
  18. Have a car which log book in my name insured in my name and on finance in my name .. the ex is holding keys log book and documents in house . ..police spoke to her and said she was handing back and needed to contact her by email to collect .which I did.. was told I could collect in a day so please were happy with that although I wasn't . .she as since sent a email demanding 3500 cash or she witholding car .. .police have now said it's a civil matter and wnt do anything ..I then said well I'll report it as twoc and he said now you are just bein
  19. Hi guys, i have a BPF fixed sum loan agreement which was taken out for purchase of an ex demo car from Hippo Car Leasing. The agreement is in my mothers name due to her having better credit than me, The problem is, i now want to sell the car and believe that under Fixed Sum Loan agreements, it shouldn't be secured against the car but a personal loan. I have HPI'd the car, and finance is showing on the car? I do not want to trade it in at a dealer, as it will have negative equity of around 3-4k as the mileage ive used is quite a bit more than normal. Basically what im a
  20. A marston agent attended my property and wrongly executed a warrant that had been dealt with by the issuing court. The court in question had not relinquished the warrant but I had all the relevant paperwork to prove it had been dealt with but the bailiff refused to take that s proof or let me call the court for them to clarify. I was not at home at the time but my heavily pregnant partner was, by the time she called me she was hysterical and in floods of tears. The agent had terrorised her with threats saying that he was going to remove goods unless payment was made in full and that he w
  21. My partner is going to move into my rented room with me which is in a shared flat. I am paying £370 for the room currently and our contract is up for renewal at the end of the month. The landlord is happy with her moving into my room but is going to charge £170 (half my rent value). This means we are now paying ~£540 for the room which is £140 more than my housemate pays for a room twice as large as mine. The landlords justification is that this is an industry standard (i.e. to charge half rent to the second person) is this the case? Apparently its to cover additional wear and tear. It se
  22. Hey everyone, looking for some slight assistance. An ex partner of mine (we split in 2008 and I have had little or no contact with him since, bar the occasional facebook hello) passed away a month or so ago, something I was actually unaware of until the DWP sent me a letter informing me and asking for details regarding his death, care, estate etc etc as he was claiming disability living allowance. I have replied to them with a letter stating that I wasn't aware of his passing until they sent me the request and that I haven't lived with him since 2008 and that I'm not even sure how they
  23. Dear all, Some little advice please. I've read other people's threads on the same subject but cannot find all the information I seek. In January, I was caught with my g/f's student oyster card. I did only do it a handful of times but will not try and justify my actions. When I first received a letter from TFL, I wrote back with a full apology, an offer to pay fines and assoc. costs and explaining how I have never had been in trouble with the law before and how negatively this could affect my future career prospects. I have received a mag. court summons this morning for t
  24. Hi All I really can't believe this crook of a company. In the past I have tried a balance transfer from another card to pay off my debt that I owe to vanquis and it was rejected as vanquis do not accept balance transfers. Yesterday I made a payment with my partner's card to basically pay off majority of the debt, as the interest rate as we all know is incredibly high. After a few days the payment was authorised from my partners bank and is now showing on the statement, however Vanquis has blocked my card and the account online. I rang vanquis and they said I need to send a photo
  25. Hi all I need advice please my dad had an agreement with barclays partner finance for nearly 3 years cleared it a week ago i noticed from random letters he has racked up a few charges such as failed dd and late payment when he was having some difficulties, my dad has just retired and i am looking to claim some money back for him looking for advice on how i do this i would need a statement off them first with all the detailed charges i know that but what letter do i need any help would be appreciated as my dad has just retired and in ill health at 72
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