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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, Has anyone made a claim directly to claim compensation for mis sold solar panels I have had a solicitors contacting me claiming people are being successful getting their agreements cancelled and refunded money they paid from the start. Also, they get to keep their panels and feed in tariffs! However they charge 30% fee plus 20% VAT! I want to do this myself. Anyone been through this road? Anyone?
  2. Hi again My mum has solar panels fitted to her house, they're all paid for and her current FiT goes through Eon. However, Eon have been pretty bad when it comes to getting things right and her bills are always much higher than I think they need to be. We've checked and made sure she's on a good tariff and most of the time she tries to make sure dishwasher, washing machine and so forth are used during daylight hours (although in this weather/season it generates far less). She gets around £100 (Dec-Feb), £160 (Mar-May) £220 (Jun-Aug) & £180 (Sep-Nov) and we estimate her monthly bills to be around £30 a month lower... Which is around £1000 a year. It's hard to be certain because my father passed away over the summer and useage patterns have changed drastically. Before washing machine was on daily, now it's once or twice a week, dishwasher is every couple of days instead of daily and lights and cooking is far less. Eon's handling of the FiT has been pretty bad... over the first 12 months we had terrible trouble getting them to accept readings ... it took 4 months before then even set it up. .. losing more than 2000 units from April to Aug when they finally got their fingers out of their backsides. Now my mum is looking to switch providers. .. but she's afraid that she'll need to switch the FiT too.. . and the thought of going through all that again with the constant mistakes, failures and lost income is putting her off.. . But I think the lost income is less than the overspend she may be making at the moment. So if you switch your gas/electric provider.. . do you HAVE to switch to the new one for FIT too and will this mean you then get the lower unit rates you have now rather than the one they had when they first signed up? Or is she stuck with Eon now?
  3. My landlord wants to rent out my roof to a solar panel company called Voltaire that has a sim card in it and sends data to an independent source. How worried should I be about that, hypothetically speaking of course?
  4. Pretext: Have been looking into the possibility of building a solar panel from scratch as part of an allotment project. Bit of fun more than anything. Discovered one of the major hurdles with building any solar panel (commercial or otherwise) is condensation and water vapour. It can severely damage the panel and reduce output, sometimes destroying it altogether. One of the ways they deal with this in commercial panels is to encapsulate the solar cells in a resin or epoxy, which are usually silicone based. Apart from being horrendously expensive to purchase, research is starting to show these encapsulants may still allow moisture to permeate. (You also have to wonder how "green" these resins and epoxies actually are!) Problem is there is not a lot of long-term data to state with any certainty how durable these solar panels actually are, especially in the UK climate. Many manufacturers and green organisations state panels can be expected to last 25 years or more. Installation guarantees are typically 5 years; product workmanship guarantees vary between 5 and 10 years; power output guarantees are usually 25 years. The expected payback time of a solar array is usually around 10 years. The question: If one or more commercial solar panels fail, in reality what protection does the consumer really have? Assuming of course these failures start to occur several years down-track. Are these guarantees really worth the paper they are written on?
  5. Hello I hope this is the right place to post this, if not could someone point me in the right direction. I recently tried to get solar panels installed free of charge. The company said that there was a government grant schemed to allow free installation and then they get the grant back from the feed in tariff, however I was refused a grant because of my poor credit record and a CCJ. The CCJ has a charging order attached. The solar company said instead that I could have them installed under a 25 year rent a roof scheme instead, however now the finacne company that got a CCJ and charging order against me have objected so the company say they can't install the panels under this scheme either. This to me seems ludicrous and I wondered if anyone else had had the same issues. To me if I am looking to save money by geting about £600 of free electric every year that can only be good for the finance company because it increase my income and lets me pay off my debts quicker, so if anyone had any experience of this could they give me any advice, many thanks.
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