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  1. Hi all, i have a flex account, i have had charges totaling over £400 in the last 9 months, Now i hate DD and SO and try to avoid them and pay by cash or card wherever possible. Now i have been charged a few times for a unauthorized overdraft which is mad as ive never had one, i dont have a overdraft or a reserve limit. If i go to make a payment by card and thers no money the card declines, simple. If a DD tries to come out and thers no money it gets returned same with SO, nationwide have never honored a payment that has taken me overdrawn, So in essence i cant go overdrawn. One day a payment went in a 2am and i made a card payment at 8am, when it showed on statement it showed i made the card payment 1st then the money went in later so for x time i was overdrawn, i know i wasnt and when i tried to explain this is impossible with my account nationwide didnt give a crap, Ive also had where i have not had enough money for a DD payment to be made so thats a £20 fee and then ive been charged another £15 for having a unauthorized overdraft even though i didnt as DD was returned but the £35 in fees has taken me overdrawn to which i get another £15 unauthorized overdraft fee. Its a vicious circle and it cant be right. whats can i do. Nationwide simply dont seem to care
  2. I made a complaint re: a miss sold LoanCare single premium policy on behalf of my partner. Nationwide seem to be trying to stall at every turn. The latest being that they need information on 1. employment status at time PPI was sold 2. Details of Employer, number of hours worked, particulars of his companys sick pay entitlement 3. Details of alternative means of making repayments, such as level of savings held with proof. They will not progress any further without this info. Now we have the results of the SAR, Nationwide have most of this info already, apart from savings and sick pay entitlement. Interestingly, we discovered when my OH took a top up loan on top, they charged him for another policy on top without telling us. Do Nationwide have to have this info and is the 8 week deadline still in force while they wont progress? Thank you
  3. Hello, This is my first post so apologies if it's not to the right place. I've spent a bit of time trying to look at other posts and in the library, but am still struggling to get my head around what I am meant to do. I used to have a Nationwide bank account which was about £300 overdrawn. This was closed about 7/8 years ago and I made repayments (or so I thought). Then out of the blue I get a letter from Nationwide saying that they have sold a debt of £440.07 to Aktiv Kapital Portfolio AS, Oslo, Zug Branch. I was surprised by this firstly because I thought I had paid it back and secondly this is more than the debt was to start with. Shortly after I get a letter from Aktiv Kapital demanding repayment, followed by many more letters. In my confusion I paid a one off £10 through their website which I probably shouldn't have done but just did it to put off the letters. I've now been receiving lots of letters and phone calls from Credit Security Limited on their behalf. So what should I be doing next? I'm not entirely sure that I owe anything , and if I do I don't see how it can be that much. I had a look in the library. Am I meant to send a CCA letter like this one? Or the general debt letter? Or something else entirely?? My mind is boggled so any help would be much appreciated!
  4. I have been dealing with my parents' credit card debts since finding out about their financial difficulties last Summer. I've found lots of useful help on these forums but now need some guidance about what to do next please. I have calculated and set up affordable payments for them and reviewed and increased the payment amounts in April after one company wrote off a debt because of their circumstances. My current issue is with my Dad's Nationwide credit card account. (He is 76 and has heart failure and diabetes) Yesterday he received a letter dated 06/08/2013 on KPR Debt Recovery headed paper.(hopefully attached with a copy of my last letter to Nationwide). It refers to "previous correspondence" and a Default Notice (which has never been received). It is the first letter on KPR paper that he has ever received and he has been making the accepted regular payments without fail. I have already explained his health position and the need to avoid stress and anxiety etc. numerous times and they have a signed authority to deal with me but they continue to threaten legal action. Please could someone have a look at my attachments and advise me how to respond to this latest letter? Thanks for any assistance
  5. Savings rates across the market continue to drop as banks and building societies spurn private depositors. Savings institutions are competing in a "race to the bottom" as rates continue to fall across the market. The latest cuts are being implemented by Britain’s biggest building society, Nationwide, which has historically offered consistently competitive - if not chart-topping - depositor rates on its own accounts and through its subsidiaries which include Cheshire and Dunfermline. It says the cuts are being made to move the society’s deals "in line" with rivals’ falling rates. "What we’ve seen is that our rates are out of sync," a spokeswoman said. So the popular Isa Saver under Nationwide’s regional Cheshire brand, for instance, was paying 2.3pc (issue 3) last week, but is now cut down for new depositors to 1.7pc (issue 4). The Nationwide MySave Online Plus previously paid 1.7pc (issue 14), but now pays 1.4pc (issue 15). Other cuts apply to fixed rate bonds. Last week a four-year bond paid 2.3pc across all of Nationwide’s brands falling this week for new savers to 1.9pc. The change represents a 21pc cut in returns. On one-year bonds, again across all the society’s brands, rates have dropped from 1.55pc to 1.3pc. The meagre returns for savers - who outnumber the mutual’s borrower customers by about ten to one - is likely to be raised at Nationwide’s upcoming annual meeting, to be held on July 24 in Manchester. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/savings/10154479/Nationwide-cuts-rates-across-multiple-savings-accounts.html
  6. Hello everyone, In an attempt for a final push to sort out my debts I'm looking for someone to help me, the attached agreement may not be enforceable, it isn't signed by Nationwide.......now the catch is that this agreement was made because the FOS upheld my complaint re PPI so does it need to be signed to be enforceable? It is a whole new account number etc. The reason I ask is because Nationwide took me to court last year, despite paying them £59.64, I was in an arrangement with them through PayPlan. I just had the court papers land on my mat which was quite aggressive in my view, I had no way of paying the full £2.2k which was still owing. They did however write to PayPlan with a formal demand before court action commenced but I didn't get that, I've only just discovered it because I DSAR'd PayPlan. Is there anything I can do? I had the CCJ cleared. Oh and I paid the full amount (Mum lent me the money) and they still continued to default my credit file for 6 months after I settled the account, I reported that to them in April this year and they cleared one CRA but last week I've discovered they still have it incorrectly on Experian, is that against DPA? [ATTACH=CONFIG]45300[/ATTACH]
  7. Ok hi everyone been a while since I have been on here, so here's what has happened I got a letter back in April from Aktiv Kapital about a debt from Nationwide which I have not made a payment according to my credit report since April 2008..... The account is now 9 months from being statute barred.I have heard nothing from Nationwide since 2008 and now I have this letter from Aktiv Kapital saying the account had gone into default in 2009. As I was moving I sent the letter back saying no longer at this address and I have not had any further correspondence, I did put a redirection on our mail. I checked my credit file this morning and there plain as day is a default from Aktiv Kapital. What should I do? If I send them a CCA and they send me the argeement then the counter will go back to zero won't it? Please help I need some advice on what to do next. Tnx
  8. Hi all, Following on from my own recent success with reclaiming PPI (with of course help from here) I am now currently assisting my mother with her first reclaim, a credit card that she used to hold with Nationwide. this was the first one that she found a good selection of (but not all) statements for. The card was originally applied for in January 2003, so am I correct in saying that this was prior to PPI regulation? Until taking voluntary retirement in 2005 my mother was a teacher, always employed by local government / council with good sickness / redundancy benefits six months full, six months half etc. At the time the credit card was taken out my mother had just been diagnosed as a insulin dependant diabetic and at no point was this discussed in relation to the PPI applied to her CC. Quick timeline: 17/06/2013 - Complaint Letter Sent 19/06/2013 - Letter recieved from Nationwide confiming reciept of complaint letter 03/07/2013 - Telephone call to my mother from Nationwide asking for additional questions and for more info. As instructed by myself she refused to be drawn into converstation over the phone and requested any additional questions to be put in writing. 10/07/2013 - Letter from Nationwide with further questions (Letter attached below in PDF) My mother has answered these addtional questions honestly and to the best of her knowledge. However before she sends the letter I wanted to ask those in the know what sort of bearing a pre existing medical condition would have on a PPI claim? Should it have been taken into account when the card was applied for? My mother has never claimed on the PPI policy that was applied to the card and the card was settled in full some years ago. Her voluntary retirement was not due to health grounds and the only time off during her employment was to attend clincs or hospital appointments for her diabeties, she was never off work ill because of it. Her condition is fully managed by insulin and does not affect her daily life. She has had both cataracts done due to diabetic myopathy but the diabeties has not lead to any other medical conditions. Any advise or comments on their letter gratefully recieved Many thanks Ginge
  9. wertyu2007


    i got a fee for some reason forget why at nationwide building society , i refused to pay on the day due to being upset about it . i did not pay it in the end i moved house this , that and the other and forgot about it tbh no excuse but there you go . its been about 3/4 years now ,i just recieved a demand for £335 from a debt collection agency . where did this figure come from , what can i do about this , sould i just pay ?
  10. Nationwide have agreed to pay back single premium PPI we had on a loan in '99. Some £2600 plus only about 4 years interest of around £500. The reason they give is that the loan was defaulted on and the debt sold off. They say that to get any more interest then we have to go after the DCA. I'm sure it's wholly their (Nationwides) responsibility and not any of the several DCA companies it's since gone through. Am I right? Thanks.
  11. Hi! I just had an appointment in Nationwide to open a current account and they would not accept my Biometric Residence Permit as proof of identity. How is this possible??? I am non EU national and don't have my passport. I have been granted a leave to remain for 2.5 years. They want to see my passport with visa. I found out they their requirements for opening new accounts is outdated and they asked me for identity documents that do not exist any more. Is there a way to fight them because it is ridiculous? Should I contact FSA maybe? Does anyone know what to do?
  12. Hi, does anyone have any experience with Nationwide PPI claims ?, they wrote to me saying I may have been mis-sold PPI, I filled in the form they sent and posted it back, my reasons for mis-sell where that I was covered via work and I sent them copies of all my benefits etc. I have seen on other forums that Nationwide are usually really good and turn complaints around very quickly, they are still well within the 56 working days but I got a phone call the other day from them running through the complaint form and them asking me all sorts of questions, they are obviously going through my bank account as well (they are also my main bank) as they are asking me about money coming in from a company (my husbands work) and nowhere would this have been mentioned on my loan application as it was solely in my name. The gentleman I spoke to was very nice and said I would hear within the 56 days but just wondered if anyone else had also had calls from them and them questioning you about your bank account transactions.
  13. Banks that have increased their lending to homebuyers and businesses face being penalised after the country’s top banking regulator hit them with new charges on their loan books. Barclays and Nationwide, which have both increased their net lending to the economy this year, are facing the threat of being forced to raise more capital or sell off loans to meet a new “leverage ratio” target. For Barclays the impact of the surprise measure, were the bank to have to meet the 3pc ratio by the end of the year, would to force it to raise as much as £8bn in fresh equity or shrink its assets by £280bn, according to analysts at Nomura. In the case of Nationwide, the impact could be even more severe due to its mutual status, which as a building society means the lender does not have recourse to shareholders. “The impact of the core Tier 1 leverage ratio is to effectively penalise the very banks that have been doing the most to support the economy. It is hardly surprising that banks are wary about increasing their loan books when regulation can change so suddenly,” said one banks analyst. Both lenders will have to submit plans to Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) by the end of the month on how they will achieve a 3pc leverage ration. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/10133327/Barclays-and-Nationwide-penalised-for-lending.html
  14. Five of Britain’s biggest lenders have been told by the Bank of England they must raise more than £13bn between them to close a £27bn blackhole in their balance sheets. Lloyds Banking Group has been told it must set out plans to raise an additional £7bn, more than double the £3.2bn Royal Bank of Scotland has been told it must raise, while Barclays will have to find an additional £1.7bn of new capital and Co-op Bank £1.5bn. The capital raisings follow a stress test exercise on the lenders conducted by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), which found a total capital shortfall in the British banking system of £27.1bn. RBS was identified as having the largest capital shortfall of £13.6bn, however the bank has already put in place plans to raise £10bn. Lloyds’s had the second largest overall shortfall of £8.6bn and before the exercise had plans in place to raise an additional £1.6bn of capital this year. In a statement the bank said had generated £5.8bn of additional capital this year and was about "three-quarters of the way towards" meetings its 2013 capital requirement. Co-op Bank had already disclosed a £1.5bn shortfall earlier this week and has put in place plans to raise £1bn of additional capital by the end of the year and a further £500m in 2014. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/10131483/Lloyds-RBS-Barclays-Co-op-and-Nationwide-responsible-for-higher-than-expected-capital-shortfall-of-27.1bn.html
  15. Last November I went overdrawn on a Flex Account Plus. (I hadn't asked for the upgrade, just got upgraded automatically after 18 months, couldn't be bothered telling them not to bother) Phoned Nationwide CS, the lady I spoke to told me there were some charges to be applied and these would appear on the next statement- December 2012. Doh! Without prompting from me, the lady then told me, that as a goodwill gesture, she would ensure that I wouldn't be charged after all, if brought the balance into the black the next day, which I did. I phoned again the next day, to get them to confirm that the charges wouldn't be applied and the person I spoke to assured me once again that I hadn't imagined the previous evenings conversation and that no charges would be applied. This time I recorded the conversation. I checked December's statement and true to their word, no charges had been applied. However, on January's statement there they were, but with no explanation as to where they came from... Also, last week I drew £10 from the cash machine outside my branch, at the same time I got a mini statement from the same machine to check my balance. While I was reading it, the machine took my tenner back! The tenner was not recredited to my balance. At least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask. I don't consider that I have been treated fairly and intend to sue for reimbursement for both the above using BCOBS.
  16. Ok, this is a long one, so bear with me, but any advice would be much appreciated. I called Nationwide 3 weeks ago to cancel the Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) on my debit card to which they declined, which as far as I'm aware is against the law? I unfortunately have had to start signing on again, this money goes in on a Monday. Last Wednesday (29/05) I emailed CFO Lending, informing them that I removed the CPA with them. I awoke Monday morning, to find that they had taken £160, and taken me over my overdraft limit. I am now in the process of claiming the money back,and already have some of it. But due to Nationwide's incompetence, I have been unable to eat, pay rent, and I have incurred charges on my account. Do I have any grounds for compensation? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks
  17. Hi all, I have a flex account with Nationwide, that I had used between June 2011 - Dec 2012. I was using the account mainly as a bill paying account, and just transferred money from my main account to pay for bills etc. In Dec 2012 I stopped using the account, as my housemate took over the responsibility for paying the bills etc. In March, out of interest (was desperate for money and hoped to find a bit left), I checked the account, and found it was £15 overdrawn. I called them to ask where the charge came from, as I hadn't used the account in months. They told me that a standing order was returned in December 2012, and that a charge of £15 was added to my account at the end of Jan. Now, I have to admit that I opted for an online statement, and rarely bothered to check it. However, after this charge, I decided to check the account properly, and luckily they had all the statements available online for me to go through them. I found that between June 2011-Dec 2012 they had in fact charged me a total of £235.41! This included 13x Unpaid direct debit and standing order fees of £15 each. 2x Unauthorised overdraft fees of £20 each and 6x Interest charges of £0.41. I just can't believe that within 18 months of use they put £235.41 of charges on my account. A Flex account that shouldn't have an option of going overdrawn. As I am already using this fabulous site for help with an issue for JD Williams, I had a quick look around to see if there was any help available to re-claim bank charges. I was lucky enough to take Lloyds TSB to county court and win over £1500 back from them in bank charges some years ago, but since then I have totally forgotten the actions I took, and reading here rules seem to of changed etc. So, because I have been on long term benefits during the period I used this account, and from reading other peoples comments, I decided to use their secure messaging system to raise the complaint. (I would of entered the exact quote, but online banking is not available at this time ) I said that I was in severe financial difficulties, and under the BCOB rule regarding hardship, regulated by the FSA, I was requesting the charges be credited back to my account, to avoid court action. I received a reply today to say that they were sorry I was in financial difficulties, but that my account is being managed by their collections department, and that I would have to ring them directly, to discuss the issue. I have no intention of calling anywhere, especially as I can not record calls, and need thinking time on how to respond to things, so I have composed a letter to send into their complaints department: Basically, I want to know if I am taking the right approach to re-claim these charges, and whether the wording I am using is correct, before I send the letter above? Any help on this would be grately appreciated.
  18. Hi All I received a letter from Equidebt, who are chasing a debt bought by Aktiv Kapital from Nationwide. This debt consists entirely of bank charges. I would like your advice on, 1. Reclaiming the charges 2. Scraping Equidebt and Aktiv off my back. 3. Getting the default removed from my Credit file. Thanks in advance. Shystar
  19. Hi everyone, I have recently received a letter from Nationwide about a loan I took out in 2005 this loan had "Loancare" AKA PPI. I had completely forgot about this loan and of course the attached PPI the interesting thing is that they state I have 3 years from the date of the letter to respond. If I don't then they state "You've three years from the date of this letter in which to make your complaint to us and the Financial ombudsman service(FOS). After this time we can't guarantee that your complaint will be considered" This is the first letter I have received from any lender regarding PPI that helpfully gives the account number. In fact I owe Nationwide a drink because I had a look at my CRF from 2009 and released I had a loan with MBNA that I had also forgot about thats another thread . OK on to the chase sadly I don't have the CCA but I don't think I need it. Details as follows Loan amount £4000 Period of time 84 payments Monthly Repayment £70.50 APR 6.7% So using CAGS superb spreadsheet this works out as follows :- 84 x 70.5 = 5922 without ppi this would have been 84 x 59.4 = 4989.6 So going back to spreadsheet the initial loan + ppi would have been about £4750 The ppi element is therefore ~15.7% and equates to £11.1 per month. I paid the loan off early and Nationwide have admitted that the PPI would have attracted loan interest so I bet that they never applied the correct rebate to the loan. As previously I'm going to send a rough spreadsheet with each £11.1 paid and statutory interest. Reasons for Miss sell, 1. The PPI was very expensive 2. I was never made aware that PPI could have been purchased from third parties much cheaper. 3. My job would have paid sick pay for 6 months. 4. I was never told that a one off premium (£750) would be added to the loan and would attract 6.7% for 7 years. 5. Prior to sale I was never asked if the policy was suitable for my needs 6. I simply was not given enough information to make an informed decision about the policy and its suitability for myself and my needs. 7.On early settlement of the loan the full rebate of the PPI premium was not refunded. Does this sound ok? Thanks PT
  20. Took a mortgage out with SP back in 2004 and it was brokered through MD Nationwide. Have gone back through old paperwork and it seems they have put upfront ASU of over three grand on the agreement. Where do I start to reclaim from these companies? Please help I am very very green on this! :!:
  21. Hi everyone, my friend recently applied to their mortgage company for some extra cash to do some home improvements. To their great surprise they were turned down. Nationwide stated that the reason for not getting the extra cash was due to their CRF. After further calls Nationwide finally admitted that the mortgage was in arrears of approx £50. The arrears was due to Nationwide messing up their calculations when they took a short agreed mortgage holiday in 2010. It appears that Nationwide have never mentioned these arrears to my friend before (no letter was sent) and simply posted them on Experian the mortgage was taken out about 10 years ago. My friend agreed to pay these arrears just to put an end to it and maybe get the loan. The OC has agreed that the error was completely theirs. Due to Nationwide's error my friend has been unable to change credit cards etc last year to a 0% deal. So they can show damage to their CRF caused them financial loss. What if any action would you suggest other than a very strongly worded official complaint would be advised? I'm unsure what parts of the CCA actually apply to mortgages would BCOBS be of any use? Reading BCOBS quickly it appears that they have breached by not communication information correctly or even at all. "information to be communicated to banking customers, including appropriate information and statements of account;" Does this seem correct, any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Pumpytums
  22. Hi I could do with some advice My sister engaged a firm called ****** (much to my dismay) to reclaim her PPI from the Nationwide on the grounds that she did not ask for it as she was employed by the NHS at the time (6months full pay in the event of sickness), nor did she realise she had it and when she did,what it was for. To cut a long story short the Nationwide refused the complaint and it went to the ombudsman who consequently sided with the Nationwide. Can she try again or is it final once the Ombudsman has been involved? I also feel she was misrepresented the CMC who wanted a quick outcome and payment,they didn't even fight an appeal. Any suggestions from you good people will be welcome Thanks for looking saranev :mad2:
  23. Nationwide has said it has to charge me on my overdraft, yet I am on benefits of £71 a week, which is paid into my account, they say they have to by law.
  24. Arguing with current bank, Nationwide, over their treatment of me as I live solely on benefits and have been hit with charges relating primarily to the immediate aftermath of transferring my account from Clydesdale and subsequent change in date of direct debits.Have now had charges refunded 'as an act of goodwill' but for some reason the customer service idiot dealing with me, Barbara Jerome, thought I was talking about Social Security Act regs and not BCOBS. Now need to put her bank straight, again, so wondered if anyone has a name of a senior contact in Nationwide operations team I can contact in order to complain about this ongoing treatment. On a slightly humorous note I've spent two days adding to my skillset as a CAB adviser in overturning DWP ESA and DLA rejections, but I have to say the Govt make Nationwide look like Mr. Clued-up!
  25. Hi all. I posted last year on getting advice for PPI claim against Nationwide credit card and was successful last May/June. I got a letter saying the money would be refunded to the card so was very happy, the agreed limit on the card was £1900 so I was relieved to think that I had it available as an emergency source of funds. I also after accepting the amount offered asked for a replacement pin as hadn't used it in awhile and forgot it.The day after I did this I logged into online banking to see my accounts etc and noticed that when the refunded amount was credited back to the credit card my Credit Limit Amount was reduced to just £500. I had not been told of this and found it highly convenient timing on their part, so I contacted the card services team, who assured me they had the right too do this and that it was "mere coincidence" I asked why it hadn't been notified of this prior to my PPI claim, to which I finally got a letter later in June saying that as responsible lenders they "reguarlarly review customer's limits and that the decision to lower mine was to help me manage my borrowing". I also during the conversation asked once again how convienantly the card wouldn't work online or with the pin number I had been sent out after the refunded amount was credited back to be told that was an actual BLOCK on the account and I had to send them some financial information. I explained that if they could put it in writing exactly what I needed to do I would then send them the information. I never heard anything and recently I had my latest statement through and I owe a current balance of under £4.00 and it for some reason triggered me that I hadn't ever heard from them, so I sent a message via online account to card services. I then got a phone call asking what my concerns were etc, etc, so I went through it all again and the next day got a confirmation call telling me that she had looked into it and that they would send me a "copy" of the correspondance in the letter to me about the block. The letter dated 12th Feb had NO copy of this alledged letter and states that the" block was placed on the account when a claim was made on your PPI policy in 2009" !! This made me puzzled as I was sure I had used the card since 2009, and having checked a couple statements I did indeed use the card on 6th April 2010 for £172.63. How would this have been possibke with the BLOCK being on the account, as I cant use it now??!!! I am self-employed so have been asked to provide 3 months bank statements, but before doing so wanted to check that they can actually do this?!! It all seems very convenient timing as prior to my 2012 PPI claim on the card I was never told of any block, or even had the credit limit reduced whilst it was near maximum, then I win a case and have trouble. Sorry for the long story but not sure where I stand, so advice greatly appreciated.
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