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Found 62 results

  1. in Tesco the other day for some stupid reason I decided to take goods from tesco and place them in a hessian bag I was carrying with me, I admit it was alot of stuff... mostly products - £160 worth, I am utterly mortified and have never done anything like this before, I paid for the things I had in my basket then as I was going down the esculater (hadn't actually left the main doors) a security guard approached me and escorted me to an interview room. He made me take everything I took out the bag and lay it on the table. The police were called and questioned me to which I admitted my mistake and told them my financial situation after recently losing my job She also asked how much money I had on me.... why was this? She then read me my rights and charged me with shoplifting, I was then escorted off the premesis. I am so sick with worry about what is going to happen I am at University and as my term address is not my permanent address the police said if the fiscal decides a court appearence is necissary the letter will go to my home address.. . WHERE MY PARENTS LIVE!... they will literally kill me and my mum is the type to open my letters.... Please help, is there anything I can do. Should i write a formal letter of appology to tesco or write to the fiscals ofice?? Thanks
  2. Had a cycle penalty from 2011, sent a £30 cheque which was sent back with a blank letterhead from HMCS. Then went to court, but couldn't attend and requested more time. Had correspondence with HMCS till March 2012. Was out of the country end of last year then at Christmas, had a call from Marston Baiiffs asking for money. Sent a form back to HMCS but have not heard back. Last week Monday, had a bailiff knock the door at 6am demanding £575. Asked till Friday to resolve. Then had death in the family on the same day and asked for one week extension which the bailiff agreed to. Was waiting for the court to come back to me or I would have called the bailiff to try and make an arrangement. This morning found my car had been clamped. Won't remove clamp without £575 payment. What can I do?
  3. Hi I had a fine that has now been passed to Collectica and when I spoke to them they told me I have to pay £30 fortnight, I am disabled an unemployed and cant afford that but they told me it is not means tested and thats what I have to pay please help
  4. Hi, I'm new to this forum. I need some advise. I sold a car two months ago and have received the new owners traffic offence fine they committed. I have return the paper work stating I sold they car but its been rejected, stating I have not supplied any evidence for proof of sale. I have appeal it this and my appeal is next month. When I sold the car I signed the V5 log book but gave it to the new owner to sign,it was a present of this wife and so she couldn't sign it for me to post it off there are then. Unfortunately they signed and sent off the V5 2 weeks later, stating it was sold then, after the fine was issued. I have written to the DVLA stating the date of sale is incorrect and asked for it to be changed. Technically I have no other proof I didn't own the car when the offence was committed. The new owner has refused to accept liability, has not paid the fine even though I have contacted them and sent them the paper work. All I have is a letter from the DVLA with a copy of the V5 with my signature backing my version of events, and a few txt messages from the new owner agreeing the price of sale. The car was advertise on Ebay, he didn't win but contacted me within 5 minutes of the end asking to buy it, so i have a record of this, just no actual receipt on the day. What are my chances of winning this case if the DVLA do not update they records to prove I was not the owner? Should I cut my losses and pay the **** bags £130 fine, I am so :mad2: ****ed off about this!!!
  5. I received a conditional offer of fixed penalty notice in May 2012 - 76mph in a 60 limit. The registration was for my motorbike (which has a private plate). I completed the Section 172 decleration as the owner, but pointed out that I didnt believe I was on the road that day (13th May) and asked for copy of the photographic evidence. I then received two photographs showing a BMW motorbike, but no picture of the registration plate. I responded reiterating that after reviewing the information that I cannot recall being on the road that day (Sunday) but that I did however travel on the road the previous day (Saturday) travelling over to Lincolnshire with friends. I carried out my own checks (my diary but have nothingn in it for the Sunday and I have no fuel tickets on my visa or bank card for the Sunday). In addition, the photographs do not show the number plate and the riders jacket is different to mine (picture shows white patches on the arms and mine is all black) I therefore completed the Section 172 information again, but pointed out that I therefore could not tell from the information provided and my own chekcs that this was me hence cannot confirm it is me or my bike! in July I received a letter stating that 'no completed and signed responce had been received' or the the 'responce received does not meet the legal requirement to provide full driver details.' The letter then threatened court proceedings under section 172. I again responded refering to my previous letters and that I had completed the information under section 172 but (as I could not rememeber travelling on that road on the date in question) that I was unsure what else I could do (referencing no number plate, jacket was not like mine, personnal checks with friends etc did not tie into the date). I then received a telephone call from a policeman stating that he had been asked to investigate - He stated that the picture came from a camera inside a roadside van and the operator then wrote down the number plate - hence why they had the number plate but no picture of it. He then stated the operator had also made the point that it was an unusual plate ('like a car number plate' rather then a bike-style) - I pointed out that this was not correct and the number plate is a standard 'square' bike plate! Throughout the discusssion I was given the impression that they would prosecute and I had little choice - i.e. it was easier to take the 3 points and fine! After discusion with a solicitor, he advised me not to simply accept this but I have now received a court summons, charged with 'failing to give information re: drivers identity as required' 15/6/12 and speeding exceeding 60MPH - automatic camera device 13/05/12. My initial assumption was that they had the wrong day - they are oviously adamant the date is correct, but I am sure I was not there on the Sunday (I was definately there on the Saturday) Sorry for the long winded post but any advice would be appreciated.
  6. Hello all, I have an outstanding fine for a box junction offence, which i challenged at the time, and the local authority said they would take further.(Islington BC) I cant recollect any correspondence on this matter for 6 months. This morning JBW turned up with van, and wanted to serve a levy. I had no vehicle outside house, and did not let them have access, but they were demanding £785.44. They could produce no paperwork, but he only had details on a smart phone. I told them that i had no money, (unemployed) and that i had not received any recent letters, for their visit. They told me that a colleague had called two weeks ago and posted a letter. I insisted that they should produce paperwork, and breakdown of fees etc. and should leave me details of their company so i could take it up with them. They left me a clamp form with a phone number and reference number on it, for me to contact their head office. All the time he was saying that an electronic warrent is all he needs, and he can return with a locksmith to levy goods. Sorry this is long winded and i am sure that there are some more questions that i can answer. What should my next move be? can i make some sort of offer to them? I am on pension credit, with small part time income. Any help or comments will be appreciated regards Dave
  7. Martin Wheatley announces proposals to beef up 'broken' interest rate setting system. City dealers who rig Libor should face criminal charges, the head of the review into reforming the benchmark interest rate will say on Friday as he announces proposals to beef up regulation of the "broken" rate-setting system. Martin Wheatley, a senior regulator at the Financial Services Authority, will also stress that other institutions face similar punishments to those handed out to Barclays, which was fined £290m for its attempts to manipulate the rate used to set borrowing costs for companies and households around the world. He will recommend that the FSA should regulate the Libor system. But while he will say that Libor can be preserved, he will also call for an international discussion about alternative benchmarks. Libor – the London interbank offered rate – represents the prices banks pay to borrow from each other. It is set by a panel of banks asked the prices at which they expect to borrow over 15 periods, from overnight to 12 months, in 10 currencies. The rates the banks submit are published on the same day Wheatley is proposing that those 150 benchmark rates be reduced to just 20 – in five currencies and four maturities. He says more banks should participate in making submissions – but he is proposing that the individual rates submitted should not be published for three months, to avoid a rerun of 2008 when, at the height of the banking crisis, rates were artificially reduced to avoid any stigma of appearing to be in trouble. The managers of the so-called submitters should be subjected to direct authorisation by the FSA, he will say, and a code of conduct drawn up for the operation of the rates. His hasty six-week review was sparked by the Barclays scandal which eventually led to the departure of chief executive Bob Diamond. The firms involved in Libor were regulated but not the market itself, so he will call for the law to be changed to make it offence to "make a false or misleading statement" to manipulate Libor. "This would enable the FSA to use criminal powers for the worst cases of attempted manipulation," Wheatley will tell a City audience as he publishes his review. Wheatley, who is to head the Financial Conduct Authority when it is spun out of the FSA next year, will also attack the previous "careless" way in which the rate-setting process was overseen by the British Bankers' Association, which will be stripped of any further involvement. A tender process will be started on Friday for a new body to oversee Libor in a process that will be supervised by Baroness Hogg . He will call on the banks involved to "stand up and take responsibility" too. "The reason we are here … is that we have been misled. The system is broken and needs a complete overhaul. The disturbing events we have uncovered in the manipulation of Libor have severely damaged our confidence and our trust – it has torn the very fabric that our financial system is built on," Wheatley will say. "Governance of Libor has completely failed, resulting in the sort of shameful behaviour that we have seen. This problem has been exacerbated by a lack of regulation and a comprehensive mechanism to punish those who manipulate the system." Link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2012/sep/28/rigging-libor-banks-criminal-offence
  8. Hi all, I have received a letter today from the Metropolitan police saying 'Notice of Intended Prosecution' on a car that I sold prior to the offence date. I have sent the log book off but have not received confirmation from the DVLA. However, I also have a basic receipt of sale showing that I sold the vehicle signed by both parties (myself and the seller). I have enclosed a copy of this for the police along with a covering letter and their form that they requested I completed. Are there any other tips, points or things i need to know to cover my butt with? James
  9. I broke down today on a minor A road about three car lengths away from the traffic lights , and I had turned my engine off, put the handbrake on and put the warning lights on. I had dialled the number for Tesco breakdown, and I was in the process of moving over to the passenger side when a police van passed on the other side, and one of the officers mouthed at me to get off my phone. If I do receive anything in the post (I don't know how FPNs work), what should I do? I was not actually driving the vehicle, and everything was switched off, so was I committing an offence or not? I'm not trying to dodge the fine, I just don't know whether I was in the right or the wrong.
  10. The failure to comply with a CCA request under the CCA 74 Act is, I believe, no longer a criminal offence under the OFT definitions and guidelines. Some CCA draft letters have included the phrase ' it is a criminal offence under the Act'... However, while it is not an offence under CCA74 is it an offence under CPUTR and if so does it need including in a CCA request or is it just huff and puff ?
  11. Hi! So I was just asking for advice on what I should do in the following circumstance: I purchased my car on the 28th of April and as it was declared SORN it has not been taxed previously due to the former keeper not having insurance on it. So, on the morning of the 28th, I insured myself, nagged the insurance company to send me a cover letter so I could go to the Post Office (this was Saturday 28th) and tax it myself with the new keeper supplement and I have the tax disc displayed before obviously driving it away. Then today, I received a letter saying that photographic evidence shows that the vehicle was in used on 30th of April and was unlicensed, TWO days after I taxed it without giving me any ways of appealing even though I've followed the law and my vehicle was fully taxed two days before. Unluckily as the letter arrived today (a month and a half after the offence and a Saturday), I can't call them. But what do you think my chances are of them dropping the charges, I have taken photos of my tax disc if they want proof but I'm just so annoyed that they've put me in such a bad mood on a perfectly fine Saturday. I don't think I should have to pay the "out of court settlement fees" especially as I have broken no rules. Any one with advice on what I should do, as I only have until the 23rd before court actions, as stated in the letter. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  12. Help and advice needed please. My daughter's partner was pulled over by the police in January for not wearing a seat belt, instead of paying the fine he attended a Road Safety Educational Presentation - as such his Fixed Penalty Notice was cancelled. He has written evidence from Essex Police to confirm this as indeed in this letter they quote "As such, I can confirm that no further action will be taken against you in relation to this offence". A letter from Marstons was received on 2nd May asking for £215 for non payment of this offence, stating that they had a Magistrates Court Order and if payment not met in full they would attend 7 days later. The police advised to send copy of letter from Essex Police to Marstons, which was done via e-mail and was told if they called again in the meantime to show them a copy of this letter. Now, today they have called again asking for just under £400 and have left another letter to this effect. Will obviously ring Police again but need to know if there is anything else to do.
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