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Found 51 results

  1. Hi, I recently moved house and both me and my girlfriend have many debts between us. Lowells have most of the accounts but there is capquest, dlc and bcw. none of them have our new address, do you think its worth contacting all concerned dca's with the new address or leave them to find us. I have been holding them back with cca but I am concerned that they might just obtain a default ccj at the old address and we wont find out about it untill bailiffs knock at our door.
  2. I have been told that I will have to work from a different office twice a week, meaning an increase of work mileage of 120 miles a week. I just can't afford to pay this. Can I ask for the costs to be covered - I didn't ask for this change in work situation.
  3. Mrs L.C.writes: I bought my house in 1999. Previous tenants left owing money to everyone possible. Their children went to university but have not repaid student loans, and every few months I have received demands, which I have returned, saying they are no longer at my address. Erudio Student Loans Limited has now taken over this debt. I told it that the family left over 15 years ago, but Erudio said it would keep sending demands. I protested and was told they would stop, but after two weeks another has arrived. Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/experts/article-2904618/TONY-HETHERINGTON-Student-loan-demands-pile-15-years-tenants-moved-out.html#ixzz3OYUF3D6f
  4. Hi all, In brief... I had a First Direct a/c from years back. Reclaimed £100s on O/D and bank charges about 7 years ago. The amount that is overdrawn is exactly what I owe, no other charges like PPI. The account has been on a DMP for some years. Now I'm going it alone. It had been moved to MCS, and payments made through DMP until 3 months ago. Now they wrote to me and said the account has been passed from MCS back to "HSBC Repayment Services" My thoughts on action are this: --- No point in CCA (bank account), and still with original creditor (HSBC=First Direct, right?) --- No charges to claim back, I've already done that some time ago. There is interest accumulating - not every creditor has to freeze the amount owed as far as I know. the interest is only pennies really, as the overall debt is around £400 --- So make a full and final settlement offer? Threads I've read here suggest start neg at 15% of total debt Last I heard from MCS was that they offered *me* a settlement figure in March 2014 of a 15% *reduction*, i.e to pay 85% of the amount owed.... any advice on this? Shall I go for an adapted letter from the template area on this site and neg with HSBC? Thanks in advance
  5. I found out today I have won my mandatory reconsideration and have been moved over to the support group. I was so shocked, happy, relived I burst out crying. Truly cannot believe it. The pressure release is amazing.
  6. Hello, This is my first post on here. Recently i have been contacted by Buchanan Clarke & Wells (a debt collection agency). It is for an old electricity bill. I once stayed in a shared flat. I ended the contract with the letting agency, paid my electricity and Gas bills up to that point and moved out. One of the flat mates stayed on for another three months in the flat and never paid his electricity or gas bills. He stayed there with two other people who the letting agency new were staying there for three months, none of them signed a new contract. He paid all the rent from his account for the two other people - the letting agency must have know about this....... The letting agency new I had moved out, and I have an email trail showing that I ended the monthly rolling lease with them. For some reason I am now getting letters from this debt collection agency for this electricity bill. I totally dispute the fact that it is my debt. And on two occasions the letting agency have said they will contact the electricity providers and the debt collectors to remove me from this debt. Is there a template letter I can send the Debt collection agency and some advice? Many thanks in return.
  7. Hi Guys and Gals Last year, I hit my creditors with CCA letters and all failed to comply, so I stopped payments to all of them as advised here. today I received a call from another DCA about one of the debts, didn't catch the company name, asking me if I had received their letter about a 10 year old Egg debt. I haven't had one, so just said that I didn't know what he was talking about. My question is, once the letter turns up, do I go through the same CCA process again with these guys? Also, will this go on forever too, changing DCA's and me having to go through the same process until the debt becomes SB or they manage to dig out the credit agreement? One last thing, somehow, they got my phone number at a new address that is ex directory and only a handful of friends and family has?! I asked the guy not to call me again and just write, my creditors have my family address and I go back there every week to collect post. I'm a bit concerned that if they have the number, it will be possible to get the address too. Thanks for your help. Andy
  8. Hi, A builder/gardener did a job for us early 2013. The workmanship and meteials used was very poor. A job that was supposed to take 14-16 days took 2.5 months and still not finished before he walk off the job. After a few letters, etc we threatened to take him to the small claims court. He said he had replied to my last letter and should get it after a few days. After not receiving anything in the post, i emailed him and found that he had closed both his emails account down, changed his mobile number. Went to his address and found he had moved. I had tracked him down to another address but i am not 100% sure he is living there eventhough it showed in the electoral register that he is there. Is this enough for me to send the court summons to this address? I had read on the internet that i do not have to know for certain that he is living there, as long as i have "reasonable belief" he is there. Is this correct? would be grateful to hear from people who had experience of this or anyone who know where i stand legally? Thanks.
  9. Hello, first post here. I am a EU citizen and I lived in the UK for a few years. I have just relocated back to the continent (the Netherlands, not my country of origin). I spent about 10 days in the country (in hotels) before finding accommodation and I have just moved in last Friday, however according to the local laws I am technically not resident yet, because my accommodation has to be approved by the local council, which will probably happen in 2-3 weeks. When in the UK, I was working full time and receiving Working Tax Credits. I informed the Tax Credits helpline that I had finished my job and was going to move abroad, they told me I had to inform them of my new address when I would have one. So far so good. Now I start thinking that I should have informed the HMRC as soon as I was in the country. My questions are: 1) Have I done anything wrong in not contacting the HMRC before I had a permanent address? 2) Can I wait until I have confirmation of my registration or is it better to call as soon as possible? 3) Which date should I give for me leaving the country, the day that I have left or the day that I have moved in the new accommodation? 4) Is it advisable to write a letter to the Tax Credits on top of calling them by telephone? Thanks
  10. Received this email this evening. From:Request (Request@uksearchlimited.com) Your junk email filter is set to exclusive.Sent:01 November 2013 21:43:16To: @HOTMAIL.COM (@HOTMAIL.COM) This message is here because your junk email filter is set to exclusive. Wait, it's safe!|I'm not sure. Let me check Dear New-me This email is very important please take action now. You owe £xxx.65 to UK SEARCH LIMITED in respect of SOUTHERN WATER-UTILITY SUPPLY, we have been instructed to collect it, so it is in your interest to contact us as soon as possible. Phone 01246 570 500 or Email enquire@ uksearchlimited.com Quote reference xxxxxxx. You can pay the full amount securely online https:// payonline. uksearchlimited.com you will need the following codes. OurRef xxxxxxx OriginalRef xxxxxxxxxxxx To unsubscribe from these emails ring us on 01246 570 500 however we will continue to phone and letter, and if appropriate we will instruct our doorstep staff to visit you. We use SagePay as our card services provider, so you can be sure of a secure transaction. Jon Kirwin Operations Director UK Search Limited I moved out of the rented house in Jan 07. Was in a real dark financial hole at time, this bill has been through Moorcrap,Robbers Way, Power to Connect and a few others, how should I deal with this?
  11. Just wondering if anyone else has used these before? I have sent them some emails about repayment plans and trying to stop harassing text a few weeks ago and never got a reply. So checked the website last night and again today but it seems to have gone? Usually at Quid24 i get a reply instantly from the emails i send but nothing. Was there ever a confirmation on the PDL's that stopped business in this sector? Also if they have closed what would you suggest about the money i currently owe.
  12. Hi Guys, Just hoping for a bit of advice and trying to make this post as short and sweet as possible Moved into a property on 30th July 2010. Deposit was protected under the DPS custodial Scheme. Never received Prescribed information. Lots of problems with house, drains in disrepair, ceilings falling down the lot. Anyway, after numerous disagreements with Managing Agent and landlady they issued us with a section 21 notice requiring possession back in December 2011 requiring possession by the 29th February 2012. We had had enough so decided to move out a couple of days before the 29th February 2012. Landlady initiated eviction proceedings against us even though we had moved out, I went to court to argue these as they were trying to charge me for it. I lost at the hearing although I think I can see what the judge was doing as if he had set it aside we would technically still be liable for the rent. The thing is as part of my defense I claimed that the section 21 was invalid as we hadn't been provided with the prescribed information as per the housing act 2004 etc, just before we went into the hearing the managing agent gave me a load of documents and in it were the PI information. However, the PI they gave me was forged. The PI she had signed as if she had signed it back in 2010 however the rules changed under the localism act 2012 giving the landlord 30 days instead of 14, the one she had signed was 30 days, I've just had a copy of the actual in force terms and conditions from the DPS today that state 14 days when the tenancy was first signed. So no doubt at all she forged the docs. Anyway, the landlady continued with her claim and the eviction date was set for May 2012 (again we had already moved out) After over a year of correspondence between me and the managing agent they kept on threatening to take us to court for all the rent that was due up until the official eviction date which was in may 2012 even though we had moved out at the end of feb. I accept there was rent due up until February however we were locked in a dispute regarding rent payable whilst building works were being completed to bring to house up to standard so I refused to pay it until it was sorted, it was never sorted and by the end we were 3 months over due. Again I accept this money is due (around £2100). I've been following the case law regarding deposit protection and it appears that our deposit was not properly protected however there was some caselaw that meant you couldn't claim if it had happened before April 2012? I'm a bit fuzzy on the details. But if the landlord claims that we had possession up until the eviction date in may I can claim? I know the water has been muddied further with the recent superstrike appeal case which states that as soon as your AST becomes periodic your deposit should be re-protected and the PI sent out again. All I want to do is put the whole thing to bed and get my deposit back (£700) and have nothing else to do with the lying and cheating managing agent but I feel I'm going to have to fight this sooner or later as the Agent seems to like taking things to court. Under the superstrike case, does this mean that if I was to claim for them not sending me the PI during the 6 month AST and I can also claim under the Periodic tenancy as well? I'm looking to extinguish the alleged debt (some £4500) The other thing I was thinking was technically it's an unlawful eviction as I can prove they hadn't issued us with the PI? I may be clutching at straws but have really been done over by these people. Many thanks ( I have attached the DPS terms and conditions that were in force between April 2010 until September 2010 which clearly state 14 days) The most up to date ones can be found on the DPS website [ATTACH=CONFIG]45601[/ATTACH]
  13. Hello all, New here and after some advice. My family have recently moved to Ireland, we have 2 AIB bank accounts (in good order) and are paying hefty savings in to an Ulster bank account. We have no credit cards here, and pay all bills etc on time. We moved from the UK, where my husband has lots and lots of bad debt. not a large amount, just owes lots of different people.I have two debts outstanding from a long time ago. I have some questions regarding tidying up our credit reports a bit.... 1) I have a defaulted store card marked on my credit report as 'HP from CL Finance' which defaulted 20/08/2007. I have not really communicated with them, and certainly have not had any written communication in the last 3 years. I am under the impression that after 6 years on your report a default just 'drops off' as it were? If this is the case should I just wait for the 2 months for this to happen, rather than try and do something about the debt? 2) I also have an old overdraft with Halifax, its £2600 so quite a lot. It was sold to Arrow Global, and marked as defaulted in 2008. However it is marked as 'updated' in October 2012 and recently I had a letter from Parkgate Investigations telling me they have been instructed to make enquiries into my current financial position and to avoid the commencement of enquiries I should call them asap. They also threaten doorstep collection. The thing is, I have moved country! so doorstep collection will go to whoever now lives in my past address, and even if they do look into my financial situation they would see that I am unemployed (my husband financially supports me and our 4 nearly 5 children) and unable to repay 2600 in full. Any advice about this would be much appreciated. 3) My husband has an outstanding debt from 'communication lowell portfolio" again defaulted in 2008. The amount is £360. He has had no communication from these guys again certainly in the last 3-4 years. Whats the best way to go about this one? write to them? or again ignore? Do we have to tell past creditors that we have moved abroad? What is the best way to go about this situation? We are hoping to buy property here in the next year or two (with help from family) Thanks for any advice or help you can give.
  14. Hi, firstly, apologies if this has been covered before! I have just under 6 months left on a 12 month private tenancy agreement and have split with my partner who has left the flat and moved on without contributing anything towards the rent/bills etc. My question is whether or not I can go after her for half of everything (or at least a partial amount)? The complication comes because when we first separated I tried to do the right/honourable thing and said that I would pay everything solo so that she could get on with her life. Now it has become apparent that I should have asked her to still pay towards everything but she claims that due to our earlier discussions (and some texts I sent to her at the time) that I won't be able to make her stump up one penny. Any advice that people can give? I feel like I'm a bit of a catch 22 - either I leave the flat early, risk being fined and having to sort everything out, or I continue to pay everything on my own and potentially run myself into debt. Help!
  15. Hi all, I would appreciate some advice. I moved into a rented flat in Jan 2010 and lived there until I moved out in Sep 2012. Electricity was supplied by EDF, payment was by direct debit and I settled the final bill on 17th Sep 2012. EDF have now sent me a new bill for the period 27th Feb 2011 until the day I moved out with a completely different value to the my original bills (and with no explanation or covering letter). Having now spoken to them, they claim that I was billed for a single rate meter but in fact had an economy 7 meter (I honestly have no idea what sort of meter it was). The reading in the day rate section of the new bill matches my old bills but of course the night rate is brand new. While discussing the matter EDF flatly refused to accept that the error may have been their fault and even attempted to suggest that I had told them what sort of meter it was when I opened the contract (utter nonsense). When question about their meter reading agents not noticing for 33 months either they had no answer. Right now I'm waiting for them to come back to me but I have some questions: 1) Do they have a responsibility to provide me with any evidence that the meter was there while I lived there? Right now it's just a matter of trust, they could tell me anything and I wouldn't know if they were being truthful. Given their behavior on the phone I'm inclined to take what they say with a pinch of salt. How do I know they haven't just installed it and made a different error and billed me by mistake? 2) The entire bill is at different rates to my original bills, is this acceptable? I understand that if I consumed more electricity than I paid for then I'm liable (given question 1) but does that give them the right to apply a different rate to the electricity I did pay for and apply a different standing charge for the entire period? i.e. can they just switch my tariff? If so then what recourse do I have given the fact I based by choice of supplier on the price but now I'm being told to pay a different price with no ability to switch to a competitor. 3) The bill is dated 1st Mar 2013 and goes back to 27th Feb 2011. Doesn't the code of practice stipulate that they can't go back further than 12 months from the date of the bill? Does the fact I moved out have any relevance? Many thanks for your help. happy to clarify anything if needed.
  16. Hi All I hope this is the appropriate place to post this subject/issue if not i apologise. I need some help and advice to a major problem. I have not received any electricity bills for over 5 years or so ever since i moved in to the property. When I moved in I tried to find out who my supplier was, but got nowhere as I was passed from pillar to post, some said that the address/ flat didn't exist etc etc. To this day I have not received any correspondence from the supplier who I am not sure on who it maybe I think it might be EON or npower or scottish power. Naturally I want to start paying as this is getting to me as I am terrified at the prospect of receiving a large bill for back dated one. Is there a law to safe guard the consumer on this is not my fault but the fault of the supplier not providing me a proper service?? Please can you answer this question as it is very concerning. Please can you help and let me know what my rights are. Any if anyone similar had problems with the above providing and how it was dealt and weather you had to pay all the backdated years too. Please let me know. Thanks in advance. Simon
  17. Again I got no decision letter. I got a letter informing me of an update to my claim, the last page says "Extra money because you are in the support group". So looks like I got a reconsideration. Also Atos sent evidence on my behalf as they gave me 2 SG descriptors in my assessment which the DWP initially ignored. Thanks to everyone on here who has ever given me advice.
  18. I didn't directly know martin; as a member of this particular noble organisation though, i feel I did and the news has made me feel strangely moved. Not being in the position to send flowers; I will make a donation in his memory... Sounds like a puny thing to do I know but I m sure it would have been appreciated. RIP.
  19. I won a case in the small claims in November 2011 because the defendant didnt show up. At the time he lived in rented accomadation and i understand that to possibly still to be the case. I visited the old address and was told he moved out before the court case was heard .However he has filed a tax return shortly after the judgement from the original address. the new tenants of the property seemed to know him and were a little obstructive. What do i have to do now, Trying to get constructive advice has repeatidly failed and CAB have not been any help at all , i think because its not a straight forward situation. The outstanding debt is £2000.00 and he works 9-5 for a company but i think he is classed as freelance. I'm also aware that he has gone to considerable trouble to hide his internet activity since the case. Any ideas?
  20. Hi, myself & my partner have just moved back to the UK from Spain along with our 1 year old daughter as my partner was made redundant. We have an appointment with the local Jobcentre tomorrow but before I go I wanted to be up to speed on what we might be entitled to. 1. We have been in Spain for 7 years, prior to that both of us worked in the UK. Would we be entitled to contribution based JSA or do your contributions have to be recent and if so, would we be entitled to income based JSA. 2. I have a flat that is currently rented. It was purchased in 2005 and there's a mortgage on it of £60K and I think it's currently worth about £90K - would that render us ineligible on capital grounds? We are staying with my parents just now as the property is rented. Any info/advice anyone has on this would be greatly appreciated. lisestar
  21. Hi I am pretty new here (in fact, totally new) as I have never had a reason to write on a forum before. However I need some help with EON and an account they have opened in my name. A bit of background; about a month ago I got a call from a local authority saying they needed to talk to me about a council tax bill. I called them back and it was for a property I moved out of in November 2011. I queried the bill saying I had informed them I had moved out but the very nice lady told me that in June 2012 the landlord had written to the LA to tell them I was responsible for the bill up until September 2012. I had previously lived in the property from Dec 2004 - April 2010 and then in August 2011 moved back in. As I had known the landlord for many years I signed up for 12 months but after a week or so of moving back in our relationship detoriated very quickly. He did not provide me with the details of who was keep my deposit safe, he was not fixing things that were wrong in the property (including the wired in fire alarms) and in September we agreed to go our seperate ways. I told him I needed a couple of weeks to get things sorted so agreed to keep the property to November 2011 and then hand it back. The 1st November came and went and I handed the keys back; told the LA, Electricity, Phone etc. Whoever has moved in has obviously not paid the council tax and the landlord must only have my details so sent a copy of the 12 month tenancy agreement to the council. Kindly the council agreed with me and wrote the landlord stating he had 14 days to prove that he had received rent payments from me since October 2011 or he would be liable. This deadline has passed and I am not responsbile for the bill. As for EON, I applied for a mortgage with my partner and we were turned down. The underwriter told us it was an oustanding electricity bill that is more than six payments behind. Quickly I logged onto Equifax and sure enough there is an account, opened in June 2012 (same time as the council tax) for the supply. A quick call to EON and they confirmed that the landlord had sent them a copy of the tenancy agreement for showing I still lived there until September 2012; despite me telling them (and indeed paying) my final bill in November 2011. They have asked me to prove I was not living there, which I can do via council tax bills, utilities, etc that clearly show I was responsbile for another property from mid-September 2011. Can they just do this? Will it affect my credit rating? By mutal agreement we ended the tenancy early and it would now seem that since June 2012 the landlord has been using my details to make me responsible for debts which I was not responsbile for; how do I stop this being the case? Strangly someone has been paying the bill off (all be it sporadically and slowly) but it has left me feeling very confused. I probably should contact the water board thinking about it!
  22. We are still getting debt collection letters for a past tenant who moved from our property 3 years ago (in February 2013). Our current tenant has faced bailiffs at the door, letters from the VAT man, letters from debt collection agencies relating to other properties, though we are unsure if these are from before or after the year he was our tenant. The latest letter (dated 3rd dec 2012) is classic; we rang and were told we are not allowed to open his mail (not true as I understand we are 'under threat'), yet the final sentence of the letter says "If you do not contact us we will assume that you are the correct person and we will contact you again in order that we can get the matter resolved". Laughable if it wasn't serious. So we have three questions: 1. what should / can we say to get these people to desist? 2. is there any way we can stop this altogether? - an agency of some sort? 3. Are we legally allowed to open his mail? Finally, I have not posted his name, in case the law favours him and his actions over us, though feel very tempted. I would be grateful for guidance regarding this also. Thanks for any help / advice TheBuggersMoved
  23. On day i got the keys, I had just lterally walked through the door, no furniture or anything moved in or anything and a knock at the door, TV licensing, I explained I had just literally got the keys, and my TV licence was actually registered to my old address, and would arrange a COA when i moved my TV over, you would rather think it was a straight forward task? No!. Because there was an old sat dish outside my property, this was considered 'TV' equipment and should be paid for by a seperate licence? I refused and he gave me a warning, threatened with court blah blah. Surely i was misinformed here?
  24. On 24th May 2010 I moved house, I called to book a service move to my new address, I told o2 there would be a lapse of about 3 weeks between addresses, this was all ok they said. On the morning of 24th may 2010 I found the broadband was still working, concerned as I was leaving about midday, I called them to confirm it would be terminated, I was assured it would be. I moved to a temporary address and on 5th june 2010 to my current address where I called o2 to have the service switched on at my new address and my new number, ok, no problem there. Now, present day, I recently changed banks and had to re setup all my direct debits, a few were missed but sorted as I received letters saying the dd had failed, all sorted and all quiet for about 3 weeks, then yesterday 1st oct 2012 I got a text from o2 saying sorry we have suspended your broadband as we were unable to collect your direct debit, I thought that's strange my broadband is set up on the dd and is working fine. I called them and quoted the account number they'd referred to in the text, that's when it came to light the account was for the address I'd left 26 months ago and they'd not cancelled it and had been collecting payment for over 2 years. I have had a couple of conversations with their customer services team and they say they have no notes on their system about a cancellation of service from 2010, they also admit there has been no activity on this account during that period and that they are aware of my account at my new address! And up to the point of writing this, they have so far refused to re-imburse me the £500 ish they've taken over the last 2 years and 2 months. I have put in a formal complaint but that apparently takes 10 days unless I press the on screen button and talk on line to one of theirs, this I did, same result, because they failed to cancel or note the request they will not give me my money back, the money they took from me for supplying broadband to a house where I have not lived for over 2 years and they know it. Here is a transcript of the last conversation to date; Welcome to O2. Someone will be with you soon. We're really busy right now. Thanks for waiting. If you're after the latest information on the iPhone 5 please go here Did you know you can find out your upgrade date by logging into MyO2 here. You can also do lots of other stuff like check your bill or change your tariff too. The current wait time is around 49 minute(s). You're through to Alister. martin willmott: Hi Alister: Hi I'm Alister from O2 Complaints Support team. How can I help you today? martin willmott: account number 430XXX martin willmott: I cancelled that account when I moved out on 24th may 2010, I just found out it was not cancelled and I've been paying for it martin willmott: tel number was 01788 890XXX Alister: I'm sorry that your account is still active. Alister: Let me check this for you. martin willmott: I think i must be owed a few quid martin willmott: I only found out because I changed banks and the DD failed Alister: Okay. Alister: Can you tell me your full name. I'll also need the 3rd and 5th character of the answer to your security question. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Alister: That's correct. Alister: Thanks for the details. Alister: Please give me a few minutes while I check your account details. martin willmott: ok martin willmott: I moved into my new address XXXX long buckby 01327 844XXX on 5th june 2010 and ordered my o2 service at that time Alister: Thanks for waiting. Alister: I've checked your account details and I see that you're account is active with us. It has been temporarily deactivated for non payment of your bills. martin willmott: yes because i changed banks and the dd failed, this month martin willmott: thats how this came to light martin willmott: that account was supposed to close on 24th may 2010 Alister: I'm sorry that it didn't close, but I can't find any cancellation notes on your account for the month of May 2010. martin willmott: Both I and my secretart cancelled it and I called again to make absolutely sure it was cancelled martin willmott: secretary martin willmott: Why would i want to continue a service after I moved house? that would be very silly martin willmott: I closed that account and started 2 more one at work on 01327 700XXX which is still current and one at my new home on 01327 844XXX which has recently gone to bt Alister: I'm sorry but I really can't find any notes on your account. Alister: If you want I can mark your account for cancellation over this chat. martin willmott: then that's not my fault, I AND my secretary both made sure it was cancelled, this is an o2 error martin willmott: has there been any useage on that account since 24th may 2010? Alister: Let me check this for you. martin willmott: was the o2 phone line active from 24th may 2010? Alister: Your phone line has been active from May 2010. But, there hasn't been any usage on your account. martin willmott: well the phone line is either in the new occupier's name or not switched off, I suspect the current occupier has it but I will need to see if I've been billed for that too! anyway no useage, I can prove when I moved, I have a witness to the conversations re de activating the service and the dates tally with the zero usage, so are we going to do the decent honest thing and re-imburse me? martin willmott: the dates also tally with my new o2 broadband service at my new address Alister: I'm sorry but I won't be able to credit the amount to you. martin willmott: then I will have to pass this on to my solicitor and the BBC Alister: You'll have to send an email to our Complaints team. martin willmott: already done, this evening martin willmott: I thought you were the complaints team Alister: How did you contact us to cancel your broadband account? martin willmott: Have I been getting billed for the phone at 01788 890XXX since 24th may 2004? martin willmott: I telephoned, several times to cancel, they said that was fine at the time martin willmott: In fact I was concerned that the service was still running in the morning so I called to make sure it would be cut off! Alister: If you called us then we'll listen to your call and then we'll inform you the remaining procedure about the credit. Alister: But, this will take time and it can't be done over this chat, so you'll have to send us an email. As you already sent us an email you'll have to wait and we'll get back to you. martin willmott: Ok, thankyou, I have kept a copy of this conversation. Alister: Sure. Alister: If you want you can click on the 'Envelope' button next to the 'End Chat' button to send this chat as a confirmation email to your email address. martin willmott: about the phone line, have I been paying that too? Alister: Your phone line is not with us, we only supply you our broadband. martin willmott: ok, thanks, will await an email response before escalating We'll email a copy of your chat transcript to (XXMy emailXX). Alister: I understand how important this is for you, and I'm sorry I wasn't able to resolve this for you. Alister: I hope you'll understand my limitations. martin willmott: but as you say it's a different dept so I'll await their response, thank you martin willmott: for my records do you have an employee number or i.d ? Alister: Yes, what I meant to say was I wasn't able to sort this for you today. Alister: I'll paste this chat you had with me on your account notes. martin willmott: for my records do you have an employee number or i.d ? Alister: I'm sorry but I can't give you my Employee Number. Alister: But, you can take this ID 404908XXX If Ronan Dunne would like to discuss this issue, I'm on 07792 536830, Martin
  25. Hi there, A week into moving into a letted flat. I have a knock on the door handing me an envelope with letters in. I open them up to find out the next building is being demolished within 2 months and building a massive flat/commercial building to replace it. Obviously I am not happy. I handed over 6 months rent to the letting agent and was not informed of any building work taking place around the flat. And as the positioning of the bedroom is directly next to and connected to the building which will be demolished I feel extremely angry that now I don't have a leg to stand on. What exactly are my rights as a tenant? Should the letting agent have known this? Thanks for your advice in advance, Stephan
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