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  1. Hi all, please can someone advise? I opened a Nationwide current account in January 2009. I had an overdraft limit of £1000. By June of that year I was in financial difficulty and the overdraft went over it's limit. I think it went up to about -£2K. I've always been scared of confronting debts and did my usual burying my head in the sand. Nationwide closed the account and demanded repayment and I ignored it. Since then every so often I get letters from various DCAs demanding payment but I've ignored them. More recently a company called Redhill and
  2. Hi there I would really appreciate your help on your input on below matter. When I was in University I opened an account with Barclays Bank in 2003 and 2004. I had overdraft of £1250 which I could not pay. Barclays demanded money few times until 2008 - 2011 through DCA. I never received letter that my account was defaulted. My credit reports obtained in 2011,2014 and 2015 never show that my account with Barclays was defaulted. A month ago Lowell Group sent me letter and demanded money I owed to Barclays. I sent an email to Lowell with a standard
  3. Howdy all! Long and short of it is, for years I had an account with Abbey National, then changed to Abbey obviously. I went to Uni and had an overdraft with them of about £1500. When I left uni I didn't have the money to pay off the overdraft, but stupidly had my pay put into another basic savings account which eventually Abbey decided to swipe £700 pounds out of to service the other debt which by now had defaulted (I believe). After that I didn't go near Abbey accounts again and set up one elsewhere. The question I have is, the debt hasn't been trans
  4. Hi, I've recently been helping my partner (who's not the most organised when it comes to money) review her outgoings. In doing so, I noticed she was paying £14.00 monthly for Overdraft PPI....and has been since 1999 when she returned to work part-time once her son reached school age. She can't remember asking for this insurance and has never claimed on it. I believe she was mis-sold it on the basis she believed it to be compulsory. We've now cancelled the policy and the DD. Is it best to use the online Barclays questionnaire to claim a refund ? Any tips on filling this
  5. Just wondered if someone could give me some advice about maybe looking into claiming some of my bank charges back - interest back which my bank takes off me each month. - (If I can or cannot do it) I have had a overdraft on my account now since being at university some 20 years ago, it started as a student overdraft at £200, and I fell into the trap of Natwest putting up year after year after year without my consent via a letter until now its £2500. ..At the moment im always at the limit of my overdraft come payday and I dont earn enough to pay the overdraft off.... I have c
  6. Hi All, I've had Lowell and Carter lodge a claim for £1,450 against me for an unpaid overdraft on behalf of Lloyds TSB in November. I acknowledged the claim online and later then submitted a defense to the tune of I do not recognise I owe this debt and that I am unable to defend myself unless proof of the debt is disclosed and that it is the claimants obligation to provided the defendant proof. The defense was accepted by the court and a DX was sent out to which I returned and opted yes to meditation and to allocate to my local county court. In the meantime I emailed Lowell
  7. Hi All, my wife has been receiving letters from Wescots, chasing an old Natwest Overdraft. It was from a joint account that was closed by Natwest in 2007. While we were a bit daft, we had been paying it off through a company called Apex. After finding this group back in 2014, and realising we were being 'cash cowed', we stopped payments. Although this was a joint account we were both chased for the full amount of the overdraft. The whole amount of the overdraft was combined with a personal loan I had, and this has been dealt with in the county court.
  8. Hello Folks, I have about 4 Defaults on my credit report. A friend told me i can negotiate by offering 10% of the money owed to each of them. In turn, they will remove my name from credit agencies. Is this true? Please assist.
  9. Hi Wondered if anyone would have any advice regarding an old overdraft account that I had back in 2001, I stopped using this account about 2003/2004 as registered with a new bank and completely forgot all about this account. I checked my credit file and had noticed that in 2011 the Bank of Scotland registered 1 default against me for £849 and the default date is registered as 01/03/11 which is nearly 8 years later. Then there was another entry from 1st Credit a DCA the following month for an amount of £850 for the same debt with the default date of 01/03/11. Can the
  10. Hi I have read some of the threads and hope people might be able to help me. Last weekend I received a County Claim Form for an overdraft I had with Santander. I defaulted on this in April/May 2009. I have spoken to National Debt Line and I am speaking to CAB on Monday to get advice. They have suggested it could be statute barred if I haven't made a payment or communicated with them in writing in that time (despite that I may have spoken to them on the phone or ignored letters/calls) I had other accounts and credit cards etc default at a similar time, so
  11. Halifax is imposing a fee of £1 a day from arranged overdrafts of £0.01 to £1,999 as from 1st Dec 2015. No interest rate is charged. So if one has an arranged overdraft of £100 and goes overdrawn by £0.10, a fee of £1 will be charged and by 100 days, this £0.10 becomes a unarranged overdraft for which a fee of £5.00 is faced. Is this imposing excessive charges or treating customers unfairly??
  12. Hi I have just received a letter with cheque attached from Santander stating that 'while reviewing my closed business account they have noticed they applied the wrong interest to the unauthorised overdraft on a business account between 2009 to 2014.' Now this account was closed after being paid in full in 2014, but what they have refunded is the difference between the wrong interest and the correct interest and then have applied interest to that as accrued to current date. While this is OK, my question is would I be entitled to compensation on this error as well as any charges
  13. Hi all, Here's the situation: Opened a student account in 2007 with full overdraft and extended this a couple of times as per the normal rules and up to the max available limit of £2000 Ever since graduating have had financial difficulties with other credit cards and payday loans which are now (thankfully!) resolved. This is my last debt and i want to get rid, i want to pay it off but Natwest don't seem to want to help. I have already opened another account with first direct and have switched over my wages and other regular s/o and d/d so my ongoing financial commitments ar
  14. My son had a student account with Halifax when he first went to university. Sadly, due to mental health problems, now diagnosed as bipolar disorder, he dropped out of university. Halifax agreed to freeze the account. In recent months his health has deteriorated again, and he is now claiming Employment and Support Allowance and living back at home with us. Halifax have recently decided to charge him £16 per month for the overdraft, but as this month's payment has put him into 'Unplanned Overdraft' he has been charged another £5 per day on top of this, so the debt is now m
  15. I will try and keep this short! Ive been banking with Barclays since 1995 and there have been good and some not so good times! I've always had an overdraft. Last year when they introduced the new fees my monthly interest went from approx £11 to about £48 per month! I wrote to them in Sept and explained I was already struggling and asked if they could freeze the interest and in return I would pay £50 per month which would reduce the balance of the overdraft- I asked for 6 months and then for it to be reviewed. They acknowledge my complaint but I did not hear from them for several months, a
  16. Ukdk


    Hi all. Just a quick question I can provide more detail if required. HSBC refused a request for an overdraft on three occasions this year yet they have put us overdrawn without our permission can they do this and if so why?
  17. God what a mess!! I will try and explain this as best I can but I have gone so far and don't know if I am doing this right. I have two accounts with Santander which makes matters worse coz I'm not sure if I should now separate them into two claims: 1 account I had a £1000 overdraft on it and I used to pay £20 per month for the privilege, I need to clarify this detail as they have removed the account so I cannot see the statements anymore but I think I forgot to pay the £20 one month. My wages were now with another bank but as long as I paid the £20 Santander
  18. Afternoon, I've been in a bit of a spot recently, lost my job, had to re-arrange my mortage to interest only or risk losing my house, defaulted on my one credit card, missing paying bills every month, I think you guys get the picture but the last year or so has been financial hell for me. My credit report is a sea of red Anyway I'll concentrate just on the Barclays account here. I've had an account with Barclays for around 20-25 years and I have most of the statements which I've started to dump info from into an Excel spreadsheet. I have a question if anyone would be so kind as to
  19. I had a £3,000 overdraft facility on my RBS current account which I used to the full (!) but was unable to maintain repayments on following illness and ending up on long term sickness benefit (ESA). In January 2012 I reached an agreement with RBS to freeze the interest on the account and to pay £1/month by SO. This has been reviewed and renewed each year, most recently in April 2015 for a further 12 months. I've maintained payments throughout that period and maintained good relations with the bank. Last month I returned to full time employment. I'm willing to re-pay RBS's overdraft but wa
  20. This is a long shot but wonder if anyone could advise I had a £7,000 loan from lloyds with PPI .. if i remember rightly it was around 2000 . i fell in money problems - basically living off credit cards , fell behind with loan repayments and ended up around £1000 overdrawn which got bigger and bigger with the constant charges , and fees for letters to tell you , your were overdrawn after burying my head in the sand for ages i finally set up a debt management plan with CCCS to pay off the lloyds loan, overdraft , MBNA, egg and barclays. Lloyds refused to accept if for about 9 mont
  21. Hi all, I'm getting a bit lost with the huge wall of information available on the site, and I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction to help me straighten things out. I've had several thousands taken from me in bank charges in the last 7 years (I know you can only claim for the last 6, found that much already!) mostly because the charges themselves have dropped me into an unauthorised overdraft so I've been charged on them too. For the last 3 years I've been on benefits and the charges have kept coming in. I'm not at the point where Lloyds TSBs new charges
  22. I sent paperwork to them a couple of years ago, which they rejected. Two weeks ago, out of the blue, a reversal of their earlier decision and an offer of £5K to settle, which they credited to my account last week. Seems like the regulator is finally making some progress.
  23. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum, please feel free to move it if not! I had an out-of-warranty iPhone that needed a battery replacement. I paid for the work online with my debit card using Apple's support site. A hold was placed on the money in my account. While I waited for them to send out the pre-paid box to return the phone, the hold on the money was removed, presumably because the work had not been completed and could not yet be charged. I left the money where it was because I knew it would be taken later. I returned the phone and was contacted via e
  24. I received a claim form for an old Lloyds overdraft yesterday. I was hoping that someone would be able to advise me on how to proceed. I will try and give as much information as possible using the template Lowell Portfolio I Ltd Date of issue – top right hand corner of the claim form – this in order to establish the time line you need to adhere to. Date of issue 23/06/2015 + 19 days ( 5 day for service + 14 days to acknowledge) = 12/07/2015 + 14 days to submit defence = (33 days in total) - 26/07/2015 ^^^^^ NOTE : WHEN CALCULATING THE TIMELINE - PLEASE REMEMBER
  25. Hi, I have read through the forums and online and I am unsure what is correct regarding an Overdraft. The most recent letter from Low Life's is asking me to contact them before 11/07/2015 or they will take legal action blah blah, I think they actually mean it this time. I called up HSBC and they said the last payment into the account was September 2009 so it's not quite SB and that is my question what is the SB date on an over draft? Cheers, Flappy
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