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  1. Hi all, Had my car (oldish worth It failed on front brake imbalance, and corroded/worn discs on the front. Garages quote was extortionate (when isnt it ) so I got somewhere else to do the work at a 1/3 of the price. Car was in today for another MOT as it exceeded the retest deadline, and it has failed. I turned up at the garage, they said the rear brakes were shot and needed replacing, I asked why this wasnt picked up on 1st test & they tried fobbing me off that: 1st answer - I had broke it driving it to/from the garage 2nd answer - It had broke on my dr
  2. After charging me 185 pounds upfront Kwik fit calls me up and tells me I failed my MOT and asks me to shell out 655 pounds finally coming down to £480 . This as communicated to me twice ( on the phone and when I went to collect my car) were charges for making the minimum required changes for MOT. After collecting my car, I discovered the next day that the bridge blades that I had been charged for, have not been changed. Also the puncture in one of my tyre was never repaired ( in spite of being told that this will done for free). An independent check with a
  3. Okay, so last year March/April my brother bought a car from a private trader. At the time of purchase the car was taxed and had MOT on it. The car was parked in my driveway, as my brother had no immediate need for it (I know begs the question why buy the car in the first place, but that is a separate issue). Now in the time the car had been in my driveway, it had not been re-taxed (expired 31/04/2013) or insured or had MOT done on it (expired 10/2013). Because the car was not being used, it went completely unnoticed that my brother had not received the V5 logbook or tax renewal reminder, whi
  4. Lecter

    Kwikfit MOT

    Hi all Took my car to kwikfit on wednesday for mot, as I was leaving work early colleagues asked why ? I told them and when I said I using kwikfit or [edited] known to them they told me it would fail ! No way my car has never had any problems and my regular mechanic looks after it very well (I'm working away from home at moment) Kwikfit did the mot FAIL !!?? On what I asked 1/ front brake excessively fluctuating 2/ exhaust emits excessive smoke They could rectify for re-test for as little as £330 Then they said I desperately needed 2 back tyres. Funny the things
  5. abs2222

    Tax and MOT

    Just curious - my tax is due on 31st Jan, the current MOT expires on 14th February. If I wait till payday(31/1) to renew the tax - will it allow me to do that as the MOT will only have two weeks to run. Something in the back of my mind is telling me that an MOT has to be valid for a month to enable the car to be taxed. If that is the case, I need to tax the car today
  6. Where do i start. Took my car in for MOT on 10/09, it passed which surprised me. This car is used by my daughter, so I need it to be road-legal. The car arrived at 10:50, I left at 11:40. That is 50 minutes that the car was there. For 30 minutes of this 50 minutes, I was sat in the customer reception looking at the car sitting in the customer car park. So a supposed 45 minute MOT was completed in 20 minutes. Not bad going. 3 Advisories: 1. wipers in poor condition 2. general underbody corrosion 3. front exhaust blowing slightly I knew the front tyres were questionable, so
  7. Can Reigate and Banstead Borough Council insist that Private Hire & Hackney Carriage are ONLY tested at their centre? Claiming it is not for profit yet they charge £54 for a test and drivers can get it elsewhere for £25. Is this legal? To quote out of the Gatwick & Horley Mirror:- "ARROGANT" decisions by R&BBC are costing taxi drivers money and business. The condemnation comes from cabbies after the authority ruled that MOT`s for private hire vehicles and hackney carriages must only take place at the council`s own centre in Earlswood. The decision was made last y
  8. Hi, My daughter was pulled over by the police for having her MOT out of date by a few days. She was issued with an on the spot fine of £60 which she paid online. Subsequently, she received a letter a couple of months later saying she had not paid. She phoned the number on the letter and explained that she had paid. They said that they had either not received it OR she was late paying and so the payment was rejected and returned. They requested proof of payment and so my daughter emailed a screen cap of her online statement as they requested. She also examined her statements and
  9. Hi, info please if poss. I had my handbrake fixed on my MOT Thursday 4th july. Today 7 july...it rolled down a slope and bashed another car. Where do I legally stand with the garage??? Gary
  10. I drove my Mitsubishi Colt Cab to the above for a full service and MOT. They charged me approx., £232 which I thought was exorbitant. However I paid it. 3 days later I noticed the passenger window was sticking, and would not open and close as it should. I took it back to the garage and the Mgr said there was nothing he could do as the service does not include electrics. This could have been coincidence - what do you think? ladycoke
  11. I have owned my Ford Escort Mk 6 for 14 years (since 7k miles, now 118k). I have always used the same local independent garage for MOTs and any repairs, (very few, minor ones - cats, exhausts, brakes, wheel bearings, etc). The previous MOT tester was absolutely straight. I have done 3k miles per year for the past 6 years. At MOT in 2011, my car needed a small amount of welding, with advisory brake adjustment. Last year the MOT failed on a spring, with no advisory. This year the garage changed hands, and the new owner has just been trained for MOTs. Yesterday, my car f
  12. Hi there can anyone give advice on this please, my son put his car in for an MOT he told them that the car was a 4x4 so be careful if you do a brake test etc. The good news, all it needed was a bulb to pass the MOT, the bad news when he picked it up it lit up like a Christmas tree, ABS,CEL,4WD,SRS,Oil and seatbelt, no speedo so he does not know what speed he is doing, with all the warning lights on he turned around took it back to the garage, they started to mess around with it using diagnostic testing and he thinks they have made it worse as the guy phoned someone to ask advice. He needs the
  13. Hi all, im running an old mk1 ford focus, i handed it in for mot aware it should fail on a tyre n maybe drop links, it failed on that and three tyres and a worn shock absorber mount, nearside. Just looked at all the tyres, bar one, as they are on or above one third of the 1.6mm markers on the car. he failed it on three tyres!! also ive almost broke my hand removing the rear near side shock absorber to check for movement/ wear. its bloody solid ie totally serviceable. ****ed off as i think he was making some of this up, 3 of the tyres are near where they shouldnt be but they ARE lega
  14. As above! I bought my 2005 Citroen Xsara Picasso Desire HDi from a dealership in Birmingham, haven't got the bill to hand and I can't remember the dealers name at the moment. Cost me just over £2000, came with almost complete history and a recent cambelt and waterpump, car seemed very nice and very clean, drove well too. It was due an mot in about a month and a half but due to the distance I travelled (60ish miles) and the fact that I'd scrapped my old car just a few hours ago, I couldn't leave without a car and though they offered to do an mot there was no way I could get get back to them
  15. hi can ne one help me please, my car failed its mot last week on monday i had the work done. it failed on emissions front tyre,and needed two wishbones, the garage rang me yesterday to say the car had passed, i went along and picked the car up and noticed a strange knocking passenger side, i went under the car to have a look and there was a bolt out of the wishbone (sticking out about 1 and a half inchs) Then i noticed they had changed the back tyre....mmmmmmmmmmm as you can see the refusal said the front ,i have explained to the mot garage that t
  16. I've got myself in a bit of a mess and I don't understand the rules well enough for my options to be clear to me. Any advice much appreciated! The car is a 13 yr old Fiesta with just over 100k miles. Not worth much. Has Generally been good to me though. My tax ran out about a week ago. Partly due to procrastination, partly lack of funds. The police found my out of date disc and slapped a £60 fine on my windscreen. Ouch. I asked for that one though. Haven't paid it yet but I will of course. I have 28 days max. I got the MOT done today. The bill is £360; suspension prob
  17. Hi everyone, I am hoping somebody can provide some help for me because I am really unsure of what to do regarding my car. It was serviced by a garage next to my workplace and returned to me yesterday after a full service and MOT. The service included a full inspection and I was advised that "Cylinder head core plugs are badly corroded. Recommend relacement ASAP to avoid antifreeze leakage". The receptionist did not know what this meant, however I booked my car in for tomorrow and she seemed surprised and actually asked if I was treating my car. On the drive home, the car initi
  18. I'll summarise to keep this as short as possible: Bought car and collected on Monday. On Friday, thought I had a flat tyre, took to tyre garage, alloy wheel cracked in many places. Garage said cracks looked old. Also, had a weld, showing signs of previous repair. Called garage i bought car from. Salesman initially very helpful, asking me to email photo of wheel, so he could replace. Sent email saying "I am sourcing a wheel for you" Chased up later - boss refused to replace wheel (cost of £530, plus tyre at £300) I stated this wasn't acceptable. Wouldn't budge.
  19. Hi, I purchased Renault Megane Dynamique from a small dealer on the 25th of Feb 2012. The MOT was passed on the same day. I have had the results back from the MOT today and the car has failed on 3 points. The an off side front coil spring has snapped (the garage advised that it was dangerous to drive with this fault), the brake light switch is faulty and the steering lock also needs to be replaced. My issue with this is that I purchased the vehicle with a provisional license, and the intent to learn and pass in the car. Due to random circumstances this did not happen and the car
  20. Hi, Sorry to start a new thread on this issue but I think my last thread had so many replies that no one is looking at it now. I desperately need advice on a letter I want to send, the summary of the situation follows: I had a car fail an MOT at a garage and they told me that due to the new omputer MOT (instead of just paper) that I could no longer take my car back home as it had no mot and implied I would not be insured if I did. I needed to know as this cost me an extra £200 labour in work that I could have done myself. the letter is: Please could anyone with who kn
  21. Hi all, I have been quoted loads of interpretations of the MOT laws for the UK but I need to read the actually law. I had a car fail an MOT at a garage and they told me that due to the new omputer MOT (instead of just paper) that I could no longer take my car back home as it had no mot and implied I would not be insured if I did. Some people say that the car CAN be taken straight home, some say NOT. I need to know as this cost me an extra £335 of which almost £250 was labour that I could have done myself. Many thanks.
  22. Hope someone can help me out here. I purchased a 2nd hand BMW form a well known dealership Jan 2012, i also bought their 2 yr service and MOT plan for £296. The car was bought from Ford Motherwell and was delivered to the Aberdeen branch for me to collect. I was advised when i bought the plan that i could use it at their Aberdeen branch. My first service and MOT under the plan is due on the 18th of this month, i have since discovered that the Aberdeen branch has now closed, on contacting the dealership customer services who then spoke with the branch wher
  23. Good evening everyone. I shall try and keep this as brief as possible. On 21 Nov I bought a car through ebay. I had previously been to see the vehicle and the seller had told me it had a 12 month MOT. I drove the car briefly and it appeared to be fine. Subsequently, I bought the car. On the MOT certificate, it had advisery notes about play in the front suspension arms ball joints. I decided that it would be prudent to get this looked at, took it to my mechanic, only to be told that there was no way that the car should have been given an MOT. There were various other things wrong
  24. Hi, hoping someone can advise. My car is not running at the moment and has been parked up my drive on SORN, I had to move it out last week to get access to my drive. So I parked the car outside my house and put the battery on charge. Was supposed to put it back on the drive at weekend but didn't and of course this morning a road tax van spots it and clamps it. I went out to explain, but they were having none of it. Clamped it and said it was being impounded unless i paid £260, or i could collect it from impound for £260 + £21 per day. I had to pay the £260 there and then. I
  25. Hello all, I'm sure that there will be people on here that have had issues with Car Craft and I would appreciate assistance from your wonderful people, plus those who know all the legal things. Ok, so I purchased a vehicle in March 2012 and took out their 'Drive Happy' warranty that covers servicing, MOT, electrical faults etc. As part of this agreement I am expected to get the car serviced within the first 6 months or first 6000 miles, whichever comes first........no problem.......Until you try and book said service. So at the beginning of August I contacted your Enfield
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