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  1. I have a Very account and my wife's uncle asked me if he could purchase a £700 fridge freezer which he then sold without my knowledge for £250. When I found out I wasnt best happy and he told me it was none of my business so long as I got paid it would be OK and then asked me if he could order another £1000 worth of stuff which I point blank refused. Since then he has not been making monthly payments he agreed and making an excuse everytime but now it is coming upto the end of the 12 months interest free credit period so I've told him it needs to be paid or I will be placed in a debt I can not afford. I made sure that I used messenger so that I could get a copy of what he has to say. To which he said pass on his details to Very and they will collect it from him, unfortunately I know this is not true because this a personal credit agreement between me and Very and I am liable but since I knew he had moved address 3 months ago I needed his new address so played along with him. I asked him for his address and he messaged me back to tell me and gave me his old address from 3 months ago. As I have said I know that I am personally liable for the debt and am having to borrow money to pay more than he actually made, what I want to know is can I have him arrested and charged with selling goods that were not paid for and still have outstanding HP on and also the fact that he was giving me false information in order to dupe myself and Very ? And what legal channels can I follow to claim this money back I have also received threatening messages for asking for the money to be paid .
  2. Our property got repossessed by Cheshire mortgages and after complaining to the ombudsman regarding the way it happened ombudsman said is an issue that they will not get involved and has to be resolved in court basically. After that we got a call from Cheshire saying they sold the flat and there are several thousands of pounds outstanding but they were willing to work with us and lower the amount to 168 pounds. We told them that we found it strange that they repossessed the property for less money than that (and refusing to accept any settlement offer from us) and now they were willing to write off double that amount. He kept asking if we are planning to take them to court we said we haven't thought about it yet and that we wanted a full statement of the account and a formal letter with the redemption figure and how they arrived to that amount. For a few months they kept saying they send it to us we received nothing we told them that they kept saying they will send it again. Three weeks ago I called them again they said they needed to ask the team that deals with this to re issue a figure because our previous one expired. And that in 5 days we will get a letter. Today I called them to ask for the documents again and I said o received nothing. The lady on the phone said we owe nothing and the account is closed. I asked if we will receive a statement and a letter confirming that she said no. Are all the above normal practices? Anybody who knows more than us maybe can enlighten us? Thanks
  3. I’d really appreciate some advice on this matter. Briefly – a debt has been transferred to a debt collection solicitor and the outstanding amount has suspiciously skyrocketed. I’ve been paying off a long-standing debt to a firm of solicitors/debt collectors called HL Interactive. They were managing this debt on behalf of Royal Bank of Scotland, though the joint mortgage was originally taken out in 1990 and I have none of the original documentation, and cannot even remember the name of the lender (it was a French name, taken out through Prudential). Last year the balance on this account, which I have never disputed, was approximately £6,000. I have a letter from HL dated June 2013 confirming this. I have been making payments to HL for years via direct debit and have had no dispute or hassle from them. Last week I received two letters in the same envelope. One is from RBS saying that management of this debt has now been transferred to a firm called drydensfairfax, to whom all queries should now be directed. They enclosed a letter from drydensfairfax themselves, and this is the one that worries me. According to them, I owe over £16,000. While I have never denied the debt, I do not know where this amount has come from and what powers they have. I am certainly not going to phone them at this stage, especially since I was brought to these forums by googling their name. Is it possible that there is small print somewhere that says my debt (£6000 or so in 2013) can now be inflated to £16,000+ and that I have to pay it? Should I now engage the services of a solicitor? Any advice is welcome.
  4. Can anyone tell me at what frequency a bank is required to issue statements? I have a considerable secured debt with Lloyds to which they are applying a ridiculous amount of interest. I currently have no notion as to the amount now owed as they do not send me statements. the last I had was 18 months ago? Can anyone help ?
  5. I have an outstanding debt which was as a result of a default in 2012. Over the past 6 months or so I have been in a position to start paying off outstanding debts. The debt in question was being handled by 1st Credit and I had correspondence from them in Oct 2014 advising me the outstanding balance was £2964.73. I wrote to them in January asking them to advise me of an amount which they would accept as full and final payment on this debt (I have already done this with a couple of other debtors and successfully repaid the debt). I heard nothing and wrote again in Feb. I still heard nothing but in April got an advice that the court had transfered the handling of the case from one court to another geographically. I then sent a further letter on 20th April cc'ing the court in again asking what they would take as full payment of the debt. Last week I had a knock at my partner's door from APS Delivery but I was not home. From using this site I established that they may have something to do with the above debt I phoned them and checked and eventually managed to get them to confirm that they were acting for a company called IND who were acting on behalf of 1st Credit. I advised them that I would not accept their delivery as I was already corresponding with 1st Credit and I also phoned the courts to advise them verbally and to confirm they had received my letter of 20th April. I then phoned 1st Credit who confirmed receipt of my letter of 20th April and said they would look into it. The next day they called me back to say that IND were now dealing with it. Then on Friday I received a letter from IND advising me that they would require the full balance to settle the debt (I half expected this given the above so was willing to pay the £2964.73 at this stage) but on checking the statement attached they have added interest and other court costs and are saying I need to pay £4192.41 to clear the debt. Can anyone advise me of the validity of this and it I can do anything about the sudden increase in amount? I wondered if the county court would have a set amount recorded as example which would offer me protection against this increase? Any help would be grateful appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi Everyone I have an account on my credit file for British Gas which shows a balance of £900 for a property I resided at in 2012. I have written to British Gas to request information relating to the account and to set up a repayment plan. British Gas are reluctant to provide any information relating to the account or balance and referred me to Past Due Credit solutions informing me they are managing the account. When I contacted PDC they informed me the account was closed and the were no longer handling it. Again I referred this info back to British Gas where my complaint was escalated to "Tier 3" after a lengthy discussion I was informed the account was reopened with PDC and to contact them for repayment. However again PDC has informed me they are not handling the account and it is closed with them Where do I stand with this? British Gas continue to have a negative affect on my credit file with monthly updates yet refuse to allow me to make a payment to the account, any advice on what to do next. Thanks
  7. Hi all, My girlfriend has today purchased a car and completed an HPI check after paying the full amount (yes I know not great...) the HPI check shows that there is outstanding PCP finance from when the car was originally built. I spoke to the garage (Lookers Used Cars in Bristol) and they have assured me that they will get this removed and that the HPI check will be clear. They also mentioned that they "put" 3 months of finance on to the car when it is purchased and this has been removed. Can someone just confirm if this is correct? How could a garage end up with a car in 2015 when the HPI check shows the finance is outstanding from 2012? I would expect them to have access to Experian or something silimar so that they can run checks on when purchasing the car from the individual? Also, the V5 (and HPI) checks show 0 previous owners and it still has the ladys name and address who would have brought the car in originally. Is this correct? Thanks, yokkers.
  8. Hi Guys Hoping someone will be able to help me with this Can my old employer give me P45 without first paying my outstanding salaries Regards Jan
  9. For a few years now I have been burying my head in the sand over my debts and have decided now I need to deal with them as they are looming over me like a dark cloud. My situation is: Housing: Tenant/rented accommodation Income: ESA/DLA I have been contemplating bankruptcy for a while but the stigma and shame is holding me back. I have a breakdown of my debts: Mortgage express-£64,000 (This is the main reason for this thread) Mail order-£1400 (no payment plan in place) Mobile phone-£209 (no payment plan) Credit cards Vanquis credit card-£195 (pay £1 pcm) Link financial (Barclaycard)-£1950 (pay £1 pcm) Tesco credit card-£2400 (pay £1 pcm) Egg (now Barclaycard)-£5100 (pay £1 pcm) Capital One-£451 (pay £1 pcm) I am thinking of writing to all my credit card companies and request they write off these debts where I have been paying £1 pcm to each of them for approx. 4 years now, what is the likelihood of them executing this request? I am thinking of the same action with the mobile phone debt and mail order. I cannot agree to a payment plan as I simply do not have any surplus income. If they refuse, do I set up a £1 token payment plan like the credit cards? With regards to the mortgage shortfall, this has been on my file for approx. 3.5 years and I haven't had the chance to dispute this amount (I had a buyer that the mortgage company refused to sell to as I would not sign an "acknowledgement" of the "£64k" alleged debt). If they had accepted the buyer, then this debt would have been approx. £18k, but they decided to proceed with the repossession (negative equity) and this resulted in this amount. They have written to me a handful of times over the last 3.5 years but no action via the court as yet. As I want to deal with my credit file, would it be wise to instigate communications with them so this can be settled via the court?
  10. Hi I'm new to the forum and the reason I am posting here is to seek advice regarding a rather large debt accumulated in Cyprus, which was originally taken out as a student loan. The debt in question is in the region of £40,000 and has already been restructured once, with an interest rate still being charged on it (close on 10%.) The loan is secured to my knowledge with a property, and the lender also insists on myself and the other two creditors (parents) taking out life insurance from a Cypriot insurer, which is very costly. What options are there available to me, as a British citizen, to deal with this debt (e.g. via a consolidation or the equivalent of an IVA), seeing as the bank is inflexible on payment reductions and I may be changing jobs in the near future, which will considerably reduce my income? I want to avoid bankruptcy due to the property tied to the loan and the fact that I work in the financial services sector, where it can be a kiss of death in terms of employment opportunities; I also believe it'd make renting property here harder? Any assistance on the topic would be appreciated. If it is of any help I am a British citizen but also possess Cypriot citizenship.
  11. Hi I hope someone can help on where to start our secured loan has just finished and we made our last payment on 1st April 15, 120 payments later thinking loan was paid off, we had difficulties in the past been made redundant and business venture not working, we got into arrears these have all been paid back within the term of the loan. We claimed our PPi misselling back a few years ago direct with Ge they offered us £8000 but our arrears was £3000 roughly so they took that amount of the payment and sent us the remainder. Now we have received a letter stating that they want £2299.45 by the 9th may for outstanding fees and interest on a sub account this was a secured loan and I have asked if this balance is held on the property to which I got a reply we will have to check with our solicitor. I'm hoping someone can advise on where to start either get the ball rolling on not paying these fees? or will they take me to court over them even though I have kept to the original agreement of 120 x £??? and loan paid of within set timescale do you think I should do an SAR ? and ask them to freeze intrest until I get reply I don't know where to go. the original loan value was £15000 over 120 payments
  12. Hi I took out a contract with buymobiles.net in 2012 for a Samsung galaxy note on o2, I ended that contract early in June 2013 to get a new contract from them of a Sony xperia Z with 3. Yesterday (21 months after the contract was paid to o2 and cancelled) I had a letter from Burlington debt collection about an outstanding amount of £447 for the Samsung galaxy note, I have never had any other correspondence from buybmobiles.net or a1comms regarding this. I assumed that since I had paid o2 the remaining months for early termination that was the matter settled. I have tried to speak to buymobiles.net but as far as they are concerned I need to deal with the debt collection agency, the debt colelction wont change the amount for the handset and as far as they are concerned they want £447 from me and that's the amount I have to clear Is it worth speaking to CAB about this or am I up the creek without a paddle? Any suggestions as i am loathe to paying this amount for a handset that is now worth about £100 at most brand new any advice would be grateful
  13. Hi Everyone, I am in need of some advice. My mum received a letter from ANPR Titled Outstanding Parking Notice. Basically an invoice stating that 1 the early bird discount of 50% had expired 2 Parking charge notice cost £100 3 DVLA contact £40 4 county court summons £70 5 Judgment enforcement officers cost £135 per visit but if she pays now it will cost £100. The thing is this is the first she has heard anything about it. she has had no PCN on her car or through the post, no reminders, no notice to keeper. NOTHING The letter is dated the 6/1/2015 and the date in question is the 13/11/2014. i have been researching all night and to my understanding they should have obtained the keepers info from the DVLA ASAP and contacted her within 14 days of that date. which they didn't as she didn't get anything, but how can she prove this? the letter states that the vehicle "was parked in direct contravention to this companies wishes, therefore we have on the 13/11/2014 at 13:08:00 in the area (Shopping Centre) issued a Parking Charge Notice for damages incurred whilst the driver trespassed on land under our control. the incident was photographed" and some other verbal diarrhoea Does any one know if the letter she has received got time limits on as all the other stuff e.g. PCN and Notice to keeper has not been received so i don't no were to go from here or what to put in an Appeals letter. I should note that when she received this letter she phone the number (Without speaking to me 1st as i would have told her not to) and they said she owes £100 and they have photo evidence of her disabled badge and clock reading 14:00 when it was only 13:08 which is why they are charging her which is utter [naughty word] as she always checks to make sure. SO SORRY for the long essay. Please help. Thanks: )
  14. Hi People, hope somebody can give me some advice what to do. I used to live in the Uk for 3 years. Now I'm back in my home country since 5 months in the EU. My old flatmate has send me a Letter from Marston over. Were they claim I owe HMCTS ..... more than 600BPF! He hasn't informed them where I live and will not do so. Only 2 Client ref. Numbers are on the letter nothing more! Not for what they charge me! (what could that be any thoughts?) I'm normal the sort of guy who always payed his bills. I never received a warning or any thing for a missing payment. Letter says: We are in possession of a Magistrates Court Order as a consequence of non payment of the above fine. Your residence at the above address has been identified by Marston Groups... That i have failed to pay the previous fine... (never got any letter befor) They can take my belongings and may increase the costs... (I got nothing left in the UK^^) So they've got no clue where I live. I'm not sure if i should contact them. But it buggers me because I want to know what they claim "I haven't paid". Other wise I don't want to raise the bill higher and higher and maby need to pay the high amount in the end! Contact them or let them think I got no clue about all this. I really don't know what to do, every advice or any thoughts I'm very thankful for.
  15. I received a CCJ for £400 from Bryan Carter in January 2008 that I have almost paid in full now. The actual debt was £8,000 and reading through these forums, I am already anticipating the 2nd CCJ for the same debt. I've read a lot about how this is against the county court rules - is there a definitive wording to put when you contact the courts to make sure it gets set aside? It seems like so many people have this issue, it may be good to get a template together for it. Also, if this hypothetical CCJ is set aside after they try to chase me for £7,600 - what is the status of the debt then? 1. Can they still chase me privately? 2. How does this debt go on my credit file? (will it be a new debt entry for £7,600 with no default date - or will it go back on the original account, which defaulted in January 2007?) Any help / advice appreciaed, thank you!
  16. When hubby and I met almost 10 years ago I knew he came with a little baggage which was in the shape of some outstanding debt he had relating to a property he'd had repossessed. This included a £7k shortfall following the sale and an outstanding secured (against the house) loan with WFS (from memory he seems to think it was around £8k) We've had a few letters on and off over the time then a couple of CCJs during what was a very difficult time. I know an attachment of earning order was set up and he was paying direct from his wages for about a year during 2012/2013 maybe (I can't remember exactly) then he changed job and we failed to notify and have never heard anything since. We are currently working with StepChange to get things resolved and upon checking the credit report TWO CCJs appear - one for £46k issued March 2009 and one for £35k issued February 2009 both for WFS. I've initially requested copies of the CCJs but don't have any clue what to do from here. Thank you in advance
  17. Hello, I wonder if anyone has been in a similar situation to myself. In April 2012 I started up a business with a friend. As he had traded as a sole trader before and experience of HMRC he became the nominated partner to do the business tax returns. Just as the 2012/13 tax return deadline date approached, he advised me that he wanted to stop trading and we agreed to wind up the business. During 2013 I had been assured that he had dealt with the 2012/13 tax returns, but that there was some problem with getting the right software and by May 2014 it was clear this had not been done. As he has all the accounts, I trusted him when he said he would resolve the issue. I have now received letters from HMRC since September 2014 stating that each partner is being fined for not filing the tax returns. My ex-business partner apologised and said he would get it done, it still hasn't been done and now the deadline date for the 2013/14 return is fast approaching. I have written to HMRC and called countless times, but all I get told is that the person dealing with it is someone I can't speak to. If any is able to give any advise on their experiences on how long this could go on for I would appreciate it. I am so annoyed that I trusted my friend who has let me down so badly and wont even respond to my messages or texts. Thanks
  18. Hi guys, This may sound like a silly question, but, I have come into a small amount of money, and wish to pay off some of my smaller outstanding debt balances, £120 here, £210 there etc. Having several creditors, and therefore several DCA representing them, I would prefer to make payment direct to the original creditor as opposed to the DCA. Does anyone have any idea of the best way of doing this? I don't want to phone them, and then make payment over the phone. I'd prefer to do this in writing. So could I just write to the original creditor and say, I want to settle the debt, provide me with a giro slip? :/ Or should I go about this differently? I want to make sure the debt is firmly settled, and that my credit file is marked as satisfied etc. Appreciate your thoughts!
  19. Hi All, Hoping you can help. A couple of years ago I got in a mess with payday loans, all were paid off via step change last November. However CFO lending and Payday Express are still causing me a headache. Payday express show a default with an outstanding balance of £645.00 and CFO lending are showing as satisfactory but with an outstanding balance of £645.00 - I have tried calling and emailing both companies to get this resolve but I am getting no response whatsoever. Is there anything I can do about this??? Thanks in advance
  20. Hi All, This seems to be a bit of a complex one to me but hoping you guys can clear up what steps to take next if any. Purchased a BMW from a private seller 2 months ago also in Scotland for market value at £5600 and paid cash. The ad was on auto trader and as such I did a mobile car check to make sure it was not stolen or writen off etc. The seller had owned the car for over 3 years after purchasing it from someone down south in England near Carlisle in I believe 2011 from documentation. It was owned by that person in Carlile for what appears to be just under 2 years. Today I received a letter from a Company called Billing Finance Ltd stating. "Dear Sir BMW Registration *My REG* ("The Vehicle") We are the owners of the Vehicle, which is subject to a hire purchase agreement. The Finance outstanding on the Vehicle has not been settled. It has come to our attention that you have recently been registered as the the keeper of the vehicle on June 2014. In order that we can fully review our position in respect of the Vehicle, I enclose a new keeper questionnaire. Please complete the questionnaire and return it to us together with proof of your purchase of the vehicle within 7 days of the date of this letter, failing which the Vehicle will be recovered without further notice. In the meantime whilst we conduct further enquiries, we have the title to the Vehicle and all of our rights remain expressly reserved. You must not dispose of the vehicle and you must keep it safe and insured and within your possession. If you dispose of the Vehicle at this stage then you may be liable to us for conversion. " It then has several pages asking for basically all my personal details such as. My name and address, my employers name and address, Payslips, bank slips, All the purchase details of the vehicle, if I sold my other vehicle to pay for it who did I sell it to and how much and that persons name and address and proof of sale. If I used finance to pay for it who from and copies of agreements. Now what gets me is that I then done a HPi check costing 20 quid and it does indeed show Finance as Below. Outstanding finance Recorded against VRM and VIN Description BMW Date /2008 - Full date here Finance house BILLING FINANCE LTD Finance house telephone 01604 402204 Agreement reference ******** - Agreement number was here Agreement type Hire Purchase The lender owns the vehicle until the loan is fully repaid, including the final 'Option to Purchase' fee. So I phoned the previously seller he was very helpful and claimed he done a HPI check when he bought it and will send this on Wednesday as he's on Holiday (we shall see) but he has not heard a peep from them in 3 years and new nothing about it. I do want to believe him and he has poured thousands over the 3 years to keep the car running as its not a cheap car. So what do I do now. The letter was not sent recorded. Can they legally just come up into Scotland to someone who is the 3rd or 4th owner of the car since the finance and just take it? Will I be liable for the finance? OR do I try and take the person I bought it from to court? Really confused on what to do and not sure if I should contact the finance company they have a really bad reputation from a google search. HELP
  21. Hi, I really need some advice. I am ashamed to say that I have 3 defaults on my credit profile due to taking out credit when I was younger that I could not pay back for 2 0f the debts are over 6 years old and 1 5 years. I am now in a position where I can start paying back some money. I would like to know whether once I have paid back all of the money will I be able to get the defaults removed from profile or will the default stay on my account 6 years after I have paid the outstanding balance. I did try to appeal one of the outstanding amounts previously as I have a balance off 25 pounds which Littlewoods added over 100 pounds of charges too but they would not take the charges off. Also any advice on how to improve my credit rating would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance
  22. Hi there, I need some advice regarding an outstanding bill we have received, there is no explanation of what these outstanding charges are for apart from a sum of £48.70, we are on a key meter at the minute so we can control our usage better and avoid bills piling up, we have no previous debt on the meter and are not in a contract yet when we decided to switch to a new supplier amazingly this debt was sudden raised how is this possible, the excuse we were told was to do with price fluctuations or something but how is this our fault. we pay what they charge at the time via our top up key at a paypoint, we have people collecting meter readings and so on, we are still currently using the Scottish power meter key to top up our electricity, We forgot to send off our meter reading to our new supplier when we switched I believe we have left it to late now, our account with Scottish power is now closed. They phoned us regarding the charges and I refused to pay them for these charges as there was no explanation for them, they also told me that my account was closed. We were told recently after yet another call they would now re-evaluate the charges by contacting our new supplier and calculating it from current meter reading. In my opinion charges like this are disgusting and dishonest this is the exact reason people use a (pay as you) go pre-payment meter to avoid sudden bills like this Sorry about the Rant I am just annoyed as i could do with out this at the minute. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Steve.
  23. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help. Last August, I was rung by The AA my insurance company and informed that a 3rd party had alleged that I had driven into their parked car in our cul-de-sac and then driven off having caused damage to their car. The 3rd party also had an independent witness to the incident. After they mentioned the car in question, I knew the house that had made the claim and also realised that the 3rd party and the independent witness were at the same address! I knew that this incident had not occurred and that essentially they were trying to find a cheap way to replace their battered old car (which incidentally has not been replaced and is still full of dents and scratches all over it) I told the insurance company that no such incident had taken place. They sent out an independent investigator who looked at my car and verbally agreed he could see no damage. I then heard nothing more until I received my astronomical renewal quote. I then contacted The AA and they said it was because the claim was still outstanding on my file. They woman I spoke to assured me that they would do their best to get it closed asap. My question is essentially: What can I do? The insurance is due for renewal at the end of this month and unless this is resolved by then, I guess I could be held to ransom to renew at this eyewatering figure? It all seems very unfair and as I hear nothing more since last August, I thought the matter had been resolved and the AA had realised that this was a [problem]. Any advice would be most welcome Thanks
  24. Hi, I currently have outstanding loans with all 3 companies, and am in a position to finally pay them. I think I have previously given each company the right to attempt to take the outstanding amount out of my current bank account, but have not had the funds available, which I now will have in a few days or so. I was just wondering what I should be looking to repay (I have had these loans for about a year now so expect the interest to be high), I was just wondering what are the next steps that I should take before paying off the loans. Any help will be appreciated.
  25. I purchased a vehicle about 8 months ago from a private seller. It was a good deal but not a bargain. We starting communicating with the seller via the eBay advert and then proceeded to the sale take a large amount of cash with us which once viewed, proceeded to the clients bank and deposited it into her account. I did question about any finance at the time but the person seemed very trust worthy, had owned the vehicle for about 1 yr and advised their was a small amount of finance on the car but was paid off.... I didn't see any reason not to believe. Anyhow, from trying to later trade the vehicle in we were advised about the finance. We contacted VW Financial services would then referred the communications to their acting solicitor who over a period of time asked us to complete a questionnaire and fired many a emails forwards and backwards asking many questions. They have been unable to communicate with the original owner who took the finance out.... They have now come back to us stating they don't feel we have purchased the vehicle in good faith and therefore have advised we need to return the vehicle back to their client VW, giving us 7 days to do so... Can anyone please help.... We're set to lose £16,000 pounds
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