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  1. Hi, I wanted to know how I could get into an unarranged overdraft. I'm aware the fees are higher but Halifax have refused to increase my current arranged limit of £200. When I first opened the account they gave me £500. I've applied via internet banking to get this back but they refused. How can I use this money anyway? I am prepared to face the charges later, I really need to borrow the cash now. It's either overdraft or Payday loan and I really don't want a payday loan. My questions really is what will work? If I attempt to charge my card will it simply decline if there is not
  2. I have been a barclays customer for 33 years, a Premiere customer for the last 20 years. I had a 9000.00 agreed permanent overdraft facility I have used on and off and it was at 7300.00 OD. I live permanently abroad (monaco) and following advice from a barclays manager, I wrote to barclays last year to inform them I am now separated from my wife and the divorce is taking place in Monaco, and with the account being in joint names, there was a mandate dispute (this is what the manager said to put) and I wanted them to stop any further payments being made from it (to avoid my wife spending mor
  3. HI there, I stupidly took out a current account with Santander in my first year of uni and proceeded to max out the £1000 overdraft limit. Thinking nothing of it i continued to pay my bills from my Natwest account. I then attempted to apply for a phone contract and was turned down by several of the major telephone providers. So i checked my credit report to find i had 6 missed payments to my Abbey account. I had no idea how i was missing payments as i had never organised any pay plan with them and had no idea that i was in any sort of trouble with them as they had never written to me. Fro
  4. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me here. I have a joint Advantage Gold Account with Natwest which is on hold now. This is because we are unable to pay the Overdarft (about £7000) due to personal financial situation gone bad. My wife also has a credit card with them under another account and owes money. She has been paying regularly. She now wants to pay off the full amount which is about £600 she owes to them.(this money is needed for day to day living but she wants to get rid of any debt which is just in her name) Also to mention that due to the overdraft debt Natwe
  5. Hi. I am having problems with Halifax and a debt on my account, I have a £100 overdraft on an account I hold with them. It all started last year when I relocated and ended up in a lower paid job so have a very minimal income at the moment. Obviously having to go into my overdraft on numerous occasions to get by from day to day they have a charge of £1 per day in order to use this facility. So with those charges in place my money whittled away very quickly and before not too long the bank charges they were charging me was sending me over my overdraft limit to which they charge me £5 a
  6. Hi there, this is my first post as only just joined. My husband received a phone call from Capquest this morning asking him to confirm his postcode and d.o.b, which he refused as he didn't know who they were, and they told him they had sent him a letter, but wouldn't tell him any details! The letter arrived in the post about an hour later! The letter stated that NatWest wish him to pay a debt owed to them of over £60,000 and that he should contact Capquest to avoid litigation. There is an ancient debt with NatWest as a result of a partnership, dissolved in 1991, which the remai
  7. Hello, my first thread, just one of many problems I'm having!! After being with Barclays nearly thirty years, I thought they might have trusted me by now. I have a business account with an overdraft of £2000. A couple of weeks ago I recieved a call from a rude man at Barclays telling me my overdraft expired in Oct '09. I told him that was news to me. He said as my turnover of money through this account had drastically fallen over the last year, it was unlikely my overdraft would be renewed. He then said Barclays would be looking for payment to clear the overdraft. Kick me when I
  8. Hi,as i've received alot of help on these forums(in another thread) i've decided to sort my finances out and i would be grateful if anyone could offer some advice on my situation with Lloyds tsb loans. I took out two loans from Lloyds Tsb and at first all was well...then i fell behind with the payments ..I never had a planned overdraft on my account and unbeknown to me the payments were took out and a overdraft issued in order to pay them ? I did eventually get the interest stopped.... what i would like to know is this the right thing for the bank to do ? Can anyone help me pleas
  9. Hi - thought I'd start a thread as these are my second most painful creditor after MBNA. I thought I'd diary these last awkward creditors as much to share victories as to pick your brains as I've had quite a few complaints and things upheld so far. Background: We got into difficulties in Autumn 2007 when the company I worked for stopped paying me without bothering with any of that redundancy stuff and eventually went into liquidation. I was then out of work for about 3 months until started own business which did OK in 2008 but folded in 2009 (our main customers were banks - you see the
  10. Hi All. My business (LTD) failed last year and I am left resposible for the OD offered to the business by the bank. I signed a letter of guarantor for the OD but I am not in a position to pay it back. I had a temporary arrangement (now finished) to pay a nominal fee per month, as I had been unemployeed for a time. I am now in employment but with a large mortgage, and with no equity on the house, I have very little cash available from our monthly budget to repay.The bank are now putting the squeeze on me for the repayment. Q. Can I get out of it? Q. If not, what options are availabl
  11. Hiya, I appreciate any help that I can get with this natwest bank closure issue and i'll try and keep it as brief as possible: I got scammed (job [problem] which i believe to be an escrow [problem]) earlier in July A transaction of £911.00 was place into my account As part off the 'job' i transferred £426 to Western Union and 312 to my natwest credit card As soon as i realised it was a [problem] i notified the bank (this occurred on the same day about two hours after the funds left my account) I managed to get the transaction reversed from western union minus the £26 transact
  12. I am really hoping someone on here can help. My husband banks with Lloyds TSB and a few months back he went over his agreed overdraft limit. Now, on a monthly basis Lloyds TSB have applied £155 to his account at a time in the month when he is already up to his limit, thus taking him over his agreed limit and giving them reason to apply the same charges the following month. I have been on at him to do something about it but he has been burying his head in the sand and it has cost him £100s so far. Could someone please point me in the right direction of a letter template to help get started
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