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  1. Having sorted my wife's charge at Morrisons, now trying to do same with Sainsburys and Euro Car Parks. ECP sent the initial parking charge, "issued" 10th February, letter dated 16th February. Interesting thing was that there was no first name on the letter. There are two of us here at this address, my son and myself, so the person to whom it was addressed was ambiguous. In my view they had not written to me. A second letter, headed notice to keeper was dated 9th March. Again no first names, only surname. I then heard nothing until a letter from Debt Reco
  2. I have received a letter from Euro car parks for overstaying in a car park. This was in Scotland but the company is an English based company do I have to pay this invoice?
  3. It seems my car overstayed in a free car at Morrisons and now have a "Parking Charge Notice" (PCN) yes this is what is called even though I am fully aware it is nothing more than a speculative invoice. Does this invalidate it if indeed it could be classed as valid in the first place The driver and party visited to do weekly shop - had a tea in the stores restaurant on the way in, then did the shop then decided to have a meal at the restaurant to save cooking dinner when they got back home. They had not realised that the time allowed had recently been redu
  4. Issued today (again to 'er indoors), and altho there are 'mitigating circumstances' for her egregious lack of consideration for those less mobile, I don't wanna offer them at the moment for fear of appearing to excuse her reprehensible behaviour. It was a Morrisons car park, free to use for 2 hrs, and I'm the RK. I'm going to await the NTK as usual, but at this stage (at the risk of being a bit previous), just wanted to know the current position regarding disabled bays in private car parks, and the extent of driver ID disclosure required by law. So, 1.
  5. Hello, I wondered if anyone knows how long MET and euro car parks have to take you to court once all letters have been ignored by the motorist? I received a euro car parks ticket for an incident on 5/9/15 when I had sat in the car for 10 mins or so as I was not feeling well (I have a medical condition). My ticket was for staying longer than than the hour's ticket I paid for by that 10 minutes. I ignored all the letters, the last being on 31/12/15 from their debt company giving me a' last chance to pay to avoid court proceedings'. I also received a MET ticket for an incident on 12/9/15
  6. Hi everyone, and before starting with my request I would like to thanks everyone for their times on helping on the forum. We received a PCN on the 4/03/15 (see doc attached) asking for £70 discounted by £40 if paid within 2 weeks. My wife didn't realised that she couldn't stay longer than 2h. I contacted sainsburys who told me that they were not responsible for the car park therefore I should contact ECP. Yesterday we received the Notice to Keeper dated 24/03/15 (see attached) asking for £70 with a £1.5 handing charge if paid online! My wife is 38 weeks pregnant and take
  7. Hello, I have just received a "Notice to Keeper" from Euro Car Parks demanding payment of an £80 parking charge for overstaying my allotted time by 15 minutes in a private car park in Wish Street, Rye, on 28/05/2015. I did have a previous letter on 06/06/2015 requesting the Parking Charge, and, after reading many various posts on the board, decided to take the general advice given regarding 'speculative invoices', decided to ignore it. That was before I realised that the Law was changed in 2012 making the Registered Keeper ultimately liable for the charge, and that
  8. Hi all, First time poster, I've seen some similar threads, but none quite match my situation so I thought best to check with your fine selves before acting. I may even have been informed slightly before action is required too. The vehicle is company car, and the notice I have a photocopy of has been sent to the Hire/Lease Co.. I assume once they inform ECP that my co. is in charge of the car, and they that I was the driver, then it's mine to fight... Anyway, our business is IT, I was working at one of the business on the Bishop Centre on 11th May, and they have clocks of me go
  9. On Saturday 25/4/15 my wife received a PCN for overstaying at the Morrisons car park in High Wycombe asking for a payment of £90 reduced to £50 if paid within 14 days. The 'offence' took place on 20/4/15 They have cameras that record entry and exit times and 'helpfully' provided pictures of her number plate. I did not have time to do anything on her behalf so pointed her in the direction of CAG where she did a fair bit of reading and research as she felt the penalty they are imposing is totally disproportionate particularly as she was in Morrisons spending a lot of mone
  10. My husband has just got back to our car in Sainsbury's car park to find a Euro Car Parks PCN on the windscreen demanding £60 (or reduced fee of £30) for parking 'longer than the maximum period allowed'. The parking time limit is 2 hours free parking and he stayed for 2 hours 30 minutes. We're regular customers at the store but we don't have a receipt to prove we shopped there at the time stated. The supermarket is quite big with a cafe so 2 hrs isn't a particularly long time and it also situated next to a retail park where you could spend all afternoon shopping. The car parks have no clear
  11. Today I have received a letter from Euro Car Park stating that I have to pay £100 (£60 if paid within 14 days) because the car parked in Crown Street Car Park/Bolton They put the photos of the number plate and the in and out time. It was only 15 minutes. The other thing, My friend who used the car did not leave it. He stayed inside the car and then drove off It was on 23/01/15 afternoon time The letter says that: On the 23/01/15 you were the registered keeper of the vehicle: Or you have been named by the registered keeper as the driver when there was a breach o
  12. Hi all this is my tale of woe. Went to Bishop Centre Taplow. 21 Feb15 in the evening. Received yesterday (02Mar15) a parking charge notice from euro car parks. They were using cameras to capture entering and leaving times. My stay exceeded the 3 hr free parking time stay. I have been told according to the letter that under schedule 4 of the protections of freedoms Act 2012 they have the right to recover from the registered keeper so much that amount that remains unpaid. Needless to say I don't want to pay the £75 or even the 'considerate'
  13. On the 9th of November we parked on Euro Car Park located on Crown Street in Bolton, we forgot to pay the fee and on the 12th we received a letter: Parking Charge Notice amount due £100. Payment for the parking charge notice is due within 28 days from the 12/11/14 shown above if the parking charge notice is paid within 14 days from the date of this notice a prompt payment discounted amount of £60 is payable. Under that it states we were parked on Crown street car park from 16:55 to 18:23 on the 9/11/14 then says that: On the 9/11/14 you were the registered keeper of the vehicle: Or
  14. Afternoon Parked in a Total Car Park over the weekend. Paid for Friday, paid for Sat, forgot Sunday. When I was given a ticket. Sunday is charged at £3 for the whole day. Ticket says fine £100 but £30 payable in 7 days. Suggestions on what to do? Tempted to pay £3 as that is what it would have cost me to park there for Sunday.
  15. Hi I received a letter from debt collector yesterday stating it is collecting on behalf of Euro Car Parks Ltd in relation to a contravention of overstaying the maximum period of time allowed in a Hayes retail park on 31st August. Fine has been escalated to £130 already and this is the first I've heard about it. States my address with DVLA was incorrect. I have checked with DVLA previously and know they have had my correct address since February this year. There are no details of the contravention or CCTV snapshot. I don't remember s
  16. I've recieved a PCN from ECP for overstaying in one of 'their' car parks by a few minutes. I had been visiting a premises in the area but also used the shops adjacent to the car park. Approx 2 weeks later i recieved a photographic evidence PCN. Both photos show the front reg plate (strangely, the angle seems to be identicle on both photos too). After initally seeing The Watchdog video and the expert suggest that such notices are ignored, i followed that advice. I've now recieved a 2nd letter from EPC and i now believe the 'Ignore it' advice is out of date. Any advice on the best cour
  17. Posting here as I am actually surprised this dealer has only been mentioned (on various other review sites and forums) a few times. I bought a car from this dealership and took delivery of it last Friday. I was constantly chasing the sales man for updates and I was left to try and arrange the handover myself. All started with a cherished transfer, the vehicle was going through a plate change when I bought it, so it couldn't be taxed. I accepted this as procedure and got on with it. I still had a car and really wanted this one, so sometimes you have to be patient. I
  18. Just a quick one, a friend of mine has recently picked up a ticket from euro car parks. With the advent of the clamping ban, I understand theres been som strength added to the private car park legislation, Ive said he should just ignore them. Is this still the best way to go or have they actually been given some authority to actually try and enforce these now?
  19. I just thought i would run this by the good people on this forum as someone may know the answer to my question If the local council don't own the car park or the land, such as a shopping type centre (can't recall the proper name ) where the local council made it a condition that they would have the right to operate their pay & display parking and enforcement during the planning permission stages In such a situation do the council have the same authority to enforce their parking charges if they issue a PCN or invoice, as it's a private car park, has anyone ever taken this to a cour
  20. On 27 February this year I booked a test drive of a VW Beetle Cab at Preston Motor Parks. My health was very bad which I thought was as a result of a cold. I was unhappy with the deal they were offering. Unfortunately, I paid £100 deposit. The next day my health deteriorated and it was pneumonia. I e-mailed Preston Motor Parks and told them I wanted to cancel the car. I asked for my£100 deposit to be returned to me. They refused to reply to any of my e-mails even after threats of the small court. The paperwork given to me does not even hav
  21. Hi Guys, Ive received a PCN from Euro Car parks today for overstaying my 1 hour free parking by 14 minutes in a shopping complex in Uxbridge. The car i was in is a company car and because of this, the registered keeper details (and hence where the PCN originally went to) are the lease company that own the car. They have emailed me today a scan of the PCN. The date of "offence" is the 17th of October and stamped in big letters on top of the PCN by the lease company is "Received 01 Nov 2013". I make that 15 days and if I'm correct, when a PCN is issued via ANPR equipment on site, they ha
  22. I got caught out with a Euro Car parks parking charge when shopping at the West End Retail Park in Partick, Glasgow. I was 67 mins over the 2hr limit but was in Café Nero having lunch and then errands in various shops all in the retail park. I'm so angry at being charged for the privilege of spending money there. Does anyone have similar experience with this particular car park who could offer advise what will work in these circumstances? Thanks
  23. I received a 'parking charge' notice for West End Retail Park in Glasgow today. I had overstayed the two hour 'free parking'. To be honest, I use this car park a lot to pop into M and S and Sainsburys, since it is near where I live and had never noticed signs. On the particular morning the notice refers to, I spent some time reading in Caffe Nero and then did several shopping errands, all within the retail park. Most forums suggest 'ignoring' such letters. I am not good at ignoring such things since they tend to make me worry. Later forums suggest that appeal
  24. hi all im new here and im curious to know where i stand in order of receiving a Euro Car Parks parking ticket for parking my vehicle for more than 2 hours due to being in B&Q designing and picking out a new bathroom, (who would of thought it would take so long) but inevitably it did, and a notice came through over a week later, (offence date 04/05/13 but a week later i was off shore for 23 days from the 10/5/13 till 01/06/13, so when i got home, the "parking fine" was in amongst my stack of mail. so bang goes the special so called offer of £40 and now ive just received a 2nd l
  25. Hi, I received a letter today regarding a parking ticket that I supposed to have had on 24/1/013. from Euro car parks in Crewe, this letter is from a debt recovery company asking for £120 . The first thing is that there was no ticket on my car when I returned ( yes I was a bit late in returning due to the fact that I work in one of the shops there, so cant always get out on time,and my name and where I could be found was on the dash board.) This is not the first time this has happened. I have spoken to the recovery company very rude and intimidating person on the
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