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  1. Hi. I have been claiming carers allowance as I was caring for my son. I started working in September. I phoned the office to report my change in circumstances and realised that I had reported the incorrect start date. I have phoned again and reported this and then written a letter and an email to state my error which occurred because I was not paying attention to what I was doing as I am currently swamped with taking care of Children/ house/full time employment and studying. The lady on the phone this morning just said that there would be an overpayment and it would take around 3-4 weeks for them to contact me regarding this. She did say that they knew my correct start date for work because it flagged up on my NI number. Anyway I am going out of my mind since this with worry. Obviously I am happy to pay back the overpayment but I am terrified that my stupid error could cause them to think I was acting fraudlently. Have been going out of my mind and feel sick constantly and cannot sleep since I realised I made this mistake.
  2. Hello. I don't know if this the right area to post. I need help. I'm confused and I'm scared. I was reported by my step brother to dwp. He told me he was going to report me because we had had a row. DWP sent for my IUC. I got a solicitor. Twice the solicitor didt turn up and it had to be cancelled. When he did, he asked them if they had any evidence. They said no. They said they had a report that I had my children dad living with me and I didn't state it to them while claiming. I'm working now and was when I was reported. I told them that I was just friends at the dates they were suggesting. We were saving to get married and live together. I was pregnant with his child and he two timed me. I split with him out of disgust. He broke my heart and I wouldn't talk to him. When I had my child I put him down as the father on paper. He claimed that it was because I never had time for him as I was always with my family. I wont lie, I was - my mother was in and out of hospital and needed help. I never asked my mother for help with my circumstances so I went to my ex and asked him if he could help me get car insurance as it was to expensive for me too get. He told me he still loved me and wanted to get back with me but he made me feel sick as all I heard was the telephone conversation with him and that girl. After some time it was like a friendship with him throwing hints every now and then. I admit I still loved him but I couldn't bear to be around him. It hurt to think about it. With all the stuff I had to do I needed a car and job centre also said it would help especially with me looking for a job. I was happy in passing my test. It made me feel more independent and I could get places quicker and also help my mother more. I had been helping with chores and shopping etc. Plus having my own life to sort it was getting to much. I never had any money off him. I paid money to him for him to pay for the car he had me on finance. I paid it from my account into his. When my son was 6 months old, my mother died. The stress from what was happening in my relationship disappeared altogether on the death of my mother. Nothing mattered anymore. Not even him. I had never lost anyone before. Id never experienced anything like it and it was unbearable. Months after I started talking with my ex now and again and we started to rekindle the relationship. We started saving again to get married. He lives with his parents. Ive not let him sleep here at all and in past I stayed at his mums. My brother has threatened me before and Im not stupid to risk anything. I told the officers this at the interview as they asked why money was going from my account into his - I told them for bills etc which it was. My car insurance and stuff. I explained I couldn't afford a car so I asked my ex. etc. I explained that if Ive done anything wrong I'm willing to pay back. Interview ended and they told me they would be in touch. Solicitor told me they had nothing on me to not worry and he went off. Its been over year and I''ve received a letter - well a bunch of letters in two envelopes all with same date stamped on them. Ive had this hanging on my back for ages and I feel as if I need to remove it. Ive felt like hurting myself as I don't want my babies to go without because of some stupid mistake I've done and now they will have to suffer for it. I cant talk to anyone because I have no friends to talk to as I moved into another district with my parents and I never really got to know anyone. Im always in the house with my free time. Im scared. Confused and no one is telling me what to do. I feel as if im being blamed for sometikng just because my brother held a grudge against me. The letters say notice of overpayment. esa and two lots of jobseekers. I went on esa because I nearly crashed the car with the amount of stuff I was doing. I was diagnosed with b12 deficiency, vit d deficiancy and had to go on two lots of tablets (iron and flic acid) also had to have 6 injections in two weeks. I know have to have the injections for the rest of my life. Totals are £880.89 esa £1321.33 jsa £2207.30 jsa I've contacted the solicitor ive used before but he is always out the office and the time to contact the people on the letter is running out. Ive phoned another solicitor today and they have not rung back either. I don't know if they are going to still take me to court as well as making me pay this. I don't know if other benefit sections are now going to come after me as if I pay this id be admitting to it what they're accusing me off. The interviewing officers said theyd get back in touch but haven't. And it says on letters that it does not affect any other action, including proceedings in a criminal couret, which may be taken in your case. I don't know what to do
  3. Hello, Nearly two years after I left my last employer I received a demand for over £1000 because of an alleged overpayment. From the very first letter I have been threatened with debt collectors and phrases like "you must pay" have been used in emails. I was unaware that I had been overpaid, having chased my former line manager on numerous occasions for both my final payslip and my P45 and eventually contacted the HR director. I was happy that they had finally arrived and I was able to hand in my P45 to my new employer. I have asked for a breakdown of the calculations but have been sent a spreadsheet with a number of worksheets and complex formulae, and some screen prints of their computer system. I have no experience in payroll so can't verify that their calculations are correct. I have repeatedly asked for a comprehensive explanation (in simple terms) of their calculations. I have also asked for an explanation on how their error - although they won't admit they they made one and assuming that they have - came about. I haven't had a satisfactory explanation about that either. I also suffer from a chronic physical illness and was diagnosed with it during my employment there. The stress of this is making me ill. At hospital appointments over the last year, various medical staff have told me in no uncertain terms that I have to keep stress levels down. I have made it clear to the organisation that I would like a prompt resolution and that they are affecting my health. Their reply was another email with no explanation and further threats to pass to a debt collection agency if I don't reply within a week. Previous emails have given me a fortnight. Is there somewhere I can take this to for further advice? Many thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. Hi, I've been employed by my ftse 100 company for approximately 14 years. Our payslips are complex with overtime, benefits, car allowances etc but I noticed on a yearly statement I have received £600 last year. On further investigation of the payslips it appears I've been being paid a £50 allowance monthly for additional responsibility. About 1%ish of salary so I didn't notice a huge amount going into my account. I've informed my line manager that I am receiving this payment and to my mind shouldn't be as I've no idea what it is for. I assume he will discuss with the elusive HR team. I don't have any issue paying back over a long period. Are there any legal threats to my employment position? I can't see anything specific in my terms of employment? Thanks
  5. Hi, I received a letter from HMRC that they overpaid around 4200 pounds. I applied for tax credit for a couple in April 2014, According to information and earnings in 2013 to 2014 they started to pay me around 400 pound a month. Because I was doing a lot of overtime they lowered to 300 pounds after a few months and finally to 150. In April 2015 they stopped, I send renewal form in August and waited till today, BANG! last day of the year. They think they overpaid 4200 and want it back! I do not understand why, even if I started to earn more it should affect another year, not the same year. I found a mistake that on the letter there is an information that my girlfriend worked 4 hours a week. I called them about it but the guy said to me it doesnt matter, she earned 9000 I earned 19000, 28 000 altogether, we earned too much and we have to give it back. It was hard to understand the guy because I am foreigner and he was speaking fast with a northern accent. Maybe 28 000 really to much for them, but why we have to give all the money back? How could I know how much overtime I will do? On the letter there is no clear information why they overpaid, there is just info about our earnings and how much overpaid, ridiculous! What should I do in this situation?
  6. hi. HMRC have send me a letter claiming that I own them money which was overpaid to me over the period of last two years. I don't dispute the overpayment amount yet as I did't go through my paperwork yet. Letter they send me was dated 10/08/2015 and in the letter they stated that they giving me time until 10/08/2015 to appeal (yes, I had only day to appeal their decision). Is there any way I can dispute the overpayment on the basis that HMRC did' give me no time to appeal their decision? Thanks
  7. My earlier thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?376743-UK-employer-overpaid-now-in-US - quick summary: employer overpaid in UK, tried to set up an agreement after dispute over amount owed, debt sold to UK debt collector before negotiations complete, wrote to debt collector declining to deal with them, heard no more. Three years later and we have a new letter from a US debt collector for this money owed (note: I agree we might owe something but I'm not at all convinced of the amount, and it seems neither are they given the wildly varying figures they came up with each time). It appears to be a standard "this is what you owe, send us a check [cheque]". It came directly to our current address, the latter of which is different from previous communications. The letter makes no mention that it is a UK debt, and the "date of debt" field is blank. The amount owed roughly converts to the last figure the employer quoted. It says we should notify within 30 days of the validity of the debt. Some questions: when is the date of debt calculated? Either this debt collector doesn't know, or is trying to hide the fact the statute of limitations in this US state expires in ~6 months depending when it's calculated. Is the demand valid given the lack of a date? I read recently that the rules on overseas debts have changed in the last few years. Can US debt collectors chase UK debts yet? Firstly I will write to the debt collector indicating that I dispute the validity of the debt. After that... not sure. I appreciate this is a UK forum and some questions are specifically US but any help appreciated.
  8. I feel the sorting office at the tax credit office is in adequate for the job required, now over the last couple of months I have sent mail, which was requested by the tax credit office Oct 2013, they would reconsider my claim, but I had to send them prove, which I did, didn't hear anything back, so tried to contact them a further 3 time over 3 months, still no reply When I make threat to go back to the tribunal service, they reply, but they make out, Im at fault for not sending the items as requested, which I know is untrue, as they were sent recorded delivery At this pointy Im forced to make a complaint, but they wont deal with me while my claim is on-going at the tribunal service, as of 8 March 2014, my appeal came to an end, and wont being appealing any further Right now Im trying to sort my claim, either by changing my details to include the disability element or allow me to end my claim, and make a new claim, which I want backdated from 9 Oct 2013, as this is when I was told the tax credit office would reconsider my claim, and because of this my appeal with the tribunal service was put on hold till I knew what was going on On 17 March I wrote to the tax credit office, asking for my claim to be sorted, or closed, now I know there is the help line, but I have no intention of phoning them, as the calls to the tax credit office for Oct/Nov 2013 cost me around £10 I think I give them until 28 April 2014, which is 6 weeks after my letter was sent, after this I think I have to lodge another complaint , to see why there has been such a delay in getting a reply
  9. Hi everyone,Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I really appreciate any advice you can give me. today we have found out we have had a £5500 housing benefit overpayment over 9 months. We are totally in shock and absolutely devastated about the situation . The council were not aware that my partner had started part time work in Dec 2014 and that I returned to work part time after my maternity leave in April 2015. We did not know that we had to inform the council as we thought it was all automatically done through tax credits/hmrc. We didn't think anything of the amount of payment as we just assumed it was right and put it towards our rent. I know it sounds stupid but it's true. Our housing award kept being updated when our tax credits were, so we just assumed that they were aware of our income through tax credits/PAYE. We have three children and I am so concerned about what will happen to us. I have been told that the case will be referred to the fraud investigations department due to the amount involved. I have been frantically phoning around trying to get some answers in what will happen to us. Will we be prosecuted? If anything goes in the paper my partner will lose his job almost certainly. What are the next stages? We have agreed a payment plan, but I've been told that this doesn't make any difference to anything to do with the prosecution side. I manage the money side of things so my partner is blaming me for this, which I guess is understandable. I'm just freaking out totally at the moment and don't know how long this will go on for. Will I be invited to an interview under caution? All we will say is that we didn't know as this is the truth. We never meant to defraud anyone and our Sorry it wouldn't let me type at the end for some reason.I was just saying that this is a total mistake and the words benefit fraud scare the hell out of me. I'm so sorry for going on but I would really appreciate any advice on what happens next or any similar circumstances anyone knows about. Thank you so much
  10. I arrived home yesterday to find an unexpected letter from HMRC requesting I pay them over £500 for an over payment from April 2009. My issue is that I wasnt aware that this over payment occurred as it would have been paid into my ex-gfs account I have no idea how to proceed I have no evidence which explains why there was an overpayment or even if what they are telling me is correct. I split up with my gf in early 2010, I have since moved house multiple times, have changed bank accounts etc and do not have (or have ever had) any documents relating to this. I gave them a call and they told me it was for a debt in April 2009 and that my ex had paid the other half (so she must have admitted that it was a mistake??). the adviser i spoke to on the phone accused me of lying and said there was no way I wouldn't know about this and they they have sent me letters in the past which is simply not true. I have said I will dispute the claim but I have no evidence to the contrary and I am unsure what I can do, it looks as if I may have to pay this? please help!
  11. Hi does anyone know what the regulations are in regards to making payments off a council tax reduction over payment while waiting for an appeal? Thanks
  12. I have been repaying my tax credit overpayment (from 2011-2013) at an agreed rate for the past 3 years & have another 7 to go I may be on a position to clear the remaining debt with a lump sum payment in the next few months - does anyone know what happens then? Will I drop off the Tax Credits system? (I no longer qualify to claim due to income) or Will they assume I have access to endless cash & check claims prior to 2011 (they already know I can't prove an alternative address for my ex husband for this time) in the hope of reclaiming more money? Also, as I was charged a penalty will my records have a 'fraud' marking? I was told this by the overzealous caseworker who sent my enquiry letter but have read elsewhere that if Tax Credits consider it to be a fraud case they would have done an interview under caution. I really want to repay what I owe & never have to deal with them again but worry that by raising a lump sum I will trigger more interest.
  13. Hi everyone, First of all thanks for reading and I hope someone will be able to make sense of this for me, after hours trawling the internet and existing case law I can't seem to find a similar situation! Several months ago, June of this year, I split from my wife, I used to get my wages paid into our joint account, and at the time I didn't have my own current account, for the coming payday I provided details for an ex girlfriends account I had been seeing, on the condition this was a one month only arrangement, and in under two weeks I had opened and provided my employer with details of my new current account , which I had been told would be sorted that day. Two weeks on from this payday comes around and my account remained empty, upon informing my employer they admitted they had made the payment to the wrong account, and immediately credited my account as it was their error. I should mention, myself and my ex girlfriend had stopped speaking and lost all contact in the time leading to this , to this day, I have no contact with her (smooth operator as always, me). Being as my employer have had no luck with finding her, they have taken to victimizing me, and requesting that I pay back the money, even though, to my knowledge I did everything in my power to give them the correct information. I drive a truck, I'm not savvy on laws or what my rights are here, all I know is I am sick of going to work to be harassed and quite frankly have been legitimately stressed and depressed at the thought. I won't spend the rest of this thread 'slagging off' my employer but the accusations are becoming unbearable! Here's hoping someone can clarify my rights here, and what, if any, responsibility lies with me Thanks in advance!!!
  14. I have searched the forum for this topic and from what I have seen have become very worried. I have realised that I have been getting paid more Hb for a couple of years than I should have. I always informed tax credits of my income and i automatically got a change of financial circumstances letter from Local council which unfortunatley didn't read thoroughly.i thought the Hmrc and council offices linked now anyway (my naivety)as received these notices. It appears by my layman's reckoning i am over paid by about 20 per week maybe less in previous years which will obviously accumulate over couple years. Of course fully appreciate i have been overpaid and will need to repay. Worried sick it may be classed as fraud and of prosecution. Also they randomly paid me an extra 100 in my hb a week ago which alerted me too look at notice. Again think this was due to tax cr messing a payment as my16 yr old staying in ft education and said something about system recalculate s on 1 Sep. But they have now righted my tax cr. Just scared I will end up in court. I today went in council office told them all above supplied them with p60 s pay slips etc. They said they don't appear have anything since 2011 on my record though sure must have as have record me coning in. And also they said very surprised I'd not been asked to provide up date pay slips. Anyway i have found evidence of pay back to 2011 popping that in. Supplied back to 2013 today. I'm working out on worse case scenario its over 2000 !! Just no idea how this will go. Is all i can do is wait. Thanks for any help
  15. Long story short. Got a letter from HMRC saying we'd been over payed due to not informing them of a change in our son's circumstances. He had started a modern apprenticeship in October 2014 after leaving school. I phoned and informed them at the time but although they acknowledge the phone call they claim that no request was made to update our details, which is quite frankly absurd. Why else would I have been on the phone to them otherwise? Anyone have any experience of this or how to challenge it?
  16. Hi, getting myself in a right state here as I've never had any debt or had to deal with Debt Recovery Company. In 2008-2009 I was separated from my husband and working 2 part-time jobs and received WTC and CTC for my son. One of my jobs came to an end so I informed Tax Credits and my payments changed. Then my husband moved back in so I informed Tax Credits and we made a joint claim. My husband and I separated again so as always I informed Tax Credits. My son had left school and was working and at the age of 50 I decided to go to college to get better qualifications to hopefully help me get a better job. In 2013 I had a letter form Tax Credits saying I owed them £800. I phoned and asked how this could be as I always informed them of changes but was told it was an overpayment for 2008-2009. I was put through to another dept to arrange to pay this back. As I was living only off a student loan at the time I said I could pay back £10 a month but when I had more money coming in I would up the monthly payments. I was told this was not enough and that the smallest amount they would accept was £26 a week. I kept saying I couldn't afford this at that time, but this was all they would accept. I felt that the person was not listening to what I was saying and ended up in tears and put the phone down. Most probably not the best thing to do but I just couldn't handle it and felt I wasn't getting anywhere. I never heard anything else a until couple of weeks ago, and then last week I received a letter from a Debt Recovery Company. I'm sick with worry now as I don't know what I'm going to do. Last year I moved in with my partner, I had a part-time job for about 6 weeks, but this company closed and since then I have not been able to get a job, even though I am applying for jobs. I am not claiming any benefits so have no money coming in, but I'm lucky that my partner earns enough for us to get by, but no way has he got money to help me pay this off. I also have not told him about this because he is so against debt and like myself was brought up with the belief that if you can't afford it you don't have it. I'm terrified that because I have no income and can't pay this overpayment, HMRC will take me to court or this Debt Collection company is going to turn up at my door. The only asset I have is my old banger of a car, which my partner pays to keep on the road as this is vital to me because of my rural location with no buses to get to job interviews, shops, doctors etc. I don't know what I'm going to do
  17. I'm hoping for some advice please..... here is my scenario exactly as it is: I work as a Lunchtime supervisor, in April I received a letter saying I had been receiving too much salary for a few years and given the option to accept the new salary/hours and that no claims would be made on these overpayments... I agreed to the new terms and was told that a new contract would be drawn up for me to sign with the new hours/rates. Since then I have received nothing........ until............... Last Friday, I was told that SINCE MAY 1ST an overpayment on my salary had been made and they were deducting the full amount from this months wages! Now I know they are not going to reclaim ages before the letter I received BUT............ I have still not received my new contract with adjustments so am still on the old contract on the higher wage. How do I stand legally about this...? Do I have to repay this amount as I'd verbally agreed to the change? Or do they need to have informed me in writing and provided me with the new contract BEFORE they made the adjustment to my wage? I would appreciate any help asap as I have been called into a meeting with the "business manager" on Monday to discuss the matter - and I don't want to be bamboozled by them Thank you so much.
  18. Hello everyone I am new here the time has come for me and my girlfriend to apply for a mortgage for our first home together. We have a meeting booked with a mortgage broker next week, and he asked us to get credit reports ready for the meeting, my girlfriends came back fine, but I've found a CCJ was issued on mine from 2011! After a lot of phone calls I've found out that this CCJ, for £94, was from an over-payment of housing benefit when I was unemployed for 2 weeks in 2010. Wigan Council paid me for 4 weeks when I was only due 2 weeks. Because I was in financial hardship at the time I ended up moving out of the council house I lived at and moved in with my dad to get back on my feet. This CCJ was issued way after I left that property and for such a small amount its infuriating it could hamper my plans to buy a house. I've done some research and I want to attempt to get it set aside. Wigan Council have been very unhelpful currently, I sent them an email asking about what had happened 2 because up until this point I have been completely ignorant of this - I've never had a problem getting credit (credit cards, DFS finance, phone contracts etc) so I have, probably naively, never felt the need to check my credit report. The rest of my report is immaculate, no late payments, no defaults etc. Because it was so long ago, and I was 20 at the time, I don't have any paperwork from leaving, proof I told Wigan Council I've left, even any paperwork from when I signed on for 2 weeks. I'm hoping I can get this by sending an SAR to Wigan Council and them giving me the info, but god knows how long that takes. From little bits I've read online my only possible defence I can fathom is the following: I did not reside at the property when the court papers were sent. I did not recognise Wigan Council as a creditor as the over payment was in error. If I legally owe the money, I have no issue paying it back. And that's about it. I wasn't out of the country, my dog didn't eat it, I have no decent excuses just the truth which is I had no idea this was happening! Do I have a leg to stand on? I'm aware ignorance isn't a defence really but without meaning to be dramatic I am scared this is going to ruin my chances of getting a mortgage for 18 months until it disappears and all for a measly £94. Any help or points in the right direction would be much appreciated! P.S. sorry if this is in the wrong forum!
  19. Hi there. I'm self-employed, but due to intermittent health issues (seeing the Dr), I've failed to notify the local council re HB/CT on my income. I've worked out I probably owe several thousand in rent, etc. Is there a system in place to pay it back, at a rate I can afford? I don't want to get in hot water over this! Many thanks.
  20. I've just read a letter addressed to my partner. unknown to me, she has had a single person claim ongoing despite us moving in together in May 2012. she has been overpaid by over £8000 and we are more than worried by this. I have asked why this hadn't been sorted, she couldn't really say, besides arguing wont solve this. according to calculators the amount of tax credits we WOULD have had is very close to what she has received. She is naive with money I believe and has buried her head somewhat to this , now we're up the creek so to speak. I don't believe her intentions were fraudulent or deliberate more silly. however I have told her she needs to get on the phone and sort this out tomorrow. some information about our household: Living as a couple since may 2012 Parents to two children whom live at our address our income from May 2012 - July 2015 was as follows: Income support - £160 odd fortnightly (for both) Child Benefit - £34 per week Carers allowance ( paid to myself looking after a relative ) - £62 per week. Child Tax Credit ( claimed as a single person ) - £117 per week appx: £1170 per month. I have read about a potential for offsetting the overpayment against the correct claim amounts had it been done. which would likely drop this overpayment bill to below £500. I am trying to sort this out as I have just started a new full time job and want everything to be above board. £8000+ of tax debt will cripple us a family. I fully accept this is a significant mistake on our behalf and had I known , I would have acted sooner. any advice would be greatly appreciated. many thanks.
  21. Every 2 or 3 months we get a refund cheque from Firstplus for amounts varying between £30 and £80 because we have over paid the account. This very annoying as we are trying to reduce the interest on the account which ahs another 3 years to run. We are paying every 4 weeks £70 as after a settlement payment we were left with a £5900 outstanding in 2006. How can we get around this as it is very annoying as we would like to be paying at least £140 or more a month. We tried this previously, but gave up as they would simply refund us. I am not sure if the money would stay in the account if we did not cash the cheque and the interest reduced accordingly or how they manage the account. Can any one offer any advice? Thanks.
  22. hi, i was wondering if someone had gone through this or if anyone could help with some advice please, through the years we have claimed TC there was changes through the years, with my husband changing jobs and myself working then stopping due to a injury, my husband job know his over time that goes up and down quite a bit so i try to over estimate over his wage from past experience, the TC was taking over payments back from previous years, in 2013 we found out that you could ask the TC to stop paying you and take it towards the over payment so we did, my eldest 2 kids left school which left only 2 at school, in 2014 we was unable to claim TC due to the unexpected over time my husband got, so we could not claim TC, we received 3 different letters in July, saying we owed £6000 from over payment, so we rang up explained we could not pay that in full so they put us through to accounts, we explained that we can not pay it in full, the woman at accounts asked us where we got we had got the figures from and said from the 3 letters that TC sent us, she said i don't know where they have come from but you only owe £1156 so we set up a dd for £25 pm, after my husband come off the phone we agreed to pay it on a card and sort it out, then TC done with, so he rang as the man if he could pay it off so we payed the £1156 off, my husband asked if we had anything else to pay he said no, so my husband said so my account is clear the man said yes, all that was sorted, never herd from TC again. Friday this week a letter drop through the post from a debt recovery agent saying we owe just short of £6000, so my husband rang them told them we had paid TC last year and that was done, she was too busy wanting us to start pay a large amount to cover per month for it to be paid in 12 months, so he told her he was going to sort it with TC, customer services could not find anything, passed him to accounts the account found 2 years over over payments and said to speak to debt dept accounts as they could cancel the debt collecting agency, so she passed him through, the dept dept accounts they found 3 years of over payments, he told him that only 1 letter has been sent out in July 2015 saying we was over payed and we owed for the over payments, my husband told him we have not received no letter from TC at all, he did say that this was all wrong what was going off, but he said they could not cancel the dept recovery that he need to speak to customer services again, so my husband rang them this time they found the information by this time after 3 hours of being passed about no help no advice my husband was getting frustrated, my husband explained what had happened in 2014 that we have not herd from TC at all, the man on the other end could not get what my husband was saying and all he said was you owe this, so my husband asked to speak to a manger so it had to be a call back, the manager rang back a while after, he said fill in the tc846 form to dispute it. my husband rang back the debt collecting agent told them that he had spoke to the TC and that he had to dispute it, once again she wanted a payment setting up, shes ringing tomorrow Monday to do a in/out goings as we have some debt from a while back when i came out of work with a injury. so Saturday morning the dispute form went recorded delivery with a picture take of the envelope with the recorded delivery sticker on too. sorry for it being long winded, can the tax credit take the debt recovery agents off our backs? ( i don't mind sorting it out with TC but not a debt recovery agency) can they put a hold on things if its gone to dispute and does the debt recovery agent has to send it back to TC ? ( i did read some where that has stopped doing this ) how many letters does tax credit have to send to you before they put a debt recover agency onto you? ( this again i have read a few letters need to be sent ) do we have to pay the debt recovery agency? should i have divulge our in/outs to such a company ? sorry i am just really struggling with this as i can not find any information off anybody i keep getting contradicted information on the internet, i don't know where to go for help and advice, i don't know what is the right information or wrong, many thanks
  23. i have just received a letter say i owe the council near 3 Grand for over payed housing benefit. me and my partner moved to Scotland was homeless and had no job. last year i got in to work placement through job center and then got a job. i informed the council of everything and they said i didn't need to pay rent because i was working my bf benefits got stopped. my partner got agency work that lasted a couple of weeks and then they phoned up giving him some more. the council phoned up asking questions and i answered and she was like i will report it on system everything ill be fine you wont have to pay. i thought that was strange but though she knows best cos sh works for council. now i have this bill i don't know what to do and ive been reading forms about how they will do me with fraud i am so scared i am only 22 first every house and i do know what to do. i have suffer from bad depression any how and this is sending me over the edge.
  24. Two years ago my son was off work for some time following an operation on his knee. With SSP as his only income he was awarded Council Tax Credit but foolishly never informed the LA that he had returned to work. Quite rightly they now want the overpayment refunding and have told my son his monthly payments will now be £400 to include recovering the overpayment as well as his CT for the current year. He has contacted them to say he cannot afford this amount but they are adamant that this must be his monthly payment. I have told him this is the usual intimidation tactic and to contact them again, in writing, with an offer he can afford and further, if they refuse his offer to cancel his Direct Debit and let them take him to court. For reasons better known to himself he is adamant that going to court is not an option, in which case I cannot see an alternative and he must take what's coming. Any suggestions?
  25. I first received a letter, I think it was in 2011 stating that I owed money for Tax Credits overpayment. I then received 1 or 2 letters in 2012 and 2013 and I asked for a breakdown of the money I owed but was told it was too late to request this information. I heard from them once last year and I received a letter recently. However, today I have received a letter from a debt collection agency stating that I owe HMRC over £1,100 and I am not sure what to do, this is the first time that I have received a letter from a collection agency. Even if I did owe the money I cannot afford to repay it so I'm not sure what to do now? Any advice is much appreciated, thanks.
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