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Found 13 results

  1. I received a phone call today from my previous council, the gentleman said he called me with regards to my very old address dating back to 1999-2004. I was a student then and found the flat through a normal Estate Agents, signed the Tenancy Agreement and moved in. Today, 2017, four children later I get a phone call from the council enforcement team informing me that I owe over £4000.00 in BUSINESS RATES. I was never informed that it was an "office" I was living in and to my total amazement they even took to me to court and I have a liability order from 2005. This is approx a year after moving out. I wasn't the only tenant, there was a gentleman above me in another flat and they built yet another flat in the loft when I moved out. My flat had a bathroom with a bath and a kitchen and looked nothing like an office. My LL at the time informed me that I wouldn't have to pay council as I was a student and it would have been included anyway. The gentleman from the council informed me that I am 100% liable and even though landlord or estate agent deceived me. I am in total shock and feel that I have no choice other than to start to pay this huge amount. There weren't any letters chasing the so called Business Rates throughout my time there and all correspondence from Landlord stated My name, then, First Floor Flat, 33 So-called Road and Postcode. Unfortunately I don't have more than 3 letters after that many years and I feel well and truly confused. The man also informed me that their records only go back 7 years so they will not be able to investigate nor look further into it as "the Law of the Land" (his words) has already decided that I am liable. Does anyone know why landlords would do this? What do I do? I have 7 days to respond Please advice or wake me up from this nightmare :frosty: Please let me know if I need to post this in another section, unsure and new to this.
  2. My situation is my last and only statement I hold regarding this account is 16/10 2009... Since then it has bounced around various places (sold on)... Bramber Debt Recovery 6/4/14 offered 40% discount Marlin wrote 5/8/2014 saying passed on to Ruthbridge I wrote to Credit Security Ltd 23/6/11 explaining I was on JSA and had my house repossessed in 2010 so no belongings. Last week I rang M&S and asked where this debt was... they said Cabot. I know I sent a £1 payment to some of my debt holders at some point over the last 6 years but I have only a few records of who and when. I don't have anymore records of dealing with M&S. I would be really grateful if someone could help me out ... I know there was a lot of late payment history on this account. What should be my next step?
  3. Hi all, I am currently residing overseas and am soon to be moving back to the UK. I struggled with managing my finances when I lived in the UK and regrettably left some debts behind, however I'm now in the position to pay these off (either fully or for reduced amounts). The debts are around 8 years old so they have completely dropped off my credit history in the UK. I have a blank credit record. The DCA/banks have stated that if I pay these off they will mark the credit record entry as 'settled'. What I want to know is, if I pay these off, will the DCA/bank be putting a new entry on my credit record or would they simply attempt to 'update' the existing entry (which is no longer there). My concern is that if they add a new entry then it may look bad when applying for credit in the future, as it might point out to anyone looking that the related debt is very old and therefore obviously defaulted at some point. My other question is, would HSBC (for example) have me on a 'blacklist' of some kind, to avoid lending to me in the future, or is it all credit report based? PS the debts are reasonably small and not statute barred as I maintained token payments during my time away. Any thoughts on this ? Many thanks
  4. Hi All Excuse my user name it was all I could think of. I have just had a CCJ through in the name of my son. He took a bank loan to pay a tax bill and then didn't pay it back.. He has not lived here for 12 years. I have told MKDP on numerous occasions and sent back correspondence to them. They always said they would remove this address from the database and I wouldn't hear anymore. The debt is more that 6 years ago and he did not make any payments. I phoned the court who told me the debt date is 2010. This is not possible and I can't understand how they MKDP have come up with this date. It is definitely wrong and no payments have been made in over 6 years. Can they do this? Will the CCJ show on my address/on his credit file for the next 6 years? If they have 2010 as the date will it go from then even tho that date is wrong. I luckily have no debt and I am not advocating his non payment I just thought there were rules and it would seem not Thanks in advance
  5. Hello I wonder if anyone can advise on this? I am currently paying £65 per month to The Lewis Group as part of a repayment plan. I believe that this may have been for a very old loan (circa 2002) for Black Horse Finance which I defaulted on and was passed to debt collectors. It no longer shows on my CRA report but when they contacted my a couple of years ago they were quite abrupt and as I wasn't as clued up on these matters as I am now I agreed to set up the repayment plan. I therefore assume that as I have acknowledged the debt by paying it I have no choice but to continue until it is settled and can't go down the statute barred route? (I think it *may* have been registered as a CCJ years ago but as I say with it being so old this is no longer on my CRA and I don't even know if it would still be enforceable?!) I have almost continually paid the monthly installments as below, and on the couple of occasions that I have missed a payment I have reset up the agreement for the following month. I have not spoken to this company for nearly a year now, so my memory of what they explained is vague, including the balance to be paid, but as this is the last outstanding debt I have I am now focussing my attention on getting it sorted. I have tried to contact them today for info but they are closed for holidays so I will be contacting them for a balance and to request a statement when they re-open on Thursday 2nd Jan. In the mean time my questions to you are... a) should I still be paying this? b) is the CCJ (if it was actually a CCJ in the first place!) still relevant? (it is definitely over 6 years ago if it was a CCJ as nothing is registered against me on my CRA) c) what would be the potential repercussions of ceasing payment (i.e just cancelling DD)? d) could they register a new default against me or in any way impact on my credit file? Any advice would be much appreciated! I understand I must sound silly for not having all of the information to hand surrounding the debt but as it is so old I just accepted that it needed to be paid and never questioned it or noticed the DD coming out of my account each month. Thank you in advance! (details of payments made are as below....) May 2012 - July 2012 = £50 missed August September 2012 - November 2012 = £65 missed December January 2013 = £76.62 February 2013 - present = £65
  6. Hello, I am new to forum's but I have read the previous entries and I feel you can help me. Like many people I too found myself in the unfortunate position of losing my job and unable to continue paying off my loans, rent etc approx 12 years ago. I did pay a visit to the CAB at the time who told me they couldn't help me and advised me of the 6 year rule! I have now got my life back on track but I am ashamed to admit I took the advice concerning my larger debt of £14k. I have moved address several times, not on purpose to avoid anyone - just how life turned out, and I have heard nothing from my lender nor have I made any contact or payment. I recently had cause to check my credit rating and no CCJ's were present. Over the weekend a friend of a friend passed on a letter sent to my last address by a collection agency seeking payment. I have read about the statute barred and I probably fall within this category but I do have a dilemma. If I were to respond then I will be acknowledging receipt of their letter and possible further action. I could choose to ignore it as I no longer live at the address to which the letter was sent, however, I am in such a panic now and worried how this could affect my new life. I am still in the unfortunate position of not being able to pay this debt but I now have a home and family. Can someone please advise me of the best course of action to take? Your help is very much appreciated.
  7. I'm 25 years old. I had a bank account with Halifax back when I was 15-16 and I went over-drawn by £5 and refused to pay the extra £25 they were demanding and thus they added it to my account. I told them to end my account and being so young and having no idea how the banking system actually worked (I left home and was fending myself at the time) and forgot about it. I've turned 25 and know exactly what jobs I want to do but I'm terrified of applying because they all ask to do a credit check of sorts. If I applied to these jobs, would my details be passed onto (I can only assume) debt collection agencies (if they haven't already) and would they be able to demand the money? I mean, there's 10 years on it and I know how extortionate interest rates can be. And also, what would a credit check show if a possible employer reviewed it? Any help would be received gratefully.
  8. I have regularly been making payment to 6 credit card companies and banks for over 8 years since 2004. My original debt was £30k and it is now £20K. I am now 64 and I would like to be debt free when I reach my pension age. Although my debts are no longer registered with the CRAs, I assume I still can't walk away from my debts. Can my creditors still chase me in court and take my house away, which is the only equity I have?
  9. my mum told me today she had a £5k loan 19 year ago from hsb bank, and im not sure if she defaulted but somehow at some point lewis got over the debt, a long time ago, she has almost never missed a payement in 19 years (god knows how much interest you have to put on a five grand loan to still be paying 19 years later but something smells fishy here!!!!!, Her pride stopped her going bankrupt and for the last 20 odd years she struggled to pay various debts off from the last recession, when we had lost our home, even after my dad died she has carried on paying debts that were in both their names, my mum is retiring and works one day a week to help teach the new accounts person how to do the job she is leaving, i found out they( the lewis group) have basically been threatening and harrassing my mum with letters phone calls, and have now started asking for full settlement they also rang her work all over the last few months! im sure thats not legal> I need some help, someone to point me in the way of the right templates to ensure this gets sorted and they get a good ass woopin,surely she shouldnt still owe anything after this long, can somebody please advise where to start sorting this, thanks in advance
  10. A company called Frederickson international contacted me around 6 months ago to say i was liable to pay a fee of £217.00 for an organe phone I took out in 2007. The contract on the phone was only for 13 days. They havent provided me with a complete breakdown of where the debt is from. Orange sold the debt on to Arrow Global, and Arrow Global have applied a default notice against my credit file. i have no idea what the debt is for, and not really sure what to do. Can they remove the default notice, this is really affecting my life, i cant even apply for a mortgage because of it.
  11. Hi there, this is my first post as only just joined. My husband received a phone call from Capquest this morning asking him to confirm his postcode and d.o.b, which he refused as he didn't know who they were, and they told him they had sent him a letter, but wouldn't tell him any details! The letter arrived in the post about an hour later! The letter stated that NatWest wish him to pay a debt owed to them of over £60,000 and that he should contact Capquest to avoid litigation. There is an ancient debt with NatWest as a result of a partnership, dissolved in 1991, which the remaining 2 partners carried on the business, and then it collapsed leaving an overdraft of around £20k. My husband ended up carrying the can for the whole debt (being severally and jointly liable apparently) and it was agreed in court that he would pay £50 a month. This was in 1996. There was 1 attempt in 1997 to increase payments and he has heard nothing more in the intervening years. The ironic thing is they wouldn't give him any more information on the phone because his date of birth didn't match their records (but his name, current address and previous address did!) He was then accused of failing to co-operate when he refused to send proof of his date of birth! (how that would help when they obviously have it wrong is anyone's guess!) Any thoughts on how best to proceed with this one? Do business overdrafts come under the CCA? Would this come under data protection if they are sending letters to people without confirming their identity first?? Thanks Sarah
  12. Hi Folks I was wondering if anyone can help / give advice In 1996 I got myself into loads of debt problems with a business I was running with my late Father, end result was that NatWest got a County Court Judgement against me (but not may late Father) for approx. £65,000 and I agreed to pay £60 per month which I have done for the last 15 years or so, never missed a payment. I’ve not heard from them for about 4-5 years when I received a letter (forwarded from a previous address) from them asking for an increased payment, I spoke to them and we agreed to carry on with payments at the same level. I have notified them of changed addresses (1999/2000) and now spend most of my time out of the country they have never acknowledged my letters about the change of address. I have today received a letter (forwarded to me from a previous address) from a DCA saying I owe NatWest about twice the amount and that I should make contact immediately to pay it off or they will explore all further options etc; Any advice on how to proceed and what to say when I call them would be appreciated Thanks
  13. My mother recieved a phone call from a David Sykes asking for me. She took the number and passed it on. when I got hold of them it turned out to be Global debt collection, chasing a supposedly old debt, one which a ccj was issued for in 2000. I had no idea of this judgement and had left the address in question in 2006. The debt was for 900 pounnd for a TSB credit card that I have no recollection of. All of the details that they have are correct in terms of address dob etc. It was a time that was incredibly stressful for me as my partner was dying and I was severly depressed and becoming ill myself, indeed a year later I was recieving chemo. I am begining to question whether the debt is one that I owe as I couldnt even remember the address they quoted at me. i am at a loss and going crazy with worry, I really do not have a clue what to do, I am living on dissability benefits and am alreading repaying a number of debts that i built up when i was employed. The final amount is likely to be much more than 900, that is without compound interest or Globals fees. They didnt sound as if they would be helpfull, couldnt supply a signed agreement for me to check signature and kept mentioning courts police and baliffs. Today is the first I have heard of this debt !! Help please:sad:
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