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Found 18 results

  1. Hello good people of Consumer Action Group, thanks for having me! I find myself in a work situation that I'd really appreciate some legislation-backed-up fact. I've been working for my company manual work minimum wage for nearly 4 years, never rocked the boat, always did my best to keep everyone sweet and help out where I could when people called in sick with management. However, I now find myself in a quandary where I need to take a few days off that have been expressly disallowed by da boss. Our rota goes up a few days before it starts for every two weeks going forward. The boss st
  2. My ex employer (LTD Co) has found a novel way to avoid the companies debts. The director dissolved the company while still trading, without informing employees, or any other creditor, until after the strike off. Redundancy notices were issued, but now the director is trying to avoid paying. any suggestions welcome. Thank you!
  3. I am a vulnerable person having suffered a violent attack for which I am receiving counselling for and has left me with anxiety problems, at the time this led to me leaving work which in turn led to me running up rental arrears and a possesion order granted ( I moved out before the date ). The vast majority have been paid off and I am now in a new place, at the time of the hearing I offered through his solicitor to pay £200 per month which was accepted via the solicitor in writing and I have kept paying to this arrangement. I have today been informed that a letter has arriv
  4. Let me start with a little back story. My son is 3 and disabled I am his sole carer 24/7 without a break or sleep most if the time. I have no problem with this as he is my baby and i love him. But it gives context. About a month ago it was in Tesco shopping i did self scan and after half an hour of my son having a melt down because of the noise we finally got to the pay bit. I had just got my card out to pay when a security guard shot over and asked if I had paid for the £4 toy my son was holding. Now if you have ever experienced a meltdown you can understand
  5. Hi, I hope this is in the right section. I was looking to hire two butlers for an event phoned around and got a quote of £184 for two hours which I thought was okay. The company emailed me the quote and told me to fill out a booking form which I did and then they would send me an invoice. I got the invoice a few hours later and realised they meant £184 each so with vat the bill was over £400. I emailed back and said sorry thats way too much please cancel. Received an email this morning saying I cannot cancel without paying £100 plus vat for the considerable
  6. I'm aware that this is a really old chestnut so I apologise in advance. If the last payment in an unsecured loan was in June 2008. Then the account was closed by the bank in October 2008 (I had no and at all in the account being closed). Can someone confirm that the Cause of Action was one month after the last payment and NOT when the account was closed? Replies very much appreciated and any evidence or examples to prove the above would be fantastic. M...
  7. Bit of an odd one, curious if anyone can help I had a holiday day for one week of work, i didnt work the other shifts as it was unpaid. They put 6 hours basic, then somehow i got -32.00 in tax which made the total to 75. The original payment for 6 basic hours which was wrong anyway only equated to 42.00 So my question was instead of holiday would it be put like that?
  8. Hi Long story but the short version is. I owned a Cockatoo (Parrot) Had to rehome him as my dog had terminal cancer and needed constant care. Finally decided on a small sanctuary that had a small enclosure of animals. Sanctuary was owned by a couple that owned/run a pub/restaurant in a quiet part of the world. Have a contract drawn up by them that states if Cockatoo ever needs to be rehomed we would have first refusal and would be contacted to discuss. Have just found out today that the couple sold the pub in April and all animals rehomed to another sanctuary
  9. Hi all, Having read advice regarding similar situations regarding X4L and Harlands I am really hoping you can lend a helping hand. This is the email which I sent to the manager of my local gym. I understand from a phone call with the citizens advice bureau that some of my points do not apply, specifically those to do with not being shown a contract at the time of registration and also what I thought to be an improper method of registration. I would like to draw your attention however to the paragraph about item 16 in their terms and conditions as shown in red. The situa
  10. ive had a letter today about my wifes loan account which has 7,291.54 remaining outstanding I have requested the CCA and also wrote to Lloyds tsb and requested the SAR. these are still in process at the moment. cabot have received my letter about cca but ive had no reply but they did reply to the other 2 credit cards which I requested the cca for which they said they would hope to have the info within 40 days. t for the loan today I received this odd letter Dear Mrs S****** Contacting Cabot please call 0800 328 0708 (minicom: 01732 5246
  11. Hi All, I've received paperwork for a county court claim dated 9 Oct 14. Claimant: Cabot Address for sending documents and payments: Restons Solicitors Particulars: The claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the Defendant under a contract between the Defendant and Hitachi Nova dated on or about 31/04/06 and assigned to the claimant on 30/09/2009 in the sum of £417.86. I have absolutely no idea what this is for. Cabot sent a couple of standard threat letters in the past I refused to engage with them as I'm familiar with all th
  12. Hello, I do not wish to sound crazy but here goes. I recently applied for a Budgeting Loan from the Social Fund as I am working part time and in receipt of JSA. I received a decision letter today. The problem is that all of my previous correspondence with the DWP has been on their headed paper with codes and barcodes up the sides ect. This letter has no heading, barcodes ect and looks like anyone could have typed it. It also has a sticky label on the second page asking me to "confirm the account details for payment purposes" in the box below. It do
  13. Hi everyone. I finished working for a company the middle of august. I had a hire car from just before christmas until April when i got my company car. I have today received a letter from the company with a copy of an invoice from the hire company saying they want me to pay £36 for a speeding fine. It does not say when or where this happened. The company i worked for want me to send £36 by cheque as they say they have paid the fine on my behalf. They quoted the company car policy which says all employees must pay for any motoring fines promptly, which I am happy to do but isnt a speeding fi
  14. Hiya all, Have a massively odd situation, Had a total bill for bailiff dated march of £6818.68 ( including costs ) Then in April of a total bill of £5649.28 I then questioned these and got a bill yesterday of £6303.40 And today a bailiff turned up ( they know I am on vulnerable list ) and the total id £6301.40 So my question is what do I do, every time I ask for clarification it changes price - and its a flip as to whether it is up or down I will be in a position to pay in full next week but dont want to pay and find that I have either paid too much or that they co
  15. Had health and debt issues in 2006 which caused me to put my head in the sand and ignore them all. Now they should all have been statute barred and gone from my credit file by now. But i have not checked yet. Still unable to work and now on ESA. I opened some of the threat letters demanding money or else. to sort them in neat piles ready for the bonfire. I opened one dated almost a year old which had my parents address on it. This was from Lloyds TSB and states they are changing my credit card agreement and that my account is currenty in default. Err i have not been with th
  16. Can anyone advise me on this, I have a evening cleaning job which I do with my son, it is 1 1/2 hours a evening, a few weeks ago the boss phoned me with a couple of complaints she had from the company, then went on to say she didn't think my sons cleaning was up to standard and she would have to eventually replace him. Then I had a phone call yesterday saying that they want to make today my sons last day. I said to them they would have to speak to him personally as it was not my place , they had tried to phone him but his mobile is broken. They have still no
  17. 5 years ago was called into branch and was talked into converting my credit card balance which was at the time £9,800 into a bank loan, at that time i was classed as self employed and 63 years old without saying a single word about ppi they tried to sneak it in , i spotted it the next day and duly cancelled the ppi out of the blue i get a letter telling me that i would not get all the benefits on offer with ppi on my 65th birthday relating to my credit card which i had been talked into converting to a bank loan, i had been paying ppi for over 10 years on the card w
  18. Just thought I'd share that I've had the ODDEST morning ever... Last night I dreamt that I married Jennifer Lawerence.. How odd.. guess watching Hunger Games last week had something to do with it... Weird tho hw dreams can affect your daily lives... I've been in a bubble all day... A good one at that... Very odd tho how I've got this feeling.. lol, I looked her up on google and... I dont even think shes the kinda gal for me... life is weird... very weird!
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