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Found 62 results

  1. I am hoping someone can advise me on what to do next. I have read lots of posts on sites where they say ignore everything as these private companies have no legal right to fine you on private property etc etc but then I received a Court Summons. I parked and my husband paid for a ticket at 12.14pm (taking us to 14.14pm) in the old BlockBuster in Car Park in Darlington on the 4th July 2015. Husband returned to re-ticket the car but did not have the right money (only euros) and had left me with his wallet to pay restaurant bill. Returned to ticket machine where there was a massive queue (machine playing up with £1 coins) as car park was heavily in demand that day (the sun was actually out). Subsequently there was a 12/13 minute gap in the tickets. Second ticket took us from 14.27pm 15.27 and we actually were on camera leaving the car park at 15.02 meaning that every minute of our parking was actually paid for. I contacted ParkingEye as I had no idea there were cameras and explained the situation as I believed they just thought we had only purchased the first ticket. They came back to me and said I could either pay the £60 and not appeal to Popla or appeal and pay £100 if the appeal was lost. I thought I had such a good case that I downloaded the Popla form, filled it in and wrote and attached more info and uploaded it to their site. I had not heard anything back from anyone and thought that it must have been quashed until the 18th January 2016 when I received a Court Summons for £175. Astonished, I called Popla to see why they rejected my appeal but they could not find me on their system. They cannot use the fine ref etc and could only go on name and then car reg. After a while she asked me when it was sent in and I said around the 10th September 2015 to which she said that the administrators had changed since London Borough Council lost the contract and it was now the The Parking Ombudsman who dealt with it and the changeover date had been the 1st October 2015. She then said that they had had problems with the changeover, the systems were completely separate and that some people had fallen through the net as they could not see anything appeal from before that date. They then gave me the number of the old administrators and I called them - the lady was sick. I cannot believe that they only have one person who deals with this and I am expected to hope that my case is being dealt with fairly. I have contacted Popla (the Parking Ombudman) and they are going to ask ParkngEye if I can get another Popla Code but it seems to me that the general public are on a wing and a prayer. Does anyone have any advice - feel mugged!!!!!!!
  2. We live in a road, that is made up of privately owned houses and flats and which also contains around 15 social housing flats. These properties were built 5 years ago. This morning, a man from UKPC put up a load of parking notices, with various rules about parking in designated bays, displaying parking permits, time limits on parking in visitor bays and non return to visitor bays within 48 hours ETC. Charges are £100, reduced to £60, if paid within 14 days. None of the residents have been given prior notice that this company was going to be doing this! The road is a private road, operated by a separate entity to the lease holders of the properties, and is only for the 90+ properties in this road. At this point in time, no residents have been issued with any parking permits for their vehicles. It seems to us that this company (UKPC) could, in theory, start issuing penalty/charge tickets to anyone now using this road. Is there any legal right for residents to be informed that this was going to happen, or do the owners of the road have no legal duty to do so, other than putting up these signs? Thanks.JD444
  3. On 22nd of november i was driving to castle hill hospital in cottingham near beverley on the dual carriageway i got caught by a plain police car with a hand held device, he followed me into the hospital car park and issued me with a piece of paper saying i would be referred to court for the offence of driving 68mph in a 40 zone. The road was a dual carriage way. I apologised as i was in a rush my mum was dying as a result of a 3rd major heart attack . I got a letter from humberside police in december to say id hear from with a court date but havent heard anything yet. Do i ring the court and remind them or keep quiet. i am scraed i will get arrested if i do not get the court summons and not turn up. also on 24th feb this year im having knee reconstruciton surgery , im also heavily disabled on crutches and have a muscular condition, im scared i will get a court date near my operation date and what happens if i am too ill to get to court which will be in as town 80 miles away from were i live. my license is currently clean, am i looking at 4-6 points? apologies for my bad spelling, like i said i am disabled and have problematic hands. i have a muscular condition called cmt
  4. Hello everyone, Hope you can help. Last year I jumped a red light - not on purpose, didn't realise I had. When the letter with the offer of a condition FPN arrived, I was perfectly willing to hold up my hands as it was certainly my fault. I duly paid up the £100 and thought no more about it. Unfortunately, it being a few days before Christmas, I completely forgot to send in my driving license in order to have the requisite 3 points added. This weekend, a court summons arrived - which initially perplexed me as I had evidence I had paid the fine. A call to the magistrates office confirmed I had no court fine outstanding. During our conversation, I realised that I had forgotten to send in the license, so the adviser suggested a call to the local FPN office, but didn't foresee any major problems. Having just checked my bank account, for evidence I could produce that I had paid the fine, I discover that they have credited the fine, probably on the day they send out the court summons! Oh dear! Help! I've never had anything like this happen before and am quite anxious. When I rang the Met's FPN number, I discovered they were only between 9 and 12 and I spent the morning just trying to get through to all the right people. Can anyone give me any advice or guidance on what might happen next? Thanks.
  5. I'm so ashamed to say I was caught shoplifting a week ago. I have no idea what was going on in my head and it has been killing me ever since. The police were called, they were nice to me under the circumstances. It was a very small amount and my first offence. The could see in was visibly shaken. I didn't take much in other than the details would be sent to the procurator fiscal and I would receive a letter from them. They suggested I speak to my mum, but I explained that would be impossible as we have terrible family issues at the moment and this would kill her. They also suggested I see a doctor, but I am just so ashamed. I'm not making excuses for myself, I am old enough to know better, but will i ever feel normal again? I guess what I'm looking for is some advice on what to expect. I've spoken to 3 separate solicitors over the phone who have told me not to worry but there is nothing I can do until I get the letter from the PF. Has anyone out there been in my situation and could they offer me some advice. Did you manage to put this behind you, did it affect your career and life in general. I just feel hopeless. Any advice at all would be welcome.
  6. I was wondering if anyone out there could give me some advice. Today I received 3 Penalty charge notices from TFL for the same offence 3 days in a row. The offence was Stopped where prohibited (on a red route or clearway). I was unaware that the area I stopped in was prohibited and to receive 3 PCN's for 3 days in a row has come as a bit of a shock for me. I am also quite worried as I don't have the money to pay all of them on time. Does anyone know if there are any grounds for appeal, I am willing to provide scans if it would help you out. Thank you in advance.
  7. Hi I would appreciate any response or direction please... Back in November 2014 I was pulled over and told I was seen using a mobile phone by a Policeman on a bridge. I denied this and when asked "do you know why I was pulled over", I answered "no". When told I was "seen holding a mobile phone, which constitutes use" I denied it immediately as pretty sure I hadn't been on a phone. I couldn't understand why I would be pulled over and said "maybe I had a CD in my hand and changed the radio, but I don't even think I did that". I was issued a ticket. Later I thought it was most likely because I was using my large screen mobile as a Sat Nav and had it in my drinks holder and when I am driving I often have my left arm on the rest and my hand is 5 inches from the phone in the drinks holder. It was a three hour drive so when I say "pretty sure I'm innocent" I mean 100% I can't recall being on a phone, but after 3hrs and the police telling you you were you doubt yourself. I was sent a form saying I could go to education classes but ignored it as I felt I wasn't on the phone and am innocent I have now been charged and asked to attend magistrates in September (200 miles away). I have looked at the Witness statements and one officer is saying he clearly saw me with my mobile phone to my ear as opposed to just holding it. The one who pulled me over is missing out most of the conversation and just saying she charged me and that I replied "I must have had a CD". The witness statements were written just a few weeks back so 5-6months after the event. I have just checked my phone bills and I have no outbound calls at the time of the offence, but my phone company cant get the inbound (which Im sure would be clear). I intend to say I am not-guilty, but would welcome advice. I have to send off a document saying "not guilty" and then attend on a different date. My specific questions would be: 1) It's my word against the Police so in a magistrates would I ever get found innocent? He's now saying not just in hand but I was on the phone. It's a lie as I was told seen "in hand". Seems they make up the evidence in order to convict! 2) If I plead not guilty does it go back before a CPS to review evidence or will it 100% go to Court (200miles away)? 3) If it does go to a CPS before a Court date can I send my evidence e.g. a Pic of the phone in the Drinks holder and also the phone bill with the hope of it being dropped as I can't see how any real evidence is put forward e.g. phone bill shows no call, 30-40mph road and I have a big screen mobile sitting in my cup holder that could easily be mistaken as in my hand at those speeds (but not at ear). 4) If I go not guilty then I guess I need a solicitor? I could do without the cost. And the cost of the solicitor is probably more than the fine! Any advice welcome! Thank you D
  8. I am a resident of UK. I came to UK from India 2 years ago in April 2012 on work Visa. I work for a car manufacturing company in UK. On 14th Dec 2014 I was driving my company car and caught speeding by a speed camera for exceeding 40MPH speed limit(Recorded Speed:51MPH). The police contacted my company to get the driver details as the car was registered on my company and they got my address from my company and sent me the “Notice of Intended Prosecution” I have my Indian Driving License; I got the International Driving Permit during my last visit to India in March 2014 which is Valid for a year from March 2014 to March 2015. I have a UK provisional license issued on 11th Nov 2014. Hence during the offence I have the UK provisional license and the international driving permit. I read from DVLA website that the Indian Driving license or the International Driving Permit is valid only for 1 year from the initial entry into UK. I have crossed 2 years as a resident in UK so I don’t know whether my International Driving Permit which I have validity till March 2015 is valid to drive in UK after I crossed my 1 year of stay. I drove the car without learners “L” plate (I believe the speed camera would have caught the picture of my car which is an evidence of not having “L” during driving) which I feel as another offense, also I came to know that the UK provisional license will overrule my International Driving Permit or Indian Driving License. In the NIP I was asked to provide my UK driving license details such as driver number and current number of points. I have given to choose from below options Part 1. If eligible I wish to be considered for a driver awareness course at a cost of £110 Part 1a. I wish to be considered for the fixed penalty procedure OR Part 1b. I would like the matter to be dealt with by way of a court hearing. Now I wanted to know the below queries please in filling and sending back the NIP, 1. Whether I can provide my International Driving Permit only and opt for a course if eligible or fixed penalty. I don’t want to give my UK provisional because they will raise another question whether I drove the car with an L plate on it which will be another offense. 2. If I am not giving the UK provisional then, a. I need to know whether they will enquire and find out my date of first entry in UK. b. I need to know whether there are chances that they may find out I have a UK provisional 3. If I give the UK provisional license along with the International Driving Permit (though it is overruled by UK provisional) and claim guilty then are there chances to punish me for speeding offense as well as driving without “L” plate offense. 4. On top of all the above, If I give the UK provisional then I need to know whether the police will contact my company and inform them that I was driving the company car with a provisional license which is an offense and got a speed fine as well. This may affect my job as my company may take action against me since I did something against law. I am bit nervous and worried as I am confused to take a right decision. I kindly request your opinions and suggestions on my above queries please which will be really helpful for me to take a decision and respond to the NIP. Thanks in advance.
  9. I was pulled for running a red light by 2 officers, i asked them for proof that i jumped a red light ,only to be told we witnessed you, I'm convinced the light was amber when i passed, if i braked i would have passed the white line, a £100 and 3 points does not go well with me, for something i did not do, as its my word against theirs, I do not believe both of them were only watching me at a busy roundabout, is there anything i can do to avoid the penalty? any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Parked in a residents only space, the other side of the road was P+D lots of spaces. Bought ticket £3 thinking all was good. got PCN, wrote to council before notice was served pointing out it was obviously a mistake and I didn't intend to flout parking regulations knowingly as there we plenty of places to park and I wouldn't of bought the £3 ticket. They have replied saying no go I have to pay. On the ticket itself where the offence is printed with codes etc it crosses the generic type on the ticket so it cant be read, does this make it invalid in any way? They made it clear what the offence was in the reply email I got when I begged! Thanks all
  11. My issue I received by post two Notice to Owner letters dated 11/11/2014 in different envelopes. These letter refer to the same office '27 Parked in a special enforcement area adjacent to footway, cycle track or verge lowered to meet the level of the carriage way. Both have a unique PCN number on them for a notice I have never seen or been aware of, nor handed to me in person nor left on my vehicle for me to find. Both refer to a contravention date and time, one 8/10/2014 at 10.52 PN11112536 and the other 8/10/2014 at 12.26 PN110-9538A for the same location, a local authority local road. Both request a payment within 28 days of £130. I can also make representation by post on a number of grounds should I think they apply. In addition on the same date 8/10/2014 I found my vehicle was missing from the roadside outside my home address where I can usually see it from my kitchen window and that it apparently had been impounded by the council. After I made some enquiries I found out where my vehicle was, that I had a dropped kerb offence which I had not noticed before, so I complied and paid £200 (removal fee)+£65 (parking fine) =total of £265 on the following day 9/10/2014 (within 24 hours) to the car compound in order I could get my vehicle back and park again outside my home address. At the time of paying this 3rd PCN and towing fine I was given a photocopy of another (3rd) PCN PN11095390 again that I had not previously seen, again dating the same offence, same date as two above two PCNs but time 8/10/2014 12.28. Apparently then removed by the council on 8/10/2014 at 12.33 to their car compound. My questions are 1 Do I have any grounds to see representation for all three PCNs for this same offence, on the same date, on the same location, by the same council, where my vehicle had not been moved, until the council removed it at 8/10/2014 at 12.33. Note I have already filled in a representation form to Warrington in Cheshire for PN 11095390 that I was made aware of on 8/10/2014 at the car compound. 2 Is it normal for a council to issue Notice to Owners letters to car owners without serving a PCN to them, and is this legal in the case of the ' 27' offence, in my case in question, parked near to dropped kerb but some 1 1/2 feet away from it on the carriageway. 3 Should I seek representation on the grounds that 'The penalty charge exceeded the amount applicable in the circumstances. In this case I have already paid £65 for the PN11095390 for time 8/10/2014 12.28, so should I be also need to pay two more fines as well for PN11112526 for a time 8/10/2014 10.52 and PN1109538A for a time 8/10/2014 12.26.? On balance these fines seem very excessive and costly and I think all 3 PCNs, (none that were ever handed to me or ever left on my vehicle), belong to the same single incident and span only 34 minutes apart. Note I have already raised a formal complaint to the council 'Major' as an email titled ' excessive parking fines' with reference to -over eager traffic wardens, -a lack of parking spaces due to daily commuters taking up all the parking spaces so that residents can not park correctly, -the fact my car was in need of attention due to engine / starting problems, -the fact I was engaged at the time in a household 'leaking gas' national grid emergency repair and could not be called away immediately from my home, -a lack of residents only parking zone unlike adjacent areas nearby, -a question about the 3 minute rule being ignored judging by when my car was removed (12.33) on PN 10095390 (12.28) -No opportunity to pay at a reduced cost. - a question whether these computer generated NTO letters were not an error. (when I go into council site no photo graphs are available at all for the PN in question, so I wonder if there was every any evidence taken at the time by the traffic warden wandering my council estate?) The recipient being the Major for the area then notified me that the council were looking into my complaint. I also noticed the other day out of my kitchen window a owned council truck parked directly across the same dropped kerb outside my home. So I took two photos of it and sent them to the council worker who had replied to me, making the point How come Council worker can park across the same dropped kerb,- a sort of hypocrisy going on. Can I ask for some degree of leniency in this case, or do I simply have to pay up for the other two at a cost of £260? Any advice would be most welcome on where I legally stand and whether I have any ground for representation at all?.
  12. Couple of weeks ago, a German friend and family came over to visit. I lent them my car for the weekend. Today, I received Notice of Intended Prosecution from West Midland Police. Apparently, my car was caught doing 70mph on M6 between J4 & J5 where there is a variable speed limit of 60mph!! The NIP asked for information of the driver. Should I submit the name and address of my German friend? What would happen to him? Will he be prosecuted in German, or call to face the music in West Midlands? I wonder if anyone had similar experience and can give me some advice, please. Many thanks.
  13. Hi did not know where to post this. But today as I walking with a cigie in my hand in Swansea I was stopped by the enforcement officer who allegedly saw me littering the ciggie butt I did not realise I did it apparently I was on camera he asked for my ID I provided and read me my rights etc . I said sorry to it as the first thing that came to my mind was say sorry and make it go away. then I was asked to sign the FPN I did not. I asked for copy of evidence on camera to which he replied im only entitled to one if it goes to court. What are my options I just find it a bit heavy handed really so I was inclined to follow it through
  14. Hi I am wondering if anyone knows if the photo taken when I received a speeding fine will still be available to me after I have paid the fine and received the points? It was a police van parked on the side of the road, so not sure if it will just be of the car showing the reg or it will also show the driver. I know this sounds strange but someone at work is now saying I was not driving and just covering for someone else at work. I would like to prove it was me.
  15. Hi, I'm after a bit of help again. In November 2010 I was convicted of Dangerous driving and also for 2 tyres On my Licence it shows 1x DD40 and 2x CU30 (Using a vehicle with defective tyres) I read somewhere that you only get fined once of a CU30 and therefore if you had 1 or more tyres below the legal limits you would only get one fine, So if this is the case should I have 2 CU30's on my licence? If not what do I do? I know I can have them removed from my licence after 4 years but need to inform my insurance for 5 years, if I only have one CU30 on my licence it should make my insurance cheaper. Thanks for your help.
  16. On 6th April 2014 significant changes were made to 'bailiff enforcement' and it is important for anyone viewing this forum to understand how the new regulations affect the 'clamping (or immobilisation) of a motor vehicles and the implications on debtors (or others) if a wheel clamp is removed. The following is a brief summary: 'Clamping' (Immobilsing) of a motor vehicle: The regulations clearly provide that an enforcement agent may immobilise a vehicle by fitting a wheel clamp. For those interested, the relevant legisation can be found under Section 1© of Regulation 16 of the Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 entitled: Securing Goods of the Debtor on Premises where found. Location where a vehicle may be clamped (immobilised) The regulation clearly provide that a vehicle may be clamped at: The debtor's home The debtor's place of business or: On the 'Highway'. NB: CIVEA and I differ on the interpretation of 'Highway' and I will write more on the 'definition' at a later stage. However, for the avoidance of doubt, an enforcment agent may NOT take control of a vehicle in either a public or a private car park (which includes supermarkets, large shopping outlets etc), unadopted roads or other land that is owned by private individuals (such as a neighbours or relatives driveway). Does Section 54 of Chapter 2 of the Protection of Freedoms Act apply? NO!!! Section 54 is ONLY in relation to unathorised parking on private land (such as supermarket car parks, large shopping centre etc). It does not apply to private driveways given that the new regulations allow for goods to be 'taken into control' at "the debtors home". Clamping of a car belonging to wife/husband One area of the new regulations that I confess to being uncomfortable with is that of 'joint-ownership'. In this respect, goods in which a 'co-owner' has an 'interest' may be taken into control. The enforcement agent would need to either 'know' that the person has an 'interest' (in the goods0 or that he would know if he made 'reasonable' enquiries.
  17. Ended up with a Notice of Intended Prosecution for doing 65 MPH on the M1. The NIP says the variable speed limit was 50 MPH. Seems a bit unfair given the normal speed limited of 70 MPH on the motorway, but life is unfair. I am 1 MPH over so I am not eligible for the speed awareness course. NIP Details and Circumstances What is the name of the Constabulary? - Date of the offence: - December 2013 Date of the NIP: - 11 days after the offence Date you received the NIP: - 12 days after the offence Location of offence (exact location as it appears on the NIP: important): - M1 Motorway, Northbound, Bedfordshire Was the NIP addressed to you? - Yes Was the NIP sent by first class post, second class or recorded delivery? - Not known If your are not the Registered Keeper, what is your relationship to the vehicle? - How many current points do you have? - 0 Provide a description of events (if you know what happened) telling us as much about the incident as possible - some things that may seem trivial to you may be important, so don't leave anything out. Please do not post personal details for obvious reasons - NIP states I was going 65MPH and the variable speed limit was 50MPH. NIP Wizard Responses These were the responses used by the Wizard to arrive at its recommendation: Have you received a NIP? - Yes Are you the Registered Keeper of the vehicle concerned (is your name and address on the V5/V5C)? - Yes Did the first NIP arrive within 14 days? - Yes Although you are the Registered Keeper, were you also the keeper of the vehicle concerned (the person normally responsible for it) at the time of the alleged offence? - Yes Were you driving? - Yes Which country did the alleged offence take place in? - England
  18. Hi everyone my partner got pulled for a defective light and whilst stopped also got done for having no insurance ( he had domestic and social insurance and not commercial which apparently he needed) I have the fine to pay here but the offence code written is 608(a) and its not recognised when I try to pay the fine.. if they have written the wrong code is the ticket still valid? AnnMarie
  19. Does anyone else think it's only a matter of time before DVLA are taken to court for providing personal details to PCN Companies (when so many have been found to operate outside of agreed guidlines) for what amounts to nothing more than a civil matter and not a criminal offence? It happened to the banks so if it is proven to have been wrong, the DVLA had better watch out for all the back claims (and the DVLA will have records of those individuals whos details they have supplied to such companies...won't they?)
  20. Hi all I lent my car to my brother who took it to London and whilst there was imaged entering/stopping a boxed junction. I have received the penalty charge notice which I intend to appeal. However, a technical issue exists on the form. It says I can make representations on any of the five grounds listed which summarised are; I was not the owner, the offence was not committed, the car was stolen, it was a hire car, the penalty amount is wrong. My personal defence is that I was not the driver but nowhere on the form is there an option to state that. As I am the registered keeper of the vehicle am I personally liable for the driving offences carried out by people using my vehicle? I somehow think not. I would be grateful for any advice and opinions on how to respond to this form. I guess at some point the offence may find its way back to the true defendant in the form of an amended notice in which case I guess I would continue the thread as my brother was forced to stop in the box by pedestrians obstructing his exit. Many thanks in advance PS According to the notice it is supposed to be possible to make representations online at www.tfl.gov.uk/roadusers Feel free to have a look at that site. anyone able to tell me where exactly I can find the link to enable me to do this?
  21. Hi, I received a Fixed Penalty Notice for parking in a residents bay whillst I was loading/unloading my company car from a business address. The Police Officer said as he had already started writing out the ticket he could not cancel it. I have a few questions: I only received Parts 3(payment slip), 4(vehicle defects) and 5(court request), Is that correct? There is no details of my car on the notice, although I cant see where it could be written as there is only space for drivers details. if there is no car details on the notice how can they chase me/my company for payment? I wish to appeal against the notice but do I complete Part 5 for a court hearing, write to my local authority although I am not sure who exactly I appeal to or do I wait for a notice to owner letter to arrive? Sorry for all the questions but the notice I received is not clear.
  22. I have received a visit this morning from a bailiff. Banging on the door and shouting through the window etc. I got a PCN in November from Oxford City Council for driving in a bus lane. The fine was £130 approx and I came to an arrangement. Due to a lack of money coming in I was only able to make one payment and there has been £100 outstanding for several weeks. The bailiff today wanted £400 and because I couldn't pay clamped the vehicle which was parked on our drive. We then phoned the police who of course said they couldn't get involved. I resorted to having to ask my Dad for help and he very kindly paid the £400+ on his credit card. Do I have any rights in this case? I believe that the bailiff should not have clamped the car as it was on private land however we didn't get a photograph although there are 4 witnesses including myself. The fees also appear extortionate.
  23. Hi all, i am new on here just need some advice please. I took an 18 ton lorry down a 7.5 ton limit and got caught, this was on 25th jan 2013. Have got court date of 20th august 2013. This is 7 months, i have been told they only have 6 months to get you into court is this correct. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  24. Hi all This is the first time I have posted on this forum but desperately need some advice. In early March this year, I decided to buy a new car and after much research, I purchased a second hand vehicle from a local garage. I paid £6500 for the car - £3000 cash plus £3500 part exchange for my existing vehicle, and as part of the deal I negotiated with the garage, they also threw in 6 months road tax. I picked up my car on the day arranged, exchanged the funds, checked the tax disc was in the car as arranged and left. I was happily driving around in my car for a few months believing all to be ok when on 22nd May I returned to my car after a day at work to find it clamped with stickers all over it stating the car was not taxed. I was horrified, particularly as the tax disc was showing quite clearly in the window of my car as being valid until Sept 2013! On investigation it transpired that someone had cashed the tax disc in online and that the tax disc showing in my car was not actually valid...I have no idea how someone was able to do this and it was something I was not aware of. The clamping company, VEAS, were very sympathetic to my plight as they could tell I was genuinely unaware that the tax disc was not valid, but as the car had already been clamped there was nothing they could do for me - I had to pay the clampers £260 there and then to have my car released and then go straight to the tax office the next morning and buy 6 mths road tax for my car. So in total I had to pay out £382, although I was refunded £160 back onto my card when it was confirmed I had paid for my tax. I rang the garage I bought the car from and they were shocked. They insisted they knew nothing about it and after investigation they discovered the people they had bought the car from had cashed in the tax disc and had then sold the car to the garage 2 days later as still having 9 months road tax on it. The garage had acted in good faith by accepting this and then passing the car onto myself, but they immediately agreed to refund the money I had had to pay as they knew I was at no way to blame for what had happened and I received a cheque within a few days. At that stage I thought the matter was over and done with - all fines had been paid, my car was now taxed etc etc. Imagine my surprise and concern this morning when I received a letter in the post from the DVLA stating that I had committed an offence under section 29 and that I have to pay £139 asap to stop me being taken to court!!! I will of course pay this, and then contact the garage I bought the car from to advise they will be reimbursing this further expense to me (which I have no doubt they will do with no fuss) but I work in the courts and am not allowed to have a criminal record in any way shape or form, and I am now very concerned incase this leaves me with some sort of record. I would appreciate it if anyone could offer me any words of advice on a) If I will end up with a criminal record because of this and b) how I would go about appealing such a record. Thanking you all in advance. NB - I work in the courts but am not a member of legal staff and therefore have no idea about criminal records etc just that I'm not allowed to have one so please excuse my naivety with my questions!
  25. Hi all Can someone point me in the direction of the template to use to send back to the police to say that we are unaware of who was driving the car that they apparently caught speeding? It's a privately owned car by the boss but is used by others for business and is before I started here so there was no way to track who was using it at that time. Thanks Mary
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