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  1. I unfortunately have a number of payday loans that i need to try to arrange repayment plans for. This one is a bit stickier and wonder if someone can advise me. I took a loan with tooth fairy in December for £300. I couldn't pay and during January called them after threatening emails from NDR Recovery. I needed to pay £100 to them straight away, then arranged to pay £80 a month to them. My worries clouded clear thoughts and have done for months since and simply agreed to their demand. The £80per month was set up til November of this year. Thats £100 plus 10 months of £80 totalling £900 from a loan of £300. I am now facing up to my debt and trying to clarify what i have to pay because of sheer stupidity or what i shouldn't owe simply down to the cheek of some of th PDL companies. I am already drafting up a letter to OFT as this company seems to be trading under different names and have taken the payments from me under different names which other thread have advised they shouldn't, but should i also mention that i feel that i have almost paid due the original debt i owed and ask OFT to get involved. Is this part of their job? I have paid £100 plus 3 payments of £80 (i rang and couldn't afford to pay April and they did let me skip this month by extending the period of the payments til December) so in total i have paid them £340. I am not sure of the original interest and charges agreed but the first chasing email i had stated that the loan plus interest (accruing at £9 per week per £100 borrowed) was for £413. When sending an email asking them to agree a lower reayment plan, should i mention that i feel i only owe roughly £75 and not the figure that they suggest til December or should i arrange the payment plan then not pay them after i have reached the figure i feel is right? Can they then send a default / debt collectors / bailiffs / CCJ or pursue me further after this? Can anyone also tell me if there is a legal difference between doorstep collectors and bailiffs? I'd be grateful for any advice.
  2. Hi all This is my first post in this forum even though I have spent many hours browsing through the very informative posts since getting into this PDL mess! A lot of the info has definitely been very calming and reassuring after receiving a lot of the standard bullying tactics that some of these companies employ!! Anyway.......to cut a ridiculously long story short, I have a few questions regarding a CCA request I made to Next Credit last week. Basically I have had 3 previous loans with this PDL (all paid off). After the initial loan it is possible to apply for the next loan by SMS. First you send a text containing the word LOAN followed by your surname. The next text you send is for the loan amount.....and that's it. From sending the first text to the money being in your account takes less than 5 minutes (that seems like a very short time to do all the neccesary credit and affordability checks to me). So since then I have missed the payment deadlines, had all the warning texts and emails from NC, been passed onto Northern Debt Recovery and now Marshall Hoares. I understand that all these companies are connected and their ridiculous charges are completely unjustifiable (Inital loan £400, now balance is at £1255). Back to the CCA request. I had a response from someone at NC in the form of an email containing a copy of the terms and conditions of the original agreement and a screenshot of the breakdown of charges on the account. The T&C's state a loan amount of £300 even though the loan was for £400. I also can't find any date on there except at the bottom which says 20/1/11 which is well over 12 months before I took this loan out! The bottom of the agreement also reads: "Having entered your email address twice during the application process and submitted your application, you confirmed that you have read and agree to the terms of this Agreement." (Oops, looks this this short story turned into a long one!) So here are my questions: 1. Having only sent 2 text messages, one containing my surname during the application process, does that count as a signature? I never "double signed" anything regarding to this agreement. 2. What do you make of the mistakes in the agreement (the loan amount being wrong and the date being from over 12 months in the past)? It seems silly to me to send a legally binding document peppered with mistakes 3. Does this satisfy a CCA request? I'm pretty sure it doesn't but I wanted to be sure before I ask for it again. 4. Apart from complaining to the relevant authorities what should my next move be? Ignore it? Make token payments? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated Cheers, Matt 2.
  3. Hi all hope someone can help i took a loan with speedy dosh but could not repay on time i offered to repay a month later but they refused and since then i have been getting demanding emails from the named above they are wanting £50 per month the original loan was £150 it is now £600 i have told them i cannot afford what they want so now they have told me they will be sending court bailiffs to seize goods at 9 times of the value of what i owe. I am terrified and was hoping someone can advise me.
  4. Hi Last year my father health was not that good and he had the stuff he ordered from Littlewoods and Kandco delivered to my address, due to difficulty getting to the door to accepted deliveries. He passed away in December, my sister contacted all the companies he accounts with, informing of his passing and that he had no savings. Kanco told my sister that my dad had their account had been transfered to my address and into my name. Which i knew nothing of. I keep getting letters from NDR Limited address to MISS F Roberts, mine name is MISS S L Roberts, I have not opened any of the letters and have returned them to unopened and put on the front unknown at this address. Any advice on how to proceed, I am full time carer to Aunt and do not need this stress. Thanks
  5. Hi All, I am writing this for my mother and looking for a little advice. Post is quite long. Sorry. Just a little background history: When my father died just under two years ago my mother was left struggling with some debts she had. We contacted them and they agreed to £1 per month as they accepted she was a pensioner living alone on a state pension. All except NDR. No matter how much we told them they refused to listen and wanted upwards of £60 a month. We kept paying £1 per month to them and they kept thanking us for it and then saying it was not enough and would then add £12 charges on top of the debt. We kept sending letters back saying it was she could afford. This went on till last month when Shop Direct Finance sent her nine letters in one day regarding the account wanting differing amounts to be payed back or action may be taken. The letter had the heading "default notice served under section 87(1) of the consumer act 1974." I wrote back informing them that NDR were handling the debt and that until they could inform me who the £1 goes to then we would not send any money to themselves or NDR as we did not know what happened to the £1 we sent NDR. Now I know NDR and Shop Direct are one in the same but what worried my mam was mention of the Courts in the letters. It said "If you have difficulty in paying any sum owing under the agreement or taking any other action required by htis notice, you can apply to the court which may make an order allowing you or any surity more time." We have heard nothing from Shop Direct until NDR sent a letter saying they cannot accept our repayment offer and to contact them. Now I assume the mention of the Consumer Credit Act is a method of pressure as is mention the courts as my mam has not been served any court papers whatsover. I am thinking of calling their bluff as the above sentence makes you think they have taken you to court regarding the debt even though no court papers have been sent to my mam. I am getting sick of the letters going backwards and forwards and am going to ask for the address of the court they went to so I can speak to them regarding reducing the payments. Would this be a good idea? They seem to be unable to grasp the concept that my mother cannot afford more that £1 a month. I am hoping they may either accept £1 per month or it will force their hand and take my mother to court where we can show them that the other DCA'a accept £1 and the amount of charges and letters we get from NDR seem almost like harrasment. Sorry for the extra long post but I would like to double check with some experts before I send the letters. Thanks Andrew
  6. Hi, i'm new to this site and appreciate this is just going to be a repeated question as I see these two companies are rather popular on here. Basically I have the same problem, my 300 pound loan is just over 2 weeks late and is now over 1000 pound. I have asked for a repayment plan but been refused. I have followed advise on here and emailed the financial ombudsman who replied with a complaint form which I returned yesterday. My problem is I recieved a text today from NDR saying in 2 days bailiffs will be at my door. I just dont know what I should do next? I'm a working single mother to a 3 year old and there is no way I can pay that amount in a lump sum. Any help very gratefully recieved. Thanks
  7. hi all, I took out a loan with paycheck credit in october 2011 i missed the first payment but paid back i full £400, plus 172 in charges the following month, i then recieved an email from marshall hoares solicitors threatening me with legal action if i did not pay a further £800 pounds immedatiley . i rang the number and was told i would only have to pay £300 if i set up a payment plan, i stupidly agreed and now feel im just being robbed! im constantly getting phone calls and threatening emails off marshall hoares,please help!
  8. Hellooo I am currently a first year student and have got myself into a bit of a pickle. HSBC - £500 overdraft Nationwide - £400 overdraft Wonga - £131 due on the 29th Feb Toothfairy - £466 due on the 4th. The HSBC and Wonga are not urgent as I am planning to pay the overdraft off during summer (I will be working full time again). I am managing to lived within the Nationwide overdraft. I currently work part time so will be able to pay the Wonga. The problem is with Toothfairy. Unforseen circumstances (problem with student loan and rent payments) mean that there is no way I will be able to pay them back ANYTHING until the end of February. I rang them up (no answer) so I emailed them. The first reply stated they do not accept payment plans and are not obliged to deal with debt management companies. I replied to the email stating that I had not mentioned anything about entering a debt management plan and then received a reply saying I should call them urgently to discuss my options. I rang them and the picked up quite quickly. I explained my situation to the woman and she seemed helpful; even said that she should be able to set me up on a payment plan but would need to speak to her manager first. A few minutes later, she returned and said that no payment plan can be set up and if I do not pay on the 4th, they will take me to court for fraud. I have been reading other threads so I am slightly clued up and asked her "why will I be accused of fraud?" to which she replied "You only took the loan out last week and now you are telling us you can't pay. It is fraudulent" I then said "Is it not possible for someones financial circumstances to change dramatically within a week?" and she said "yeah it's possible but it's still fraud" After this conversation, I realised that I had not confirmed how much I owed and what date it was due so I rang back. I said to her "hello, I just rang a minute ago. I want to know how much I owe and when." to which she replied "you owe £466 on the 4th" NO SECURITY CHECK. I would really like some advice on how I should tackle this as I feel I might have to go to war with them very soon. Will they just try to take the money out of my account on the 4th? (causing me to go over my agreed overdraft). Should I call up Nationwide and somehow prevent this from happening?
  9. Hiya Everyone, I haven't posted here before, So i will introduce myself briefly, My name is Linzi Iddles, I am 26 years old with 1 little boy and a girl due on boxing day. I have been married since July 10th this year, and my questions are in relation to my husbands debts. When myself and my husband got together, it was clear to me that he had some debts with catalogues opened by an ex girlfriend, But i wasn't aware how much they came to. We have now come to nearly 10k and i am slowly and surely getting more and more stressed by the daily letters coming in demanding money and threatening doorstep action. There seem to be about 5/6 different companies asking for the money, and as my husband didn't know that these accounts were opened in his name untill after him and his ex split up, someone suggested to me that i send a prove it letter, requesting a copy of the signed credit agreement that they would supposedly have if it was indeed opened by my husband. I done this, and have recieved letters back from 2 companies both with a 're-constituted copy of your credit agreement' and a 'copy of the current credit agreement which includes all applicable contractual variations and amendments that have taken place.' Nowhere on these agreements does my husbands signature appear. And one of the companies even failed to send me a full statement of account, including all interest and charges, as i asked for. So i am really confused now.........There doesnt seem to be any proof that my husband opened these accounts (as i know he didnt, so didnt expect there to be) But i am really unsure of what to do next. Do i just leave it? Or do i send them another letter asking once again for the signed (by my husband) proof that the accounts were opened by him? I would soooooo appreciate any help offered on this one, I just can't seem to find the light at the end of the tunnel, and we could do without the threat of doorstep action this close to christmas, and so close to baby being born. Thanks again. Linzi xx
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