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Found 30 results

  1. I moved out of a property a month ago and I have been in discussion with my former agent about some damage in the back garden which was caused by my neighbours (there is communal access). I heard today that my landlord is attempting to charge me for this damage through the deposit - is that allowable? I have verbal confirmations from both neighbours as to what they did and could ask for written statements. The damage is evident from the inventory and he now wants to charge me £350 more than the deposit I paid. The agent is being as helpful as possible and it is likely it will go through the Deposit Protection Dispute Service but I am at a loss to know what else to do and whether it is even possible that he can do this. Thanks for any thoughts.
  2. There was a party at the flat above mine and as a matter of fact their floor went down and through my ceiling, creating a huge hole and setting me and my friends that were on my house in danger. My contract states that the landlord has to maintain the property in accordance with the Health and Safety Regulations at Work Act 1974 to ensure the safety of the tenant and the tenant's invited guests,visitors or the Tenants familly. Firebrigades came and used acrow props in my kitchen and sealed my kitchen as it was stated as "unsafe structure" and now I dont have access to my kitchen and living room. The estate agents told me that we will need to move to another house as this one needs to be repaired. My question is: Is there any refund for the loss of amenity, the inconvenience, and the danger that this incident caused to me and my friends that i can claim from the landlord? How do I need to proceed next? Thanks
  3. http://www.homesandproperty.co.uk/property_news/news/millionairedebtcollectordigsdeepinsouthkensington.html
  4. I live in 1 of 4 privately owned flats that all have shared garden and driveway etc. Although my neighbour cuts the grass and trims the trees regularly and claims to love it shes let it go a bit lately so i recently trimmed a tree or two blah blah blah theres not a sniff of a mention of who owns the trees grass weeds in the deeds yet she is now accusing me of vandalising her property as the said now trimmed back tree and weeds apparantly belong to her because she usually does it??? i catch her all the time spying on me in our shared garden and more recently she takes photographs of me gardening clearly without my consent....is this legal?
  5. Hi Folks, Feb 2012 water appears in my back dining room and I make contact immediately with insurance company. Im advised my policy does not cover "locate and search" so I get a plumber who states that the problem is my neighbour. I contact my neighbour who says he will contact his insurnace company. Neighbour keeps putting me off for 2 months and then he moves out of house. House is no derelect. My insurance company instruct builders to dry out my house and fix everything. Walls taken back to brick and Im advised that my floor boards are not covered? Water company eventually get warrant and disconnect my neighbout from the mains supply. I now wish to claim of my neighbout for time off work, money I had to pay plumber, and all out of pocket expenses. The company doing the work on behalf of insurance company - have advised they can not dry my house any longer as neighbours house still an issue. They want me to write to them advsing them Im aware they cant dry out any longer. So in short I want to claim all my out of pocket expenses from my neighbour. Can anyone please help me putting a letter together so I can sent to him. also any direction would be appreciated. Thanks
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