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  1. Simple terms: Lloyds overdraft, defaulted mid 2011 balance around £600. Had a claim open for bank charges on same account which I was hoping might of cleared the od was of course declined with court ruling. Had been paying Lloyds £1 a month till 12 months ago when I moved from HSBC to Santander, have not paid since. Lloyds have now passed debt to Cabot who are telling me they will accept an offer. I am absolutely in no position to repay at more than £1 a month, self employed, private renter, skint... but could maybe pull a bit together in order to get them off my back. Now conside
  2. Hi Everyone Good news regarding my complaint against Quickquid. I referred it to the Ombudsman after receiving their standard response they did all the necessary checks etc, etc. I loaned from them constantly from Dec 2008 to Sept 2013 when I requested a repayment plan. Had a call from my adjudicator at the Ombudsman to say Quickquid are willing to refund all interest paid from October 2010. Just waiting for her to confirm the figure. My initial loans were fairly small so I can accept they were affordable but from 2010 onwards the amounts escalated each month. If their figure is anywhe
  3. Last Wednesday, completely out of the blue I was called to a meeting at my HO and told that due to restructuring my job is at risk, the company produced a settlement offer and has given me a week to think about it (unlike 10 days as in ACAS guidelines) They refuse to announce the nature of the restructuring, just that I don't fit within it and if I decline the offer then I have been told in no uncertain terms that I will be made redundant and end up with less money than they are offering. Although I don't know (and probably never will) I am almost certain based on noises from the pas
  4. Guest

    Making an offer

    Is it possible as a claimant to make an offer to only one defendant and not the other? Or is an offer to one automatically an offer to all?
  5. My employer recently (four months ago) ran a day (8am - 5.30pm) and night shift (5.30pm - 4am). They gave notice to end the night shift, offered the night shift employees options of jobs on the day shift or redundancy. My employer is now discussing whether to change our current day shift to a double day shift of 6am - 2pm/2pm - 10pm. Will they have to offer us redundancy if some of us cannot work this new shift for family/childcare reasons?
  6. I have tried searching on this thread to see if someone else has posted this query before but have not been able to find anything. So apologies if this issue has been raised before. I recently made a complaint for the mis selling of PPI on my mothers Barclaycard which she had between 1998-2011. Now barclays has written to us with a final decision letter stating they are upholding the complaint and have offered £768.41 as a refund. I know that this is nowhere near enough the money my mother is entitled to as in the early 00s she was using the credit card like nobody's business and did actu
  7. Hello Everyone, I am new to this website so please bear with me if I am babbling on..aplogies in advance I recently stumbled accross my old Woolwich Opeplan mortgage statements from 2000, noticed Add Ins in the narrative and made a quick call to Barclays to see if this was PPI. The gentleman on the phone took the account number and replied "the bad news is No this was PPI on the mortgage however the good news is you did have it on a Barclaycard taken out in 1998" I was a little taken back but didn't let on, he proceeded to gie me the policy number and the last four
  8. Hello and thank you in advance for any help you are able to offer. My complaint for mis-selling of a Principles Card in 1989 was upheld by Santander, but an offer of £1 has been made as they have no records prior to 23 July 1996. Does anyone have any advice about how I should proceed? Do I refer to FOS? I doubt I can obtain evidence from Nat West as I do recall payments were made by DD. I also recall I took out a loan in 1996 from M & S to repay this credit card, but I doubt that would be of any use. Advice needed - thank you.
  9. Argos are going to be offering same-day home delivery service, for all seven days of the week. This new service allows you to order something by 6pm, and have it delivered by 10pm for a flat fee of £3.95. http://news.sky.com/story/1565354/delivery-wars-argos-starts-same-day-service
  10. I was advised my employed position was being filled by a more qualified person and that I was no longer required, however I was offered an alternative role verbally. I had a meeting with my employers and accepted the alternative role in principle, but asked for further information. I 4 days later received a letter of redundancy, stating I had turned down the alternative position. However I have the minutes from the meeting, where I clearly state, "I am not declining the position, I would like more information, do you have a job description. They now state they subsequently decided I was n
  11. Just sent SAR off for some missing statements but I do have about 90% of them from 1998 to 2005 when the account was settled and closed. I cannot find anything on my agreement details with my signature agreeing to PPI as it was automatically added when I took out the card. My questions are, will I be able to reclaim from 1998 and what are the correct redress spreadsheets that I should be looking at in the meantime ? Is there one for all of statements and one for some missing statements ? Thanks for any assistance.
  12. Hi all , read quite a few of the robinson way threads on CAG and it seems it can be a minefield getting a full and final offer "wording" correct . My wife had a small repayment arrangement with RW but they took a repayment that was 4 times the agreed amount she cancelled the direct debit , many many phonecalls and letters from RW she received this letter .What would be a reasonable starting point offer be ? Total debt is just over £450. Thanks Andy.
  13. hi, (back from a while ago) One of my creditors has offered a settlement figure, which is within my reach. (done all the CCA stuff, etc, as per earlier advice) The letter I received seems quite generic in its wording. Is there a specific wording I should look for / ask for? If I pay the smaller amount, can they still sell on the remainder to another company? What wording should I ask for, to ensure the settlement means no further sums are due, to them, or anyone else? thanks. (for info, a debt of 4400: offer 1200 accepted)
  14. letter today from Lowell offering reduction on an old catalogue debt, they said it is equivalent to charges and interest previously applied. do I accept?
  15. I have been on a DMP with the charity Step Change for a number of years, the original debts being a Lloyds Bank loan I was encouraged to take on as a "consolidation" during a bad patch back in 1999, and a credi card still with Lloyds going back the same period, totaling about 20.000 plus couple of "minor" cards and an overdraft, totaling around 25k. After few years of re-payments, I managed to bring back the balance which currently it's around 12.000, however I have recently separated from my wife and this has had a pretty devastating effect, on the financial aspect of things
  16. Hello Folks, I have about 4 Defaults on my credit report. A friend told me i can negotiate by offering 10% of the money owed to each of them. In turn, they will remove my name from credit agencies. Is this true? Please assist.
  17. Hi, i was speeding on the motorway and wish t plead guilty and pay the appropriate £100 fine and take the 3 points. I have been waiting for the [/b]conditional offer of a fixed penalty notice[/b] It never came on the post?! Then I receive a postal requisition to be heard in court. Can I not contact NYP and state that i did not receive the offer of a fixed penalty notice? surely this is unfair to go straight to court if I haven't received the offer to pay via the fixed penalty notice. Any tips or forms or letters i can send as my response guys would be most appreciate
  18. Hi, Looking for some advice, will try and be as brief as possible. I received an offer of PPI from Capital One out of nowhere. After checking the figures were correct I accepted the offer for approx £1100. Received a letter saying a cheque for £350 was in the post with the rest kept by Capital One to cover the arrears of the previous account as stated in their offer letter. Firstly, at no point was this stated in their offer letter. Second, not only was the debt statute barred but I had reached an agreement almost 6 years ago for the outstanding amount with a DCA.
  19. Hello, I am working my first real full-time job after graduating from university in 2014. I started on December 1st 2014 and have so far taken 10 days off on holiday. I have another 4 days booked off. My employer has indicated that he is unable to give any further holiday and I will not be paid for the remaining 14 days holiday this year. I have tried to make an arrangement with my employer whereby they offer a day off here and there (as my employer has stressed that they cannot be short-staffed for black periods) so that my 28 days holiday is reached however this seems unl
  20. Quick outline of case first. My girlfriend had a secured second load taken out with Firstplus about 9 years ago in joint names with her and her then husband for his debts (yes she is aware this was not ideal) they then split not long after. She has continued to pay this debt with Firstplus. She then started struggling with the debt £400 per month on top of her Mortgage single parent etc. Case defaulted, got a CCJ and a reposession order now Suspended re-possesion order or something like that. She then started to repay and again began struggling with it so First plu
  21. Hi there everyone! This is my first post so apologies if its in the wrong place. I brought a car at the begining of july, 8 weeks on and its developed a very serious fault that requires the car has a new engine. we have priced the engine at 600-700 then whatever the labour will be to fit it. having discussed the matter with the garage they have said they will offer me 500 pound back towards the cost and i do it myself. the car was purchased for 1300. i can fit it, i have someone that will do it for me but should the dealer be sorting this? Do i accept his offer and put the rest
  22. I originally had a PPI complaint up-held by the ombudsman in April 2013 in which the bank continuously refused. After various negotiations between the parties involved and being told to be patient I eventually was refunded by the bank in December 2014. FOS sent me a letter advising that I would recieve offer details to agree to but on the sameday I recieved a letter from RBS thanking me for my acceptance and that the day before they had already applied refund to my credit card account arrears. Therefore even though I had previously mentioned my financial hardship status and that I h
  23. Basically my completion date was set for next Tuesday. I am buying the house off my mum and dad. House is valued at just under £60k and they are selling it for £36k which is fine to me. Mortgage was agreed with Halifax, they credit scored me several times and I passed. There were a few amends to the offer but they amended and made another followed by credit scoring etc. I passed them all. Mortgage adviser phoned me today to tell me they had withdrew the offer after they credit scored me today. I have checked my report on all 3 credit report sites and absolutely NOTHING has changed. I have
  24. Hello, there I've been making token payments to a DCA for a while now and recently made a settlement offer to them, fully expecting them to either reject it or start negotiations. A few weeks later, to my shock, I received a letter in response from them confirming that my account was settled in full and my credit file would marked as satisfied. Note that I had paid nothing to them other than the regular token payment that was due while I waited for a response. I then received a second letter dated 3 days after the first one in which they refused my settlement of
  25. Hope someone can help with a 50% discount offer I got from Lowell last week on a credit card account they purchased from HFC some time ago. "Once payment or the final instalment is received, we will update your credit file to show the account as partially satisfied and we will close your account." The account was marked with a Default Notice back in 2010. At one point, in response to my request, HFC provided a copy of my signed application form which, reading other threads here, does contain all the prescribed terms, despite being from before 2007. I'm thinking that I can e
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