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Found 131 results

  1. I received an email (genuine) from my credit card provider and has stated that there will be new T&C's as of 03/2016 and looks quiet good, in as much as they will not charge £12-00 fees for being over your limit, but will continue for late payment fees of £12-00 (bad news) is this correct? I have copied and pasted the T&C's (PDF) and have used a yellow highlighter to this point, I was wandering if I have actually read this right and that the Nationwide will not be charging this fee (over limit) from 17/03/2016. Can someone verify this for me. As I may have misread this, but if correct then this is great news for their customers. Secondly if I apply for a CCA request will these too need to be in the data pack as well as my original T&C's? Your thoughts please... Your Credit Card Terms.pdf
  2. Can you confirm that Nationwide is not connected with any other Banks? (For example Natwest is part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group)... I need an independent bank/building society ( for a friend) to open a current account not connected to Barclays, Natwest, HSBC, MBNA or Citi Bank. Thanks in advance.
  3. I am in credit card debt with the Nationwide of £5400, through illness, too many priority bills to pay. I asked Nationwide for CCA and they couldn't provide it several times. they sent me the application form. I put in a complaint to FOS and informed Nationwide that I wanted to pay the debt, but on condition that the interest was frozen. Also got a letter from FOS to say it will take 12 weeks and to let them know if any legal claims were made to me from Nationwide. I have just received today by post, an ordinary civil bill, from a solicitor, who also informs me that if I defend my case, I will be out a lot of money. Why have they suddenly went legal on me, and threatened me when it was their fault that they have to say" sorry we have not replied to your correspondence" No CCA and then this? Advice please, I am so fed up with Nationwide, ou can't win no matter what you do?
  4. Hi, Don't know if this is the right place to post, so apologies but we are in need of help defending against Shoosmiths. They have issued her on 16th Jul from Northampton Business Centre a Court Claim on behalf of Nationwide. The debt was a couple of years old and I luckily came on this site where you gave suggestions to others to ask Shoosmiths for a CPR 31.14 request because we have no documentation on the debt. ------------------------------ I have issued a formal request made under CPR 31.14 for the disclosure and the production of a verified and legible copy of each of the following documents mentioned in the Particulars of this Claim: 1. The original agreement and terms and conditions from that date. You will appreciate that in an ordinary case and by reason of the provisions of CPR PD 16 para 7.3, where a claim is based upon a written agreement, a copy of the contract or documents constituting the agreement should be attached to or served with the particulars of claim and the original(s) should be available at the hearing. Further, that any general conditions incorporated in the contract should also be attached. 2. The default notice alleged to have been served upon me, together with proof of service 3. Evidence of how the balance claimed has been arrived at 4. Notice of Assignment. None of the above have been issued to me previously by Nationwide Building Society or Shoosmiths LLP and if this claim is to move forward the above have to be addressed. I have given Nationwide Building Society and Shoosmiths LLP 7 days to comply in writing with the above documentation. ------------------------------ This defence was recieved by the Court through Money Claim on the 19/7/2015, we then recieved a letter from Shoosmiths dated 24th July. In it they state that they have no provision to attach agreements to the claim, therefore this is not a requirement for the Claimant. They then state 'By virtue of the Civil Procedure Rules Practice Direction 7C at paragraph 1.4(3C)' They state '(3C) The requirement....for documents to be attached to the particulars of Contract Claims does not apply to claims to be issued by the [County Court Bulk] Centre, unless the Particulars of Claim are served separately..." I have looked onling https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil/rules/part07/pd_part07c and cannot see this wording at all. Shoosmiths end by saying 'In relation to your comments regarding disclosure, we would suggest your request for disclosure was premature. We refer you to CPR 27.2(1)(b) They go on to say they have requested further documentation from Nationwide, which is yet to come. They say in the letter they provide an Income and Expenditure form and envelope, which there is no sign of. I replied back to Shoosmiths telling them this and they have replied again, recieved yesterday. They give an I&E form but also say that they have written to the Court saying that the claimant wishes to proceed and can they move it to our local County Court. I have tried to stop this again with a counter claim online, but cannot. Shall I send a defence letter to Northampton, do we only have till the What can we do? are Shoosmiths correct in their dismissing the documents before we go to Court? Any help or guidance would be really gratefully recieved. Thanks
  5. This is the situation. We were mis-sold an EQUITY RELEASE MORTGAGE by a broker. The Broker has paid us compensation but we have a short fall on paying off the mortgage. This is our only asset we have and like any other family we wanted to leave it to our children. My daughter is selling her home to raise as much money as possible, but we still have a shortfall. We are trapped in this high rate rolled up interest only mortgage which is increasing by a £1000 per month and by the time we die, there will be nothing left. Nationwide are saying it is nothing to 'to do with them and that we can stay in our home until we die'. The Nationwide have not offered any help whatsoever. We asked if the Nationwide could freeze the interest whilst our daughters home is being sold and they refused (the mortgage has increased by a further £12k since we started communicating. We have offered a reduced lump sum payment to clear the mortgage and the Nationwide refused. The Nationwide still would have had a very healthy profit for its members, easily above regular interest rates In error Nationwide sent us 'confidential emails', which were utterly shocking and mocked our children. The emails also included confidential and sensitive information/details about other clients who had been mis-sold the same product!! We wrote back to Nationwide informing them of the emails and pointed out 'why should Nationwide members benefit from an expensive product that had proven mis-sold' and that they are exploiting our unfortunate situation. The response from Nationwide was very negative and wanted to give us £350 for the distress caused by the emails and for us to return them to them in a pre-paid envelope, and again no offers of any help to resolve our situation. We are utterly disgusted at their cold attitude by their Members Relations Manager and lack of morals on what is reported as a 'bank that is trusted and respected by people'. Please can anyone advise is there anything we can do. We can’t seek help from the Omsbudsman as this the mis-selling took place prior to 2004.
  6. Hi Folks Now this is one of the few times where I end up giving some good praise about a bank / building society. After the terrible (And i mean Terrible) Problems I had with Natwest & RBS, I decided for a change. In Feb of this year I ended up going to NAtionwide (Out of choice) (Wasn't Pushed) I signed up online and for some reason it gave me a Flexone, which is a child's account. They asked to see ID so I went into branch and they had realised that they had mucked up. They went through the process and I ended up complaining to the Complaints office because clearly their system had mucked up. They asked me what would i Like? I said Id like to Join Nationwide on a long term basis. They then said well... What account do you want. I said Flexaccount at the time, and with in 30 seconds, it had been changed. I had now completed my switch and fully left the incompetent bank known as RBS Group. Well there have been a few niggles as to be expected but they were minor. Well as off Thursday this week, NAtionwide said they have authorised an overdraft of quite a substantial amount for me. Naturally I havent taken it but its so nice when someone actually Says yes and doesnt say NO! Their service is phenomenal and they treat me like a proper customer and not just like another customer. They are someone I would recommend based upon just how quick and reliable they are/
  7. Hi, Anything I can or should do regarding a Nationwide account currently with MKD at £587 despite credit report reading 'Defaulted on 11 Apr '11 with a default balance of £0'. Account was opened on 5th July 2006 and no contacts or payments been made since 2009 at the most... .the entire balance is charges as never had credit or overdraft. Any advice kind folks? Thanks NS
  8. Hi All I am looking for some advice, I have recently received a letter from MKDP stating my outstanding balance is 3,356.39 and they are informing me they are instructing their pre-legal department to review my account . I haven't communicated with them as i am financially in a mess. I believe this is from when I banked with the Nationwide and I had a loan and overdraft with them, they recalled both, gave me 28 days notice that they would be taking the money from my bank account this was September 2010 , I had to move my bank account or I would of gone into mortgage arrears and utility bill arrears and unable to support at that time my dependant, I have buried my head in the sand! I am aware after six years I can still be chased but under no obligation to pay this, I really am stuck about what I do. I have since learnt about the Conduct of Business Regulations (BCOB), BCOB makes it unlawful for your bank to treat you unfairly. which giving me 28 days notice for such a large debt feels unfair. MKDP have registered a debt in their name against me on my credit referance Any advice?
  9. Hi, I've been in dispute with the Nationwide for the last 12 months, regarding unfair charges and incorrect data on my credit files. We have not been able to come to an agreement so I am considering starting court action in the next few weeks. First I will list a history of the account: Sorry it's so long, but it does cover everything. I've only got around to making a SAR request in the last few days, so I can't submit a claim until I receive the paperwork as I want to double check exactly what letters they sent me. But even before I receive the SAR paperwork, I want to prepare my claim and make sure that I submit everything 100% correct. The laws which I think they've breached include: Unlawful termination Unlawful default Breach of contract Unfair treatment Unfair terms Data protection act (passing on letter to MKDP) Data protection act (Incorrect data on credit file) As a starting point, exactly which laws should I read into more and are there similar cases that it's worth looking into? Also I would really like to claim defamation because that's what they're doing, but I've read elsewhere that defamation cases are highly risky and expensive, so I guess I'll leave that. One problem is claiming damages. I've read elsewhere that you have to show a breach of contract and law and the hardest part is that you have to show quantifiable damage. How do I quantify the damage to my business and credit rating? When I submit a claim, do I have to state a maximum that I am claiming, because if this is a high value, then isn't the court fee really expensive? Can I claim damages for the stress and hassle that this has caused?
  10. Hi! This is my first time on CAG and I wonder if you can help me turn off the Nationwide’s steam roller? I have been with the Nationwide for about 30 years. About two years ago, I was made redundant and all was fine until my redundancy pay ran out. All though I did my best to keep everyone happy, I was amazed at how quickly the Nationwide turned difficult. This shocked me. Where is their loyalty after all this time? They’re supposed to be on my side aren’t they? I can assure you they are NOT. The problem is that I have an account in dispute with them and I am awaiting their final reply, I will be passing the problem to the Ombudsman once it gets to that stage. However the Nationwide are steam rolling this through the County Court and got me a CCJ whilst the account is in dispute for irresponsible lending. I have written to them regarding this and been told that they can still take me to court even if the account was in dispute. Does anyone know how to stop them so as the Ombudsman can have his say before it’s too late? Thanks in anticipation notNBSagain
  11. Is there a way of stopping or challenging this from being renewed at the end of its 5 years (before the actual debt is cleared)? Original debt: Nationwide Overdraft back in 2004 of £3500 Nationwide refused to deal with Christians Against Poverty who were sorting out a repayment schedule at the time and as soon as they were involved took me to court. They had been phoning me in the evenings to try and get me to repay the overdraft and had offered if I could pay the overdraft of £2000 - they would waive the £1500 over that but I was pregnant at the time and about to come off on maternity leave soon and did not have that amount of money available to me then. The guy I was speaking said that in that case they would take me to court and take my house away from me. Decree was granted in April 2005 and Order of inhibition on any property I own after that. Was renewed on expiry in 2010 and due again to expire in May. Have £1900 left of balance. Have not received any statement of the account since the decree in 2005, so have no idea of interest and charges that have occurred or how much I have actually paid back. First was passed to Morton Fraser solicitors and now with Aberdein Considine. I have tried to put in a claim for unfair fees and charges that were added to the account - the overdraft was £2000 and the fees and charges the rest. Morton Fraser said I was not allowed to contact Nationwide Building Society to do this. Never got a reason why they would not look at the fees and charges - on the one hand Nationwide were saying to contact Morton Fraser with a settlement offer and they would consider it through them but Morton Fraser said they received no such instruction from Nationwide - so just kept going round in circles. This was a few years ago and I had too many other things going on in my life to fight with them about who said what so just left it. However, I want this inhibition removed so I can move on with my life. I could possibly just about manage to settle the debt before May, but it would be a struggle (we are a family of 7 so every penny counts). I do still have some other outstanding debts that I still am paying that defaulted at the same time. Any advice on how to go about this one?
  12. I have noticed for the last few months, one debt appears twice on my credit report, with two companies - Nationwide and MKDP - both applying monthly defaults. A screenshot is attached. I am guessing that Nationwide sold the debt onto MKDP. However, if MKDP are listing a default date of 8 January 2009 (when it was sold on?), why would Nationwide then state a default date of 3 August 2009? Furthermore, if the debt is indeed owned by MKDP, then why does Nationwide continue to apply monthly defaults? Also, having read another thread on here regarding MKDP, is it likely that as of January 2009, MKDP did not actually hold a Consumer Credit Licence?
  13. Recently we had our bathroom done and ordered some glass splashbacks from an on-line company called Cameo Glass to fit round our wash basin. When we ordered custom made white glass splashbacks (for some £200), we (reasonably, I hope), expected something made from opaque white glass. Nothing on their website suggests otherwise, though we now know competitor websites do make it plain that this is not the case. What turned up was white back-painted "clear" glass. This wouldn't in itself be a big problem if they had actually used truly clear glass. What we got has a distinct blue tint to it. On the left is what we've now used in our bathroom... [ATTACH=CONFIG]56336[/ATTACH] We tried to get a refund, and were simply told "that's what it's like". We are in the process of putting a chargeback request through Nationwide but they're being useless and have twice written to us first saying that this doesn't fall within the bounds of a chargeback, yet confirming in the same letter that "goods not as described" is one of the categories, then latterly saying that it's our problem for misinterpreting what we were buying. I have now asked them to show me where it explains on Cameo Glass' website that "white glass" is in fact white painted, slightly blue-tinted clear glass. I think the mistake we made was complaining about it not being white glass, but back-painted, rather than placing emphasis on it not actually being white (though this was stated in the original complaint). What do you think?
  14. I received a CCJ for £400 from Bryan Carter in January 2008 that I have almost paid in full now. The actual debt was £8,000 and reading through these forums, I am already anticipating the 2nd CCJ for the same debt. I've read a lot about how this is against the county court rules - is there a definitive wording to put when you contact the courts to make sure it gets set aside? It seems like so many people have this issue, it may be good to get a template together for it. Also, if this hypothetical CCJ is set aside after they try to chase me for £7,600 - what is the status of the debt then? 1. Can they still chase me privately? 2. How does this debt go on my credit file? (will it be a new debt entry for £7,600 with no default date - or will it go back on the original account, which defaulted in January 2007?) Any help / advice appreciaed, thank you!
  15. I am a foster carer and when I began fostering over 3 years ago I took out a new home buildings and contents insurance policy with Nationwide. I specifically told the guy who sold it to me over the phone that I was a foster carer and needed suitable insurance to cover me for potential damage by foster children. He said this policy would be fine. I have been paying it for nearly 4 years and not made any claims but yesterday one of the young people that I foster caused considerable damage to my house during an outburst of temper, including a broken window and internal doors. I called the insurance company today and was told I was not covered because there is an general exclusion concerning damage caused by anyone living in the house. This means that I have been paying for nearly 4 years for a policy which was not what I asked for. Do I have any claim against the Nationwide for selling me a policy which did not meet my clearly stated needs?
  16. Hi, hope you can help I opened up a flex account with Nationwide in May and they offered me a £1000 interest free overdraft (which I signed for) for a year. Today I got a letter from them to say that my overdraft has gone down to £250 and from November I will have to pay interest. Are they allowed to just withdraw an agreement? Thanks
  17. Hi can anyone post a copy of a Nationwide credit card agreement from before August 1999. Cheers. These don't seem to contain prescribed terms.
  18. Hi there. My brother and I are in very similar positions with our houses in that we both bought around the same time last year and selling the same time this year. The big difference is between our ERC's which we both have Nationwide. My ERC will likely be around £3500 which I do think is excessive and unaffordable (hence the sale) but my brothers is £9,500 which seems totally ridiculous. It's essentially 5% of his mortgage. Where do we stand with these. I saw the stickies but they appeared to be around 2007 so am not sure what has changed if anything. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  19. Hi all i need advice on how to tackle this 2195.00 credit card with Nationwide. It has now gone through various places and ended up at ARC Europe. They are now issuing court proceedings and i wish to send them a letter which tells them i cannot afford to pay more than £1 a month. I'm currently going to college whilst living at my mum and dads which is a pain from all the phone calls and letters. I am barely working and havnt been in receipt of JSA as i'm at college and also i struggle to get one day a week work with friends or family right now. This has been on going for probably over a year now however ive not been financially stable since. Thanks all.
  20. Hi I have had some great advice from viewing previous threads with regard to getting debts I had written off from HFC and Barclaycard/Lowell by going down the SAR route, but I have a different issue which I havent been able to find anything about........ I had a flexaccount with Nationwide which I last used approx 5 years ago at least, it had an overdraft which spiralled to £902 mainly I believe made up of unauthorised overdraft charges. This debt has been sold to Aktiv Kapital who have recently started sending me letters and phoning (though at present it is only once a day - I know AK often phone upto 10 times a day - I have experience of this!) What I was wondering was is there anything I can do to get these off my back? I believe overdrafts are not classed as credit agreements so Aktiv Kapital may be more difficult to chase away. (I also have another debt, Egg credit card with AK which I am paying at £1 per week). I do not have any paperwork from Nationwide (old statements etc) as I moved house back to my parents due to extreme financial hardship, and basically got rid of everything apart from my bed and some crockery.... I also do not want to give these people any personal information, I am working but am currently on a Zero Hrs Contract so my wages are variable. I hope someone maybe able to help or should I just ignore them...... which I have no issue with doing!
  21. Hi, Apologies as not sure which section is best. I will shorten this as rather complex. Have a passbook from Greenwich Building Society from 1971 with £5,000 in it. (was my father in laws mother but both passed away now - mother in law still with us!) I found out that ultimately it was sold to Portman and then to Nationwide. So wrote off to Nationwide, send copies of the passbook and they now say that as it is well over the 6 years and due to the Limitations Act 1980 that they do not have any details of the account and all files would now be destroyed. I have a problem with this as there could be £5000 somewhere from 1971! Anyone know how to proceed with this? Many thanks Swanleyboy
  22. Opening a thread that I'll keep updated as it progresses. I received a letter today from Nationwide regarding a credit card debt I had with them. They informed me that they have passed the debt to CCSCollect. The debt they are referring to became statute barred in January 2013. However, when I called CCSCollect to have them remove my details, they claimed that a payment was made to the account in 2012. This would have been impossible, as I was living in Chile at the time, and had no means to transfer money to the UK. I've sent a letter copied to both CCSCollect and Nationwide today detailing the last payment, the default date, and the date the debt became statute barred. I've stated that the debt is unenforceable, I do not acknowledge any liabilty, and that I will not be making any payments. I also explained why any payment they claim I made would be fradulent - and stated that if a payment had been made, it would have shown on my credit file. I suggested CCSCollect return the account to Nationwide, as they have been sold an unenforceable debt. If they decide to go any further with this, does anyone have the link to the template letter to demand that they prove I made the payment? Hoping this'll be the end of it, but we'll see. Thanks, everyone!
  23. Hi i was in debt £26 to Paypal after sending the payment by echeque whilst it was processing i got an email from credit solutions and didn't take any notice of it as the payment was pending but after checking my statement i had been charged £90 for unpaid direct debits from paypal putting my balance to minus then because it went to overdraft i have then been charged £20 for emergency overdraft what should i do now?
  24. Hi everyone I wonder if you can help. I've scanned the Nationwide thread and can't find anyone who seems to be in a similar situation as me, so I hoped you may have some advice or could point me at nyone who may be in a similar position. I had a Nationwide Credit Card that went into arrears at some point between Dec 2008 and February 2009 (so unfortunately not Statute Barred yet) Over the years I've had numerous agencies chase this debt and unfortunately being a mixture of disorganised and a bit lazy I never got round to sending any letters to these agencies to dispute the debt The various letters from agencies started in June 2009 was with KPR who I understand are Nationwide's internal collection agency, followed by: Roxburghe - October 2009 Graham White Solictitors - Nov 2009 Wescot - May 2010 Nelson Guest and Partners Solicitors - June 2010 I then received a notice of assignment from Nationwide and MKDP in October 2011 saying that the debt was legally assigned to MKDP on 30th September 2011 Following that I have further letters from: MKRR - Nov 2011, Dec 2011, Jan 2012 Raven Recoveries - March 2012, May 2012, June 2012 Keynes Collections - Dec 2013 (Notice of Intended Legal Action) This morning I received a notice from the county court in Northampton with the following claim details: "The Claimant claims the sum of being monies due from the Defendant to the Claimant under a regulated agreement originally between the Defendant and Nationwide. The Defendant's account number was XXXX and was assigned on 10/10/2011, notice of this has been provided to the Defendant. The Defendant has failed to make payments in accordance with the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The claimant claims the sum of and costs. The Claimant has complied, as far as is necessary, with the pre-action conduct practice direction" i have until 29th March to respond and I have no idea what the best course of action is or even if I have any recourse at all at this point, so any helpful advice would be appreciated Many Thanks Syd
  25. Hi I wonder if anyone has any information about the legality of the above,. My son has a basic account which does not have an overdraft facility, and he has accumulated several charges for returned direct debits.(£15 a pop) My probably simplistic understanding of the Supreme Court ruling was that the bank charges were legitimate because they were a core or ancillary term and in effect a fee for consideration of an overdraft, of course this is not the case in a basic account, as an OD is not an option. If this is correct is there cause for an action for reclaiming these charges under the UTCC'S and under common law as being an unfair (penalty)
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