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  1. can anyone help i bought a car off moneybarn last october got into a few problems with payments they would not listen when i phoned them i decided to give the car back they had given me a settlement figure of approx £6800 but i gave car back they arrange collection and took car and auctioned it sold for £5200 after about 2months they sent me a letter with charges for mot repairs and cost ect the car had 6 months mot when it was collected it did not need any repairs and also they still want me to pa
  2. I've been reading with interest all the posts on Moneybarn. My son had a car on finance with them for his wife. They split up and she wouldn't give him the car. To cut a long story short we eventually requested a repo as he was in breach of contract (not in possession and control of the vehicle). Mind you they knew this last August and it took so long for the terms and conditions to be supplied - practically illegible photo copy, that it was January before the request was made and then they took 3 months to get it back. In the meantime she had done damage to the car which Moneybarn had repai
  3. Good day all, Many thanks for your time reading this post and i hope someone can help me. I had a car on finance from moneybarn, i work overseas in the offshore oil and gas industry and have no communications home when i am away. i spent 3 months at sea and returned to letters from moneybarn and bailiffs saying my vehicle needed to be returned due to missed payments. This was due to a fault with the bank and not myself. I contacted the bailiff and and asked if i could pay the amount owed and start the payments again. He informed me that this was not possibl
  4. Hi All, I just wanted to have a little help. We are due to send off our defence for a return of goods order (from Moneybarn) this week. The case is a little long winded but just to sum it up, The DN seems to be in the prescribed format but we have been unfairly charged £25 for the privilege of being sent a DN (Charged twice for 1 notice!) and then charged an admin fee and then sent a Termination Notice after we notified them we were seeking a Time Order. We emailed Moneybarn to ask for an arrangement to pay the 2 months arrears and they were not interested in the s
  5. We have been paying HP on our car for the last four years, we are now nearly at the end 1495.00 left. My wife lost her job just before xmas. The we got behind with our £284.00 payments each month. We understood the procedure and understood the finance company would terminate our agreement as we had not paid. We were then told we could come to an arrangement to try and catch up on the the missed payment that come to £910.00 agreement was due to come to an end at the end of March anyway! When we tried to do this the finance company said we have applied for court hea
  6. I took out a conditional sale agreement with Moneybarn in March 2012. I can't remember the total figures but the agreement was over 60 months and my monthly payment is £215. I part exchanged my previous car as the deposit. I made 20 payments on time with no difficulties. Then on 1 December 2013 I missed a payment. I got a letter on 14 December advising they had noted I had fallen into arrears and to make payment immediately. A lot has been going on and it sounds awful but I almost forgot about it all until today. I can catch up the missed payment plus the £25 charge on the 31st
  7. Hi Guys Way back on 4th of October 2003 I had a Mitsubishi L200 from Duncton. I paid 10k of a 17k lease but gave the vehicle back after duncton failed to provide me with a tax disc as part of the agreement. They could not provide a tax disc at the time because they could not find the MOT and I suspected I had been driving it illegally. Over the years they have occasionaly sent me letters claiming I owe them 6k of the remaining lease all of which I have ignored. Today I recieved a load of photocopied papers that were sent from Salford County Court Money Claims Centre. If you rec
  8. Hi Everyone, I owe 2 months to Moneybarn and tonight when I got home a card through the door was from the Repossession Company giving me 24 hrs to contact or they would call at unsocial hours.I wasn't at home and the car wasn't here. I took out this finance in Nov 2012 and have defaulted previously and they sent a repo man then but he was great called Moneybarn and they gave me 3 days to get the payment to them (was around £1800) - thing was I had changed my employment and my pay was relying on me invoicing out and I was waiting for a payment to clear in th
  9. Hi, first time poster here. Thanks in advance to anyone that replies!! I financed a car through moneybarn via Carloan4U. Unfortunately I lost my job and two direct debits were returned, I contacted these pirates at Moneybarn and they pretty much stone walled me. I know I'm at fault here but I have a hearing coming up at combined court next week after requesting a temporary time order until I fix my employment situation. I took the car off the road when they said they were gonna repossess and parked it in the garage of my friends empty/unletted house (hes in prope
  10. Why is it that companies like Moneybarn/Duncton can get away with ruining people's lives to get their pound of flesh if you get into trouble with them financially through no fault of your own. Their expensive rebranding has done nothing to improve the attitude of the legal staff there who seem to be permanently on an ego trip !!
  11. Hi Guys, I have a Summary Cause Summons (Scotland) from these guys regarding a car they repossessed and sold at auction a few months back. "The pursuer claims from the defender(s) the sum of £4,087.85 with intereston that sum at the rate of 29.20% annually from the date of service. together with the expenses of bringing the action" The statement of claim says the following:- "The defender has been called upon to make payment of the sum sued for but has refused or delayed to do so and accordingly this action has been rendered necessary" Now i have not heard a peep
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