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  1. Hi All, Ive been able to get Lowell off my back previously through this website I am hoping I can get some quality advice this time around as well. Im being chased by Lowell for an old debt with HSBC. I had an account with HSBC and back in my stupid student days ended up withdrawing some cash over my over draft limit. This resulted with a balance of £742 with over half of these just being bank charges . The last time I used my HSBC account was January 2009 , however, Lowell has got an account Default date of September 2009. I believe that this gives the
  2. I have an overdrAft with halifox which is in arrears. Previously I sent a sar request and received a quite comprehensive sar. It contained the previous 3 years statements, and screen info of the previous 3 years transactions. These seem to be the statements in 'raw' form. I have crawled through the statements and found all the charges applied over the years. Unauthorised overdraft charges I think. The account shows on my credit file as defaulted with arrears greater than the closing balance. I have previously received letters from moorcroft about this account. Now
  3. Hello! Hope you are well. Unfortunately I have received a claimform for an overdraft. This nice surprise was in my letterbox today. I hope below is enough information for a bit of advise. Name of the Claimant ? 1st credit Date of issue – 11 May 2015 def filing by = 4pm 12th june What is the claim for – The defendant was granted an overdraft facility from **\**\2010 with the original creditor under reference number xxxxxxxxxxxx (all numbers), who demanded repayment of the outstanding sum on the account at the time. On the **\**\2011 the defendant def
  4. Halifax are charging £5 a day for being overdrawn - irrespective of how much you are overdrawn. Is this lawful- potentially £155 charges in a 31 day month for being £1 overdrawn? Sorry, to clarify, unauthorised overdraft- even if they allowed it to go overdrwan
  5. Hi all - I hope someone can help with this query - thanks in advance for any advice! My situation - I've been on a Debt Management Plan for a few years and use one of my two bank accounts to make the payments. Last summer while I was making my usual DMP payments I noticed online that an overdraft facility had become available on that account, interest free for a year. I thought it'd be a good way to help pay off the few creditors who were still charging me interest, including a couple of payday loan firms. The problem is that in the coming months every time I clicked on the overdr
  6. Hi I had a Nat West Business account with overdraft until 2012 when they decided to close it, without even trying to negotiate a repayment plan, last couple of years for been tough with work and health issues but I was just beginning to get back on my feet. I have never signed a overdraft renewal agreement with them, they just kept renewing the overdraft. I have had thousands of pounds worth of charges taken. Today I have received the attached letter in the post from a company I have never heard of requesting that I make contact to discuss the overdraft, referr
  7. Good Morning. Thank you for reading and hope you can help. I have 2 x maxed out overdrafts to the tune of £4100. Currently paying roughly about 75 quid a month in charges. is there some sort of arrangement I can get into with Halifax where I can stop the charges and maybe have the OD converted into a loan, the money been paid in charges could be used to pay the loan back...p.s I have a crap credit rating. This is also the same for HSBC circa 1600 OD
  8. Hi, I am hoping someone can advise me can I defend or challenge County Court Claim N1CPC issued by Restons Solicitors on behalf of Cabot Finance on 10th November 2014. The claim is for £10k overdraft on a gold current account that was originally held with Lloyds TSB. I am in this mess because I was made redundant from my Job, diagnosed with depression and unable to work for two years. At the time I opened my account in 1995 I had an overdraft facility of a few hundred pounds (£200). The facility was supposed to be reviewed every two/three mont
  9. i recently had a claim from a county court the poc are vague it simply states; On or about you owed the money under a "contract" between the bank and you for a current acc. i put a defence in to the court stating i knew nothing of this debt asked for copy of assignment also copy of agreement/contract, the debt company wrote back with copy of assignment from bank also one from them(first id saw any) it also stated a current acc has no credit agreement, terms and conditions would have been provided, once id used the account i would be bound
  10. Hi! I wonder if I could get a little help with a claim received for a Lloyds bank Small Business overdraft sold to MKDP, I'm submitting it on behalf of my wife, I have read several very similar threads so I believe I have a handle on how to deal with most of the process but I just want to be 100% Regards Lee PS I think this site is fantastic
  11. Hi guys. I hope you all had a great Christmas! I was until I received a letter from the County Court Business Centre on December 24th I have already located the form to fill out on here regarding the particulars, so I really hope someone out there can help. I will just get right down to it. Name of the Claimant ? CABOT FINANCIAL Date of issue – 22nd December 2014 Date of issue 22/12/14 + 19 days ( 5 day for service + 14 days to acknowledge) = 10/1/15 + 14 days to submit defence = 24/1/15 (33 days in total) - What is the claim for – The claimant claims payment
  12. Hi guys/girls I do not know where to start on this one. Around 2011, HSBC closed my current account for financial reasons and I was left with an overdraft debt of approx. £2500. Strangely enough (in which I won't go into detail at this stage) there was no overdraft facility authorised or in place, I had asked them on previous occaisons, but they declined. Should I request a copy of the overdraft facility letter to start with? I did send them a SAR request and they sent me four reams (2000 sheets) of paperwork, It's actually guite daunting to look at. I recen
  13. Hi I have been struggling with my business for several years, I have 35k spread over 3 credit cards, 1 loan and 1 personal overdraft which are in payment plans of £5 p/m. I also have a business overdraft up to the tops of 15k which the bank recently refused to renew but gave me a six month extension, they recently started sending me " letters of concern" unfortunately i signed as personal guarantor on the account. Does anybody know that if i have not signed the authorised overdraft facility( I haven't for several years) does this have any b
  14. Hi, I am looking for the advise to handle my unpaid debts. I had some unsecured debts for sum of £14500 (approx.) and had to leave the country due to my employment situation in Oct'13. I didn't want to leave without paying it but I had no choice. I consulted with StepChange Debt Charity, as they advised I sent letters to the concern departments of the Bank explaining my situation and they agreed to keep the debts as it is with no interest for 12 months. Now I am back in the country after 16 months. Would like to repay some of my debts but I am not sure how
  15. Hello all, Need some information for a friend... She was a director for a limited company but the company had money problems and ceased trading and has been closed down. Lloyds are chasing her for an outstanding debt for an overdraft she had with her limited company. The Debt has now been sold to a debt collector who is now harrassing her with letters and stipulating money must be paid. Can someone tell me if the director is liable for the debt, or the limited company itself is liable? Many thanks
  16. Hello All, Name of Claimant: Capquest Investments Limited Date of issue – 03 February 2015 Acknowledge By – 21 February Defence – 07 March - yes file by 4pm (Are my dates correct?)^^ What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? The claim is for the sum of £8600 in respect of monies owing by the defendant on a credit agreement held by the defendant with Lloyds Banking Group under account xxxx Upon which the defendant failed to maintain payments. 2. A default notice was served upon the defendant and has not been complied with.
  17. hi again . i have had a letter from red offering me a discount on the account it says i owe lowell the money it is a halifax account overdraft. i dont know who owns it now do i ring them to find out who owns this then send them a cpr or a cca request. the letter also says that this will go to hamptons legal if they dont hear from me in 10 days well 10 days as been and gone letter was posted 25 oct 2013 not heard from hamptons yet. they say hamptons will put in a claim. if i get a cca or cpr request to them now will it stop th
  18. Hi Guys, I have a business overdraft of £13k. We have been sat at the deep end of it for about 2 years now. However business has started to a bit more profitable and we are slowly starting to eat at it. Natwest usually renews the overdraft every september for a cost of £250. They renewed it last year but because of things being tight back then i stopped taking a wage to help boost cashflow. This meant i couldnt pay my personal unsecured loan i have with natwest. I have a personal guarantee on the overdraft and they have now sent me a letter sa
  19. Poss statute barred, account was with Lloyds TSB Bank plc. I'd already fought and won some unlawful account charges back in to this account a few years prior, but there will have been more charges added since. Particulars of claim, dated 27th and received today: The claimant claims the sum of XXXX for debt and interest. The defendant from xx/yy/1987 held an account with Lloyds Bank Plc under account number YYYY Lloyds Bank Plc granted the defendant an overdraft facility. Lloyds Bank plc demanded repayment of the outstanding sum on the account at that time. The account was
  20. Hi. I received a letter from MKDP a couple of weeks back about my lloyds overdraft. I am sure that this account has not been acknowledged for possibly 8 years so I sent the statute barred letter. They responded today and apparently £3 was paid to the account in March 2010, which is nonsense. They have provided no proof they just say 'This has been confirmed with lloyds'. Can I ask them to provide proof or do I need to send a sar? Thanks, Paul.
  21. Hi, how likely is it that a bank will apply for a CCJ on an unpaid overdraft of around one and a half grand? Are CCJs common practice for banks to enforce debt? Thanks!
  22. Hi I am after some advice please. I currently have a mortgage with santander they won't give me any special deal as I have debts. I have never missed a mortgage payment though. I currently have 2 accounts with santander and they have changed the overdraft charges which means I am being pushed further into debt. Would santanader be able to put me on a payment plan and freeze the interest on these bank accounts or be able to add to my mortgage. I have already opened another bank account to put wages etc in with another bank.
  23. Hi, hope you can help I opened up a flex account with Nationwide in May and they offered me a £1000 interest free overdraft (which I signed for) for a year. Today I got a letter from them to say that my overdraft has gone down to £250 and from November I will have to pay interest. Are they allowed to just withdraw an agreement? Thanks
  24. Letter from BOS today...... We've noticed that we did not write to tell you when your account went into an Unplanned Overdraft between 02 June 2012 and 14 June 2112. We apologise for this, and we've taken steps to make sure it does not happen again. Unplanned Overdraft Fees to be returned... £65.00 Gross interest at 8% p.a.... £13.00 Tax Deducted from interest at 20% basic rate...£2.60 Net Interest paid... £10.40 Total Refund... £75.40 Nic
  25. Hi, On my credit file, Halifax have continually registered "late payment" on an overdraft facility over a 17 month period before selling the debt and registering it as "partially settled". This means the effective time for the debt to "fall off" my credit report has been extended by over a year. This is not a true reflection of the account, since no payments were made by myself during this time. At some point (after 6 months??) they should surely have registered a default. Can they even sell the debt on without officially defaulting the debt first? Does anyone kn
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