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Found 36 results

  1. Hi all Just a bit of info, maybe new info maybe not. I have just been to Turkey for a holiday Whilst there I made sure I had turned of mobile data roaming (didn't need it on as had wifi). But here is the pinch... I have been billed for calls I didn't make ... let me explain. I have a call reject list (several DCA numbers). Anyway, when you have call reject on the calls do not show on my phone (Galaxy S2) they go straight to voicemail (vm). This is fine whilst in UK because calls diverted to vm don't get charged, you will only be charged 10p to listen to your vm. However, go abroad outside of EU (Turkey is in band 5 - the highest) and unless you switch of vm and the call reject list before leaving the UK you will be charged, twice usually. Once for the incoming call, even if it is on a reject list and you don't answer and the second charge is for the divert to your mobile. Band 5 = £1.50 for each action. I have read that even if you switch your mobile on whilst abroad and your phone registers on the local network and you switch it straight of, the network knows you are there and you will get billed even if you receive a call and don't answer it and it doesn't go to vm. This is wrong because you cannot control people calling. It used to be that you only got billed if you answered the call, which you had the choice to do. Now whilst I am aware of this and even though it is a bit of a rip off, what I don't actually like is if you are pay monthly vm is turned on by default (some people may not know how to switch it off, I always forget) and the serious lack of info about this. I have been looking and I struggle to find much about it, it is usually a round about lot of info (typical for big company t&c's). Now whilst I say it's a bit of a rip off, I think it is extortionate and I am seriously considering switching networks at end of this contract (are the others any better I wonder). I am seeing some real horror stories on forums. yes I know people should know what they are doing but if the info is buried deep inside contract/t&c's etc it is difficult for people to find it. Call me cynical but that's why there is always so much text in these documents... to confuse the consumer. The new EU legislation unfortunately only covers usage within the EU, not companies based in the EU charging for out of EU usage. Anyway as I said earlier, just a bit of info I wanted to share and pass on. I hope I explained it clearly enough. I would like to hear other peoples views on this regardless of network. Maybe we can get legislation for out of EU usage introduced. Cheers Oscar
  2. Hi guys, I wanted to know if anybody could shed some insight on my freinds following situation> they have a a debt worth of around 2k on credit cards in the uk and they no longer lives in the UK. However they claim capquest are now chasing them in the country they now reside, which is spain by the way. theyre financial situation is still not too stable, that said they are in a position to pay the debt in small portions. My question is, can they still face any sort of serious action for non payments, if they reside overseas and do not intend on returning? Also how the hell have these people managed to get my freinds overseas number??? From what i read these people just hassel you and eventually go away but just wanted to make sure. BR Jim
  3. More than 2,000 students potentially face deportation after a London university had its licence to teach and recruit overseas students revoked. London Metropolitan University has had its right to sponsor students from outside the EU revoked, and will no longer be allowed to authorise visas. Ministers say the university is not tracking course attendance and that many students have no right to be here. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-19419395
  4. Help / advice urgently needed please. My situation is this. I moved overseas some years ago with a partner who left me shortly afterwards. Unable to speak the language, get work etc over there, I put the house on the market and returned to the UK (2010). I claimed Income Support as a lone parent and declared the house so that everything was above board. I had to provide the sale doicuments to prove that i was actively trying to dispose of the property, and intended to remain in the UK. All was ok until this week when the benefits seem to be doing a complete overhaul of everyone I have had 3 forms to fill in this last 4 weeks, all with only a week deadline so no time to seek advice or help. All about the property. I again sent off the original documents that prove the house was placed on the market. The property was placed for sale at less than the value at that time, and later reduced again within that year. The DSS now want a new valuation, current documents to prove the house is still for sale and more evidence that i am trying to dispose of it. and all in english!! I am gutted... English documents from overseas are not going to happen, and i cannot afford a translator. Also i cannot afford to go to the property to do any maintenance, legal work etc.. I can do some online with the agent, but am worried now. Property is not selling anywhere, not here in the UK or overseas. The DSS are threatening to stop my Income Support if they do not approve my benefit to continue. this would mean my housing benefit would also stop. I have 3 young children (one of whom is disabled) and I am worried sick. I have done everything by the book, and yet i feel hounded to the point of illness. My children have had very little time with me over the last 4 weeks because i have been spending hours filling in one form after another and struggling with my own health problems on top. Any help or advice is appreciated please.
  5. Hi all, My credit report is actually blank at the moment as all of my defaults from 2007 have dropped off, BUT I'm just a little paranoid that maybe defaults were not registered in the first place, so can anyone help me out with these questions: 1. Is it possible that my 5 years of token payments would have stopped them from registering a default ? 2. Are they able to register defaults many years after the event 3. Has anyone done a SAR from overseas and if so...is the fee a flat fee of GBP or did you need to add on more ? My concern is that I may have defaults applied now if I stop paying due to my current financial situation, OR they might try to log a second default (i.e. is the CRA actually going to know that one was registered 7 years ago). My aim is to stop paying token payments so that these are sold to Australian DCAs, which at the moment seems like a good idea, as they will be easier to deal with in terms of logistics, timezones and reduced F&F offers. ^ and if anyone has any advice or experiences to share regarding my idea please chime in, am open to suggestions
  6. Hello I'm hoping someone can offer me some advice. My son left the UK back in 2010, he & his wife left behind a few unsecure debts, student loans & have some how ended up owing tax credits (not sure how they ended up with them as they claimed nothing after they left and have no UK bank account that anyone could have paid them into). After many months of returning letters to who ever they owed money to the phone calls begun from various debt collectors & these are now every day at all hours of the day. I have no intention of telling them where my son & his family are they will not return to the UK ever, but I do really want the calls to stop. I have explained over and over again that my son does not reside in the UK & the calls and threats to come round to recover the debts continue. Can someone please offer some good advice on how I can stop the calls and letters. Just had a call from Rosendales whilst typing my message, lovely way to start the day...
  7. Hi all First of all I must make this clear ... I HAVE NO INTENTION OF RUNNING AWAY FROM MY DEBT, EVERY INTENTIONS OF CLEARING IT Maybe a stupid question but I really would like know the answer. I am about to leave the UK with a serious amount of debt but I still intend to clear this debt once I have settled into my new home (outside of the EU and the Americas). This means that for maybe 4 to 6 months that the DMP plan I am on will not receive any payment as I need to settle into my new surroundings. There will be no one in the UK who will know where I have gone. I will have a PO Box number and an agent to collect the mail to scan and send on to me However, my money will still be paid into a UK bank account but within 24 hours be transferred to a new account in my new homeland. Can any creditor freeze my bank account without first taking court action. Also if I am not in the UK how will they serve the papers as the address I had would have been sold and therefore no longer be mine Thanks in advance for any help/info. Anonemous
  8. Hi, We have a bit of unusual situation here and dont know how to deal with it properly and will appreciate your expert opinions and comments in this regard. My girlfriend and i moved to an Asian country almost two years ago for work. We were going through some financial hardships in UK and my girlfriend sought advice from "clear you debt" [problem] company who has run away with over 4000GBP since without solving the matter. Anyway, since we have ben overseas we have successfully negotiated full and final settlement with MBNA (RMA) and Egg (ARC Europe Ltd). We have one more credit card debt with barclaycard which we were hoping to negotiate in next few months. The reason we have them at the end was because every now and then barclaycard will take out £170-200 from her Barclays account. The total debt is around £7700 and a default has already ben placed in her credit file since early 2010. YEsterday "Apex Credit Management" people called at her work place, i dont know how did they trace her number down as we live in an Asian country now and left her colleague a message to contact them. We contacted them twice yesterday. They took our details and promised to call us back within couple of minutes. We however, did not receive any calls from them to which i dont understand the reason. Can someone please let me know what would be the right course of action in this situation. Should i approach barclaycard directly or send them a full and final settlement offer or wait to hear back from Apex. Also if someone has dealt with them before regarding full and final settlement? How understanding and co-operative they are in this regard? Thanks in Advance, Bowden
  9. Hi All, Back in 2009 i fell for one of those companies who claimed to remove all outstanding debts legally. I need not to go into that detail as we all know what happened to those companies and now i am left with original debt + charges with a default in my name which i want to settle in legally appropriate manner. This debt amount is separate from almost 4K i paid to ClearyourdebtUK for that purpose. Anyway i have two cards now with outstanding balance which i would like to pay off, one is barclaycard and other is Eggcard (i have paid a third MBNA card with short settlement few months ago). I have moved overseas since late 2009 although i started receiving letters from lenders by that time but no default was registered at the time i left UK. Can someone please advise me what will be the best course of action to approach these lenders although according to letters they have been sending to my address in UK, debt has been forwarded to some debt collectors(Andrew Munn and Wescot/Mercers). Also is there any kind of action i can take against clearyourdebtuk although at present my priority is to sort out the credit cards first. Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi all, Some history: I have student loans from 98 to 2001. I was paying my student loan in the UK via pay as you earn system for 3 years. No problems. In 2004 I moved overseas and continued to get paid in the UK for almost a year, again no issues. I then moved overseas fully and completed the overseas assessment form shortly after. This was assessed at a set monthly rate, I guess based on my overseas income converted into pounds at that time. My only issues with this was that the only convenient way of paying it back is using my overseas master card and paying their fees plus an additional 2% from the student loans company. Also I was under the impression as the student loan was taken at source in the UK that it was from pre taxed money. Can someone please confirm this? I spoke with HRMC at the time and they said even if it was the case, as I was paying no UK tax due to no income I can't do anything about it, I'd just like to know if I'm paying a lot more than I would do in the UK. Now the issue: A year or 2 after me diligently calling to pay, and eventually them getting their act together enough to process payments online, the loan they sent a further assessment form. I believe I skipped filling it for a year, they then threatened arrears against a default rate, so I filled it. My salary hadn't changed much, just the overtime and exchange rate. But they came back saying my monthly payment was to be almost tripled. My understanding of this increase was because the exchange rate plummeted on the weak pound and the percentage they claim increases with the more you earn. So we discussed that this was unreasonable and they agreed I could continue to pay what I used to pay and a note would be added to my file. They wouldn't send me any written agreement. Now I'm getting already outdated letters from a Smith Lawson & Company (very clever name) saying they're acting for a client and wanting the difference between the assessed rate plus some admin charges otherwise legal action will be taken. They even include small print that they are the Student loan company, very nice of them. They haven't sent me a balance for a while so it was nice to hear from them. So my questions are, do I have a leg to stand on for these fees? Can they start legal proceedings on me? Also is there anyway of getting the amounts I have over paid back off the loan? e.g. the credit card fees and potentially the tax. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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