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Found 77 results

  1. Hi, I currently have an outstanding loan with Toothfairy for £2736, when I originally took out a £400 loan lol, (although it has been outstanding for over a year now). I am now in a position to be able to pay back the loan, I was just wondering how much I should be looking to pay and to who (how to get in touch etc.) also I think that I may have previously have given them my debit card details, and the right to try and take the outstanding balance from my bank account. I am now looking to start using this bank account again, so am looking for help as to the next steps I should take before I pay back the loan and how to pay back the loan (to who and how much). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi All, I am new to the site but have been looking around the various forums to try and gather some info. back in 2007 we bought a new house then around 2008/2009 I had to take a reduce salary in order to keep my current position. With the increase in mortgage payments and reduced salary this meant that I was unable to keep up with my credit agreements. Originally I owed around £35k however after a round 4-5 years I am down to £13k. I have agreements with all my creditors and have met the payments every month since the problem occurred. I will list the details below: Lloyds Load £4569 Pay Lloyds direct Defaulted 15/06/10 Pay £185 per month Lloyds Credit Card £880 Pay Lloyds direct Defaulted 29/11/2010 Pay £80 per month HBOS Credit Card £3324 DCA Blair, Oliver Scott Defaulted 14/04/2009 Pay £65 per month Esure Loan £2150 DCA Blair, Oliver Scott Defaulted 30/01/2009 Pay £45 per month MBNA Card £1000 DCA Idem Servicing No Default Pay £50 per month MBNA Card £1000 DCA Idem Servicing No Default Pay £50 per month I am currently paying £500 per month to try and clear my debts and should be clear in around 26 months. my first question is would it be worth sending a CCA request to any of these companies? Secondly some of the defaults are due to be removed early 2015. Will this remove the payment history along with the default account or will it still remain an open account (minus the default) as debt will still be owed. Thanks in advance DJ
  3. Hi there, I purchased a car in 2007 from Welcome Car Finance. Payments were originally £330 approx a month. In I think 2009 my partner and I had a change of circumstances and could no longer afford the full repayments. We went to our local branch at the time and they said they could lower our payments untill are situation improved. They knocked down our payments to approx £120 a month. It was not untill a while later that we noticed that they had re-financed the car although we was not told of this. Anyway we carried on paying the £120 a month till approx mid 2011. In the end we could not afford to pay anything. By 2012 the car was off road and registered with a Sorn. We moved about Oct 2012 to our present address. The car has stayed off road on a friends drive. We have now decided to sort the situation out one way or another with the car. When we moved to this address we sent a letter to Welcome Finance with our new address. Since then we have had no contact from them at all. The last letter we received from them was probably at the beginning of 2012 stating what was owed on the car still approx £10000. I checked today with mycarcheck.com to see if it was possible to sell the car and pay off some of the finance and the car is showing as having no outstanding finance. Now I am confused. No contact from them in 2 years and no finance showing on hpi vehicle check. I paid £9.95 with the company mycarcheck.com and got my report through for the car. Am I able to sell the car or have other consumers had the same issue with Welcome Car Finance. Sorry its a long story. Thanks Jay
  4. Hope I'm posting in the right place, would be extremely grateful to get some insight/guidance/thoughts, after short time in-between jobs and unemployed I recently have been offered a job under a "conditional offer" - whilst I passed the credit check, DBS check and am aware I need 5 years checkable work history in refs, it has come to light 1 previous employer just hasn't responded within the last fortnight despite 2 requests from the recruiter and it has now been requested I myself personally 'call' to see if I can get anywhere (never had to do this before and not relishing it either... whilst it was fair to say it was volatile with this employer, was one of those zero hours worker not by choice I really liked to think when I picked up they had overpaid me once and then thanks for honesty this may have aided a reference if for nothing else, I was under the impression they had previously supplied/responded to references requests, this being the first I've heard of them not replying) Like I said there is an agony that stems from being aware of an earlier organisation I'd applied to only within the last year who said at the time they had received a reference from this employer who is now not responding, so I'm thinking crazily could I not just do similar to a 'subject access request' if it comes to it? ironically this occasion saw a withdrawal of job offer due to not passing the credit check then, which now is ok/passable and remember it was said it was a shame there was a withdrawal because they had the references back ??? although I would later discover this application was a bit floored from the start so I can only hope I wasn't lied to then which is why I want to see if they did really receive the references... I appreciate it is Christmas and there isn't much I can do until the new year - leaving me stewing - from experience does anyone know if officially an organisation has to give a certain length of time for receiving reference? (letter when conditionally offered job doesn't say) there is also some money at steak for paying out to have the DBS done which gets lost if application isn't successful with the organisation I'm now hopeful to get a job with Thanks for hearing me out and appreciate any input
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows about how CCJ's can be enforced. .. over 7 years ago I had a break up with my partner and it turned out he had incurred a debt of £6000 for a credit card in my name I didn't know about. Back then I chose to bury my head in the sand & ignore it as I had no way of paying this. I didn't acknowledge any debt or make contact with anyone, however was issued a CCJ which has recently dropped off my credit file after 6 years. This remained unsettled as although it was technically in my name, I didn't use this money so thought I would ignore it and just let it drop off my credit file in due course. Today I have received an attachment of earnings order asking me to either pay Mortimer Clarke Solicitors £6,407 or fill in the form and send it to the County Court for payment to be taken from my work, it also said I could face 14 days in prison (I have had one of these before the CCJ was issued and ignored it back then) Are they able to do this once the CCJ has dropped off (They keep sending post to my old address which I haven't lived at in 4years so they clearly don't know if I'm receiving letters or know my work details etc) I also wonder if the form is genuine or a scare tactic to get to me contact them or whether the County Court will give me another CCJ for the old one not being paid. I was told that after 6 years they can't chase for payment, is this the case? Back then I didn't care about my credit score but now I don't want it effecting. Any help or guidance on this would be much appreciated...
  6. I don't know if this is the right place but any help will be appreciated as I have got myself into abit of a mess. A couple of months ago i saw a car advertised on the internet. I did the usual thing and rang and got as much details of the car as possible. I asked for the reg number to do a HPI. The seller gave me the reg number but advised me the HPI check may well still be showing as owing finance and that it could take a couple of days to have it removed from the HPI systems as the finance was settled that morning. I requested proof of settlement and he emailed me a copy of the e-mail which was supposedly from Barclays to say all payments had been received and their interest in the car has seized. The email looked authentic with a genuine Barclay footer and disclaimer at the bottom. I proceeded to the address to further inspect the car as it was only 40 miles away from me. Upon arrival everything looked above board, the guy looked professional and the house was very much lived in. He showed me the settlement papers sent by post to him and what looked like a genuine online statement to show payment of the settlement amount had left his account with the reference matching that of the previous e mail he sent me and the documents he had present. At this point nothing seemed suspicious as he let me take a copy of his driving licence as well as the original purchase invoice to show he had bought from new from the dealers. After satisfying myself that he was the rightful owner I proceeded to complete the deal. A couple of days later I decided to run a HPI check to see whether the marker was removed but it was still showing. I started to chase up the seller but he ignored my calls at first, late that night he texted to say he had a very busy day at work therefore missed my calls and would chase the bank up in the morning. Again the next day i didn't hear from him after constantly calling him he eventually answered in the evening. We decided to meet the next day and go the bank together to get confirmation. Turned up the next day and he was not there, his house was empty and his phone was off. My worst fears had been realised. By this time i knew i had been [problem]med. I wrote to the bank straight away and they sent out a questionnaire. I filled it out and sent it back. I did not hear back from the bank until yesterday (approx 2 months) when two guys turned up asking me to hand over the keys to the car and to sign some papers. I did neither and told them i will not do anything without a solicitor. The last time i rang the number of the seller it was an international dial tone, so he has done a runner. What i do know is that he was who he says he was but has forged documents to show he has settled the finance. I know it was naive of me to deal with the guy but at the time nothing seemed untoward. Sorry for the longish post but i just wanted to know where I stand in regards to the car and whether I should hand it over. Very stressed and nearly £30k down...
  7. I am trying to assist my Wife. She has two debts with Natwest - an old overdraft and an old personal loan. Total value of these debts are around £6,200. For the last 3 years Natwest have been accepting £1 a month on each but recently they began to get a bit heavy. My Wife has offered to increase the payments to £2 on each but they have now said that they will get an 'external agent' to make contact with her. I have written to Natwest explaining that I am willing to assist me wife by the payment of a one off £1250 (which represents about 20% of the o/s balance). I gave them until today (31/8/2013) and they have not responded. I am a bit surprised I must admit. I told them that their only alternative was to make her bankrupt and then they would get none of their money. Any suggestions from anyone? Regards A
  8. I am currently in a DMP and looking to tackle all my debts and try and get out of this mess. I keep seeing on the forum advice to request CCA from the DMC. Please could someone tell me what the next step would be after doing this. I am a bit confused what requesting this would achieve. I currently have an Aktiv Kapital debt for £5000.00, after adding £3200.00 interest to the original MBNA debt of £1800.00, which I am trying to sort out with them. I requested a copy of my credit file(s) but it does not show anywhere. Thank you.
  9. Hi All. This is my first post, and I not proud to be making this at all, but ten years ago I came to live with my Canadian girlfriend in Canada. I cleared all of my UK credit cards apart from two that were online payment only cards (Egg and an IF card) there was about 1500 pounds on each of then, so a total of 3000. I had a Lloyds bank current account that use to direct debit my payments to both those cards each month, and left 750 to cover that when I left the country, and it was my intention to keep topping up my Lloyds account as soon as I got into the Canadian workforce. Then it went all wrong, as I did not find any work for almost a year, and when I did it was a real struggle to survive on low earnings so I never got round to putting any cash back into the Lloyds account so my overdraught started paying the cards each month, and when we moved to another address, I never told them that I had moved, and now about 8 years on, I'm scared to death that this 3000 that I originally owed has escalated out of all proportion. And I need to return to the UK for good in a few weeks time, and am wondering what's going to be the outcome as I will need to open a bank account there and all manner of other things like renting a place and such?. Thanks in Advance,
  10. Hi My first time on forum so here goes. On 16th January 2004 accrued a debt on a alliance & leicester credit card of £2713.04. Since 9th March 2004, I had been paying £5 per month. In 2011, I had lost complete track of what the terms of all this was, so on the 4th May 2011, I requested a copy of the credit agreement. My request was acknowledged by Fredrickson International on 5th May 2011. On 19th December 2011, I received a letter advising me that Global Tessera had now acquired the rights to the debt ( no demands) On 15th February 2012, Fredrickson wrote to tell me they were no longer instructed on my case. On 6th July, I received a letter from ELS & Cole headed PENDING LEGAL ACTION and that county court summons would be issued on 20th July 2012. On 9th July, I sent them all the correspondence so they could see I was still waiting for a response to my request for a copy of the agreement from 4th May 2011. I stopped making payment on 5th July 2012 . I heard nothing from them since. One year on, 25 July, I received a letter from Rockwell debt collection, I sent the same details to them. The following is their reply.......... Dear Re: 38487 - Outstanding balance of £999.00 owed to Arrow Global Limited/Alliance & Leicester GIRO Account (9051) Please find attached statement of payments we have received. Yours sincerely Rockwell On 31 July 2013 15:44, Post . wrote: Dear Mr Re: 38487 - Outstanding balance of £999.00 owed to Arrow Global Limited/Alliance & Leicester GIRO Account (905192) Thank you for your e-mail received in our office on 30 July. We note your request for a copy of the original Agreement quoting section 77-79 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Unfortunately the Agreement is no longer available. We are therefore unable to comply fully with your request however we enclose a statement of the account showing payments made to us since assignment. Notwithstanding this the loan remains valid and we expect you to continue to meetyour obligations under the Agreement. We acknowledge the fact that until we comply with our obligation to send you a copy of your credit agreement pursuant to S.77(1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 ("CCA") we cannot enforce your credit agreement through the courts. That is not in dispute. Whilst we are currently unable to take legal action to enforce the loan this does not affect the validity of the underlying debt. Section 77(4) of the CCA does not make the agreement void, therefore as the debt still exists we are entitled to carry out any actions that do not amount to enforcing the Agreement including demanding payment, charging interest, transferring the debt to a third party, registering the debt with a credit reference agency and issuing a default notice. This was upheld in the recent case of MCGuffick v Royal Bank of Scotland Plc. We therefore reserve our right to register any default with the credit reference agencies. In respect of any claim that this debt is in dispute, we agree that the Agreement is unenforceable in a court of law as explained above however the money lent to you has not been repaid to date and therefore neither of these facts are in dispute and we consider this matter resolved. Please therefore provide your firm and realistic repayment proposals together with an initial payment on account within the next 7 days to avoid any further recovery action being taken. Yours sincerely Rockwell On 30 July 2013 09:53, > Hi > > > > Please find attached details for this matter. > > > > I am still awaiting a response to my email dated 4th May 2011. > > > > Legal advise given, remains the same. > > > > Can you please forward this email to Arrow Global Ltd > > > > Regards > > > > John I am 69 and could do without the hassle. I am aware they cannot take me to court for this debt but am very concerned that they can send details to the credit agencies. I have not received this threat before. Can anyone please advise on what my rights are and what I should do Many thanks in advance
  11. Dear CAG, Many thanks for reading. I am writing on behalf of my father who isn't very technologically or financially savvy. He yesterday was made redundant which has caused us to begin this quest. In 2002 he took out a 10yr £11.6k secured loan with GE Money (that was the easy bit). In October 2012 he finished off paying the loan. During the 10 year duration of the loan, he was in and out of work and managed to accrue fees of £5800. This has built up in a separate fee account which is now outstanding. In the past (when he had been out of work) he has had bailiffs calling and a court summoning etc, which is probably why the account value is so high. They have also been charging him compound interest on this money. Once he had paid the loan they sent him a letter demanding the full amount of the fees account, which he couldn't pay. we made an arrangement with GE Money that he would pay £200 a month. They would only accept this arrangement for 3 months, and then they would review it to see if we could continue like this. This is how we planned on continuing, until he was made redundant on Monday. The property that it's secured against is a flat worth about £110k which he owned outright until he had this loan secured against it. I am unsure if he ever signed up for PPI. We feel that we need to tread gently with them because if they demand all of the money then we are in trouble (which will probably cost more). in the short term I'll give him the money to pay the loan with a long term view of me getting a loan to pay it off (to keep the interest paid at a minimum). We are looking for any advice that may be able to help us out before we go down the route of getting a loan in my name. I have read things about reclaiming unfair bank charges and we could look into PPI. My fear is that by pursuing something like this could turn things sour, with them demanding immediate payment or something along those lines Many Thanks, Sheila.
  12. Hi Everyone, I desperatley need your help. Im so stressed out with this situation. I lived in UK for 8 years. I had a bank account and overdraft. When i left the UK for good in 2009, i did not realise there was still an outstanding overdraft of about £700. In the last year, i have been receiving very threatning letters from a lawyer and debt collectors agency. The letters are being sent to my parents address in Ireland and i am living in France. Obviously my parents are scared as the most recent letters are saying that someone will knock on their door and demand the money!!!! Can they do this? What can i do? I have followed some of your advice by not contacting these agencys but i do not know what the best thing to do is. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  13. Id been paying 1st Cred a token gesture for years as they bullied me into making payments even though they failed to respond to a CCA request. I forgot all about it until recently when i changed banks and didnt update my new bank with the standing order - This didnt slip by 1st Cred and they promptly sent me a letter stating that if i dont pay nearly 500pcm for the next 6 months to pay off the debt they will issue a Stat Demand via Connaught - this I can not afford. Their letter states that the debt was from 2004, so i sentt hem a CCA request (actions without thinking first). I dont for a minute believe that they will have any credit agreement, but where do I stand with having made payments for years and what use will my CCA request have for such an old debt ? thanks G
  14. Hi, I found this site whilst searching for help on Google and it seems that there have been quite a few cases with people in similar circumstances to myself so i'm hoping someone might have some advice for me. My girlfriend purchased a car back in January 2013 from a garage in Birmingham (we live in Wales). We had a phone call on Thursday from Mobile Money Ltd informing her that they were the rightful owners of the car. They explained that a logbook loan had been taken out on the car by the previous owner (not the garage who have never been listed as the owner on the logbook) and that they were now pursuing the car as the previous owner had defaulted on the repayments. We purchased the car in "good faith" from the garage and did not expect to be purchasing a vehicle with outstanding finance. We actually did a basic HPI check that revealed no outstanding finance on the car. (We used one of the text messaging services). Having purchased the car in cash she continued to use the car believing to be the rightful owner. We have since tried to contact the garage by telephone but could not get through which lead us to believe that something wasn't right. We took a trip to Birmingham on Saturday to find that the garage had gone into liquidation and was no longer operating. There is £2200 outstanding on the loan with Mobile Money Ltd so we're not prepared to settle given that we have spend £3000 on purchasing the car already and almost £500 on repairs with 4 new tyres, etc. My girlfriend contacted citizens advice on Thursday but they didn't really help with anything. I have now spoken with them today and they have refered the matter to my local trading standards office but may take up to 5 days to respond. I could really do with some help or advice from anyone who knows anything about these companies and how to challenge them.
  15. Short and sweet this one... I get Equifax credit file alerts (by the way if you don't have these...sign up for the free 30 day trial with Equifax...cancel it day 27/28 to avoid being charged £10 per month...Equifax will the persuade you to stay with them and drop it from £10 per month to £3 per month - bargain!) and one popped up recently from O2. O2 - Mobile phone account - Query Outstanding What the heck is a Query Outstanding? The account is in fine form, no payments late etc. It's not a default or Arrangement to Pay...so what is it? I'll be writing to O2 tomorrow to have it removed, naturally, but I'm intrigued! Thanks
  16. Are these separate in the eyes of the Local Authority ? In requesting a response from the local authority over a PCN, I am up against a time limit where they could shortly go for a charge certificate, and my suspicion is then issue an execution of warrant immediately afterwards. I have requested detail over the original PCN twice without a response that covers the actual circumstances, the LA have simply replied that I have contravened something on their long list of regulations and must pay. Obviously I would like to hold out until they do provide an answer that relates to a line including a mitigating circumstance, but the charge certificate will add another 50% to the money they claim I owe them. A charging certificate appears to have no financial risk to the LA, but can they legally terminate any future communication based on the issuing of one ?
  17. Hello everyone, I am new to this site today and am hoping someone on here can help me. I started receiving text messages from a company called Mackenzie Hall about two weeks ago. I ignored the texts as I assumed they were spam but two days ago I received a letter from them as follows: "We are attempting to contact the above named person regarding a personal matter. We have been provided your address as being the possible residential details for our subject. Therefore if you are the person named above, then please contact our office immediately on telephone number 0844 411 5655 quoting the above reference number, whereupon further detailed information can be provided." I Google'd this company and discovered they were a debt collection agency who deal in very old debts and are generally not very nice people to deal with. I have absolutely no idea what this debt is as in 2007 I had a massive brain haemorrhage and have virtually zero memory of my life before that date, so I went to the local CAB today who advised me to write a Without Prejudice letter to them asking what the claim is for etc. I am not very good with things like this so was hoping someone on here would be able to help me write this Without Prejudice letter so I can send it to these people recorded delivery and find out what the heck it is all about. I have made no contact with Mackenzie Hall as yet. I do not want them sending me anymore text messages or phoning my house phone and leaving automated messages which they have also started doing. Yes I do feel a bit harrassed by them and quite frankly it's causing me lots of headaches which, after having a brain haemorrhage I could do without! Any help from you wonderful people would be extremely appreciated Thank you in advance x
  18. My Situation: I wanted to be a part time motor trader so I started a business registered with hmrc and got some motor trade insurance. I sold my car for the capital and bought a cheaper car to run around in off ebay. It turns out that this car has outstanding finance when I did a HPi check. I didn't do the check before I bought the vehicle as the advert said it was HPi clear. I contacted the finance company (Black Horse)stated on the HPi check and they informed me that they do hold title of the car due to there being outstanding finance on the vehicle. They asked me to fill in a questionaire to determine whether or not I was an innocent purchaser. I filled out the questionaire honestly. There was a question on there asking if I had anything to do with the motor trade and I said YES. I then received a letter saying that due to me being involved in the motor trade I was not an innocent purchaser and I should have known. After some time I then received a letter from the finance company saying they want £3600 or they will repossess the car in 14 days. I called them up again and explained the situation and it turns out they had lost all of the info I had given them and I would need to fill out another questionaire which they will send out to me in the post. This never came. I called up 3 more times and each time the questionanire never came. I then called and asked for more information and asked to speak to the legal department. The telephone operator said I could not speak them but he will do for me in which the reply was "I was not an interest to them and that the car would not be repossessed and will stay in my possession. They are currently persuing payment from the person named on the hire purchase agreement". Although this eases my mind that the car will not be snatched back and that I don't have to pay anything the car still belongs to the finance company and is still registered on the HPi database until the person I bought the car off pays his debt. I believe that this person has not paid anything off of the original debt and it is possible that he never will. Should I hire a solicitor to see if I can get anywhere with this? Would a solicitor be able to do anything about this? Or I am just doomed to keep hold of this car forever? I would be grateful to hear anyones stories or advice that they have to offer. Thanks Matt
  19. I bought a car a year ago from a dealer in Bradford, did the basic HPI check and it came out clear. However, this was my first car and I had no experience in buying cars. I tried to be as cautious as possible and went for the basic HPI check which did not show outstanding finance. a year later I'm selling my car, a fter spending £80 on advertising I get a call from an interested buyer. He's about to come to buy my car, when he calls me and says there is outstanding finance on the vehicle. I quickly went to do an HPI check (the more expensive option) and find out this for the first time. I call up mycarcheck and they give me the number for the finance company. I called them up and they confirmed this and they said they will send a letter to the previous owner who owes them money. I called up the dealer and he said this was the first time he'd heard of this. He did the same basic HPI check as mine when he took the car for a part exchange. Now I'm stuck in the situation where I've already bought another car after borrowing from friends, convinced at the fact that my car was gonna sell so I could pay them back. Then I suddenly find out about this? I've never felt so depressed in my life, knowing that the finance company could come and take my car away. This could never have come at a worse time, I'm a student studying engineering, and have coursework deadlines and exams in the coming weeks. I can't spend time and money getting legal advice. Would really appreciate it if anyone could offer any advice.
  20. I bought a used car a month ago from a dealer. Two weeks later they went into administration. I got suspicious and did a full hpi check on the car and it turns out it has an existing finance agreement. Finance Company: SANTANDER CONSUMER (UK) PLC Contact number: 0871 2004150 Agreement number: xxxxxxx Agreeement type: Conditional Sale should I contact santander to ask about this or will that be drawing too much attention to myself ? Can they legally take the car away ? please advice.
  21. I live in my late parents’ house and I’m mortgage free. My parents took out an equity release loan on the house for around £15,000, repayable on the death of the surviving partner. Interest wasn’t charged but the final sum due takes a percentage (33%?) of the appreciated value of the property (plus the original £15,000). The last survivor died around four years ago. I have not informed the lender. I am 55 years old and self-employed. I cannot afford to pay off what may be due , and I’m worried. What is the position? Thank you in anticipation.
  22. Hi, I spent over an hour looking through various posts on this subject and there doesn't appear to be a definitive answer as to whether lenders can see table 1 searches on Equifax credit reports which relate to 'outstanding debt'. I have a couple from earlier in the year - at previous addresses - though Robinson Way checked on my current address on the same date as an 'oustanding debt' footprint but it is classed as 'unclassified' and in table 2. Confusing. Anyway, my view is that the table 1 'oustanding debt' searches are not viewable to lenders. Even though I have a default registered by Lowell on my equifax report, I recently opened a first direct account and then a gold card for which they only searched Equifax. When they told me on the phone that they were going to do this I thought the application would be rejected but the advisor came back on and said they were "more than happy" about offering me a gold card with a £3k limit. Bearing in mind there are 5 outstanding table 1 footprints that first direct could have viewed, and with their rep for being very fussy about customers, I can only assume that these searches are not viewable - as Equifax says?
  23. Good evening. I don't normally ask for advice on things, but I've been reading this site for a while and it seems there is some truly excellent information on here. I have many PDL outstanding at the moment with companies including; Minicredit, TXTLoan, Payday Express, Lending Stream, Wonga, QuickQuid, Mr. Lender, Money Shop, Provident and Greenwoods. I was keeping good payments on Greenwoods and Provident until I lost a months earnings due to my car exploding (quite literally) and causing damage to somebodys property. My insurance excess was excess was massive, so I used my wages thinking I'd get my cars value back. I didn't. I took out PDL's to subsidise getting a new car, food, water etc for the month and was paying Wonga and QQ perfectly each time. I then got into such a hole with Wonga to the tune of 1250 which was at the time, my full wage. I sent them packing with a £50 pcm payment plan and QQ didn't get a penny. I went on and got suspended from work for 3 weeks w/o pay and had to relocate to Cambridge to continue working. That cost me a fortune and over Christmas I ended up taking out the other PDL's which I'm now struggling to afford having flown the nest. Various companies have been calling my emergency control contact centre at work which is a private number that we're given and told not to share. I never gave them these numbers. They've got hold of my mothers phone number, even though I've rung each one and told them to cut it out... And even the tenant of my mothers rented property (I've NEVER disclosed that number to a company). I'm really struggling as it is, and currently have about £60 spare per month once rent, fuel and bills is taken care of. I called pay plan who were the most pleasant people on earth, but I lost all the documentation when my new motor was broken into and now I don't want to seem like a time waster when I ring them with even more debt. I've e-mailed TXTLoan telling them my situation, they just send a generic response back. Wonga keep sending me F&F settlements of the amount + 1 Month Interest but I can't afford £800. QQ have got their DCA onto it at £450 Greenwoods... This is a joke, the agent begged me to take the loan out as it would make her figures look good and now I can't afford to pay her. Provident, I paid up until I moved when I was told there was no agent locally to take payment. All the others, just keep ringing and getting told to e-mail or write to me. What do I do?
  24. Hi I am hoping for a bit of advice i have an outstanding debt with Vodafone i tried to come to an arrangement with them to repay monthly to no avail i have now had emails from Capital Credit Management demanding full payment i have tried once again to set up a monthly payment plan but these are being ignored and they keep stating a doorstep collection officer will soon be visiting me
  25. Hello, I purchased a car in 2007 for £5450 and with interest the oustanding balance was 11350 according to the finance documents issued by Private and Commercial Finance Company Ltd of London. In 2011 the car was repossessed by their agent and sold at market. I have since received a statement from PCF that shows the payments made and subsequent sale of the car amounts to 13000 +. I havespoken to them on the telephone informing them on numerous occasions that I was out of work due to a leg injuryand since written to them stating that I am now no longer working and in receipt of the State Pension as my only income. Today 10/07/2012 I received the following letter. Mr. X. XXXXXX Address URGENT RESPONSE REQUIRED Dear Mr XXXXXX Re: Private and Commercial Finance Company Ltd and Yourself(ves) Agreement No: XXXXX Outstanding Liability: £3917.83 We refer to the above matter and note that we have recieved no payment from you since 17/04/2012 This is your final opportunity to contact us with proposal;s to clear your balance Should we not hear from you by 13/07/2012, we shall instruct our solicitors to obtain a charge against your property. This means that a County Court Judgement will be registered against you which may result in enforcement and sale of your property If you wish to avoid this action contact us asap. Signed Sanjay SHah Also attached is a printout from Ooplah giving the value of my house. All I can say about that is thanks didn't realise the house was so valuable Any help would be acceptable Keltyboy
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