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Found 131 results

  1. Hi Everyone, On the 2nd and 3rd May totally £1250, my card was used and a refund was given for a number of transactions from a betting site. But then on the same day as the refund they used up another £1800. I then disputed these again. My daughter also put £2000 in my account without knowing what had been going on and this was also taken. In total I have £3550 missing. The fraud team at Nationwide said that they have a great relationship with the casino in a 'we don't believe you way' and asked me to go in the branch and present my passport to verify my ID and speak to them while I was there. I arranged that I would go on Friday of last week and I went but the woman I arranged it with was on holiday! They said I would get a call back on Monday but no call was made only a message stating that I had to again go in the branch. No apology or explanation. I phoned them up and said that I had already done that and was told that someone would call me back. No call back. I sent a steaming email (several) to Graham Beale and got a call back today telling me that I had to go back into the branch as it wasn't done correctly and sorry but that is procedure and nothing can be done without me doing so. I explained that they have left me with no money or no account, my husband is recovering from brain surgery and that I have limited walking capabilities because I had a knee replacement that is still painful. All I was told was NO NO NO they couldn't help. I have been on the phone to the BBA, FOS and the FCA to get advice and was told that they should make reasonable adjustment in regards to my circumstances. So another hot head email sent to Mr Beale. I have done what they wanted and its not my fault their fraud team are incompetent. I wouldn't mind but I have to take a taxi to get their which costs £10 each time. This would be the 2nd time. I had to lend money to go to the branch on Friday and cannot do it again. Isn't there anything else I can do as I can't see them helping me at all. Thanks Carole
  2. I have a credit card debt of just over £5400 and had been paying it off very well, until 2012, when I taken ill. Nationwide agreed to a small payment of £20 a month, after a lot of arguing. But things got worse as i had no money coming in. They put a default on my a/c, in Feb 2013, then I heard nothing from them, so started to try and pay little bits back every month, then I stopped, because there was still no communication from them, no promises to freeze interest/charges or anything. Now I have received another default, and quite swiftly a solicitors letter who will deal with the debt, to put a charge against my house, which I owe jointly with my sister. This has all come about very quickly, and particularly the solicitor her in my home town. Nationwide did not ask for a budget sheet, which I provided to them, and I CCA'D them, but only got an application form 3 times. I want to pay the debt off, but when I am in a better financial position. I am now, so fed up with Nationwide, that I feel like burying my head in the sand, because putting a charge on my house, how did they know I own one. No negotiations about budget or anything, just straight to court.
  3. Hi all. I received a letter this morning from Nationwide telling me my account "has been legally assigned to MKDP LLP and all future payments should be addressed to them." Nationwide (and a variety of debt collection people) have been chasing me for this for about 7 years. About 6 months ago I received a small amount of money, and contacted CAB to ask whether they think I should get in touch with Nationwide to pay off the debt. They advised that because I hadn't heard anything from them for around 18 months, I should "let sleeping dogs lie". I now find myself wondering what I should do now I have heard from them! I have struggled with mental health issues over the past 5 years (This is when they've been at their worst) but am working hard to rectify them at the moment, and I don't want to start being hounded as this could affect my recovery. I don't have the full amount (Just over £400) to pay them now, or i would consider paying it them in full just to make them go away. However I would struggle, and probably fail, to keep up with a repayment plan as i'm on benefits at the moment and am already struggling to pay bills etc. Aside from not being able to afford it, I am morally aggrieved at having to pay this money at all! All of it is bank charges because I went a few quid over on a £50 overdraft when I was 17! I acknowledge that I should have paid the initial charges, but £400+ does seem a little steep considering I didn't actually lend anything! So, I decided to get some advice from you lovely lot 1. Should I make any contact at all, or continue to do what I have been doing and hope they go away eventually? 2. If I do get in touch, are these companies usually willing to accept a reduced amount if you pay straight away? (I have about £200 in savings but I don't know whether that would be enough to satisfy them.) 3. Is there any way to get debts that consist mainly/wholly of charges written off on the grounds of it causing unnecessary additional stress? After all I don't actually owe them anything. (Or on any other grounds?) 4. Is there anything else you can think of that I may have missed!? Thanks very much for any help you can offer.
  4. Straight to the point where going through some issues with money Wife works and now is pregnant I lost my job while ago. issue credit card missed few payments owe money. Nationwide are saying they wont accept the offer we have made to pay the money back. Now we have Nationwide bank account with overdraft.yes we have an overdraft money is paid in every week and month so running well. They said to me on the phone they will take the overdraft away and can take any money going into that account to clear my credit card account. My question is can they do that?
  5. Hi I use to have a Nationwide load and took out a PPI and I had no choice. I want to claim this back. I don't know the account number. How would I go about this? Regards Tosh1
  6. Nationwide has launched a remote mortgage advice service called Nationwide Now, offering advice over a high-definition video link to borrowers in 61 branches in remote locations. The advisers are based in Nationwide’s Northampton office and will offer advice over video link to borrowers who go into branches where there is not always an adviser present. Link: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/news-and-features/sectors/products/products-news/nationwide-starts-offering-branch-advice-over-video-link/2009292.article
  7. I have a simple question ... Can a Bank do the following to me without any notice whatsoever? I did not know I was overdrawn and had a bunch of money in my other account, it would have taken me a second to transfer if I recd. a notice. All these were slapped on me on a single day. 31/01/2014 PAID TRANSACTION CARD PAYMENT TO xxxx £25.00 £1,050.33 31/01/2014 PAID TRANSACTION CARD PAYMENT TO xxxx £25.00 £1,075.33 31/01/2014 PAID TRANSACTION CARD PAYMENT TO xxxx £25.00 £1,100.33 31/01/2014 PAID TRANSACTION CARD PAYMENT TO xxxx £25.00 £1,125.33 31/01/2014 UNARRANGED OVERDRAFT USAGE FEE £20.00 £1,150.33 Thakns
  8. Hi everyone, I am new here and looking for some advice regarding Nationwide charges and my credit score. I had some store cards when I was at university and got into trouble (no ccj's). It's now 12 years on and my OH and I are hoping to buy or first house in 2 years once we've saved up the deposit. So I recently checked my experian file for the first time, and whilst there is no mention of my previous bad accounts (all statute barred by now), I was surprised to see some numbers in the 'Account Status' section where my Nationwide accounts are shown. I opened up a second current account (no overdraft) with Nationwide last year with the intention of using it solely for business, and set up a standing order to my accountant every month. Shortly after I stopped using the account, and forgot all about the standing order A couple of months later I saw to my horror the SO had kept trying to go out, hadn't, and NW had charged me for it! Charges ammounted to over £200! I transferred money over to cover the charges which now amounted to an unauthorised overdraft. However NW kept charging me again every month, an interest charge, and a few for the unauthorized overdraft, all without my knowledge (I'd paid £200 to cover charges and thought all was fine). Anyway I saw my statement and rang NW in tears. The lady was very nice and said as I'd never had any charges refunded before she would stop all charges and interest and close the account. I didn't ask, and wasn't offered a refund on the charges I'd already paid for. Fast forward a few months to now. I checked my credit report and saw this [0] 2 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 £0 £81 £61 £41 £21 £0 £0 £80 £45 £30 £15 £0 Account Status Details: (1 - 12 months) It does not say there is any kind of default but it shows 'settlement date' 19/12/13. I cannot see my score but on noddle it shows 1/5 so this has obviously decimated my credit! My question is can I get these awful markers removed from my credit file, and if so how? I have read about BCOBS and wondering if I could use this? My second question is, with these markers on my file is there any chance I could still be accepted for a mortgage in 2 years time? We will have around a 25% deposit, looking for a house around £200,000, and have a combined income of £60,000. I will have 5 years self-employed records by then.
  9. Hi, I have recently received a statement from Nationwide and i have been charged £15 for a cheque that i wrote and had no money in the account to honour. However i wrote the cheque of £10 which was to pay for a SAR at another bank, that other bank returned my cheque and although i have tore that cheque up, i have a letter from them stating that they returned it. The reason they returned it is because i complained that the bank in question was being deliberately obstructive when it came to the SAR, so im assuming they chose not to charge me for this as they were at fault in taking so long to uphold the SAR, what should i do with Nationwide though?
  10. I am receiving a message advising the page cannot be displayed. Does anyone know if there is a problem with the Nationwide Online banking service ?
  11. :-| Hi Everyone. Hope you can help/advise me. I am fairly new to CAG. So far I have sent out several letters requesting true copy of credit card agreements. Here is excerpt of reply from Nationwide. "We're unable to locate the signature sample you provided us when you applied for your credit card. So that we can deal with your request please sign and return the enclosed form with this letter. Once we've received this we will update our records and deal with your request." They have sent a photocopy of a blank credit card agreement, which I see has a document reference of Sept 2008 on it. I took my card out before 2007. Obviously I will not "sign" anything that I send them. But does their letter mean they cannot find my agreement or that they want signed authorisation before they go any further? I've found a template letter on this site I can send if the latter applies. I would welcome some help with this.
  12. good evening, I am having problems with nationwide verified by visa . I have been trying to pay my gas bill online over the last few days but the payment has been declined/not authorised by nationwide. I have tried numerous times checking and double checking that I had entered all information correctly, but to no avail, my payments have been accepted in supermarkets and today at my vets with no problems. I thought it maybe a problem with british gas website but today I tried to purchase goods online and the payment was declined again! there wasn't even the security page from verified by visa to enter password etc just a message saying we are unable to process the order as yourself cannot be verified by your bank. Seems rather odd as I have made other payments and my direct debits using the visa card are going through ok, any thoughts to why this is happening please?
  13. Sorry for a new thread but i need answers to this one I am currently setting up a DMP with STEPCHANGE - hopefully this will be completed tommorrow. However I was just going through my mass of letters and noticed I had missed a default notice from Nationwide for my loan ( Owing £3800 ) I dont know what it is and it says action must be taken by the latest tommorrow Shall i ignore and carry on with my DMP arrangement or do i need to contact them I dont really understand what a default notice is thanks
  14. Hi, I've read some past threads on debt regarding debts following you abroad and that CCJs cannot be obtained on a non UK resident...is this still the case? Also, are EPO's expensive to obtain? I now reside in Sweden, moved here 2 weeks ago and will not return to the UK for the foreseeable future. I have a credit card debt with Nationwide for 408gbp which has now been passed to Bryan Carter. I lost my job in the UK for a while and got myself into debt including with council tax and tv licensing but cleared those before leaving as I had a temporary assignment for a few months. I am now left with a Nationwide loan, overdraft and credit card. I did explain my situation to Nationwide and the payment for loan (around 7k) and overdraft (1k) is on hold until November as I explained my situation, so I'm unsure why credit card was not included in that, especially considering it's for much less value. Now I have explained the same to Bryan Carter, who are threatening CCJ because I can't pay, even though I informed them that I do have intention to pay nationwide, as discussed with them for their other products - as soon as I have a job. I am not trying to evade this, but do not want a CCJ issued and to be chased for it in Sweden...please help because Bryan Carter say they can still obtain a CCJ from a foreign address, and are asking me for a uk C/O address in the meantime, which I most definitely will not provide.
  15. I opened an account with Nationwide about a year ago, I signed up for the cash card + account with no overdraft facility. I am absolutely rubbish with numbers and got locked out of my online banking, I have tried many times to reregister and keep getting locked out before I can log in again and have had no statements. I am only guessing but I am being charged £100 a month in bank charges, I have had no notifications of charges as all statements online which is locked out. I think I have paid £1000 in charges, but no way of accounting for them, they have been mainly charges for going overdrawn after delayed visa transactions followed by another charge for being overdrawn because the charge sent me back overdrawn. I know the high court ruled the charges are "fair" but would my case be "exceptional"? Where do I start? Thanks in advance
  16. a couple of weeks ago i sent off my claim forms to the nationwide just received s letter asking for the the following info who was my employer at point ofsale how long i had worked there full time roll and what benefits i was entitled to any changes in employment since taking card out in 2002 did i have any other income protection plans or other means of supporting myself is this relevant the point i originaly made was i was unaware i had it when i took card and a recent letter they sent showing my last 12 months ppi payments on this letter it showed my unemployment status as unknown how should i reply to this letter
  17. Hi Have a credit card from nationwide going back to 1988 and have sent them a section 78 cca with no success and they have stated no agreement available and sent t & c's which only relate to mid term of the credit card usage. However i have now been advised by moorcroft and nationwide that moorcroft have been asked to collect. Sent moorcroft a letter advising nationwide in default of my cca request and that they return account to nationwide. moorcroft have replied account on hold whilst they contact nationwide VOLVO
  18. Hi all, I have an over draft with nationwide for 1,800. Yesterday i received a letter from nationwide saying that they are reducing my overdraft to 1,100. At present i am in my overdraft 1,791 and in a panic. I'm not sure what will happen will I be charged the interest of 50p a day or is it worth me asking for a repayment plan and asking for the account to be closed. My tax credit payment get paid into this account and now i'm wondering if i should ask for payments to be paid into another account advice would be very much appreciated.
  19. hi all Just a bit of advice please Out of the blue I have had a visit from Scotcall in relation to Nationwide for £359.84 I wasnt in when they called but they have left a postcard for me to call them I used to be with Nationwide a long time ago, having a current account with them I had no credit cards/loans or even an overdraft on this account so Im aonly assuming these are bank charges So how do I play this ? Its not on my credit record, well not as far as I can see. But obviously they are braying on my door for the money What the next step for me please ?
  20. Hi, Starting separate thread for each debt per DX's advice:-D I'm not being chased for this as they do not have my current address...... but can I CCA them using same details as my partners card i.e. presume that KPR will be chasing it also ?
  21. Hi, Starting separate thread for each debt per DX's advice:-D CCA request printed & being sent Monday, then need to get started to see if anything to reclaim.... This is being chased by KPR debt collection & have already made an offer for reduced full & final......
  22. Hi Guys I have been paying Nationwide for a cc which I defaulted on last year but set up a payment plan with KPR at £20 per month. They sent me court papers to ccj it presumably with a view to co. I filled in the papers and sent them back to Nationwide who are saying they didnt receive them so had the judgement by default. I rang the court who told me fill in the forms etc and have it redetermined which I did. I enclosed copies of letters etc one which is of KPR offering me a 75% reduction yet when I rang them they denied it!! I have today received forms back from the court saying I need to pay £40 as it was never determined in the first place so cant be redetermined. I feel loathed to pay them £40 for an error on Nationwides part. Nationwide have written to me since saying they are willing to accept monthly payments if a co is granted. Do I pay the £40 and have the judgement relooked at or do I carry on paying the £20 every month and wait until they ask for the charge order and then produce my papers etc and hopefully get a payment plan. I have since been advised if it happens again to only send the paperwork to the court. Feel so down over this Nationwide are so callous in the way they work they already have 2 ccj on me but have spread them over a year so it feels that ist has been going on forever. All help is much appreciated.
  23. Hi, Starting separate thread for each debt per DX's advice:-D Can't CCA an overdraft ? Currently owe £2500 ish....... should we make token offer of payment or wait until we get CCA results from other creditors ? Have just been ignoring so far, And also start process for any reclaims.
  24. Love some advice from the repossession gurus on here ... I have a Notice of eviction set to be carried out on Monday,19th August Currently in arrears to the tune of £5,500. My normal monthly repayment amount is £347 I have had previous agreements with the lender (Nationwide) to pay reduced amounts and have had a portion paid by the DWP, but payments from myself have admittedly always been sporadic over the past 2 years, and not always the full agreed amount. Currently there is no payment from the DWP and I am not in a position to make any form of significant monthly payment. Speaking with Nationwide, to prevent the repossession at this stage, they would be looking to receive the full amount of the arrears. I will not be made homeless by the repossession and I am looking to move on anyway. The house is not currently on the market and there is not a significant amount of equity in the property. There is also a charging order against the property for a loan with Black Horse. Is it worth fighting the repossession at this stage? Given that I am looking to move anyway, and that realistically speaking, I cannot afford any type of repayments in the short-term, certainly none that Nationwide would accept at this stage. Is it worth me trying to hold onto it or should I just let it go and let Nationwide have the hassle of trying to sell the property. My head says let it go and foget about it…my heart says, try and keep it, retain some dignity, and try and sell it myself, although I do not see that this second option is even viable at this stage. Any help/advice much appreciated
  25. I hope somebody would be able to assist me with this. A couple of months ago the money I was getting from DWP for my mortgage stopped (I am on JSA income-based) and I started racking up my mortgage arrears. Up until then I was able to keep up with my full repayments with some help from "external sources" (mainly friends). When that happened, I did contact the lender to let them know that I'd be able to pay the interest on my mortgage, but nothing else as I couldn't afford it. Even though I spoke to them on numerous occasions and they verbally accepted that I am going to pay less (though I never thought of asking them to confirm anything in writing - silly me!), about 3 months ago I received a demand letter to pay ALL the arrears, the whole mortgage (around £115,000) or else. I did contact them then to let them know that at the present time I cannot afford either and that the money I get from DWP barely covers my most urgent needs, though I am able to pay the interest. They didn't budge and after that I received a solicitors letter giving me 15 business days to either clear the arrears or pay the entire mortgage, otherwise they will apply for possession order. As I wasn't happy with the way I was treated (their stance hardened significantly after I received the demand letter) I made a complaint to them. They did respond, though quite late and did not address my points. In the meantime I received my court papers and found a solicitor which I paid to represent me in court. I was advised to complain to the ombudsman as they haven't followed the action protocol and that is how we were able to adjourn the hearing for the start of next month. Unfortunately, I can't afford to pay any more solicitor fees and I am on my own with this (no legal aid as I don't qualify). What I am not clear is what happens if I have to make a court appearance and there is no decision from the ombudsman? Is the case going to be adjourned again? Similarly, if my complaint (about the lender not following the protocol and not treating me fairly) is upheld what then? Do we start from square 1? Is the judge likely to dismiss the case on the basis that they did not comply? Also, if the ombudsman sides with the lender, I guess I am stuffed and there is nothing to prevent them from getting possession of my property, is that correct? Many thanks. -==-
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