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  1. My parents took out an overdraft and personal loan in joint names around 2005. After failing to meet the payments on these, defaults/overdraft termination were issued by Nat West in April 2007. After this, Irwin Mitchell were assigned the debt and went to court where a CCJ was issued in April 2008, the same month that an interim charging order was put on their house at Northampton County Court. In August 2008, this was turned into a final charging order at the local County Court in Brighton. The last contact my parents had with them regarding this m
  2. Hello i was wondering if i could get some advice please. Trying to resolve my current bad credit rating with equifax (218) with two defaults lodged upon my equifax report - after years of avoiding i am finally in a financial position to repay/sort out my current credit standing. My basic back story: I had a current account with RBS since 2007 that then changed to have student overdraft facilities added in 2009 when i started studying. T he problem being i changed my address & stopped studying (I was only living in temporary accommodation) and neglected to
  3. Where do I start... There is a Current account in my name dating back to the very late 90's when I was a student. I had many accounts during university, taking advantage of the many overdraft facilities on offer at the various banks. Hand on heart, is this account mine? I honestly don't know. At one stage the debt of circa £3k was being managed by Apex Credit Management. I was young, naïve, conscious of credit reports as I was in the process of buying my first house, and so I relented and started a payment plan with Apex in say 2003 to 2008, the debt now stands at
  4. ive been out of work for 5 months living on my over draft of £1500 i always had this under control when i was working and was hardly in it, now the bank keeps putting £31 a month interest on top which has now put me in a unplanned over draft of £132.00 totalling my overdraft now to £1632.00 I had lloyds tsb send me a letter saying i must settle £132.00 by this day and if i dont they will pass it on to solictiors etc. i phoned them saying i can make a payment of £5.00 per month until i get back into work but they said no. their solicitors want me to pay the full
  5. Hey guys Three days ago a bloke turned up at the door and handed me an SD issued by DrydenFairfax on behalf of Capquest for an Lloyds current account overdraft for an amount of about £1k. In the POC they suggest a default notice was issued in July 2009 by the OC. I don't recall any default notice or notice of assignment to Capquest. I did have this account in dispute years ago and SAR'd them. I've had a look through the stuff they sent me and cannot find any default notices etc. I've read quite a bit about getting the SD set aside and reasons for do
  6. As some of you know I got LLoyds/tsb to discontinue with their £11,000 claim against me. Which really ****ed them off as they attended 3 hearings with barristers. I signed non disclosure documents. They agreed to pay me all my fair and reasonable costs immediately! If I reduced my costs, which I did. While waiting for the payment which took 6 weeks I went over my overdraft limit by £120. They have now withdrawn my overdraft and put it in the hands of moorcraft. There is no option to get back under my limit the total overdraft is £3,120. I am sure the delay in payment
  7. Hello everyone, I really hope someone will be able to advise me in the following incident. I opened a current account with Lloyd's in 2008. Never had any issue. In august 2012, I moved to the states for one year. My account balance was £0. I didn't not plan on using my account abroad and therefore did not think it was necessary to make Lloyd's aware of my move (big mistake). When I moved back at the end of 2013 I tried to get a phone contract and got denied which is why I signed up with experian. That's when i found out about a default from Lloyd's again
  8. Hi I am looking for some advice in relation to an overdraft on my current account with IF. I lost my job in 2008 and was unable to meet any of my credit repayments and my overdraft was one of these. After about 5 months the account was passed to Blair Oliver and Scott and I have been making reduced payments. Thanks to offers from friends and family I have on numerous occasions offered to settle for around 50% of the balance due which has always been declined. I know that IF have never defaulted this account so I checked my credit file today and notice that the account shows a
  9. My apologies if this is covered by another existing thread. I am on ESA and having problems with my BOS current account. Basically, I have been getting into an unauthorised overdraft position as the bank states that retailers have a floor and ceiling of rates they allow before checking if there are sufficient funds available. It is a basic account and I am led to believe that it is not possible for me to get into such a state. Not sure if I am communicating my grievance properly, so forgive me. I am in a bit of a state, as it is causing me real hardship.
  10. Hi, I am looking for some advice on the action Lloyds made against my account. I am student and have had my £500 student overdraft facility removed. Reason being as they said, I have not used my account since late July this year. I am now on a study abroad course which means I am taking one year as part of my degree in the USA and return May 2015. I left UK August so I have not received some of their letters. However my mother now sends letters to my address in the USA and was only notified once that the overdraft was already removed. I also noticed my account was set to a graduate's acc
  11. I wonder if anyone can assist? I was in my overdraft (always near the max) I regularly pushed over my limit and incurred a charge (or 3) as a result of Interest charges levied on my account. I was under the impression that Interest Charges & Late Payment Charges would not then trigger another Late Payment Charge, is this correct or was I misguided. Thanks
  12. Hi All I'm hoping I can get some advice as I am trying to tidy up my credit file. I opened a student account with Lloyds in 2009 with an overdraft limit of £300 I believe it was. According to my Experian credit report my account defaulted on 13/07/2009. Lowell are now chasing me for a debt of £1459 which is all made up of charges as I wasn't able to continue spending on the account. Ideally I would like to see if I can get this cancelled and taken off my credit report or maybe get a refund of the charges? Any advice would be much appreciated!! Thank you
  13. I'm a young person who's quite new to a lot of the world of adults. Long story short, due to some ignorance and bad financial management on my part, i have realised after losing my job, That i am currently -£600 in an arranged overdraft with a further £70ish in unarranged overdraft I have recently checked over my last months statement and i will have a further £150 deducted from my account on the 4th of OCT which seems to be from using my debit card when i didn't have an available balance to use. This would put it at -£220 unarranged overdraft This is my only bank a
  14. Hi, As per the topic.. the story goes: I had an overdraft on my Lloyd's account of £1000, which was used occasionally, but I hadn't really been using this account much as it wasn't my main bank account. Around April, I had very recently changed address, and (as far as I can recall) I hadn't yet notified Lloyd's of my new address. After being a bit short of money that month, I used this Lloyd's overdraft a couple of times, and it was up to around 800 pounds in total. Shortly after moving house, I realised the the overdraft had suddenly disappeared from my account,
  15. Hello, would like some advice if possible... I had a current account with Halifax, which had a direct debit going out each month. I opened a savings account and transferred most of the money into that. I moved to a different address and forgot to change my address with them as I was really busy studying. I later found that my direct debit wasn't being payed, and that the current account had gone into overdraft which I was getting charged for. I found out that they had taken the money from my savings account to pay off the charges they had given me and then close
  16. Hi everyone I need help with completing my defence against a claim from a well known DCA that needs to go in 5 days from now. The particulars of claim are .... The Claimant claims the sum of xxxxxxx being monies due from the Defendant(s) to xxxxxx bank Plc under a bank account facility regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and assigned to the Claimant on 8/12/2011. The Defendant(s)'s account number was xxxxxxx. It was a term of the bank account that any debt balance would be payable in full on demand. The Defendant(s) has failed to make payment as required b
  17. Really enjoying managing my debt, now I feel ready to tackle an old one... I have an old £600 outstanding overdraft balance with Lloyds from about 3 years ago. I've been paying it off in a DMP for that time at something like £7 / month. I want to get rid of it entirely now. The debt is still with Lloyds. Was thinking of offering a F&F ... But do you all think there is a better way to go about this?
  18. Hi I have had some great advice from viewing previous threads with regard to getting debts I had written off from HFC and Barclaycard/Lowell by going down the SAR route, but I have a different issue which I havent been able to find anything about........ I had a flexaccount with Nationwide which I last used approx 5 years ago at least, it had an overdraft which spiralled to £902 mainly I believe made up of unauthorised overdraft charges. This debt has been sold to Aktiv Kapital who have recently started sending me letters and phoning (though at present it is only once a day - I k
  19. im new to this site so apologise if this has been asked and answered already..........can i still re claim my overdrawn bank charges from barclays even if i did it once before 8/9 years ago...and how. thanks in advance
  20. Hi guys, I know this is silly and my fault but essentially what's happened to me is that I didn't notice that one of my accounts since xmas went over my overdraft (£100) and has since become over £500. I may have gotten a letter from the bank but honestly I am unsure, I didn't see it. I agree this is some debt and it's my fault but I don't think I can get the amount lowered via my bank Natwest anymore as it has been sold onto Moorcroft Debt Recovery, I asked if I could speak to them about it and they said no, there's no point speaking to Natwest now,
  21. I don't actually have any overdraft with the Halifax but on my current account I went £13 overdrawn on the Thursday and I didn't know until today which is the Friday and I have just put money into the account so this is no longer overdrawn. Does anybody know if I will get charges and if not charges will I get a letter sent to my address Thanks
  22. Hi all, Sorry to bother you but I'm after a bit of advice regarding an old Barclays account. Heres the story... My partner and I had a joint account with Barclays many years ago (2004) of which we ended up having an overdraft of £2170. Due to various reasons we ended up pushing it to its limit every month and eventually came into a bit of financial hardship but we struggled on as you do. Then in 2008 I was sadly made redundant. This is where things went terribly wrong. We struggled on for another year incurring fees left, right and center but we just got
  23. Hi One of my debts is an overdraft with Barclays from nearly 10 years ago. I have received letters recently saying that they will pass my dent on to a DCA as I have not made any recent payments etc. I am going to SAR them to see what charges may have been applied, is this the correct process? I have asked questions on here before about DCA's that handle Loans and Credit cards and have successfully CCA'd them all and they have failed to produce. As an overdraft does not have a Credit Agreement in the same way as a loan or card, what steps do i go through with this debt, as I
  24. Hi - New member, so I hope I'm doing this right. I had a letter from Barclays this morning outlining the new overdraft charges they are about to introduce. I understand the basics, but I wonder if there's anyone out there who can help me with some confusion I'm having about my account setup? Basically, this is my problem - I have an Overdraft Limit of -£800, and an Emergency Borrowing limit of -£500. The confusion is, I would have assumed that Emergency Borrowing would be set at a limit higher than the overdraft limit. At the moment I'm £720 overdrawn, and have been for some time. I
  25. Hi - I've been trying to straighten out and alleged debt, run up with the Halifax, which I could do with some advice on please. The Debt shows up on my credit record as registered by Capquest - I sent a CCA letter on 14/3/14 also requesting that they clarify who owns the debt - which thy have tacitly done by putting on a letter title of "account purchased from: Lloyds Bank". 1/4/14 - They replied to the CCA; they had been informed by Lloyds that and overdraft doesn't fall within section 74 and they would not be providing a copy agreement and returning the cheque; went on to say they
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