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  1. Hi, I'll keep the initial post brief, but can provide more detail if it helps. Original debt to QuickQuick, I queried interest calculations and heard nothing. Debt got passed around and eventually ended up with MMF MMF issued a claim which I defended Letter from MMF solicitors (Optima) I think saying they were discontinuing the claim as it wasn't viable as they wouldn't be awarded costs on small claims Constant harrassment ever since (letters, emails, texts, calls) Today a doorstep visit, I wasn't in but got a hand delivered letter saying he will return. I'm wouldn't be fussed about that, except I live at home and my mother isn't well. I really don't want the stress of a big argument on the doorstep. Is there anything I can do to stop them visiting? I would have been happy with the court hearing and would have happily complied with the judges decision, but they backed out. Thanks a lot.
  2. This lot have been harassing an employee where I work for a Wonga loan from 2009 which was repaid but apparently there was interest outstanding and charges have been continuously added till the amount they are chasing now stands at almost £1,100 (apparently just over £200 was owing in 2009). Despite several carefully worded emails being sent to them - they have not responded (no surprise) and this morning intimidating texts and voicemails were received stating that an agent would call at their house unannounced to asses their living standards. OP got angry and rang MMF "doorstep team" - spoke to little smart$$e who advised that they were perfectly within their right to come to the door and assess living standards - OP advised they were recording the call and the MMF guy had a bit of a splutter - he was then advised that the police had been informed about the threat and if they continued to harass then OP would be happy to let a county court judge look over the charges and decide the outcome. Parting shot from MMF was - we WILL be sending someone to your home no matter what you say .........
  3. Hi I am new here Just recently I have been receiving at least 1 call a day from MMF (tho it has taken me a while to catch their name) who I have come to realise are motor mile finance! For starters who are they?? They just leave a number and a threat of home visit! At the moment I am refusing to call as I haven't received any letters, or email........nothing!! And until I know who they represent I am not going to call! Also they just call with an automated message Started with mike a doorstep agent (but a recorded voice) Then a lady last week from the legal department (still recorded) And then this week they have started with another male doorstep agent , didn't leave a name but it was still recorded Any help or advice on dealing with then would be much appreciated
  4. Hi hoping someone could give me some solid advice regarding MMF. We have been bombarded with phone calls from them regarding a payday loan that we have had difficulty paying back due to my husband losing his job. The phone calls say they are coming to do an unannounced home visit and to avoid embarrasment contact them to mae arrangements for appointment. Please can anyone advise what I should do next, are they allowed to just show up and if not what should I tell them? I have a medical condition that is made worse by stress, desperate as its making me poorly. Thank you in advance for replies.
  5. Hi Guys, I've been reading the various threads with interest as I have been receiving emails from MMF in relation to an alleged debt to Quick Quid that I believe they purchased from gothia. A default was registered by Gothia on 04/10/10 and their account was marked as satisfied with a debt assigned marker for the last entry in July 2013. I have never received any correspondence or contact from Gothia or Quick Quid prior to the debt being sold. I wasn't even aware that a default had been logged until I received the emails from MMF and checked my credit file. I have not responded to any emails including ones threatening doorstep visits. However in the last couple of weeks I received an email regarding November "special offers" and in the last week or so I received an email entitled County Court Action: xxx: you have chosen not to contact MMF. Your account is being assessed for legal action. Call 0113 8876876 to discuss a solution. Ref: xxxxx I have not received anything in writing, the only contact confirming the creditor and debt amount was the November special email referred to above. However, I moved house after the debt was defaulted by Gothia and am concerned that MMF may have sent notice of assignments or even visited my old address. I am not aware that I owe this money, I have had payday loans previously but I am sure that they were repaid in full. I would like some advice as to how to proceed as I am currently looking at buying a house and further damage to my credit file would make this difficult. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hi all just searched mmf web site on google and norton flags it as a red site with a drive by down load
  7. Hi, this company ring me most nights, email me and call threatening an agent to come round. I am currently on jobseekers and i tried to reason with the company who wanted at least £80 a month towards a £400 bill. I live with my parents so most of my money goes to them who are also struggling. They have rung my parents house asking for me and my parents are going mad because they wont tell them who they are or what they want, only demanding that they will be visiting soon, im getting sick of this and wondering why they are allowed to book appointments to our homes without permission, and will also set deals of £80 paybacks a month to the un employed, can anyone help me with what to do as im loosing my patience. Thanks
  8. Hi all I decided to make a complaint to the Office of fair trade as I have learning difficulties and was constantly getting hounded by mmf asking for payment on a payday loan which I do not remember taking out so I told them I wished to see information re this so called loan including the original application and they have so far failed to provide it or information on the account it went in to I was then hounded with regular emails asking me to phone them which I told them no that they should make all contact with me by email as per oft guidance and that till I got this information I was not going to accept or acknowledge any responsobility for the debt and that it remained in legal dispute after a while they kept threatening me with a door step agent the first call I got was from an automated caller stating that the agent was in my area today and hoped to visit me in the next two hours should this not be convient for me or to save embarrasment I should press 1 to speak to someone in the office to re arrange appointment times. I then sent vback a rather angry email telling them that I told them in my last email if they continued to insist on sending someone to visit my home I would send them packing as oft rules state they may only visit my home if I wish to make an appointment for them to do so and reminded them that I had no wish to do so I also reminded them again asking them if they cannot read that if they send someone to my home or text my mobile or email me about sending someone to visit me this would be harrasment well they ignored it again This time I was told to save the embarrasment of the doorstep collector coming to my home please phone them on an 0844 number to arrange an alternative time to visit if I did not they would visit my home anyway. I then fired back an email to them informing them I had had enough and was making a formal and full complaint against them to the oft which I did I also reminded them thart I had asked them to provide me with information and what it was and that they failed to do so and until they provide me with this information and I am able to look at it and see if this is a debt I owed that the account remains in default I also fired of to them a Delicit of tresspass notice warning them if they send a debt collector to my door they will be commiting an offence of delicit of trespass under scottish law which is a case I can persue to prosecute the in the civil court for after this the company seems to have given up sending doorstep collection notices and the oft now has the details of my complaint on file I recieved a letter from the oft stating that if they get anymore complaints then they would need to look at these and assess this company for fitness to practise. As a resut I would ask anyone who has had a bad experience of MMF to make a formal complaint to the oft with the heading complaint and what the complaint might be about ie in my case harrasment complaints can be made directly to the oft at the following email address [email protected] the more complaints they get the more likely they will be to take action so please do send them complaints about mmf and then maybe we can teach mmf a lesson about abiding by the law. Robert
  9. Hi, I'll try & keep this quick & brief. However, I have had recent dealings with Motormile Finance as they contacted my 85 year old mother in law and scared the crap out of her by threatening a doorstep visit looking for myself. I don't know why they have contacted her as I have NEVER lived there. Anyway, I sent them the standard template from the CAG forums regarding a doorstep visit and changed the last paragraph to comply with Scots law. I have today received this letter to my actual address where I live. Any advice on what to send these parasites in response to this? I dispute the debt and have no recollection of taking out any payday loan with Wage Day advance. I have mentioned this to them, but they ask me to provide a CRN (Crime Ref Number) which I have no intention of doing. Thanks
  10. Hi Guys Long story short, I dont know where these 4 accounts have come from and they dont show up on my credit file. This has been an ongoing saga for a few weeks that id thought id try and weather myself but im not sure of my next move. I requested over the phone very recently the address where i was to send the document requests to (4 x £1 Postal Orders With the usual on the back) however they said they could send them via email... However I got 2 today and they are attached below. Im no genius but these are not CCA agreements.... I think the wording of the letter is a joke... The main history here is i had a case of identity theft back in 2011.... But i dont know if it extended to the later part of 2012... :/ The 4 accounts are as follows, Quid24 - £375 WageDay Advance - £139 Cheque Centre... - £320 Notice the I said 4 accounts and i have listed only 3.... Supposedly there are 2 loans taken out on the same day with the Cheque Centre? I have never worked at Mcdonalds.... either... In fact i dont know anyone who has worked at Macdonalds who has been in close contact with me :/ I also dont want anyone coming to the home i live in as its a shared house and i love it here and i think if someone does turn up even though im going to send a "You have no rights to attend the property" letter from the template archive Down to you guys; What do I do next? - Send a Cease Letter / Letter Before Action? - Request The CCAs?
  11. Looks like MMF have taken on a PDL balance I have, they ring, text and email. now they ay they are sending someone to the property even thought i have emailed them saying I will consider it trespass. What can I do here?
  12. Hi, I've read a lot on this site about MMF and we have been receiving messages from them on answerphone since May. I'm not entirely sure of the best way to proceed after having seen a lot of really useful information here. They have never mentioned my name on the phone, and we have not received any emails or letters. We also have no debts and never have. I am presuming they are phishing for victims but I would like to stop these calls as we have young children who I don't want answering the phone to them. The message has gone on to the doorstep collection and that someone will be round soon. However, they don't seem to know my name and presumably not my address so I would rather not give them any of this. They have given me a reference number to phone back with. Do I call them back? I don't want to give them any info and don't really have the time to deal with this! Any bright ideas would be really appreciated. Thank you!
  13. Hi All After receiving an MMF 'Notification of legal action' threato'gram a few weeks ago (the one where they mention going to prison), that I have duly ignored. I have now received a 1 line email yesterday, entitled '5 day Notice before action' which states: Unless you call MMF in 5 days,a Court Claim will be issued and then enforced by Bailiffs or Attachment of Earnings on your employer.0800 9961103 Ref:M****** Do you think they are still puffing out their chests or should I now start to worry? Thanks Simon
  14. Every time MMF call me - I tell them i am recording the call they then wont talk to me - I of course tell them its for training purposes and they put the phone down on me - I like having my little bit of fun with them!!! I have registered a formal complaint with the FO as they texted me at 1:30 am on one occasion - the FO is currently looking into this for me banking idiot
  15. Hello, I have been "threatened" by email, txt and recorded message that MMF will "embarrass" me turning up unannounced despite receiving doorstep letter twice and advising I will only communicate in writing. I'm ok with all that but today I made them an offer as I do owe the money after all and the offer is a bit more than my personal budget planner suggests but they have refused it and offered me three different options...a) one off payment with 20% off b) two installments c) four installments. I cannot afford either of these options and they say that they will add further interest and charges to my account if I don't set one of these up. I have sent them another email and upped my offer a little but it really is the most I can afford, I've said that if they go to court they will only get the pro rata amount from my budget planner because I have a few debts I am trying to pay off. Can they really add more charges and interest as they have bought the debt? Many thanks Deb
  16. Hi, I'm really worried about MMF. I got myself into a lot of (stupid) debt with payday lenders over the last couple of years. Most of it I've managed to get into repayment plans for but there were a few playing hard balls who wouldn't agree to anything. One of them was lending stream, where I borrowed £300 but after various charges and interest was applied ended up at close to £1000. They refused to budge on the amount, and eventually assigned it to a debt collector. From reading these forums I (thought I had) learned how to deal with DCAs, and CCA'd the original DCA (Moorcroft). They replied by sending me a pre-contract from Lending Stream, but not the CCA itself. I replied that there response wasn't acceptable, they then stated that they would refer the account back to their client. It then got sold on to Buchanan Clark + Wells, who backed off when I mentioned the CCA request not being fulfilled. The account got sold on to Lowells and Gothia, who I both ignored. Both of these offered reduced settlement offers when I kept ignoring them. The last I heard about this was over a year ago, and I've since moved 200 miles away. Last week, I got texted '...my name...your lending stream LLC a/c has been sold to MMF. Please call to prevent transfer to our home visit dept. 0113 8876876 ref: ...ref number...' The following day, I started getting phone calls from 7 or 8 different numbers a day (landline and mobile numbers) along with more threatening texts. None of this worried me at all, I thought MMF were just another DCA, until I did a 'who calls me' search to find out if it was another MMF number and then uncovered a thread here that they had taken actual legal action against someone with an unpaid payday loan, then I uncovered how bad they are. MMF don't know where I live, but I'm genuinely worried about getting a CCJ without my knowledge if they don't have a current address. I don't know whether it's a good idea or not to volunteer where I'm living now, as it looks like they aren't scared away by letters and unlike every other DCA I've dealt with their home visits are actually real - I know that they have no authority to do anything but my partner is easily intimidated and I don't want her dealing with these people if I'm not here. I don't know what to do for the best here, I'm more than willing to discuss repayment of what I owe ('what I owe' and 'what they claim I owe' not being the same thing), but this lot have rattled me when their threats don't seem as empty as most DCAs.
  17. im on a dmp with cccs and my uncle buck payday loan was i thought paid off but only £100 had been which was the amount i borrowed and now uncle bucks has sold the debt to mmf according to mmf i owe £210 which also includes the £100 i paid the rest is intrest and fees i am now getting phone calls emails and letters saying they are going to do a home visit i did not recive any letter to tell me the debt was sold untill i said i have not been given any notice of it being sold they then sent me a letter about 3 months after they brought it what can i do ??? thanks
  18. Hi, I'm running into issues with these guys once again. As with many of these situations its been brought from Uncle Buck. I have at the start of this was not aware of this forum and the deceitful these guys operate, foolishly talked to one of their friendly reps!!!. Anyway long story short it didn't get far I try to get the original loan amount but they would not give it, then I asked if I could setup payment plan, yes no problem so I asked if I could have their bank details, oh boy talk about hitting a raw nerve. The rep literally went off the deep end ultimately he said that it was company policy not to accept that and they promised that they would only take the amount agreed upon. I may have been naive then but allowing someone free access to my account and to take their word only that amount to be taken no way!!!. So I left with them to let me know if they want it. Obviously not. So to today had someone park opposite the house pretending to talk on phone whilst not to clever taking photos of the house next door. Anyway to cut long story short I have been having texts, emails etc sent to me with threats which as of yet nothing has happened, touch wood. Today I received a text with a warning that they will seek a ccj and also instruct a bailiff to come round and take what they need and also include cars etc.. nice!!. Should I be worried about this or is it case of posturing since they have not got a rise out of me. Please advise the best way forward. Regards
  19. Hello. I'm Dan. I took out a payday in Dec 2012 for £100 with a company. MMF had been chasing me since then. I don't have the money to pay since falling into the sick ESA trap. I have has numerous calls and texts, then letters to the point threatening to 'visit un announced' Today I get a call from 'Mr O' in a deep threatening voice along the lines of 'Call us or i will be there' I phones up and complained to argue with 'muppets' to tell me, you took the loan out, pay us NOW. I did not agree with the way I were spoken to, so they ended the call. I So then called police and have a crime reference number, Then called FOS and registered a complaint and then to OFT, who can't do sh1t unless enough complaints come around to look at the in the "next review"? So these calls from Mr O (to which they are under the OFT can do this) Just ignore them ok. They can't do anything. My concern is that, if 'old' people are threatened by these, they must be scared. MMF told me 'old people don't take loans' Please sort this..
  20. Hi all i am new on here just wanting some advice if possible i took a payday loan with 1 month loan lost my job so could not pay the loan tried to arrange payment plan but heard nothing. Now i have had letters and emails from MMF saying they want £635 and have offered me 3 options on how to clear the debt.The original loan was £350 would i be in my rights to offer them the original loan amount plus one months interest which would be £455. Thanks in advance for any help
  21. Good evening everyone, just looking for clarification really! I am about to enter into a monthly arrangement with Motormile Finance to pay back a QuickQuid debt I owe. However, they have asked me to provide my card details in an email in order to setup the plan (email below) Of course I have no intention of providing my details in such an unsecure way! If anyone has entered into an arrangement with this company can you tell me your experiences? I do have their bank account details from their website, am I right in thinking send the payment direct? No doubt they won't be happy with this, but for sake of my own security i'm not willing to compromise. Quick Quid pay day loan- outstanding balance: £87.00 Dear Mr Gornall, Thank you for your email dated 15/07/13 offering £15 per month from 29/07/13. I will accept this to start this month. Please reply to this email with a start date and your card details as follows and I will set the arrangement for you: Card type Name on card Long card number Valid From Expiry date 3 digit Security code (on back of card) Once I receive these details all further charges and correspondence will be stopped immediately. If no arrangement is made, the account will be passed to the litigation department and further charges will be applied to the debt. Regards, Rachel Collections Advisor Motormile Finance UK Ltd (MMF)
  22. Hi all, I've recently been contacted by MMF regarding an outstanding payday loan. Ive been reading around these forums that its best to just ignore this company but id rather not, now there threatening a doorstep visit. Id would really love for this not to happen as my fiance would find out and it would mortify her, (the whole i got the loan in the first place was to buy the ring!( irony is a b.i.t.c.h) I know lots of people on hear have had dealing with this company and i would like some advice on what my firsts steps should be. here's the email i got originally got: NOTICE OF LEGAL ASSIGNMENT OF DEBT Our Ref: ...... Debt Value:£ We hereby give you formal notice of legal assignment for the above debt. Your debt has been assigned to MotorMile Finance UK Limited (MMF) from WageDayAdvance payday loan. MMF is now the legal owner of the account. All default interest and collection charges have been frozen from your account for 7 days. If the account remains unpaid after this time, we will add default interest to the balance which will significantly increase the debt. Call NOW to benefit from this offer. Please contact us as a matter of urgency to resolve this matter, where one of our operatives will be happy to assist in finding you a solution: Tel 0800 996 1103 Please quote your reference This matter is not going to go away and we need to discuss how to resolve the matter before your account is passed to our Home Visit Department. We look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Doorstep Collections Dept MotorMile Finance UK Ltd. Had calls an emails since then threatening a doorstep visit, Any Ideas? Many thanks
  23. Hi All, Having an issue with MMF, they claim to own the old QQ loan and demand repaying. I have wrote and asked for proof but they refuse and this is todays email, I have checked my credit file of which QQ/Gothia have all ready listed default regarding the debt. So how can MMF default the same debt. I have wrote to QQ same no reply Our Ref: Quick Quid Payda y Loans Debt Value: £1,004.00 Your file has now been passed to the Home Visit Department and a Doorstep Collection Agent will shortly be instructed to attend your property. The default will be registered with all 3 credit reference agencies in our month end report. If you wish to prevent this registration, contact us to accept one of the following offers: - Payment of the debt over monthly instalments. - A substantially discounted payment in full and final settlement of the debt. Contact us NOW before it is TOO LATE: 01138 876 876. If we do not hear from you the default will be registered at Experian, Equifax and CallCredit and this will make it difficult for you to obtain credi t now and for 6 years. Yours faithfully, Doorstep Collections Dept MotorMile Finance UK Ltd
  24. Hi folks, I hope someone can give me some advice here. A few years ago I sank into the payday loan trap with Wage Day Advance. I borrowed money and for a long time just paid the monthly interest. In Sept/Oct 2011, I didn't extend, they took their money & I borrowed more but then stopped paying them. I had some bloke from a collection company in Liverpool phone me a few times and I eventually told him that I had paid enough and wasn't going to pay them any more. He went away. On 18 Oct 2012, I rceived an e-mail from Motor Mile Finance headed NOTICE OF LEGAL ASSIGNMENT OF DEBT and demanding payment from me. I replied to the mail as follows '1. I do not acknowledge or accept this debt. I have requested details of this from a previous collector but have been ignored. 2. I will not allow any 'doorstep' thug access to my property and any representative of your company who attempts to enter my property will be instructed to leave.' They did not respond to me but continued to send e-mails and text messages to me. On 26/11/2012, I replied to another e-mail which stated that my 'agreed repayment plan' was in default. I had no agreed plan with them! My response to them was as follows; '1. When you sent your 1st messages to me, I replied on 24/10/2012 and informed you that I do not acknowledge this debt. I asked for details of this alleged but to date have not had the courtesy of a response. Instead, I now get incessant mails and calls from you. I repeat - I want details of this alleged debt, I am not going to pay anything based on your demands. 2. Further to your message below, there is no agreed repayment plan between me and you. DO NOT make false allegations or misrepresent any fact. I will consider submitting a copy of this mail to the Financial Services Ombudsman as basis of a complaint against you. I will not tolerate such deceit from you and raise a question about your ethics and practices if you can blatantly lie like this. 3. You are hereby warned to now cease your e-mail correspondence and phone messages to me until such time as you can provide proof of any debt as requested on previous occasions. Any further contact from you will be viewed as harassment. 4. Do not even consider attempting to send one of your agents to my home. You and or any agent acting on your behalf are not welcome on my property and have no cause to come here.' Ok, so it's not really professionally worded, but I thought it may elicit a response. It did not. They continued to send e-mails threatening court action and unannounced home visits and special offers etc - all of which I have ignored. Yesterday, one of their agents did knock on my door. I was not rude, but I told him that until his company had the courtesy to respond to my mails, I would not discuss the matter with him. I told him that until I had correspondence from them, he should not come back. His reply to me was (somewhat sarcastically) that he wouldn't be back, he would just send a bailiff instead. Within an hour, I had an e-mail from the homevisit manager demanding contact & threatening legal & bailiff action due to my refusal to discuss the matter with the agent. I have replied to this mail by pasting a copy of my e-mail from last year. The response to this is that they have posted copies of the agreement to me now. I don't know if their failure to respond to me can form the basis of any sort of complaint, but it certainly isn't very professional of them to ignore my requests for information. Or am I under the wrong impression? The next aspect of MMFs conduct is what I have today seen on my credit report. Reading a different post on CAG, I learned about Noddle & have registered there. The MMF entry on my credit file is disturbing. I have found the following inaccuracies in the entry; The account type is listed as 'Mail Order' - I have never had a mail order account! The account start date is 30/09/2012 - My WDA account was in 2011; The date of default is shown as 01/12/2012 - Surely that is wrong? What can/should I do now? Any advice welcome & thank you
  25. I have been in dispute for a while with MotorMileFinance. They recently decided to threaten me with doorstep collectors ect. I have been getting harassed at work (Mental health hospital) several time a day plus they have been phoning my ex address and landlord telling her she is responsible. Recently they sent a letter from a law firm stating they will take me to court. Fortunately my missus is a chartered accountant with the Scottish Exec so she done a quick track of the solicitors and found that they are not a registered company at all in the UK or abroad. I would like some advise about dealing with this so called company as their letter states not to contact the solicitors but to only contact MMF. Any help would be welcome. Thanks
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