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Found 84 results

  1. Just a quick question here. My office closed on XMas eve, and we go back on the 4th like most people. However, due to the work I do, and a very demanding client, I am having to cancel plans and work from home in order to work on a system. I am alone in doing this, while the rest of the office enjoys a nice break. Am I entitled to these days back since I am working them? Or am I just being picky? Thanks
  2. Hi All, I am a new poster on this forum. So therefore I apologise if I have posted this in the wrong place. the sheriff office in croydon. I had received a letter from the county court stating that I owe a ppi company a certain amount of money, which is true. However, I can not deal with company direct anymore and they have now handed it over to the sheriff office who are dealing with it all. They have sent bailiffs to my premises twice now and literally the payments have been increased from 658 pounds which is what the court issued to, 1300 and now 2700, which is ridiculous I must say. There were, no stamps on these letters they dropped through my letter box £1300 and £2700. I cannot afford to even pay these amounts at all. After their first visit, I gave them a call and I had said that I would like to set up a payment plan, I was told to put this in writing and send it to them by post. I had given them a letter and attached a cheque which has cleared and now gone through. I stated in this letter that we will stick to what the court said I should pay and never heard anything back, the payment had cleared, however to my surprise I have now received a 2700 fine which I cannot pay and they threaten to seize my goods which have no value despite them taking the cheque which insists that they have agreed to what I put in the letter. Any advice or help will be grateful
  3. Winnie came to the UK in 1967 aged just 5 on her mothers passport from Malaysia. Her mother was made a British Citizen in the same year. Now at aged 53 and is recovering from cancer, Winnie who lives in Burnley is both a mother and a grandmother, and since her mother became a UK Citizen in 1967 when Winnie was aged just 5, Winnie had no idea her status was nothing less than a UK Citizen herself!! Yet, the Home Office has now deemed her as an 'illegal immigrant'. They have stopped her from working in a job she has held for many years and is threatening to DEPORT Winnie back to Malayasia - a country she has no memory of, cannot speak the language and has no family there. Having prevented her from working, despite the fact Winnie has been a UK taxpayer for over 35 years, has a National Insurance number, a UK drivers licence and has a mortgage and pays council tax - and to add to her distress, she's has been denied ANY support or benefits - because she is being prevented from working! More ...
  4. Hi, I have searched the forums for a couple of hours trying to get my head around the next step to take in reference to my letter titled: "Notice of Allocation to the Small Claims Track (Hearing)". Copy of letter [ATTACH=CONFIG]59738[/ATTACH] The case is regarding a landlord who took close to 2,000GBP without a signed contract in place and refused to refund my money. I never received the room or anything in return. Question I have (Sorry if they seem obvious, I haven't been to court before and I have searched for a while trying to find the answers) 1) Is this called a "Court Bundle"? 2) Do I send EVERYTHING to Edmonton Court AND my landlord who is the defendant? (I actually send all my evidence to the defendant? Witness statements and everything?) 3) What is typically included in this scenario (Court bundle?)? Are there any templates online for any of these documents? 4) I have incurred extra fees leading up to the hearing, how do I add this to the amount of attempting to claim? Is it possible? I have so far... - I have two witness statements (They are kinda just letters stating what happened; signed by the witness, nothing special) - A copy of my bank statement and an event log (The event log is what happened in my own words with times and dates) - The original contract (It has been signed by me, but not my wife, who was the TO-BE dual tenant). This contract never changed hands back to the landlord. Should I bring it? - I opened an original MCOL claim after the landlord provided me with false information regarding his name and address. I was told I couldn't proceed and had to open a new MCOL with his correct information. I spent £80 on doing this and wasted a lot of time. Should I include this? - I also found a lot of information online regarding the landlord, very bad posts on forums of very questionable nature (Like ripping off the UK government and terrorism). Is it worth including anything like this? or just leave it alone? Sorry if this seems obvious to the training eye, but I hope the comments also help others in my situation. Thank you
  5. In a nutshell: Last September, we noticed that the cover of the external junction box on our house was missing (presumably blown down in the high winds we'd recently had.) My husband called our home phone provider, the Post Office, who asked various questions, such as whether it was affecting the line etc. He was very clear that it wasn't, but he was concerned about the wires being open to the elements. The P.O arranged for a BT Openreach engineer to come out. He arrived, looked at where the box is sited (under the eaves of our house, over our porch) and said a cherry picker would be needed to get up there. Cherry picker duly arrived, the whole box was replaced with a new, modern one and the engineer told us we wouldn't be charged, as it constituted essential maintenance. Several months later, our phone bill arrives...with an additional £140 plus vat for the call out. According to the P.O, we are responsible for the external junction box, so we have to pay. Fast forward to last month, and the new junction box has come away from our property and is hanging in mid air, suspended between 2 cables. My husband has gone back to the P.O, saying that he is not happy to have to pay again for work carried out less than 10 months ago. The P.O try to argue that there is no such think as any kind of guarantee on work carried out by Openreach, and we would have to raise a complaint with them directly. Meanwhile, Openreach inform us that we should never have been charged for the call out anyway, as it was an external issue and not inside the property. Who is right? And where do we stand, now that the junction box needs re-attaching to the property?
  6. Hi all I've just received a letter from the dwp saying I owe £700 and I must pay within the next two weeks. Its half twelve at night and I'm so stressed I can't sleep. Well actually I'm watching a really good film. Does anyone have a template letter I can send these people? First template letter, I want to know if this money is really owed by me which I doubt. Secondly a letter stating they can have £ per week from my benefit and stop sending me scary letters don't you have IT system to sort out. Thanks caggers
  7. Please help! I'm very new to benifits, this is the first time ever I have made a claim for Income Support. I have been in receipt of IS since the end of May this year (2015). Yesterday I received a letter asking me to attend the above interview. I tried to ring the number on the letter today, to maybe get some idea of what it was for. However I got the answer phone of the man conducting the interview. The answer phone message made me feel even worse, as he said 'you have reached the answer phone of ****** fraud and error complience officer! FRAUD! Jesus I'm totally at my wits end. I really can't deal with this stress, I have a 16 month old daughter to look after. I'm thinking of ending my claim, and getting a job. That was my plan, and i do have a job to go back to if I want, but I really wanted to be with daughter for a little while longer. I spent yesterday frantically getting together as much paper work to support my case as possible. But is £92.00 a fortnight really worth all this stress? I'm thinking NO.
  8. Good evening, I'm new to this site. My other half got the PCN for the alleged breach of terms and cons of use of the privately operated access roads at robin hood airport, approach roads. The reason is stopping on roads where stopping is prohibited. The OH says there were no signs or road markings and the bit where he was parked is a small slip road off a roundabout that didn't lead anywhere. It's not a car park, and I'm unsure what they're referring to as 'controlled area'. As I wasn't in the car I'm not 100% about the signs, etc. Is there a point to waste time and appeal, as I won't be driving all they way to robin hood airport just to check if the signs are there. Any information and help will be much appreciated. I'm aware the PCN can be enforced if it ends up in county court. I don't have the time and the money to allow it to go that far
  9. Dear Caggers, My friend has been claiming ESA (support group) and DLA for a few years now, after a severe stroke...... He lives with his mother (who is a pensioner) and cares for him. They had a random visit from a "multi benefit review officer" with no prior arrangement, however, my friends mother refused entry and they have to telephone to arrange a re-visit with both my friend and his mother in attendance. Obviously, to have an unannounced visit causes great anxiety. Could anyone clarify what this is for? Is it to do with ATOS medicals? My friend has never claimed carer's allowance as he thought he was not entitled to as its his mother and this is exempt......
  10. Foreign Office advises against all but essential travel to Tunisia The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has today changed its travel advice to Tunisia to advise against all but essential travel for the time being. FCO travel advice has highlighted for some time the high threat from terrorism in Tunisia, but the evolving security situation since the attack almost two weeks ago means the decision has been taken to advise against all but essential travel to Tunisia. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/foreign-office-advises-against-all-but-essential-travel-to-tunisia
  11. Hi, I have a savings account with the Post Office, I deposited a cheque into the account in December 2014 when I tried to withdraw cash from the account I found that the PO had frozen my card. I contacted them and they said that it's because I hadn't advised them about a change of address (which I had done about 18 months previously but they say they hadn't received it). I promptly wrote another letter with the change of address which they received on 22 December 2014 they said that there would need to be a 5 day freeze on the account before they could issue me with a new card. I waited and waited but the card didn't arrive I contacted them again and on checking their records they advised me that they had sent my new card to my old address. When I queried this they said that an error had been made and that they would freeze the account again and re-issue a new card to my current address. I eventually received my card in the middle of February 2015, a nd I hadn't been able to access any funds which were in the account until that time. I complained to the PO about these issues and explained that this had put me into financial hardship and today they have sent me an offer of compensation of £75. I would just like to check if this seems like a fair offer or whether I should consider reporting this incident to the Ombudsman because sending my personal information and my bank card and pin number to strangers seems like quite a serious error to me
  12. Just wondering if anyone else has had Post Office staff try to overcharge them or if it is just my local branch. Several times I have taken packages to my local Post Office and they have tried to overcharge me. The most recent was I took a "large letter" size packet and was told it would cost £3.90, the cost of a small parcel. I queried this and was rudely told to hand it over to be put in the guide. It fell straight through. The cost ended up at £2.29. A lot of elderly people use this Post Office and probably don't think twice about questioning the cost. Believing that the staff will offer them the cheapest option along with all other options.
  13. hi all. I hope you guys/gals can help. I have received a letter from the tax office threatening to change my 2015 tax code to pay for some self assessment overdue amount that I believe i do not even owe, as ive only been working since febuary last year and this over due payment is due from 2013! I have never been self employed, however i did let a friend use my bank account to have his wages put into whilst i was on job seekers as he had split up with his wife and they had a joint bank account to which he needed his wages to not go in to. i do remember signing off of the dole a while before i started working because i was meant to be starting full time work, employed, however about 2 weeks in they used their probation period to get rid of me, and DWP wouldnt let me sign back on, i ended up homeless for about 3 months, until my girlfriends mum let me live there, and due to her working she supported me and my girlfriend. due to her support i never did sign back on as i was angry at DWP for making me fill out all of the forms to then shoot me down. the problem now is that HMRC are trying to say that i was self employed and haven't filled out a self assessment, now i've been looking into self assessments and im being charged interest for not filling them out as well. does anyone know what I should do because i've posted 2 letters to them over the last 6-7 months saying that i've never been self employed and that ive only been in my job for just under a year and i've never received a reply back from them. thanks in advance. Dan
  14. Hello knowledgeable folk, I've been in the same role for the same company for 15 years, the last 8.5 of these years have been worked from home. Home is a minimum of 2 1/2 hours drive from the office location. My work is completed online, I've never had any issues raised with the quality of my work, or my location until now. A new manager has come in and stated that I should be in the office two to three days a month. There is a statement on my contract that I can be required to work from other locations within reasonable travel distance from my home. I've stated clearly that I am unable to fulfil this request, but I'm still being pursued to comply, it's as if I am speaking to myself. What I would like to gauge is whether this statement on my contract is enforceable? I have never had to work from anywhere other than my home in the past 8 1/2 years since I moved to my current location (my company could not replace my position when I moved away from the area, lucky me). My gut feeling is that the new manager wants the role moved back in house, I understand and just wish to be treated fairly. Do you think if I asked for redundancy I would have grounds? To be honest the relationship between the new manager and myself is not great, he lied about me to our overall boss (who thankfully knows me well enough to check the facts), so leaving wouldn't be too much of a disappointment at this point! Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi all, I was hoping that you good people could offer any advise. My son was placed in the ESA support group. The claim was made November 2013 and he was finally placed in the support group in September 2014. We received a letter today titled Notification of Office Interview. I thought with him being placed in the support group that they could not harrass him. I can't upload he letter so I will typr it out below: An office interview has been arranged We would like you to attend an interview at: xxxxxx with xxxx. What to do if you cannot keep this appointment: If you cannot keep this appointment, or wish to report any changes in your circumstances, please contact me on xxxx. Why it is essential that you attend this interview This interview has been arranged because your circumstances may have changed and we need to ensure your payments are correct. Following this interview, we can arrange for you to see a Work Coach at the Jobcentre. They will be able to support you in considering your options for returning to or starting work. They can help with; Training to get the right job Work taster or work experience Discuss permitted work and how that can help you The best way to search and look for work What you need to bring to the interview Passport Driving license Photo ID AND Last 3 months bank statements. When you arrive at xxxx Jobcentre you will need to take a seat etc etc.... Do I have to take my son to this interview? My son is autistic and he can not cope with these kind of situations. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  16. Hi I need some help please my (friend's) wife and her husband have a debt from an old business associate (long story) - long and short of it they now have a high court writ for just over £24k. I have been to the court twice to get it set aside 1) they are both on income based JSA 2) medical grounds / vulnerability - both of which were rejected as the claimant should be given the opportunity to get the money back by way of the sheriffs so the writ still stands. I spoke to CAB and stepchange and both have agreed that bankruptcy is the way forward (although they have to wait over 8 weeks to try and get the £1050 grant from british gas!) however they still need to deal with the sheriffs for the wife's sake! I sent the following letter to them: To: The Sheriffs Office Date: 26th November 2014 Dear Sirs, Re: ************************************* Account reference: ************* Claim Number: ************* We refer to your letter dated 14/11/2014 informing us that your company have been instructed by *************High Court to enforce a High Court Writ against *************, in respect of Writ Claim Number *************. In your letter you state that you will be visiting/returning to our home to remove our goods unless full payment of £24,125.47 is made by 17/11/2014. The purpose of this letter is to advise your company that we believe that our circumstances fall within the category as contained within the National Standards for Enforcement Agents of “vulnerable situations”. The reason for this is that: • ************* are in receipt of Income Based JSA (see attached proof of claim) • ************* is in long term ill health with High Blood Pressure, Severe Anxiety & Hypertension which escalates when she gets anxious (see attached proof of medical evidence) • *************’s relative passed away on 3rd November and was laid to rest on 12/11/2014 (see attached proof of cremation service) Accordingly, we would like to request that you do not visit our property & would refrain from calling our phone and that you would converse via letter / email as this would cause undue stress and anxiety. Instead, we would like to request that you return this case back to the claimant / high court. We would be grateful if you could confirm safe receipt of this letter, and confirmation that the case returned to the claimant / high court. We have received advice from StepChange Debt Charity to help solve my debt problem. We are in financial difficulties at the moment and not able to meet my normal monthly payments. We will make a monthly payment of whatever we can afford until more money is available. We have enclosed our monthly budget and a list of creditors. After paying our household bills, we can pay you £1. We will pay this each month and tell you when our circumstances change. We will continue working with StepChange Debt Charity to improve our circumstances and find a more permanent solution to repay our debt. In the meantime, please consider reducing or stopping interest or any other charges on our account to help us during our financial difficulties. We have retained a copy of this letter for future reference. Yours Faithfully, ************* By which they have now replied: Dear Sir/Madam, Re: ********** -v- ********** ********** Claim Number: ********** Thank you for your email dated 26th November. We have noted our system accordingly. Please note your token offer to pay £1.00 per month has been rejected. We require you to submit reasonable payment proposals to us. Please note this is a high priority debt and as such we require revised proposals to be submitted within 3 days. We would confirm the balance currently stands at £24,183.76 with daily interest being applied. We await hearing from you in due course. Yours faithfully, The Sheriffs Office This is her Dr's letter that accompanied the original letter: ********* is registered with our practice since 1994 and i am one of the GPs she consults. She suffers from Anxiety and Hypertension Over the past 12 months she has been suffering from severe anxiety and is on three lots of medication to help her anxiety symptoms she also has been having high blood pressure which escalates when she gets anxious Yours sincerely Dr ********* What are the other choices? they cant pay anymore than max £4 per month - they have over£15k of other debt (unsecured various) - the main debt is this one but they also have rent and c/tax debt too which i thought were priority debts - not this one? I'm going to write back saying they can only pay a max of £4 a mth - they have seen our financial statement and believe me they haven't got anything else! - they even asked the CAB if they should just let them in to see but they advised not to!? Any other suggestions please? they are getting desperate now and this is putting more and more stress on his wife which is not good for her health! Thanks in advance - play the devils advocate as much as you like - i can take it ive thought of everything as far as i can tell and I just dont know where to turn!
  17. Hi all, Bit of a story. Let me state the facts. - I relocated to Australia in 2010 and left in May 2012. - I received an internal transfer from my company, whom I worked for a total of about 8 years (6+ in UK, 18 months in Oz) - Over the course of my employment I received a lot of stock options that mature over years. - The vast majority of these were awarded to me when I was in the UK and matured when I was in the UK. A few matured while in Australia but not a lot at all. - I left the company, left Australia and sold my stock options. - I sold my stock option in August 2012 when I was back in the UK. - I put the stock options on my UK tax return for 2012/2013. I have not tried to dodge tax but simply claimed the tax where I saw fit - I'm aware the issue is the ATO may not see it as black and white as this. Recently the ATO sent me a letter (in the UK) asking for the tax. It seems my company notified them as they are a benefit and now the ATO wants the tax. Does anyone have any idea what the ATO can do? How powerful is the ATO/HMRC relationship?
  18. just after a quick bit of advice. after a long thing which i felt i was not responsible for, after several visits to the small claims court, i was asked to pay £#00 to 'the sheriffs office' 'should it be demanded'. this was now a while ago. i paid the claimant so this was over with and it is not my my credit history as ruled by the judge. the so was supposed to appear in court but they failed to twice. hence if was ruled that should it be 'demanded' i was to pay. i received a few emails from so afterwards asking me what the court order said. i said it wasnt my job to report on court orders and they should contact the claimant or the court and ask them. i was asked again a few times from the so what the court order said. i didnt bother responding. since then i had a copy of the court order sent to me from the courts about three times. what is 'demanded'? i did ask teh judge at the time and judge said if they asked me for the amount. they've not done that yet. . is it they cannot get a copy of the order? is that why the court keeps sending me a copy? what should i do? i already paid the claimant after 3 years of a court battle. claimant is out of this whole thing, just the so...
  19. It seems in order for the post office to deliver their mail slightly cheaper, they have changed my postal address, not just the post code. I now no longer live in the town the house has belonged to for 150 years. Can they legally move my town adress as I thought boundaries had to be changed by statute? I am no longer on the voting/ Electoral role list for my town... or any other town. The insurance companies can't find me so can't insure me. The school is discussing whether my children will have to move. It is having a devastating effect on our family! Any and all help gratefully received.
  20. I've had a few issues with my EE Account that I opened in April Last Year. Most of which have got resolved but it was the handling and managing of the account which seriously got my back up. So I decided enough was enough and sent an email to EE's Executive Office as a final resort before CISAS complaints. Anyhow the complaints and incidents were as follows: BTOpenzone addon worked for about a week, moment I gave EE my PAC code from Three Mobile it stopped working and over a year on, still continues to be troublesome and works 2/10 times Added a Sharer SIM which was registered as a Data only SIM. Que my sister running up a £200 bill without any knowledge by her or me. HSBC declined the payment on my Credit Card for Fraud Prevention reasons. I first became aware of the above when I was discharged from hospital having been an inpatient for a week for bowel surgery. I needed to contact the hospital after noticing something unusual and found services suspended. I made that phone call via Skype. EE took a duplicate payment from the My EE App of £82. I discovered this on a Saturday and was told I needed to wait 7 - 10 days for the funds to be credited back to my account. I did a chargeback for 1 of the payments as I wanted the funds that day in my account. HSBC oblidged after a 50 minute phone call and quoting FCA Guidelines I contacted EE the same day and advised them of my actions as I was told that "Common Sense would prevail" Anything but that then happened. EE then blocked card payments on my account for fraud prevention. After contacting them multiple times to resolve this and being told by 4 agents that my services would not be suspended. Exactly that happened. I was promised several callbacks over all issues which were never received. In a previous complaint EE had admitted "That this had happened on more than 1 occasion" EE Suspended my services over £10 after giving me an Ex VAT figure for a Bill on the phone which I paid immediately. After contacting them I was told the agent had made an error and that it was just "Tough" I paid the VAT amount again being clever and adding an extra £10 so their was no margin for error and to show I was not withholding payments. You get the idea... Pretty poor show. Anyhow I wrote to the EE Office in pure frustration and made sure I was in a foul mood when I did so. With a 3 Hour Train Delay on the Great Western Main Line and a lack of a Restaurant Service was the perfect moment to do so. However here comes the biggest concern of all. At no point did I refuse payments or otherwise. But EE kindly littered my credit file with Late Payment Markers which the Executive Office kindly offered to remove... Whilst all that was going on, I contacted BTOpenzone to request the purchase of a 12 month WiFi Subscription which is £15 per month. EE agreed to credit my bill by £15 per month continuously after I threatened to send them the bill for BTOpenzone. However BTOpenzone declined my application due to data with the credit reference agencies. I found this out BEFORE EE told me about the late payment markers. So I was refused credit by their errors. On all occasions I made sure I overpaid the bill to show commitment and it looks like this was all a complete waste of time. The executive office also told me that they would inform me once card payment restrictions were removed. I had to chase this just like every other phone call they promised which I never received. EE also gave me a credit of £80 which was increased to £150 after I told them I was not satisfied. So, they late payment marked my credit file, suspended my services 4 times, promised to call me back and never did, lie to me on whats going to happen, mess me about and cause my blood pressure to rise increasingly. And offer £150 Compensation + £15 reoccuring when my bills total around £100 per month every moth. Should I just accept that? Or should I escalate to CISAS or do something more sinister? Any advise or constructive criticism would be welcomed. Thanks
  21. Hello everyone, About two weeks ago I went to my local post office and deposited £40 into my cooperative bank account. Here I was so confident and comfortable and trustful dealing with post office. I gave two £20 pounds note £40 in total to deposit into my coop bank account. I inserted my card into reading machine and then I was asked to enter my pin code. And here we go. All done. I took my card out of the reader and said thanks and was going to turn around but she said, do you want the receipt for this transaction? I used this service before and normally I do not ask for receipt as I trust Post Office due to its reputation and trust among people. But this time somehow I said OK. I took the receipt and went back home. Next morning I was checking my account but I noticed £80 less in my account and found that the deposit I made was shown Withdraw instead of deposit. I checked the receipt and it shows cash withdraw of £40. I got really shocked and went back to the post office. There is only one person works in this post office. So I asked her what happened to my transaction and showed her the receipt she gave me. She asked me if I entered my pin in the card reader? I said yes I did? She said well her till was fine with no difference. I should talk to Post Office or to my bank. Now its been two weeks I have notified Post office. I was transferred to a person who works between Post office and Cooperative bank. She said that they will investigate the matter. Today after me sending them few reminders I got the answer from them saying that they cannot do anything as post office staff said that her till and paperwork was fine. They advice me to go back to that Post Office and talk to them again. i went and she said the same thing that her paperwork was fine. She never said that I did not gave her the money. She is saying that her paper work is fine with square till. In this whole process I have lost £80 which i was hopping to pay some bill but ended up losing £80 plus bank charges around £50 from my bank. Can please someone advice me what to do next? I am not blaming anybody but something did went wrong but I am the victim here and why should I pay for something which I shouldn't pay? I heard from my sources (locals) that same thing happened before and the same staff member was involved. In the end the bank ended up paying for that victim. Right in front of the post office there is a old people home. I have some terrible feelings but maybe I am taking it too serious. Please please advice. I work hard to earn this money and I want to spend it on something useful for me. Where the money went? Where should I go next? Police? Financial Ombudsman? Thanks
  22. The UK shoe store Office is advising customers to change their passwords after its website suffered a break-in that compromised customer data. No financial information was stolen in the hack, but customer names, addresses, email addresses, birth dates, birth months (but not year of birth), phone numbers and Office account passwords were stolen. The company has not said whether the information was encrypted or how many customers had been affected. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/may/29/office-shoes-website-hack-passwords-personal-data
  23. I do not know if this will be of interest to anyone. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2613980/Watchdog-tells-payday-lender-Cash-America-open-office-Britain.html Regards,John.
  24. Hi there I need some advice please. I borrowed £1220.20 from a friend of a friend a couple of years ago. I was originally going to repay this when I got a promised back payment from DWP. Unfortunately the back pay didn’t materialise. I offered to pay but she wouldn’t accept anything but £100 a month which as a pensioner on pension credit I could not afford. In March 2013 she opened a Claim on Line, I completed all the forms and offered to pay £4 a month. The judgement came back for me to pay £1 a month from 1st August. I set up a standing order and payments have been made since. I then received a summons to County Court as she wanted more per month. I couldn’t get to the court as I suffer from COPD & a heart condition phoned the court to explain 3 days before the hearing and was told to email the court with an offer and covering notes. I did this the same day. Then I got a judgement saying that I had to pay £50 a month from 1st Dec, the letter was posted by the court on 3rd Dec. I spoke to the court who told me that the papers weren’t given to the Judge and that he had been told that I made no payments. I couldn’t afford £50 so went to CAB who prepared a Financial statement and completed an N244 and a hearing was set for 18th Feb. In the meantime I received 4 threatening letters from her saying I had short paid her and that she would take further action if I didn’t pay up. I attended that hearing but the judge hardly let me speak, told the woman that she could put a charge on my house (under threat of eviction as I’m in arrears on the mortgage) she declined. He then ordered payment in full and told her to get details of the bailiffs from the office. The following week I came back from a hospital appointment to find a Form 55 Notice of Seizure from The Sheriffs Office (SHCE Ltd) with a Walking Possession Agreement that states “all goods of defendant or property required to satisfy the debt” The date on the High Court Judgement is 12th Feb 6 days before we saw the County Court Judge. I didn’t sign it nor send it back, spoke to CAB who told me that they couldn’t force their way in or break in if I was out. They also said that they weren’t allowed to base a walking possession notice based on a look through a window so not to sign the forms. The following week I got a call from the Sheriff which I found quite disturbing as he said that they would come back and get in and take my things. When I said that they couldn’t force their way in they said they would call the police and have me arrested for obstructing a court officer. He went on to say that he would send a van to collect my property. I hung up at that point. On Saturday I got a letter from the woman telling me to stop my £1 payments and pay the full amount owed to the Sheriff (now £2285.24) or she would take further steps and get the Sheriffs to enter my house even if I wasn’t there. I am now getting really worried and don’t know what to do or what to expect next. I have a support worker who is helping me to deal with the council and eviction threat but he has no idea what to do about this. So any advice would really help. Sorry if this is a bit long winded but if you need any other info just let me know. Thanks
  25. Hi all, Not been on here in a while but wanted to run something past people who may know better than me. Myself and partner moved into a rental property recently and the letting agents decided we are not grown up enough to let all the utilities and council know. However they have presented us both as joint names on all these accounts. My gripe is that since my OH has had a poor past credit history I wanted to be the only liable person named on all the accounts - they after all are paid by me anyway. Upon asking the council to amend the addressee on the bill to just myself they declined and told me it was a legal requirement. I cannot find anywhere that this is actually stated in law. They are even refusing to remove her from the bill despite both of us emailing them and telling them that she had now moved out into a friends house in a different council area. Am I to just accept this and pretend my ex is still living here, what if I did a bunk and decided not to pay for whatever reason then she would become legally liable even tho shes not lived here in the billing period? I cannot believe that these self appointed clowns can deny myself the right to have the bill amended to reflect her no longer living here. Not only that, I will be in a position to apply for a mortgage in a few months time and now run the risk of being financially linked to her on the credit reference sites thus potentially costing me thousands over the course of a 25year mortgage due to inflated percentage increase from perceived risk. Not acceptable in my opinion. Is there anybody here that can shed any light on this please Many thanks. ph1978
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