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  1. Hi guys, I moved to Poland from the UK last year. I have been on DMP with all my creditors (credit cards) and have been paying them every month. They don't have my Polish address, they just have my UK virtual address. Unfortunately I've lost my job and I am not able to pay them the agreed amount at the moment. I will be sending them letter and explaining my situation (at the moment I can only afford a small payment). My biggest worry is Natwest overdraft, it is now over its limit due to charges and interest. Can you please advise me whether I can claim any charges back? I am not sure whether it would be better to tell them that I am abroad or not. I don't really want to give them my new address. Has anyone had any success with Natwest regarding freezing charges and interest on overdraft account and setting up a repayment plan? Many thanks. Regards, Rob.
  2. I have been trying to get this matter dealt with since 2010 but NatWest have either ignored every complaint lodged by me regarding this matter until lodged last complaint bout this in October 2013 now they have either provided me with different bank reference number relating to the same case or it gets assigned to new NatWest Investigator at different location - since October case assigned to 8 different Investigators located at London, Kent, Leicester then back to Kent with no sign of them actually trying to sort this matter out. The matter in question is after finally receiving requested Bank statements I noticed that some of the Bank Statements had different times or even dates logged for monies Deposited by me were not the same as the original Money Deposit Bank paying in slips. Even more annoying was the fact that most of these incorrect transactions by NatWest were either around times they were due to take their monthly payment out or some other direct debit that would then put me over my agreed overdraft limit hence NATWEST would then take additional charges because of the same. I've provided NatWest with several copies of evidence including copies of paying in slips as well as listing all the other discrepancies NatWest carried out in my Account. As NatWest neither contacted me or in my opinion even looked into this matter as there is a lot of documentation etc related to this matter so I emailed the top man via information I found on ur website. I received an immediate reply followed by a letter advising they had taken on the case and had passed it to a case manager called who then wrote to me saying he was investigating this and would get back to me with answers within next 10 days. As NatWest have to date tried to fob me off or convince me that evidence I've provided doesn't relate to my Account or that they were illegible I was hoping some kind person could tell me what I should do if it's rejected hoping to avoid FOS as need this sorted asap as struggling financially- though can't see how it could be rejected based on evidence I have. Finally I was asked by one of the more recent NatWest Investigator' s what amount would I deem as being acceptable to resolve this matter which I don't nor do I know how to go about working out the same. I know to add on monies incurred by me in this matter but that's it. Would be very grateful if someone could give me an idea of amount I should give them or how I work out the amount
  3. I currently have three credit cards which I currently owe in the region of £35k in total on. I have recently been unable to make the minimum payments on them in the last 3 months due to work drying up, and not looking much better in the forseeable future. One of which is with Natwest. I wrote to them saying that I am having trouble paying, and they just keep sending me letters saying that I should call them as they need to speak to me urgently - I have not done this yet. What I really want to find out is what I should do next, seeing that I can't pay them the amounts that they want in the near future, but I would really like to pay off the amounts in the future, but not sure when that would be. Therefore, I would appreciate any help that anyone can provide me, as I really want to take control of this situation, from a process perspective and a financial perspective. Thanks Ed
  4. Hello, my first time on this forum, so please forgive any newbie errors! I just wondered if anyone could advise me how to obtain details of older loans and microfilm transaction histories from Natwest bank. I called their PPI helpline and they said my loan from 1988 was not on the system. The local branch cannot find any record of it, so I referred it to the ICO and then I was sent statements back to October 1992. Unfortunately, I repaid the loan sometime early in 1992 so nothing showed up on these. I have read about other users on this forum who have managed to get information from a lot earlier than October 1992, which may have been stored on microfilm/microfiche, how do you find that? Someone mentioned the Natwest Customer Lending Centre, how do you contact them? I'd be really grateful if anyone who has some expertise or experience in this area could help. Cheers
  5. :-xHi Can you help? I have recieved a statement from Lowells, stating I owe money due to an old Natwest Account. This has arrived shortly after a letter arrived from NAtwest and a letter stating they sold my debt to Lowells on 30/12/2010. I got the letter 20/10/11. Silly me called Lowells stating I know nothing about this . They told me the account was opened in October 2002, and defaulted in dec 2005. I never got any letter from Natwest chasing me and I think this has been sparked cos I opened a joint account with the recently. However I did state that I had another natwest account which isnt in debt so why would I have this, and they gave me a loan which I never defaulted on and the details they provided me with is not even my sort code. I told them I will deal with them no further until they have produced a credit agreement and not one they will cobble together, with my signature on it, and until then they write only. but the 6 years is almost up so Im lost what to do?
  6. Hello everyone, new here so sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section. My problem spans across a number of years and also relates to my times as a student. While in my last year in university i took out the 9 month student deal with virgin media for there internet package. I was only at the property 10 months and before i left the property the phoned to make sure that the contract had ended. I believed it had ended, and seeing as it was only a 9 month contract i believed that it would end after that amount of time regardless. That was around 3 years ago, iv recently bought a house with my girlfriend and while sorting our finances out i discovered that they had been taking out £20 a month for the past 3 years! I quickly got on the phone to them to resolve this issue and explained my situation, they said they had no record of me cancelling the contract and that if i didn't phone to cancel it they it would carry on, hence the 3 years of £20 payments. They had trouble finding my details on their system as i didn't have any account numbers or letters off them but eventually found it. They cancelled the contract and told me that no more payments would come out. So far they haven't. Now my girlfriend works for a bank and told me about a direct debit indemnity, i am yet to speak to my own bank about this but was wondering if anyone has any experience with this, or has been in a similar situation and what was the outcome? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Daniel.
  7. Could this be a seasonal present to become a reality in the new year. Been with this bank for over 40 years and had several personal loans over that time, back to 1991, all with PPI. Following a SAR request they have provided information on all the loans and the amount of the PPI premiums added to the loans, in total over £15k. I intend to apply for refunds of these premiums as I did not require them due to the fact that I would have received full pay at my work for over 26 weeks (minus SSP) and I was advised that not to take out the PPI could influence the outcome of the application. Am I right to think that I could be entitled to a full refund of all premiums paid (no claims made) plus interest and interest at 8%. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hello everybody! I'm tackling my debts! I used to have bank accounts with Lloyds and Natwest. Due to charges, unpaid item fees etc (and I'm not kidding, it's mainly due to that!), both of the accounts were closed and now on my credit file I owe Lloyds £3k and Natwest £2k. I am about to SAR both banks. But... What will it change? So far I've read on CAG that banks are not very compliant with SARs and it's nearly impossible to get any of those charges cancelled/revoked, even if hardship request has been made. So is it really worth it? I only ask because tbh I haven't got much money to spare and i'm just about to invest £20 to send SARs off. Bit scared and unsure of the entire process... If anyone could advice me in this matter I'll be ever so grateful!
  9. Basically it is very complicated. My current account with NatWest is now closed and defaulted. It all started like this: I managed my account very well, never been overdrawn or had any unarranged overdraft charges etc. In February 2012 I made a FP transfer to my Halifax account for bills. My available balance was in credit. According to my bank statement (several days later), the same day I made this transfer, transactions (VISA Debit) from the previous month were also applied. As a result, my account was overdrawn for the amount I transferred to my Halifax account. This per se sounds strange. How can the bank (NatWest) debit my account after 3 days? When you pay by your debit card shouldn’t the bank take the money off your account there and then? Anyway, because of simple lack of funds I wasn’t able to put the money back. This resulted in around £700.00 in charges! My account was then closed and “defaulted”. - I was very upset because I managed my account so well. I complained to NatWest but they said it is my fault because “I made that FP transfer to my Halifax when the balance reflected that Visa Debit transactions will be taken/are due to be taken” – which is simply nonsense! There is no such indication “due/will “ on the Internet banking or on my bank statement. - OK, I was very upset at this point. So I dug out my terms and conditions with NatWest, specifically about the VISA debit card transactions, authorisations etc. And guess what I found? 15.3 Using your card “15.3.5 Transaction carried out using your card will normally be applied to your account on the day the transaction is carried out or on the next business day.” My VISA transactions were not debited on the day the transactions were made nor the next business day! Haven’t they breached their T&C here? Oh and of course, I have proof of this. Also… “15.3.6 On each business day, any available funds on your account will be used to pay any transactions notified to us since the previous business day before being used to pay any other debit from your account.” So, if NatWest would have used funds to pay previous transactions before any other debits from my account, I wouldn’t have defaulted on my account! NatWest still insist it is my fault and I strongly believe that it is not. I will be taking them to court this month because this is not just a question about my credit file. If they have breached their own terms and conditions, how reliable are they? Please do comment and PM me if you believe that I am wrong. All advice will be considered. Thank you! p.s. I did not have an overdraft on this current account. If I had one, theoretically I would have been in credit agreement of some sort with NatWest. This is not a question about unarranged overdraft charges. The bank has all the right to charge for such reasons but they have no right not to abide by their own T&C. I believe it is their fault because they have not debited my account at the right time which led me to think that I have more funds than I actually had.
  10. Hi Guys, bit of advice please. Having recently received my credit file from Experian, I have noticed a default to to NatWest bank for £636, default date 30/11/2009. I rang them this morning and found that the debt consists of £76 in charged for unauthorized overdraft. I never wanted an overdraft with them as I had financial problems at the time. I was told that I used my card several times without the money being available. Are they wrong to have allowed the purchases? Apparently I had agreed to pay £20 per month in a telephone conversation with them in Sept. 2009. I can appeal, but are there any phrases that I should use, and what are my realistic expectations? Thank you in advance.
  11. APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE, NECESSARY LONG POST Hi, I first joined CAG in 2006 when I was claiming Bank Charges for my daughter who suffers from mental ill health. This nightmare took from late 2004 through to September 2008. I was supported in this claim by FOS whom I first contacted in January 2005 and the FOS adjudicated in our favor in July 2008. The FOS also raised several (complaints) case files that were also upheld. We were sent an offer late 2008 from NatWest, we were pleased as the temperature was heating up about making claims, so we were quite positive. Before I accepted the settlement I asked the case worker from FOS relating to the method of payment asking if we could elect to have a cheque made payable to my daughter or myself (I was acting as her 3rd party representative) The reason for this request was that her account had been passed over to Debt Management and any money deposited would subject to them taking their 'cut' thus kissing goodbye to almost £800 relating a loan she was 'encouraged' to take out to pay off her bank debts caused by penalty charges; (or as I preferred to call it "Loan Sharking"!!) Once I had conformation from the FOS I was within our rights to request the cheque I telephoned a dedicated number given by NatWest for accepting offers based in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. I was greeted by an apple munching female who totally dismissed my request insisting it 'could not be done', everything had to go through the bank account. I tried to reason with her, suggested her manager phone my case worker at the FOS (by this time I had her direct line!) and she refused. She said she could not process our claim and ended the call. I returned to my FOS contact who raised yet another complaint against NatWest, she commented that the bank "was not making this an easy process" I contacted the same people who made a note of my case number from FOS and was advised to give it a week I would get a letter from them. I assumed that this was to give the Bank an opportunity to see the case raised and to have a reply. After 10 days and nothing from the bank I telephoned them on the same number, but to my horror there was a recorded message saying that any Claims were now suspended because of the involvement of The Office of Fair Trading. All this happened around July 2008, and there simply was not any alternative contact number to call. I believe the cases were classed as "stayed" pending a test case. But this related to those that had applied through the courts and had a judgement awarded because the Banks simply did not show up!! Also I did not go through the Courts as the bank was in communication with me, well more like I kept on their case!!! I think about this time I then lost the will to go on and left it for a while, expecting to return to it within a few weeks. But then our lives changed dramatically, my husband became redundant after 25 year with Citi Bank, I had to come to terms with becoming a permanently disabled wheelchair user; my daughters husband escalated abusive behavior towards her that led to divorce. We bought into a Pub only a few months before the rescission took hold (2008/9) and we lost everything trying to survive. We moved out of the Pub and a few days later it was set on fire, our quarters were destroyed with a lot of our possessions still in them. My daughter went on to meet someone and became pregnant; but when she was 34 weeks pregnant (August 2012) with her daughter she attempted suicide and she almost succeeded. I know it must sound awful; but she wanted to end her life and waited until she was 34 week and the baby was viable. Both I am pleased to say they both survived, but the thought and worry is always with me of 'what if'... She has now been diagnosed with Bipolar as well as personality disorder; all attributed to when her depression first started when she had financial problems that became intolerable and exacerbated by the Banks penalty charges, she was known to be a self harmer, but again she got worse. So, my question is .......... can I resubmit and reclaim? I am gathering the information together, some of the documentation was lost in the fire, but almost everything is on my PC. Who might I submit it too? As I had a written 'offer' (now lost I'm afraid) will that account for anything? I have all case and reference numbers and as I said original files on my computer, including spreadsheets. This group helped me so much in the past, Bankfodder, Steven Hone and I went into the Office of Fair Trading in Fleet Street to present them with a 'dummy' cheque. I was the token wheelchair disabled person they invited in, Bankfodder was quite angry and was 'invited' to leave the meeting early(!!) oh what fun!!! I know how hard people work on this site, my thanks in anticipation. Jo
  12. Hi I really need an experienced financial adviser ASAP. I need someone who knows a lender who will lend on properties with the receivers. I had a deal pretty much set up but the lender are now saying they will not lend unless the receivers release the properties back to the bank. The bank will not agree to this until the deal has been done. This has taken so long we now only have 5 weeks to complete. Please help. Ps I have never missed a payment & my credit score is fine.
  13. Hi , would it be possible for any one to give me advise on whether my partner should try claiming his ppi back from natwest on 2 loans he had. he had ppi on boths loans , one was paid off with the second one. I dont know if this is a good enough reason for miss selling, he was made redundant in may of 2011 made a payment end of June then tried to claim on the ppi to have othr payments paid . He was told that unless he was claiming jsa or other benefit he wouldn't be able to make a claim, he didnt claim any benefits as I was working aswell. Is this a good enough reason as I have always worked and what was the point in paying for it if he was never going to be able claim on it . the only reason this has come about is natwest have sent him a questionnaire to fill in about reclaiming ppi back thanks in advance for any help you are able to offer .
  14. Hello All, I posted some time ago about some potential debt issues and was advised to get my current credit report and then post in the corresponding forum for that debt. I have done that, and now I really need to know how to solve it. ANY help would be greatly appreciated! Basically, I have four things on my credit file which are defaulted and I need to get rid of one way or another. Two of them are NatWest. First - NatWest Personal Unsecured Loan, Current Balance £8,xxx Default/Delinquent balance £11,xxx Opened 2008 Default Mid 2011 Date updated 12/2012 Second - NatWest Current account Current Balance £8xx Default/Delinquent balance £9xx Opened 2007 Default Mid 2011 Date Updated 06/2013 ---- I need to clear my credit file and really start rebuilding properly. What is the best way to do this and get rid of these two? I contacted NatWest about 6 months ago before getting my credit file, and they said they had written the debt off. What does that even mean? I am due to be married soon and I really need to get my life on track, I have a steady job now also. Any help is greatly appreciated - thank you so much.
  15. Hi all. We have a loan from natwest for about 15k. Due to unforeseen circumstances i am now behind with payments, offered 120 PM but they demanded more due to arrears. Opened a parachute account, closed my natwest accounts, kept up with 120 pm, which is fair from our point of view. Now the telephone calls have started. Its a joint loan, but they keep asking for my wife, wont give me thier full name and refuse to deal in writing! Not bad after 30 years of banking with them. worse thing is, it was them that advised us to take out another , consolidation loan.. ...like a fool i accepted. phone now unplugged ! Please advise best course of action cheers all
  16. Hi all, Apologies if this question has already come up, I searched for a while and couldn't find anyone posting the same thing. Over the past few months I have been trying to get old default notices removed from two accounts I have - one with HSBC and one with Natwest. I have been going back and forth by post, asking them to demonstrate they gave me the appropriate warnings of the defaults being added (as per section 78 of the Consumer Credit Act) and I have requested information under the data protection act. HSBC has subsequently come back to me with an interesting defence, which is that these aren't actually 'defaults' on my account, but rather late payment notices, and as a result they had no requirement to warn me in writing that they would be added to my credit file. On closer examination of my file, it turns out that these are indeed late payment notices and not defaults. A couple of questions then: 1: Are late payment notices not subject to the same written warnings that defaults are? 2: Are there any strategies members have used to get late payment notices removed? Thanks for your time, OS
  17. Hello, I was the victim of a [problem] on craigslist for a holiday rental in san francisco. I have gone through every fraud form imaginable, my bank and even reported it to the san francisco police but had no solution. I was told by the "owner " of the property to pay the full amount for the rental into a bank account (of which I still have all the details). I did so and upon receipt of my email, the "owner" said that the account was closed and I needed to cancel the payment and pay into a new account which had a different name. This is when alarm bells sounded for me and I started to question the "owner". I paid through an online bank transfer from my bank, Natwest, to the Wells Fargo bank account details I was given. I have been trying to recover my money since August 2013. Natwest are adamant that they cannot do anything as they were following my instructions and paid the money into the account. I made a complaint through the financial ombudsman regarding this and they could not offer a solution either. I decided to call Wells Fargo and speak to them and was happily met with the information from an agent that I would be getting my money back as he could see that the account was closed and my money should not have been accepted. That was on November 1, 2013. As a month had passed and the money had not been returned to my account, I called up Wells Fargo again to be met with several rude customer service agents, all who could not help me and told me that they needed to speak to the account holder. Since then, I have done my own investigative work and found the bank account owner who says he was also a victim of the "owner" and set up the rental pages on craigs list and then had his social security number taken away and bank accounts closed.I have asked him to call teh bank and speak to them about it so they can return my money but he seems rather odd so I'm not sure if he is to be trusted. I have sent all of this information to Wells Fargo and they still will not return my money. I'm not sure what I can do but as it is around £450 that I have lost, I'm not going to walk away. Any advice?
  18. Now onto Natwest... I previously had dealings with RBS... They wernt bad but wernt great. I joined up 5 days ago to get away from Barclays... and i thought all was good, asked for contact-less card etc, and also chequebook. Was promised that was fine. I get home today to find my new debit card awaiting to be opened... Open it up and to my horror, they havent given me a contact-less card. I ring in to them and say im not happy can they sort one out for me... "Sure" they say. Prior to this in branch they told me i could have one. Also the people in Telephone banking also said "The cards come as contact-less as standard" (Well clearly they dont) The woman on the phone was good tonight but had no idea why ididnt get one... On top of that theyve left me without a working debit card for my new account as they cancelled the card to try and send out another without my permission. The account i have with Natwest is a Select Silver Account. My friend has exactly the same and has the contact-less card chequebook and reader too. Now ive been told that i have a 14 day cooling off period that only works should i be unhappy about the insurance products, but in the T&Cs it says i cant cancel if im unhappy about any other element of the account. All i want is bank where i can spend my money as i see fit, have my salary paid into, and pay how i want too. I want a bank where things are 90% right and only Very rarely go wrong... But I really cant catch a break. For me this is usually a bad side of things to come so.... with that in mind. - Should i leave and return to Barclays or put up with Natwest making this mistake? - If i was promised this and they cannot deliver, where do i stand as above? Please feel free to visit the Barclays Thread here...
  19. Just thought Id put this post up after an incredibly frustating phone call to NatWest. Background to phone call is Last month I went approx £300 overdrawn with natwest due to a short month pay wise and 2 payday loan repayments that I couldnt get out of.. However I knew the same siutation would occur the follwing month so spoke to the bank on 4 different occasions to see if they could help in any way.. I was told each time that as long as the payday loans were paid off in full then the bank should be able to assist by creating another account and transferring the costs of the overdraft and payday loans to this account and then i pay it back over say a year.. On each occasion I spoke to the bank I made it clear that I had spoken to the payday loan firms who wernt willing to negotiate apart from just to take interest instead of the whole payment and that IF the bank couldnt help then please tell me so i can make arrangements to move my pay out of this account the second it went in. ( I am on nights this week so could sit and monitor the account to move the money the minute it went in ). But on every occasion I was told no we will be able to help. .they even went through a income and expendidture form with me to see what I could afford to pay back on the expected borrowings of around £900.. Payday came and as expected all the payments went out and my overdraft was cleared.. my rent went out and I was overdrawn by £90 and as such all my normal DD's bounced ...council tax, gas/electric, mobile phone and the water and tv license due on the 1st will also bounce.. I spoke to the bank today to see what help they could provided and have been told in no uncertain terms that they cannot and will not help at all regardless of what I was told in the past.. I explained that I have to pay these bills let alone buy food etc and if they cannot now help the only avenue open to me is yet more payday loans that i really really dont want too do.. They refused to let me speak to a manager or the complaits dept and I was told that basically tough.. I find it astonishing that they can now say all this regardless of the numerous conversations saying otherwise......
  20. Can someone help with this Today cash genie took out £170 from my partners bank account for an unpaid loan last year. The money was actually mine and was two weeks benefit money that I had asked the dwp put into her account as I do not have one and they will no longer pay by Giro Cheque. Natwest bank won't act and the loan company will not reply to my E-mails. Where legally do I stand ?. Thank you
  21. Hi New member hoping for some advice I took a loan out with natwest in 2005-6 ,i lost my job 2007 , carried on paying by selling things and they wouldn't reduce payments even though they knew i was unemployed . Eventually they did after i visited the c.a.b. They set me up paying £1 per month direct but eventually natwest said that wasn't enough and passed it on to moorcroft who i was then paying £5per month to. After a while i noticed the natwest balance statement was about 600 less than the moorcroft's. I queried this with moorcroft they did nothing ,so i queried it with natwest and they said that i'd agreed when i went through the c.a.b. to pay all the account charges for when i was going overdrawn (when i first lost my job and for the 8mths or so i was still trying to pay the full loan payments) Eventually Natwest decided "as a good will gesture" to knock off around £230 of these charges. So i carried on paying moorcroft 5 per month which i couldn't really afford (at one point they put it up to £10 per month!) then in november/december last year i decided i was tired of their threatening letters and trying to get me to increase payments so stopped paying them. Shortly after this i moved house to a new address and though i haven't received any letters from natwest at this address , i have received many threatening letters from Westcot , the latest of which threatening to make doorstep visits via "credit security" (the letter is also titled "DOOR STEP COLLECTION NOTICE" and their balance shows the higher amount by around £450 than what a letter apparentley sent to from my old address from Natwest shows . I didn't notify natwest of my address change . I have not responded to either,haven't returned westcots letters or anything over last 3mths. Unsure what to do as i've been unemployed since 2007 and this financial year now have to pay £17 per month more towards council tax. Should i write to westcot and offer a couple of quid a month or write to natwest and refuse to deal with westcot? i've tried looking around on here but i'm not a good reader and struggling to find where to start. Any advice appreciated thanks Norman
  22. Quick one cos my minds gone blank. Charges on a current account @ 25 notes a time due to a dd failing. What's the protocol for asking mr natwest for them back. Cheers.
  23. I apologise if this is in the wrong place: please let me know and I will move it. I have banked with natwest for about 9 years and have two bank accounts, a select account with £50 overdraft and a graduate account with an £1800 overdraft. To cut a long story short, my problem is twofold. Natwest informed me of the following via email: That they are changing the charges on the select account: basically charging for anything and everything they can. £6 Just for USING my overdraft, even though it's an authorised overdraft 19.89% interest on my overdraft balance £6 for any direct debits that bounce £6 PER DAY if my account goes over my agreed overdraft. Furthermore, they have informed me via email that my graduate account will be changed to a select account on december 17th. So I will be charged 19.89% on my full 1800 overdraft unless I pay it all back, which I can't do. Also the only time I ever go over my overdraft is when natwest takes out fees, so basically they cause the problem and then charge me £6 a day for it. In light of this I would like to approach them and explain that the charges, on the graduate-cum-select account in particular are unacceptable and will bankrupt me and I would like to make a payment arrangement to get the overdraft paid off without incurring any further charges. Two months isn't enough notice for me to pay such a large sum of money. I don't want to close the accounts, but I can't afford to have my salary paid in there so I have opened a basic account with another bank which I will have my salary paid into if necessary. However this account doesn't allow standing orders or Direct Debits and I have to pay my rent by standing order, it's in my tenancy agreement. Could anyone help me write a letter to natwest? And does anyone have any experience contesting this sort of thing?
  24. I am trying to assist my Wife. She has two debts with Natwest - an old overdraft and an old personal loan. Total value of these debts are around £6,200. For the last 3 years Natwest have been accepting £1 a month on each but recently they began to get a bit heavy. My Wife has offered to increase the payments to £2 on each but they have now said that they will get an 'external agent' to make contact with her. I have written to Natwest explaining that I am willing to assist me wife by the payment of a one off £1250 (which represents about 20% of the o/s balance). I gave them until today (31/8/2013) and they have not responded. I am a bit surprised I must admit. I told them that their only alternative was to make her bankrupt and then they would get none of their money. Any suggestions from anyone? Regards A
  25. Please Help Since the credit crunch and its effects on my business (Insurance), over the last couple of years my finances have nose dived to their current problems. I had taken a Nat West "Secured Loan" (£90k) to help the business, which I now can not afford the monthly payments and Nat West have passed to Ascent Legal to commence possession proceedings. We current live in the property with 9yr old son. I have also defaulted on my Nat West "Overdraft" (£10k) which has also been passed to Ascent Legal, who in turn are demanding full payment or "Court Proceedings" Nat West terminated my banking facilities. I also have a couple of credit card companies chasing for settlement, but it is the Nat West that I am concerned about. The Secured Loan is in joint names and the Overdrafts in my name only. Currently my earnings are not guaranteed, preventing a repayment plan. After discussion, we intend to sell our property in order to clear the debts and move to a smaller property. With the "Secured Loan" attached to our residence, surely the bank know they will be paid. At present our home , mobiles and work telephones are being rung repeatedly by Ascent 7 days a week. In what is a stressful situation, I am not denying the debt, just looking for the correct way to handle the situation. I have had a spell in hospital recently and Work/Business is struggling resulting in lack of cash. Do I request a SAR from Ascent ? or Nat West ? Do I acknowledge the Ascent Legal letters ? Where do I start ?
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