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  1. On 27 February this year I booked a test drive of a VW Beetle Cab at Preston Motor Parks. My health was very bad which I thought was as a result of a cold. I was unhappy with the deal they were offering. Unfortunately, I paid £100 deposit. The next day my health deteriorated and it was pneumonia. I e-mailed Preston Motor Parks and told them I wanted to cancel the car. I asked for my£100 deposit to be returned to me. They refused to reply to any of my e-mails even after threats of the small court. The paperwork given to me does not even hav
  2. This is what the DVLA have sent me. [ATTACH=CONFIG]46474[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]46475[/ATTACH] I'll try to keep it brief as I can. In March/April this year I paid the DVLA £50 for the car not being insured and took their advice that the car needed to be SORN. The vehicle was not being used due to water leak problems. ( car was still taxed but insurance cancelled) Took the advice and sent off SORN and left it at that. Come 2nd week of August I receive this requisition. Within a week i plead not guilty (on behalf of wife- as it his her car) and wait. Last week 11th Sept, I beg
  3. ......Today is the 14th day of taking out motor car insurance, unfortunately my circumstances have changed and i no longer need the car insurance on this particular vehicle. Today is the 14th day but the problem is the company are closed for business today and no way to cancel for the reduced fee. Tomorrow when they open will be 15th day which adds a larger fee and extra fee for using it for 15 days. Are they allowed to close or at least not allow cancellations on a sunday? effectively in my case it leaves me with 13 days to cancel and not 14 as per their policy. Advice would be
  4. Hi Guys Long story short, I dont know where these 4 accounts have come from and they dont show up on my credit file. This has been an ongoing saga for a few weeks that id thought id try and weather myself but im not sure of my next move. I requested over the phone very recently the address where i was to send the document requests to (4 x £1 Postal Orders With the usual on the back) however they said they could send them via email... However I got 2 today and they are attached below. Im no genius but these are not CCA agreements.... I think the wording of the letter is a jok
  5. Hi all really appreciate any help! I had a minor bump on Friday in the car- the car in front of me ended up with a few scratches. Afterwards I went home and looked through all my car details and I realised that I have a problem. Last year I bumped into a footpath and did a small bit of damage so I claimed on the insurance so this year we decided to have my partner as the main policy holder and me as a named driver (I disclosed I am the main driver). We both signed and dated the V5C registered keeper form in march but I forgot to send in the form. So I have just posted it off yesterday t
  6. I bought a car from a dealer 6 weeks ago and noticed some stuttering accelerating when cold. After some advice about this and the type of car I got it checked out and found some engine errors on the ECU (knocking and misfiring). It's likely carbon build up on the direct injection engine and won't be cheap to fix. Although this can't be proved I suspect they knew about the fault as the car was a lot cheaper than it was worth. The dealer provide 3 months warranty on all cars with £500 excess. I know there's a satuatory law about car warranties, so what ar
  7. Hi. I'm looking for advice as to how to proceed (or not) with a purchase of a car. I took a test drive of a Freelander 2 advertised on a local motor trader's web site. It is an '07 GS Model with 50,000 miles. I liked the car and agreed to pay the asking price of £10,995 so long as they agreed to take my car in part/ex for the price I wanted, which they did. The Freelander's MOT lapsed in June 13. As part of the deal, the trader agreed to MOT and service it (oil and filter). MOT has 4 advisories: two were for deteriorated rubber bushes (wear and tear?), and one was to indicate that the und
  8. Hi all, My First post. I was recently been very successful in getting a default notice from a welcome finance debt which was being chased by a dca called Compello. The debt was statute barred! My attention has now turned to Motor Mile Finance (MMF). I'm not one bit concerned about their threats of agents coming to the door etc, the debt is for £140!!! Payday loan from the Loan Store. What I am concerned about is the effect on my credit file. Firstly the debt is about a year old and they have registered the default a couple of months after. However they have regi
  9. I had a finance agreement with Park Motor Finance in Wales in Sept 2006. I have lost the original agreement so have only memory to go by. I paid the car for 2 years and tried to Voluntary Terminate, sent letters and phoned them. They made it difficult to VT as they said the car had to be taken to Wales from Scotland. Then said Newcastle or i could arrange an uplift for £500 all at my expense. The long and short of it is the car was Reposessed about 6 months later after i had stopped payments to them about Aug 2008. As far as i remember i never had a court order to reposess the c
  10. Hi Took a car loan with Close in 2004. The car handed back and the account settled in 2006. there were numerous charges between 2004 and 2006. I wrote to Close to reclaim and received the reply attached. Can I reclaim theses charges and if so what approach is best? Thanks in advance.
  11. hi all, don't know what to do, don't know if you could advise, my insurance was due on 7/7/13 had a letter before saying it was going to happen automatically and I would receive documents after payment auto taken from bank, received them today but apparently they were sent last week, because I have limited mileage (5000) I have a deadline to send it back so I rang to explain I have just received it, that was ok I could just tell them over the phone, but they also asked about any change in circumstances and I told them I was now temporarily unemployed and they said they would have
  12. Good evening, Today I purchased a one day "temporary cover" motor insurance from Haven, the purpose of this was to use my brothers car in order to move some stuff around. I took the insurance out through a broker called temp cover. The site was very misleading and anyway after 20 minutes I managed to process the application for the policy. I paid 39 pounds for the one day cover. However, when my policy certificate was emailed to me when I opened it the policy was in fact for the 3rd to the 4th of June. So either through a mistake on my behalf or a glitch in the system (I cant be sure) I
  13. Hi I have Motor Mile finance chasing me for a couple of pay day loans. I received all the emails and texts threatening home visits etc. I have had to send letters my recorded mail for them to acknowledge me. I've finally had a reply and they have provide details of the loans taken out (1) October 2008 with Wonga for £180 but with interest now £588.08 (2) July 2010 with Uncle Buck for £200.00 but with interest it is now £2,035!! My question is for anyone who can help - what can I do about the interest that has accured on these loans especially the Uncle Buck one. I will offer them what I c
  14. I have just renewed my car insurance (with Hastings Direct). I got a letter today skin me to send them a copy of my V5 to prove that I have owned my car since 2005 as stated. I cannot see the logic behind this for a number of reasons: They did not ask to see it last year The value of my car will not change depending on how long I have owned it My premium is not affected by how long I have owned the car Is this necessary? Why do they want it? Can I refuse?
  15. The story goes like this I took out a trade policy 2 years ago with Unicom and listed my cars and had a year of no worry insurance. Last year we renewed my policy with a company called gardners insurance in Chelmsford. they took the deposit and started the policy. The company was given a list of vehicle's to be put on the MID website. 1 of the car on the list is not registered to me. The owner of the car that was not registered to me got a letter saying that the car had no insurance on 06Sept 2012 and has been flagged up as uninsured and Not on the MID and fined. I contacted gardners insu
  16. Hi. Hope this is the right forum! Two weeks before I changed my motor insurance company I got a cheaper quote from who I was with and paid up front. Had an accident which the old insurance company sorted. Straight forward. Repairs took place as the new policy with the new company took over. My problem is with the old company who I am no longer a customer of. Basically My car was parked and someone drove into the front of it whilst it was unattended and drove off. Reported it to the police. Front end was bashed and a scratch down the side. When it was returned from the repairers they said the s
  17. has anyone had any similar experience to us i had a accident back in june 2010 ,as a result of us being 3rd party fire and theft covered only ,we where told to contact a seperate company from our insurance provider and they would deal with any losses We contacted Broker assistance who insisted that we where entitled to a courtesy vehicle ,me being suspicious declined initially but was reassured (via a phone call with one of thier representatives) that we would not be responsible for any costs involved and they would write it off against the claim ther fore we took the courtesy vehicle for
  18. Hello, I'm new to the site but have been reading the advice given on here for a while now and now I'm hoping somebody can help me out. I recently sent a letter to Close Motor Finance about some CPI which I found was ticked on an agreement but without my signature. They have been very good in keeping in contact and after only 3 weeks I received a letter this morning. It stated that they have looked into my complaint and found that I did indeed sign an agreement for CPI, however, due to my dissatisfaction they are going to give me a "goodwill gesture" of £150, which was what was paid o
  19. LV motor insurance have arranged for a field investigator to call at my house,i had a small accident few months ago. i was told by the insuance that they need a statement. but now im told the investigator wants to have a 2 hour interview with me. are they just wanting a statement of what happened ? thats a 10 miniute job. i suspect the investigators job is to find some loophole to not pay out. can i refuse to allow the interview investigation? i claimed for a windscreen only. the third party pedestrian is claiming for injury. its annoying because insurance company only told
  20. Hello I have a motor trader policy which has myself, mother and step-dad on it. When we took out this insurance we requested that it cover our personal vehicles. My step father has now had his seized by the police as when they checked the insurance they were told that it would not be insured because the regsitered owner ie him was not the primary policy holder.This depsite the fact that it was registerd with them and when taxed no one from dvla has said a word that it should be in my name. I can not get a straight answer from my insurers all I am told is their policies changed
  21. I am changing my vehicle on Thursday and the insurance company after re-newing the policy in October. They are not competetive for the new car so am going to change companues. They say they are going to charge me admin cancellation fees and for loss of commission, is this right?
  22. Hello, Im new this forum. I was recently hit by another car reversing into me whilst i was stationary getting ready to start a 3 point turn and the dispute goes on that the other gentleman said that I was moving as well. Which is un true - I think he can see no other way out but to try and claim it as a 50/50 claim. Now the gentleman has not contacted his insurance's and they had only one response from him saying it was 50/50 - no other contact for about 6 weeks. His insurance has now said they will accept in my favour but without prejudice. But they also said if he does call
  23. Hello! I am very new to this but would really appreciate some advice. I have already made a successful claim to MBNA and others that are being assessed for mis-sold PPI but this one is hitting a brick wall! I am trying to make a claim for mis-sold PPI by First National Motor Finance. I originally sent the claim to Santander but they are saying that they have no record of the loan agreement which the PPI was atatched to. Having "Googled" for many hours I am now wondering if I should be pursuing the claim with Santander or submitting the claim to GE Money or London Hold
  24. They are being referred to the CC. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19755037
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