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Found 21 results

  1. This is a thread to contain my payday loans, my original one is here: HERE Here is a list of the payday loans i taken out from 2011-2014 (ish) The last contact i made with them was December 2017 as instructed by Redbridge Finance a company who was "supposidly" going to help me claim compensation from them. Wonga Quickquid Payday express Mr lender Myjar The money shop The cheque centre To name but a few, there are probably more but it really hurts my head when i try and think back. I am not being chased for any of the above debts at the moment, and
  2. Morning All, I have an issue with an old txt loan that shows as appeared on my credit file around 2014/15. Original loan was taken out 2012, a time when my partner was unable to work through illness, we both took out payday loans, wonga txt loan and provident etc. All of these debts have now gone, but this one remains as a reminder of those days. The details were always a bit weird on my file as it was made to look as though I had made a payment towards it but never did. The debt is very close to being statute barred but now it has disappeared from my file, it's registered at one of my
  3. Hi I am after a bit of advice on whether it is possible to ask for a default to be added to a settled account. I initially took out a txtloan ( now Myjar) Payday loan for £100 on 23/02/2012, this was repaid on 08/03/2012. I then took out another £100 loan on the same day which then went into arrears due to financial difficulty, I had multiple payday loans which were taking up the majority of my wage on payday. I entered a dmp later that year with the lenders receiving their first payment in December 2012. All of the loans are now either settled or satisfied. I am looking t
  4. Hello I got a £100 with my jar in 2014. Looks like I never paid it back, and the balance currently sits at £258 on my credit file. However since then they have only been marking my account as a 1 – as in payment is late, there is no default shown on my credit file. What can I do about this? oh just to add i sent them an irrespondible lending complaint, which they rejected
  5. I have an ancient Myjar default from 2012 from when they tried to pursue £1055 against £50 borrowed. It went through a few DCAs who sent standard threat letters which were easily seen off with section 77 requests but no court action was ever taken, and it should have gone SB in March. I was looking forward to it being gone from my file on today's Noddle update, however instead I've found that 1 week before the default reached 6 years, it was suddenly marked 'satisfied' and it now appears as a satisfied closed account rather than having dropped off my file altogether, where presumably
  6. Hi I have late loan monthly payments recorded on my credit report from Nov 2014 up to now . I haven't paid but want to clear the loan now that I can afford to. Myjar charges a late monthly payment fee if you are 3 days overdue on your monthly payment. I have had no record of them asking for late payment charges from me. Can I ask them to accept the loan repayment in full without any charges and is it likely that they will register a default anyway? Look forward to your response
  7. Look at this response from Myjar, 2010 loan defaulted 4 years late. We write to advise you that we are now in a position to provide you with our final response. We take all complaints very seriously and we are grateful to you for having taken the trouble to raise this matter with us. We will use the information you have provided to try and prevent similar issues arising in the future. As you are not contacting us from your registered email address, please let us know if you wish us to update your account with this new email address. If you do not wish to update your email details,
  8. Hi All, My brother has had 8 loans setup in his name, 4x Wageday Advance and 4x Myjar, my brother suffered a brain hemorrhage about 6 years ago and since then he has found it difficult to read and comprehend things, his daughter is the one who setup the loans, we have proof of this by her making a transfer into his account when the payments are due, unfortunately she has also been found out for other fraud to other family members and the payments for the loans have now stopped, leaving my brother a tidy sum against his name. I have spoken to Wageday Advance
  9. Hi there, just looking for abit of advice here, i have no idea why i didn't know anything about this at the time/how i didnt clock on or what have you but the following is this - in 2011-2012 ish i took out the following loans with TXTLoan (now MyJar) which all paid back as you can see which is attached to this post . Confuses me here, the dates of when the loans were paid and taken out seem to be weird and it doesn't add up, i kept paying them back more than i ever borrowed in such short space of time, i.e £51 interest over a day?! in one case i apparently
  10. Evening all. Today I checked my updated Noddle and MyJar have entered a default from an old TxtLoan from a loan taken 02/12 - default date is 05/12. I was taking payday loans from 2 different companies, I had defaults already on my file and a couple of credit cards maxed out. I currently have a Wonga case with the FOS, would I be sensible waiting for the outcome of this one before tackling the MyJar one? Thank you
  11. Hello, I got a copy of my credit report from Noddle, and say a default for a company called MyJar. I had no idea who they were, and the address registered I moved away from 2 years ago, so I was a bit confused. I wrote to the managing director, and he said that a colleague would be in touch. No one was in touch, so yesterday, I emailed back to ask that as they had not provided the information, could they remove the information from my credit file. Naturally, I got a reply within the hour. Oh they emailed on 30th December, have I checked my junk file? Anyway, the em
  12. Hi All, I'm after some advice and opinion A while ago I fell into debt with various Payday lenders which was totally my fault no excuses. I have now sorted them all out with the last one being MYJAR formerly Text Loan with the last payment being paid this month. A few months ago I received an email from MYJAR saying I owed the debt and if I didn't pay or make an arrangement within 14 days they would register a default. I called them up and made arrangements to pay over 4 months (Last payment this month) which they accepted and I was told no default would be registered as I had
  13. Hi, i have a query regarding not being defaulted yet by MyJar. I decided recently that after 3 years of trying to fix my credit and debts i ought to inspect my credit files. I took out a txtloan (now MyJar) of £300 end of 2011 and had difficulties so it didn't get paid.The majority of borrowings i had sadly all defaulted by start of 2012 and CRA's reflect this . However the MyJar Loan is showing as 6 months in arrears ( a Red 6) and it says not defaulted.It shows as being initially overdue from around Nov 2012 . I assume if i just leave it even when my defaults go i'll be 6 months
  14. Hi, I was checking my Noddle report and noticed a default by MyJar dated March 2015. At first I was confused as I had never heard of this company. Anyway after a quick google search they were related to txt loans with who I did have a loan with back in August 2011. I checked my old email account that I no longer use and noticed that they had sent me a default notice December 2014. The amount was for over £600. The original loan was for £300. What really frustrates me is that I did have serious financial problems in 2010/2011 however they have since passed. I was
  15. I have just read a post with a very similar story to mine about a company called myjar. I have just checked my noddle report and see that this company have listed a default in 2014, I have never heard of this company but from the other thread on them it seems they may be txtloan who I did at one time have a loan from. I don't remember the specifics of the mess I got into with payday loans in 2009, mostly because the names seem to constantly change making it hard to keep up with them but I am fairly confident I paid this one off as it was taken from my bank. Even if its not paid, it or
  16. Hi there, I am looking for advice on whether i have any chance of getting a default removed that was been placed on my credit file last month, 4 years after the account was opened and no payment was ever made. The company is a PayDay load lender, MyJar (formerly Txtloan), and at the time (2011) I was in financial hardship. The original loan was £100. Now at a balance of £272. I have record of sending them an email in early 2012 requesting they freeze the interest due to my money struggles. I did not receive a reply. During this difficult period
  17. Hi all, Need some help please. Been sent a Default Notice by email (nothing in post) from MYJAR dated 19/12/14. Served under section 87(1) and giving me until 02/01/14 to "pay the total of the arrears of £247.00". The problems are: 1) I don't have this money to pay before then. 2) This is from a txtloan back in 2011. I had one loan with them in May 2011 which i repaid back on 03/06/11. I then took out another on 10/06/11 which i could not afford to pay back as was in a spiral of debt with other payday loans. The original amount was £100 an
  18. Evening All I have received a rather weird email from MYJAR today regarding an account which I can confirm I will raising the Fraud flag against (Think struggle with MMF) Anyway... MyJAR have sent an email advising that a loan was taken on 09/08/2011 and was due back on the 24/08/2011. However the email i received today included is listed below and attached were 3 attachments. (Obviously this isnt mine otherwise it would have been settled by now) Now my question is, shouldn't this account have defaulted in 2011? Yet they are going to issue a default notice in 2015?!
  19. Hi, I have been very grateful for the advice of the CAGers on this forum, and I wonder if I can ask once more for some advice. Having gone from having 14 outstanding payday loans I am now down to a final 4:smile: ( I pick a lender to deal with each month and then devote my efforts to negotiating with them until we agree a full & final settlement. I am really struggling with CRS who have taken over as DCA for MYJAR(formerly txtloan), originally I was dealing with Mackenzie Hall who agreed to my repayment offer of £1 per month (after mediation with my mortgage company & help from Nati
  20. Hi, Please can someone help I'm worried that my bank account will go way overdrawn tomorrow and leave me in an even worse mess than I already am. I am setting up a debt management plan at the moment and as everyone knows, it takes a bit of time. Before going into this, I emailed all my creditors and cancelled the CPA that was set up and I also wrote to my bank to cancel. Nobody has taken any money since and so I am guessing this was actioned properly. Myjar, emailed me on that day to confirm the CPA had been cancelled and when I log into my Myjar account, it says card det
  21. Hi does anyone have upto date bank details please for myjar?? no debit card at moment and want to pay them something this week but don't want them to know just yet I cant pay in full. many thanks
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