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  1. My Mum passed away recently after a long battle with cancer. To cut a long story short, I had my suspicions that my sister and niece were helping themselves from my mothers bank account for a long time. My mum was never very good with technology and when she became ill she trusted them both with her debit card and pin number to get small amounts of money when she needed it. On her death there was no money left in her account. I went to the bank and as next of kin got statements dating back 24 months. They systemmatically pillaged her account over a period of 18 months resulti
  2. Mum is 73, recently bereaved, a little under the weather. but was hanging on in there. Until Thursday, 18th April. She woke up with a sore throat. Friday morning - woke up and couldn't swallow without pain, talk, breathe properly etc, and her neck and head were swollen. No messing about Gp called, did a home visit, diagnosed a quincy throat and prescribed erythimicin (spelt wrong, never mind). Told mum if no better by Saturday she was to contact the clinic that would be open at the general hospital, and they would have her in to drain the quincy. Sat morning, mum now being v
  3. Hello guys, I'm new here and would appreciate any advice or help on the following matter as I'm looking to clear a CCJ from my mums history! This is a CCJ down to my mum being the guarantor for my student accommodation: Back in April 2010 I was due to pay my last installment of rent... i didn't. 1st of June 2010 - solicitors sent pre action letter to me (student apartments) & to my mum (sittingbourne) Mid June - solicitor has record of me acknowledging the letter with student apartments and asking for 2 more weeks time to pay up.... i didn't. 15th July - Solicitors asked by stud
  4. hi all, just after a bit of advice here its a long one so ill try and be brief. in feb 2012 we took a home tv bb and phone package with sky for a 12m contract. in july 2012 they changed the prices and we cancelled our contract under the "change of terms" section of their contract. it took a few calls to get the cancellation agreed because my hubby is the acct holder so they wouldnt accept the cancellation from me and he had already moved to canada working so he had to call them, they then tried to tell him he couldnt cancel and he didnt have the relevant email and terms
  5. My girlfriend is getting a lot of hassles at work for having to work on call at weekends. I work on call but i get paid for it, paid for disturbance then paid a rate for the time i work on incidents She collects the work phone friday night and drop sit back monday morning, compensation regardless of workload is 1 day in leu. She cannot leave the house. She also works part time, so as the others get a full day off she just gets 1 half day. Its becoming a real pain for no reward, she got called at 3am and 4am the other weekend, waking all the kids in the house. This weekend
  6. Hi guys i have an outstanding cancellation charge with Orange, now i don't live with my mum and i haven't for the past 3 years. Tonight my mum phones my mobile saying that someone called xxx from MDR has phoned asking to speak to me my mum asked what its regarding and he wouldn't say anything i phoned my mum back and asked for his phone number so i called back to speak to someone called xxx who was a right snotty cow. I asked how she has got hold of my mothers house number and she said maybe you've called us off it before i was like i aint that stupid love, so i demanded she took it
  7. Hello All, I am new to this site & I hope someone or a few of you on here may be able to assist me. Approximately 12yrs ago, I bought my current home with my mum (ex council property, right to buy). She was unable to obtain a mortgage on her own and I offered to buy the property with her, as I lived with my mum & my younger brother. A couple of years later, my mum moved out to be with her now husband and I 'bought' her out. My mum wanted half of the equity that was available at the time, £7,500. I was not in a position to pay it there and then, so my mum imposed a ch
  8. I would like to know if there is any help available for my Mum. She is recently retired from working in the Care Sector, divorced, living in a rented cottage in The Dales and receiving pension/ housing benefit of £400 per month. Unfortunately this is insufficient to meet her council tax, electric (approx £180 a quarter), water bills etc.. My Mum would like to work part time, although she is limited due to increasingly severe back problems and the scarcity of jobs in her rural community. I however, am worried that if she takes a job, even part-time, it might affect her benefits. I wou
  9. Hello one and all I am a disabled mum of a disabled little boy, and my husband is both our full time carers. I have M.E. and severe anxiety problems. I was on incapacity benefit since 2007 and recently changed over to contribution based ESA in April, placed in the WRAG group. I have my first work focused interview later this month. I can't think of any job that I could actually do if I was employed - I don't know how I'm going to feel from one day to the next. I suffer with severe fatigue and muscular pain and some days it takes my husband an hour to get me dressed. I w
  10. Hi all A quick question for you all. My mum is 67, she remarried about 15 years ago and her husband is 15 years younger than her, so 52. They keep their finances separate, so she has no idea how much he earns and likewise, he doesn't know what she gets (a basic state pension only) He has his own financial commitments, so whatever money she gets in, is her own, but usually gets used up very quickly on bills/food etc So my question is with regards to benefits, she can't claim pension credit, because he's in fulltime work and his wage is taken into account when she applie
  11. Hi everybody:-) My mum has worked in a hospital dept for 22 years. In January her and her colleagues were asked to volunteer to do nights. Nobody else was interested but my mum volunteered to help them out and also to be able to spend more time with my dad who is disabled. She trained people up from medical records whose jobs had been taken away and so were classed as "at risk". She was informed this morning that she would have to go back onto days in July as the people from medical records were working nights so she wouldn't be needed. My mum is really upset about this as it
  12. Hi, My Father-in-law passed away on 24th May 2012 and is survived by his spouse. He left a will leaving all his estate to his wife and as the value is under IHT we will be applying for probate ourselves. My ex wife and I are the executors of the will. All seems straight forward except that his wife does not appear on the deeds. The house was buit in 1960 and they have lived in it ever since. We have checked on the Land registry website and it comes up no details held. We have the house deeds so what is the next action. I assume we have to wait for probate first ? Many thanks
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