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Found 10 results

  1. Hi In 2005 I got the following: Together Mortgage £113000, Picture Loan £33000, Welcome Loan £21000, RBS Debt totaling £25000 credit card debt totaling £ 9,000. PAYDAY LOANS total £1200. I was in great despair as I was going through a divorce had an ectopic pregnancy and lived in a house half built. I was off work due to ectopic pregnancy and was losing money fast. On top of this my step daughter came to live with me and I was trying to help her through college etc. My ex husband was very nasty and he was due to leave the army and I go
  2. Hi, long story here, i will try to be brief but doubt it will happen! Northern Rock have been threatening repossession for 18 months, but never actually doing it. I think i have them by the b*lls and they know it, so they don't want to open the can of worms so to speak. I have petitioned for divorce last week (yey hey) from my husband of 13 years. He was a financial advisor of 25 years. After separating last year for good, I took over all the finances in my home which I share with my two young children. I have Bipolar disorder, which is a mental health disorder and I am in receipt of benef
  3. I redeemed my Northern Rock mortgage some years ago now but I've had a letter through this morning enclosing a cheque. The letter says: 'NRAM is committed to providing our current and previous customers with a great level of service. To ensure we maintain these levels, we have reviewed our previous Mortgage Application process and have identified that whilst your account is now redeemed, it appears that we made an administrative error when your account was originally set up. Therefore a cheque of £XXX.XX is attached to rectify this error. Included in this amount is £XXX.XX r
  4. Hi all, looking for some advice. Got mortgage with Northern Rock (NRAM). £135k secured on house and £25k unsecured loan to top up to value of house when it was bought. Bit is paid off by now (well, negative equity any way). Inherited some money from parents. What is better way now: pay off unsecured part of it or actual mortgage on house? If anything happens and i will not be able to pay instalments for both, only for house part, can they reposes house for pay off that unsecured loan or as it is unsecured they cant`t do anything? Just can`t get grip on that. I know I can go to solicit
  5. Hi all, I hope you can offer some advice on this, it's quite a long story but I'll try and keep it concise My friends property was repossesed on Monday and he only found out when he got home and the locks were changed. He immediately contacted Northern Rock who first of all said if he cleared the arrears (approximately £1,100, two months arrears) and paid three months in advance he could get the house back. They then changed their mind on the phone after speaking to a different department and said they wouldn't accept any payments and the house was repossesed. The reason they gave wa
  6. Hello all, I have a mortgage with Northern Rock, there is also a secured loan on the property with First Plus and Red castle have had a temporary agreement in place for last 6 months. July payment is my final payment. I do not think that i can return to the full contractual arrangement as I am on a third of the wages that i used to be. Can anyone please advise as to the steps that i should take in order to come out of this mess a little less battered than i would be if I just allowed them to do what they want. Is it worth contacting council re - mortgage rescue scheme? applying
  7. Hi there, I have already posted about a few other debts my other half has on other threads, not sure I have done this correctly. He has a Northern Rock loan which I believe he took out in 2004 alongside his mortgage, it was before we were together. I got him to write and as for a copy of the original agreement which they have sent. I find it unbelievable the interest rate that he is paying. It looks like he took out an unsecured loan of £22,498.00 with an APR of 7.1%. He has since sold his flat and paid off the mortgage with the sale. But the loan states that i
  8. Hi Apologies in advance if this is the wrong part of the forum to place this. Seemed most appropriate place. I took out a 5 year fixed rate mortgage in Feb 2007 with NR. It was a 5.69% 'Help with costs + fee remortgage fast track'. It reverts to an SVR in Feb. I owe approx £216,000. The property is in Belfast and although once 'worth £280,000', it would now struggle to sell for £160,000. Basically i am about £56,000 in negative equity, with further falls on the way, with no hope of remortgaging. At the moment i am paying around £1,050 per month. When i got the key facts d
  9. Hello all. Hope someone can help me on the way forward in this case as time is running out. My mother has arrears on her mortgage with Northern Rock and went to court where Northern Rock secured a suspended repossesion order on the property. The agreement was that the arrear would be respread over the remaining 15 years of the mortgage agreement and payment would be £890.50. This was in February 2011. Payment has been maintain without a problem however my mother decided to be sure of no missed payments she would set up a standing order for the amount evry month. This was effecte
  10. Young and free spending when I started working within London's financial sector led to the purchase of a house, a new car and eating out in restaurants at least a few times a week Life was good and within no time, I had a mortgage with Northern Rock, a second Mortgage with Northern Rock and a third Mortgage with Firstplus When the bubble burst in Finance, I lost my job and could no longer afford to keep the house. I had to sell the car and move into rented accomodation with my family. Since leaving my house in 2006, I have been chased by letters from Northern Rock, Firstplus a
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