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Found 131 results

  1. HELP!!! Hi all, Nationwide accepted in principle my girlfriends loan application for £8,500. She signed the agreement and posted them back wage slips etc as was requested. However, they have now declined the loan because they say she doesn't have enough disposable income. The repayment was £407.99 a month over 24 months. She earns £1,285 a month but after rent, council tax etc they've said no - based on disposable income. Now, they've said she can appeal if she comes up with some more supporting information. We have thought about about a joint application but I have 3x defaults on my credit file with Experian. I earn a good wage and we can easily make the payments. Would they accept our application?? I've had 7 searches in the past 3 months aswell. But would my earnings cover it? Or should I just make up my address details etc in the hope the don't come up with anything negative??? Any help ASAP is VERY appreciated!!!! ... PS: The Nationwide are ringing us tonight to discuss!!
  2. I am acting on behalf of someone else. Aug 2010 unsigned CCA Request sent to Nationwide Credit Card Services. They refused due to request being unsigned. Harrasment via text, phone, letter and door step visits followed. Request sent again requesting that harrasment stops and note that account is in dispute. Harrasment via text, phone, letter and door step visits continued. Copy of passport with signature removed and verified by Nationwide branch. Signed and Stamped sent. While account in dispute, account in reciept of benefits was frozen. Funds are still in this account. Letters of complaint sent to Nationwide, OFT, TS, FSA, FOS and HM Treasury. Unsatisfactory response recieved. Harrasment via text, phone, letter and door step visits still continued. More letters of complaint sent to Nationwide, OFT, TS, FSA, FOS and HM Treasury. Unsatisfactory response recieved. Harrasment via text, phone, letter and door step visits still continued. Office complaint filed with FOS. Harrasment via text, phone, letter and door step visits still continued. FOS ruled in favour of Nationwide, stating that CCA Request was unsigned. Non-compliance with Nationwide's request to provide signed authority. They have a copy of the CCA. They are have that it is valid. They are happy that funds were legally transfered as per the terms and conditions. FOS also state many inaccurate statements. Is it worth appealling against this (by 15th June 2011)? Or should I take this straight to parliment, as OFT, TS and FOS all seem to be in bed with Nationwide. Or are the Government in bed with them too? Or is it time to go for an IVA or Bankrupcy???
  3. I am dealing with the legal letters on behalf of a friend. Bank Accounts - Nationwide FlexAccount, Nationwide Cashbuilder. August - CCA Request sent to Nationwide Credit Card Services (Response was no signature, no agreement) October - Notice of Litigation and SAR sent to Nationwide Credit Card Services (Response was to state that requested information was available at local branch - Followed by three doorstep visits) 18 Nov 2010 - Signed for letter of complaint - cc to OFT and Trading Standards (Response on 19 Nov 2010 was to freeze Flexaccount and Cashbuilder accounts with balances of around £400) Telephoned OFT - Advised to call Financial Ombudsman. Advised me that they do not have this power. My friend called to give her account details and was advised by the same person that Nationwide can do this. Just sent a lovely email to Dominic Littlewood to see what he can do. Any other ideas? Copies of letters attached. My friend has her son and daughter living with her and her 1 year old grandson. She has Working Tax Credits paid into these accounts. She has no funds to top up her Electric and Gas cards. She has now recieved a letter to state that should the balance of the credit card (£7931) is paid within 14 days that the £400 in the Cashbuilder account will be transfered to the credit card balance. This letter was delivered by the same Account manager that carried out the uninvited door step visits. Nationwide.pdf
  4. Hi all, I have been a member of the CAG for a while now and have in the past successfully sued Nationwide for my bank charges but it has been quite a while since I have been here. I also have a credit card with them and they have been nothing but vindictive ever since I recovered my bank charges. I have been studying for a degree which I have had to give up, partly due to ongoing financial problems and depression , all exacerbated by the ridiculous and, I would say criminal, behaviour of Nationwide. For the past 2 or so years I have been trying to pay the card off, but due to the nature of living off student loans etc. it has not always been possible to maintain these payments. I had been proactive and advised them in advance that I would be experiencing difficulties but they did absolutely nothing to help! Now I find myself in a position whereby I have had to give up my degree and therefore am no longer in receipt of any finance, I am in the process of job hunting but this has not affected Nationwide's stance either. They have passed the debt, a measly one at that, to their in house collections dept. KPR. I have been to the CAB recently and they have arranged for me to see one of their professional debt counsellors, but in the meantime they also phoned some of my creditors to ask them to 'lay off', at least until I have seen this counsellor. They all obliged EXCEPT for Nationwide who refused point blank to the CAB guy down the phone - he was aghast! Sorry for the length of this intro but I felt it better to lay a good foundation, so to speak. What should I do? Should I send a CCA request as I have been reading and if so, who to? Nationwide or KPR? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I can't handle this treatment anymore, I have enough on my plate without the corporate greed and bullying tactics being demonstrated by the Nationwide. Kind regards
  5. Nationwide chief executive shuts down email address, Guardian Frustrated? Angry? Then bypass the usual route and go straight to the boss, Times Complain by email, just not to Nationwide boss, Evening Standard Fortunately, he has since backed off and is now using a real e-mail address again: gbeale2
  6. This is a copy of a letter that went to Shelter, Nationwide and Utility Warehouse ----- Dear Sir It is with regret that I must inform you that I have cancelled my Direct Debit to yourselves. Shelter is a very worthwhile charity and I fully believe that it deserves support for the work it does for those people who are homeless - much moreso since the banks' failures have left more and more people homeless - ironically, numbering among them their own staff. Unfortunately, I allocate a set amount of money each year for charity and bills and this year the money allocated to charity has been eaten by unnecessary and unwarranted bank charges. To explain - my energy supplier, Utility Warehouse sent myself a bill last month informing me that they would take payment on or after 30th July of this year. They did not, they attempted to take the money one day early - on the evening of 29th July. Despite contacting my bankers - Nationwide, the bank levied massive and disproportionate charges for this failure. As I only have limited funds, something has had to suffer as a direct consequence of these unwarranted and disproportionate bank charges and unfortunately that is your charity. Might I suggest that you contact both Nationwide and Utility Warehouse and ask them if they will make good the charitable donations you have lost from myself. If you wish to release this information to the media, you may do so with my blessing. I have copied in my MP so he can be aware of how Nationwide's greed and disproportionate charges are impacting charities. with much regret
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