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Found 131 results

  1. We have been receiving odd letters from a variety of companies AA, RAC, Age Concern and Nationwide. All of them started with weird names like Mr Xitlqqlc and the like. Today we had 9 letters in one go all from Nationwide Car Insurance renewal all wit the Name Mr Caisoncca the only difference was the last three letters of the names were all different like a bot was choosing them at random. I am wondering if this is some attempt at fraudulent activity but cant fathom what the instigator is getting out of it as currently I am just returning the letters not known at this address. Has anyone else experienced similar problems or have some idea what the instigator would be hoping to gain?
  2. Hi Folks I really hope someone can help me. My husband was in a previous relationship that the OH abused his bank account and got him into debt. One of the things she did was use his bank details for an AOL broadband account. The account was in her name but with his account details. This was in 2006. Despite phoning them several times and speaking to his bank they are STILL taking appx £30 every month. We need to get this stopped and would like to claim in back as its fraud. Any help of where to start would be gratefully appreciated. C x
  3. Also says he has written to the FSA. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/saving/article-2240479/Whistleblowers-warn-Nationwide-sales-targets-harm-customers.html
  4. I'm wondering if anyone would be able to offer me any advice. I have a Flex account with Nationwide which I use for bits and pieces (an account that i've had since 1999) Approximately 5/6 years ago I called Nationwide to remove the reserve limit that they put on my a/c without my knowledge. This meant that if I went slightly over a 15 POUND unautharised overdraft charge would be applied to my account. Apparently it's a 'buffer' incase you run into trouble and need it. I asked for this to be removed as I don't use the a/c as a main a/c and only have limited funds in there. They removed the reserve limit so I could not go a penny overdrawn - meaning NO charges. ...GREAT..... .until it started happening again by way of paid item charges. They assured me this would never happen again but unbeknown to me it has. Is this allowed?
  5. Nationwide publicly declared its interest in snapping up 316 branches from Royal Bank of Scotland as it was hit with a £238m bill for past follies. Britain’s biggest building society said the acquisition would help meet its target of gobbling up 10 per cent of the current account market. It added that ownership of the branches would also ‘fit logically’ with its plans to start lending to small and medium-sized businesses by 2014. RBS was forced to sell the branches as a condition of receiving a £45bn bail out. But a £1.65bn deal struck with Santander two years ago fell through last month after the Spanish-owned bank complained about RBS’s IT systems. Although several private equity firms and Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Money have expressed interest, there are fears it could be sold off for a bargain basement price. Chris Rhodes, executive director of products and marketing at Nationwide said: ‘We will watch this very closely but this is a very complex transaction that one buyer has already walked away from them.’ But as it revealed its hand, the Swindon-based firm admitted it had been forced to put aside £193m to cover losses on commercial property loans in the first half of the year – up from £72m a year earlier. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/markets/article-2239247/Nationwide-eyes-316-RBS-branches.html#ixzz2DXZrMwum
  6. Nationwide has launched a self-service current account paying more interest than most High Street savings accounts. The new FlexDirect account pays customers 1.6 per cent after tax (2 per cent before) on balances up to £2,500 — a rate well above the average 0.74 per cent (0.92 per cent) payable on easy access deals. However, it has been dubbed a self-service account because you won’t be able to do any of your everyday banking at counters in branches. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/saving/article-2239359/The-Nationwide-bank-account-puts-branches-limits.html#ixzz2DXYAQbOJ
  7. I had a basic bank account with nationwide in 2006, no overdraft facility. At the beginning of 2007 one of my direct debits couldnt be paid due to lack of funds in my account and so i was charged a fee causing me to go overdrawn. Im not sure if there were other returned DD fees, but then i was also being charged fees for being overdrawn, fees upon fees, this has caused me to have an overdraft/debt of £429.96 on that account. Recently ive been getting lots of phone calls to my house about this debt and letters from Credit Security Limited. How do i go about tackling this situation? I am 22 weeks pregnant and dont want to keep being harrassed by these people!
  8. I sent Nationwide a SAR's request at the beginning of September around the 9th enclosing a cheque for £10 to cover the charge. The cheque was cashed about 10 days later the funds left my account and since then I have heard nothing from Nationwide. I requested the SAR's as I need to information to continue a PPI claim for my credit card but I am unsure what to do next do I need to contact Nationwide again and request they sent this information?
  9. Hi, I originally had a hire purchase agreement with Black Horse some years ago but decided to terminate the contract after the half way point and return the car. I got an invoice from Black Horse saying I had an outstanding balance of £1200 for repairs etc to the car. The car was in good condition apart from the usual small scratches and stone chips. Anyway long story short I decided to pay and this was through Nationwide Collection Services of which I have been paying up until July where by I changed my direct debit details due to a change in jobs. August goes by as my payments were due on the 26th of each month but I changed to 6th so next payment from July was 6th September which they agreed. In September I get a letter from Allied International asking for the outstanding balance. I told them I had an arrangement with NCS but they said I had missed a payment. Anyway I now have them chasing me for the money but I cannot find a way of speaking to someone at NCS as everytime I call I get cut off after the automated part. What should I do?
  10. New York-based Global Finance magazine has released its 2009 list of Top 50 Safest Banks. Unfortunately for the UK only a pair of British names, building society Nationwide and banking giant HSBC, appear on the 18th edition of the list. To compile the fifty-strong list, Global Finance compare and assess 500 of the world’s biggest financial institutions, looking at their longterm creditworthiness according to agencies including Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch. Lloyds and RBS, both recipients of multi-billion pound aid from the UK taxpayer, have both dropped off the list this year, leaving HSBC alone of the British banks. Global Finance publisher Joseph D. Giarraputo has described the last 24 months as bumpy, and stated that customers are now putting longterm creditworthiness at the top of their priorities when considering which institution to do business with. Although HSBC has retained its position in Global Finance’s list and managed to stand on its own two feet without taxpayer support, the bank has not been untouched by the recession. In August it was revealed that the firm’s half-year global profits had halved to £2.98bn, although it did experience a record investment banking profit exceeding £3bn. Link; http://www.bankingtimes.co.uk/2009/09/08/hsbc-and-nationwide-safest-institutions-in-the-uk/
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-2212929/Nationwide-kill-mortgages-new-borrowers.html
  12. Hey I currently have the following outstanding debts with Nationwide: Credit Card - £1,500 approx Loan - £900 approx Both accounts are now being handled by KPR Collections and i am in a £50 per month repayment plan with both for six months. At the end of the six month period my finances should be in better shape and i was wondering if Nationwide accept settlement payments, being at this stage with KPR? If they did would there be any downside, would the debt definitely be written off or should i just stick to making regular repayments on an agreed repayment plan? Nationwide will be my only remaining creditor owed money next year so want rid of them as soon as! Any advice on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. ... and so they charged him for that aswell! Son only earns £200.00 a month (he works part time in a primary school) and they've taken £100.00 off him. Son was in the process of closing this account as he had nothing but trouble with them and I honestly believe this is a retaliatory gesture. Put together a letter asking for charges back and received the attached in reply. Any help and advice on our next step would be appreciated.
  14. Found out in some old paperwork, that I cancelled a PPI on my credit card. So I applied for my money back that I had already paid. They quoted a telephone conversation, that I seemingly had, stating that I would rely on savings to pay my credit card if I was unemployed, and that I would always get 6 months sickness pay from my work. The letter also said I had told them I had a thyroid problem, which I knew they would link every illness I had to it. But they are saying it was properly sold? But why would I take it out, especially since I had answered their questions, which I can't remember? Saying I had money that would let me pay the credit card....
  15. Hi, folks. I could do with a little advice / insight if anyone has the time. [NB: Not sure whether this should have been posted here or in the Legal Issues sub-forum, so please move it over if posting there would have been more fruitful.] As per thread subject, I have received a LBA from Fredrickson (acting on behalf of Lowell) regarding an alleged debt to Nationwide. The debt in question does appear on my CRA files, is wholly disputed (by me) and won't be statute barred for approximately one more year. Some background: In 2007 I discovered that my identity had been stolen and that multiple mobile phone contracts had been taken out in my name. Additionally an account was created with an ISP using some or all of my banking details. These companies all set up direct debits which later 'bounced'. I managed to convince the ISP and one of the mobile phone providers over the phone that the contracts were entered into fraudulently. Nationwide were utterly incompetent, however, so I ended up sending them a letter sometime in 2008 stating that I was a very unhappy customer; that I had been a victim of identity fraud; that I was refusing to pay their extortionate fees; and that if they were less than pleased with my refusal to pay they should take me to court. Since then I've heard nothing substantive from Nationwide. I have, however, received 5 or so letters from Lowell offering discounts (a tell-tale sign of things awry, I know). A few years ago I did send a letter to Lowell disputing the alleged debt but I never actually got a human response, so I reacted in kind by ignoring their machine-generated threats. Now, out of the blue, I receive a LBA from Fredrickson. Should I not have received some kind of notice from Lowell that they were lemon-loaning to Fredrickson? It might also be worth pointing out that the Nationwide account in question was opened with them when I was a teenager some 12 or so years ago. Also, I am 100% certain that I didn't receive a Notice of Assignment when Lowell bought the debt. Any help or advice would be appreciated, immensely!
  16. Hi. My Wife has received a Default notice for a credit card. She has about £2500 on the card account and they are demanding payment in full. We haven't been able to make any payments this year due to first her & then me being made redundant. She has contacted them before by phone to ask that they freeze all interest/charges but to no avail. She has a current account with Nationwide, and today Nationwide put a stop on it. She had to go into the Nationwide branch to find out why she couldn't access her money. They explained that KPR had frozen her current account - due to her being in arrears with her credit card. Is this allowed? I assume KPR are part of Nationwide due to the fact that the bank assistant gave my wife a telephone no. to ring and it was KPR on the other end. My wife asked them to release the account, explaining that we were both made redundant and all that was in her account was our child tax credits, which we were using to buy food. They agreed to open the account up again, but only after grilling her about our finances and asking about my situation. Incidently I am no longer on JSA as I started my own business due to the frustration of not being able to find a job. I am in fact now earning even less than I was on Jobseekers due to the fact that I've had to start my business from nothing. We can't afford to service her credit card at the moment. We are a month behind with our rent, behind with our water and electricity. What do we do next in regards to Nationwide / Kpr? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Hi, Last July I went over my overdraft. My dad put £300 in my account and I did not realise it was the other account he put it in. I found out but by then I had incurred fees which were capped at £90 and I was charged a further £20 for going over my overdraft and interest on top. I did not know I could ask these to be waived. I then went into my overdraft the next month by a few pounds. I found out that I was charged an unauthorised overdraft fee as my overdraft was taken away without any warning or letters. I went to Nationwide and the fee was waived however nothing was explained to me about the overdraft. I once again did not know what to do about it so I did not complain. I have had no problems with overdrafts since then. Now in April I decided to move to HSBC for their student account as I felt I may need an overdraft this summer. I got one and I want to close my nationwide account. However in June I made a silly mistake of thinking my payments from some shops had already cleared and ended up having an unauthorised overdraft. I did not understand why and the woman in branch explained how I had got into my unauthorised overdraft as some payments had cleared later. She was no more help than that. I moved out of my university accommodation but I forgot to change my address as I thought by the end of the month now funds had been added my account would close. My bank letters have gone there so I did not know the fees I would be charged. I checked my account yesterday and found I had been charged £45 in unpaid item fees and a £20 unauthorised overdraft fee. This sunk me into my overdraft by £20 and then I had 3 payments clear on the 1st August from Amazon which means next month I will also have the same situation. I have credited my account so I now have £43 in there. How do I go about getting my the money from the charges back? I think I have a fair claim as nationwide took my overdraft away without informing me.
  18. British bank customers were hit by a new outbreak technological breakdowns today as Nationwide confirmed payments from current accounts had been debited twice - and NatWest account holders were shocked to find problems re-emerging there, having only just recovered from last month's IT debacle. Reports from Nationwide customers of double-charging appeared on social networking website Twitter today and the building society has since confirmed that some debit card payments made on Tuesday 24 July were also replicated on Wednesday 25 July. And incredibly, as RBS-owned NatWest is still wading through thousands of compensation claims filed by customers hit by last month's banking, the bank's Twitter account '@NatWest_Help' put out a message today warning that: 'Some customers may have issues with their Online Banking and using their debit cards at the moment. 'Working as hard as we can to resolve. We'll post updates as soon as we have more information.’ Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/saving/article-2179291/Nationwide-takes-payments-accounts-TWICE--MORE-problems-emerge-NatWest.html#ixzz21k9fbb36
  19. Law firm Shoosmiths has merged with Edinburgh-based Archibald Campbell and Harley in a move intended to expand the debt recovery capabilities of both companies across the UK. The new firm will be known as ACH Shoosmiths in Scotland and will go live in the autumn subject to regulatory approval. Shoosmiths is established across England, while Archibald Campbell and Harley was founded in Edinburgh over 100 years ago. Both firms intend to establish a UK-wide recoveries presence while challenging the market in Scotland as a result of the deal. http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/14133/online-news/merged-law-firms-create-nationwide-recoveries-unit
  20. hi recentley lost my job and so i just get paid jobseekers allowance and i had to cancel my bt vision direct debit account has it would have took the money i got to live on but they still tried to take the money out my nationwide flexaccount twice before i noticed now i have a £30 bank charge to pay and i have just let mt girlfriend use my cash card account for her benifit payments untill she setup an account for herself can you tell me if they will or can take the £30 bank charge from my flexaccount out my cash card account even if it,s money that goes in for my girlfriend?
  21. I have a debt with the nationwide and my mums nationwide card got swallowed today and we live at the same address could this be related?
  22. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/saving/article-2156911/Nationwide-closes-23-branches-swings-axe--Yorkshire-opens-more.html
  23. Hi there I've started a PPI reclaim procedure against Nationwide. I heard nothing for 4 weeks, and now they've sent me the FOS questionnaire to fill out. The accompanying letter says that without the questionnaire they may be unable to complete their investigation. The original letter I sent them had quite a lot of detail. Is this just a delaying tactic?
  24. I am a former employee of Nationwide building society, I left the company in August 2011. Nationwide had leased a car through a third party - namely Inchcape. At the time of giving the car back (it was circa two years old) it had some minor wear and tear such as scratches and scuffs etc. In my view only what was to be expected given the age of the car and the fact that I live by the coast and there are problems with sea birds etc landing on it and scratching paintwork. This week (April 2012) I've been sent a letter from Nationwide (a letter to action) stating that Inchcape had to perform repairs to the vehicle totalling £1800 or so. Nationwide state Inchcape have written to me several times although I have never received a letter from Inchcape. Nationwide are now demanding that I repay them the full amount or they will initiate proceedings. There are a number of factors to consider: 1. I have a receipt dated the 26/08 (the date the car was collected) that confirms there are some scratches etc to paintwork - however at the time of conducting the inspection there was heavy rainfall and in my view the inspection was not carried out properly. Unfortunately I signed the receipt but having realised the lack of thoroughness of the inspection I refused to date it. 2. The mileage at the time of inspection does not tally with the mileage given at the point at which a full inspection was conducted later on at the garage. I've google mapped the garage and it is fifty miles from my home. However the mileage has increased by 100 miles - therefore the vehicle has been driven 50 miles somewhere else prior to the inspection taking place. 3. The date of the full inspection by the garage was 31/08 and collection was 26/08, so five days had elapsed between collection and inspection. Nationwide have provide pictures of the damage they say they have paid for - the pictures are very grainy but appear to show far more damage than there was prior to the vehicle leaving my possession. If this is correct then the damage must have taken place AFTER the vehicle left me, not prior. 4. Nationwide are claiming that as I subscribed to their company car policy that I have "abused and neglected" the vehicle and that the "only way" any damage may have caused is due to my "abuse and neglect" of the vehicle. I should also mention at this point that I don't currently have a copy of my employment contract with Nationwide or indeed the car policy, although I am sure these can be provided by Nationwide should that be necessary. So, clearly I wish to fight this as I don't believe I should pay anything, at the time the vehicle left me it was subject to fair wear and tear. As Nationwide are now giving me a few weeks to respond I am hoping that you can give me some advice as to how I should initially respond and fight this. Thanks very much in advance!
  25. Hellooo I am currently a first year student and have got myself into a bit of a pickle. HSBC - £500 overdraft Nationwide - £400 overdraft Wonga - £131 due on the 29th Feb Toothfairy - £466 due on the 4th. The HSBC and Wonga are not urgent as I am planning to pay the overdraft off during summer (I will be working full time again). I am managing to lived within the Nationwide overdraft. I currently work part time so will be able to pay the Wonga. The problem is with Toothfairy. Unforseen circumstances (problem with student loan and rent payments) mean that there is no way I will be able to pay them back ANYTHING until the end of February. I rang them up (no answer) so I emailed them. The first reply stated they do not accept payment plans and are not obliged to deal with debt management companies. I replied to the email stating that I had not mentioned anything about entering a debt management plan and then received a reply saying I should call them urgently to discuss my options. I rang them and the picked up quite quickly. I explained my situation to the woman and she seemed helpful; even said that she should be able to set me up on a payment plan but would need to speak to her manager first. A few minutes later, she returned and said that no payment plan can be set up and if I do not pay on the 4th, they will take me to court for fraud. I have been reading other threads so I am slightly clued up and asked her "why will I be accused of fraud?" to which she replied "You only took the loan out last week and now you are telling us you can't pay. It is fraudulent" I then said "Is it not possible for someones financial circumstances to change dramatically within a week?" and she said "yeah it's possible but it's still fraud" After this conversation, I realised that I had not confirmed how much I owed and what date it was due so I rang back. I said to her "hello, I just rang a minute ago. I want to know how much I owe and when." to which she replied "you owe £466 on the 4th" NO SECURITY CHECK. I would really like some advice on how I should tackle this as I feel I might have to go to war with them very soon. Will they just try to take the money out of my account on the 4th? (causing me to go over my agreed overdraft). Should I call up Nationwide and somehow prevent this from happening?
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