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  1. Hi Today I have checked my credit file to find out that MMF have placed a new default on my account ( it wasn't there last month ). I've copied from noddle the information below. Account start date 03/09/2008 Opening balance £ 579 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 25/09/2008 Default balance £ 579 Do I request proof of debt from MMF ? I don't understand why this has suddenly appeared when the default date is nearly 6 yrs ago ! Many thanks for any advice Skop
  2. Hi all, I am certain this has been discussed but having a tough time dealing with MMF/Peachy. Actually its Peachy who are causing the fuss and the headache. I got a loan from Peachy in 2012 which has since been transferred to MMF. I have seen the notice of assignment etc. I agreed a plan with MMF which I paid two months payment on however I ceased payment because another DCA had chased me for this debt which caused confusion. I cleared things up with MMF however they have a default against me on my Credit file. They have insisted that they have done everything right and Peachy as part of the handover should have removed teh account from my file. I complained to Peachy who insisted that they wont remove the default - now I have two defaults same debt which I know is not allowed. I want to go as formal as possible against Peachy and really get my hands on them, in all honesty I have been dealing wwith MMF who have been of great help although 'Mike' needs to shut up. How can I go about this as it seems that neither party wants to remove this debt and given that MMF own the debt now, Peachy are in the wrong. How should I complain to the ICO? Is there a template a formal route? Many thanks for your help.
  3. Hi all since late in 2013 i have received 288 calls to my mobile which i have logged,had many more but did not log them. 93 text messages logged,many more not logged. And about the same to my land line plus numerous emails. Is this a CAG record.
  4. Morning All Was having a lovely morning till i checked my CRA file and discovered a new Default on there from the wonderful MMF. I have 0% idea why though?? The default balance is £265, and current balance is £1457 (WTF???) I did have some issues a few years ago with PDL's but that all got sorted and i know its all settled with them all, so no idea about this one!! The default date was 14/7/2012 and yet was only added on 14/4/2014, nearly 2 years later? is that normal? MMF have been trying to contact/harrass me lately with phone calls and text messages, but to every phone call i have asked for something in writing and i dont reply to the msgs. I have never once received a letter from them so have no idea about the details of the debt or anything? Im currently trying to buy a house and this is not needed!! How do i find out where its come from? What should i do?? Any help would be amazing!!! Thanks all
  5. Just a quick question, do MMF put defaults on credit files? with out going into detail ,the notice of assignment is correct etc. I do owe the money and feel I should contact them and discuss a payment plan or a one off payment. I can't afford to have a default on my credit file. I have managed to get my credit file in a healthy state after a bad six years. Just want some advice wether to communicate with them, or chance it and do nothing?
  6. Hi All My brother received a letter from MMF a few weeks ago about a debt with Pounds Till Payday. The original amount was taken out in November 2008. It was scheduled for a doorstep visit, etc. Having spoken to them and verified his identity, they discovered that his date of birth on file was incorrect. They explained what the debt was, etc. and he asked for more information to be sent out. The account was put on hold. They had an email address for him that he hasn't used in years and is, AFAIK, defunct. Don't get me wrong, my brother has had debts and he's paid them off. Anyway, we checked his credit report and it had no record of MMF on it at all. No searches, no associate searches, etc. Nothing. No defaults. He explained this to MMF and asked why he hadn't received the information he'd requested, etc. They said they would email it to him. The next day, a default was registered on his credit report with MMF for the amount in question, etc. He has received the information he requested and there are some issues. There is no date of birth on the credit agreement but it does have his name and NI number. The loan was paid into a NatWest account but he hasn't had a NatWest account since he was 8 years old and was collecting the piggy banks. The address on the credit agreement is one that he had moved out of 3 months earlier. He was living in England at the time. More significantly, he moved to Scotland in June 2009. AIUI, the debt (if it is his) should be statute barred as it's now past 5 years. Indeed, under Scots law it no longer exists. However, the credit agreement specifically states that it is governed by English law. So, I throw this over to all of you for some advice.
  7. Hi All, I have recently been getting emails from MMF to my works email address, No Phone Calls or Texts and then yesterday I got two letters yesterday from them dated 12th and 15th of this month threatening a doorstep visit. I have read the various threads on here and have no worry's whatsoever that they will turn up on my doorstep. They state they are trying to collect for a PaydayUK loan I had out sometime in 2008 which I never repaid as I lost my job and spent about 6 months on Jobseekers Allowance prior to finding work again. I have checked Noddle and there is no mention of PaydayUK or MMF so I'm guessing the debt is now Statute Barred. My Question is do I just ignore them (They do not appear to have my phone number) and it seems to have taken them a couple of months to find my address) or do I send them the Statute Barred Letter? I have no way of knowing if the 6 year period has passed as I no longer have access to my bank records from that period but the fact it is not my my CRA makes me feel confident the 6 years have passed.
  8. Hello all, Had a look around and couldn't see a similar case so here goes... MMF have been doing there usual annoying calling / email / ignore thing but i started up a Noddle account for a basic idea of my credit. MMF is listing a debt on there of £474, from Quick Quid that I am sure i paid years ago. Date of default is 14.5.2010 but its on the settled section of my credit report as from 1.10.2010. It also lists my debt as a student loan, which is odd as I have not been a student since 1992 and never had a loan. Any ideas how I go about getting this off the record from the point of view of it showing as settled or the student loan aspect? Any info much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Hi. Motormile have ignored all my emails to them so I took the details from their website and set up a standing order for £5 per month. I missed a payment last month so I emailed them to say I'd pay £10 next month to make up for the missed payment. I then received the following email - 'Thank you for your email on 19/11/2012. Due to the fact that you missed your payment there is a broken arrangement now, hence, further collections activity will incur on the account. MMF have reviewed your account and here are a few options for you to avoid any further legal action: Offer 1: we will accept 60% of the balance - £115.35 Offer 2: we will accept 70% over 2 equal instalments - £67.29 per month Offer 3: we will accept 85% over 4 equal instalments - £40.85 per month The above offers are available on the proviso: · The payment is made via debit card · The first payment is received in November · The payment plan or settlement figure to close the account is set up for a date in this month by Friday 23rd November 2012. Please fill out the below details in order to setup the arrangement, Please note that default interest may be added to the account which you will be liable for until a valid payment plan is put in place. Card type: Card number: Valid from: Expiry: Last 3 security digits: Date of payment: 28th November 2012 Amount: Whatever offer you accept Failure to email me back in regards to which offer you accept then your account will be transferred to the litigation department for legal action and you will get an unexpected visit from one of our doorstep agents for which there is an additional charge. Also, by setting up a standing order without agreeing something with us is not a payment plan.' So it appears that because I missed a payment, they now think they have the right to theaten me by phone, email and at my own front door. Any advice on how to respond to this email would be appreciated. Thanks. Paul.
  10. Hi All Bit confused as im getting mixed answers reading online. I have no knowledge of a debt that MMF are declaring i owe them. Recently, they issued a default on my credit file. I have no idea who the original debt is with, but thats besides the point for now. Is it legal for a DCA to post a default on my credit file? If yes or no, can someone link me into the law that declares that answer; as im going round in circles trying to find an answer! Thanks for all your help
  11. Hi everyone, I desperately need some assistance please. I have just received a Count Court Claim from Optima Legal on Behalf of Motor Mile Finance UK. The debt is for a PDL from QuickQuid dating back to 2010. I think they have sold the debt to MMF who are now taking me to court. I tied to make a payment plan with QuickQuid at the time but they refused to play ball other than to offer a payment plan over three instalments which I could not afford. How do I proceed with MMF as I have very bad things about them
  12. Hi Guys, This is my first post so please bare with me. I have received my credit reports this morning from both Experian and Equifax. I have a lot of outstanding defaults that I am looking to pay off and clear, due to being an inexperienced teenager suffering from a gambling addiction led to problems with finances which have now been resolved. I have read a few posts regarding Motor Mile Finance which prompted me to type this post. on my Experian report i have 4 defaults from MMF for around £2,500 in total and 2 defaults on my Equifax report for differing amounts of around £900 I also have a CCJ who is with Tower Capital Ltd but I can't find their contact details anywhere. Firstly, I'm looking for some advice on which route I should take? dispute the amounts of defaults? pay them off in full? barter with them and try and get the amounts reduced? Any advice on how to approach this would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi, I have just been alerted by Equifax that Motormile finance have added a credit account to my file. I have never heard of them until now, on reviewing comments on this forum I am now worried. Spookily someone at my old employer as just advised me that an automated phone call from them has been received at least twice a day from this company. I have checked their website to try and contact them however it is closed for maintenance. I have disputed with equifax and they are going to contact MMF on my behalf but seemed unconcerned so I have emailed them for more info. CAnt seem to locate a phone number anywhere I have worked hard to repair my credit history, what should I do next?
  14. Many of those Caggers who 'frequent' the Debt Collection Sub Forums may be aware of the problems arising regarding Motor Mile Finance Ltd., and that I am collecting and collating data regarding the companies conduct in order to submit a multiple complaint to the OFT/FCA, it would be very useful if anyone who has recently of in the past could post links to their threads here if they would like their particular problem included Thanks in anticipation. Brig.
  15. Hi everyone, Motormile had recently started bombarding me with scary-looking emails. These emails were really annoying, as no matter how many times I replied to them, MMF ignored me and continued to send them! Fortunately for me, I'm quite technical, and I realised that I could bypass MMF altogether and have their email provider cut them off instead. Background: MMF use a company called SendGrid to send their emails and track the details (e.g. is the address correct, has the recipient opened it etc. etc.). Now, companies like SendGrid are *crazy* about spam, because if they let spammers use their service, other email services - e.g. Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc. - will become more and more likely to either tag their emails as spam, or refuse to deliver them altogether! What you need to do is forward on the details of a recent AUTOMATED email (e.g. one their "we're *so* going to visit you at home!" notifications) on to SendGrid's abuse department. IMPORTANT: in your must include what's known as the "full headers" from the email. Here's a guide on how to do so: -- link removed because I don't have enough posts, can a mod fix this up for me please? -- kb.mediatemple.net/questions/893/How+do+I+view+email+headers+for+a+message%3F Here're the full steps: 1. Receive automated email from MMF 2. Get the "full headers" from the email, as described above 3. Forward the email, along with these headers to SendGrid's abuse department, abuse[at]sendgrid.com and webpage here: sendgrid.com/report_spam I included a quick note - "These people are bombarding me with these emails and ignoring my replies to them" - and within 24 hours, all emails from MMF stopped... and no more have been received over the last couple of months As a bonus, every spam report SendGrid receives makes it more and more difficult for MMF to continue using them. And while swapping out email service providers isn't a huge huge task, it's still rather painful should MMF need to do so Enjoy!
  16. I am new to these forums and to be honest, I am new to anything to do with my credit report. The following is the situation I find myself in, I had an unpaid Payday Loan with Wonga, I never received any mail electronic or otherwise and I actually forgot about it. I had received an email from a Gothia limited stating I was owe them £2109 and at the time , emailed them asking to provide the information as to who this debt was originally owed. They never provided or replied to my request. Upon checking my credit report, I had noticed that a debt had been defaulted for the sum of £2109 but marked as satisfied by Gothia - Default was issued on 23/06/2010 and the account updated as satisfied on 17/11/2013 I accepted this and assumed that I would just have to wait out the time for the default to be removed. WRONG - next thing I knew I started getting what appears to be the usual harrasment from MMF. After enduring this for some time and not knowing what or who MMF were I checked my credit record on Creditexpert to discover that MMF have registered a default against me for the sum of £2109. The default marked as satisfied by Gothia for the same amount is still on my credit report. I am looking to buy my first house and already had 2 satisfied defaults in the last 5 years and really didn't need this latest one from them appearing on my report. Is there anything I can do to get these clowns to remove this default as I have read through these forums and from what I have picked up, if there is already a satisfied default for that account, they can't just buy the debt and add a new default for the same amount? Where should I go from here? I wrote to credit expert asking to put a note beside the defaults to explain the situation and now have to provide them with information for what account it relates to. I also sent the following letter to MMF and received no reply from them : Misrepresentation of Credit File Data. Sir/ Madam, I have become aware that MMF Ltd is causing inaccurate and misleading data to be published by experian credit reference agencies. 1. I believe this account was defaulted 23/06/2010 under Gothia LTD and not a new one on 06/04/2014 as stated by MMF Ltd, I am aware that some companies claim that a ''new'' default can be placed when they acquire an account this theory is of course total nonsense as I am sure you are aware. I am unable to perceive the reasons behind MMF Ltds actions in regard to this account which was in dispute and obviously sold off to yourself because it was being disputed. I am preparing a report on MMF Ltd and its conduct which will be sent to the OFT/FCA and the Information Commissioners Office. I expect a prompt reply, removal of the default and written apology from MMF Ltd for its despicable and misleading misuse of the data. I also request that all further communication be by post due to harassment by telephone. This was sent to them on the 9th May and I have heard nothing from them Please Please Please help me find a way to get them to remove this default. Regards
  17. Hi, I am new here and would like to apologise in advance if this is in the wrong place and also for the length of my post, I wanted to make sure I included everything. Any advice would be greatly appreciated... 2 years ago my daughter passed away and I completely lost my way. I became homeless and lost my job within a very short time frame. I put myself into a lot of financial difficulty during this time and messed up a lot of my life. I am in no way trying to make excuses for my behaviour and I take full responsiblity for what I have gotten myself into. People go through a lot worse than I have and still manage not to get themselves into the bother I have. After sofa surfing and spending days on the streets I finally deicded to try and turn my life around and sought help. I was found a place in a hostel back in the city where I come from. I was supported in getting my finances together and prioritising everything. I contacted the bank to make payment arrangements for my unplanned overdraft. They informed me it had been passed on to a debt collection agency and took my new address and had the agency contact me there. I made payment arrangement plans and have stuck to them since. My next steps were to contact the payday loan companies, who informed me they had also passed my details onto debt collection agencies. I only heard from one of the agencies, which was MotorMile Finance, who contacted me and we made payment arrangements at £10.00 per week. I gave them my email address but not my new phone number. The person I dealt with seemed really helpful right up until they wanted bank details. I emailed them back right away and informed them that I no longer had a bank account and that I am in the process of paying off what I owe the bank but let her know that I was more than happy to pay by postal order. I then received an email back informing me they could only do this by bank. I emailed again what I had just told them and received a reply (from the same person) informing me that they do have bar codes they can send out so that I can make a payment via a pay point. This is ideal for me and a lot easier. I received the bar code in a letter, emailed to activate it as intructed and made my first weekly payment. I did this for another 6 weeks, until I received an email at around 3:30am informing me that they had not heard back from me regarding my defaulted account. This was a surprise to me as this was the first I had heard of it and I had been paying weekly. I emailed to ask what was happening and heard nothing back. I also went onto their website and emailed from there. I heard nothing back from them except the automated emails in the early hours of the morning instructing me to call to arrange a repayment plan or be referred for a home visit. Over 8 days I emailed the two people I had previously dealt with, sent emails to the email addresses I had managed to find and sent emails via their website and I heard nothing back. Again I contacted them and explained that I felt that I was being purposely ignored and explained my reasons for not wanting to talk over the phone as I wished for everything to be by post or email. I felt and still feel that I was being ignored in order to phone them - but then they can say whatever they like over the phone and I have no documents of it. After 8 days of not hearing back I got an email from one of the women who had previously dealt with me. I was told that I had defaulted my account as there had been more than 7 days between payments. This was a complete misunderstanding on my part - I thought that I was okay to pay weekly on whichever day as long as I paid it weekly. I didn't realise that it had been be on the same day every week. This may sound obvious to a lot of people but I honestly didn't know this. because I had first paid on a Tuesday and paid on a different day the next week this defaulted me. I explained that this was a misunderstanding on my part and we set a date for the payment to begin again. I was also told I would be sent a plastic card that I could use to make the payments on. No card turned up and I used my old bar code from a letter. During this time I received another email informing me that I need to arrange a payment plan for my balance within 5 days or they will send somebody out to visit me. I contacted MotorMile and was ignored again. After 3 days of emails I got an email to tell me that my payment plan was still in place but the email was in regards to a second account they had just bought (it was the one I was waiting it hear from, from the other pay day loan) We set up a payment arrangement plan at £5 per week per account. I was told that the card would be sent out that day for my previous account and that she had set up a standing order for the account we had just sorted out an arrangement plan on. I let her know right away that I do not have a bank account and that any details of an account they have will be of no use. She said she would send out two plastic cards. I received the cards, activated them and made my first payment on the Wednesday as agreed. The following Wednesday I made the payments again and again last Wednesday. Before I left to make payments this morning I received a letter from MM informing me I had defaulted. Knowing that I absolutely have not defaulted and feeling very frustrated I emailed the person who had been dealing with me and asked why I had received this letter and how it was possible I had defaulted. I also sent a photo of my payment receipts that show the amount and the dates. I was emailed back almost immediately and told that after checking my account she could see I have defaulted and that is why it had been passed to the collections team and a home visit being arranged. She said she would be happy to reset my account for a date. I just want to get my payments sent and get all of this paid off, so I agreed about setting another date but I stood my ground and politely asked how I had defaulted when I had the receipts to show I have paid on the right days, the right amounts and haven't missed any payments. I expressed how concerned I am that this is going to keep happening as it is really beginning to stress me out. I am very ill at the moment and I really do want to get everything into order. It just seems like I have had nothing but issues since trying to arrange repayments with this company. I agreed to set the date for next Wednesday and for them to be as usual, each Wednesday and £5 for each card. Within an hour I received a reply telling me that my account had been set for one payment PER MONTH on the 21st, £5 on each card.. . Now as great as that is for me as I am struggling to live just now. I am very concerned at the offer. When I very first tried to make payment arrangements on my first account with them I offered £20 a month but was refused. Now with two accounts they are happy to accept £5 per month on each account? I feel like perhaps this was a mistake, so I emailed back confirming one payment per month at £5 on each account. I said this would be perfect for me and as usual once I start to earn more I will pay a higher amount on the accounts as I genuinely want to get all of this paid off. I have heard nothing back since but have a feeling that this time next week I am going to be bombarded with emails regarding a defaulted account and/or needing to make a payment agreement on both accounts. The person I have spoken to has been quite, but also very evasive at times. I have been very polite throughout these emails but have expressed how fed up I am getting and I have also expressed my concerns of paying these accounts when my payments seem to suddenly default and details aren't updated on their system, as well as their communication not happening within the company. I understand mistakes happen and people sometimes forget to do things but the amount of miscommunication does concern me. Also, as petty as it sounds, they keep getting my name wrong. It has repeatedly been spelt wrong which I can understand as people do often but I've been called two other names that only begin with the first two letters of my name. This makes me concerned as my details are right there in front of them. Again that probably sounds petty but added up with everything else and how evasive they are being and dodging answering my questions I can't help but wonder would this be better off going to court? I am really unwell and could do without having to go to court but the stress of this is really getting to me. I feel I shouldn't complain as I have brought all of this upon myself but I do genuinely want to get this paid and I am trying to turn my life around and settle down. Once again, apologies for the lengthly post. I wanted to give as much detail as I could as nothing has been at all straightforward with this company and I am very concerned that my payment plans are going to permanently be failing one way or another. Has anybody else had this problem with MMF before? And would I be better off letting this go to court? Thank you for reading. Any input would be appreciated.
  18. Hi I have been getting harassed nonstop by MMF - regarding a debt which I settled via MacKenzie Hall for a Wageday Advance debt. The debt was paid off 2 years ago - incurred due to moving house and new bank card / account etc - and eventually the debt for a payday loan was cleared with MacKenzie Hall. I have a screenshot and emails to substantiate this. MMF are now chasing me for additional charges on top of this it seems...........of over £120! I have asked them to substantiate the debt and all they have done is provide some numbers - which does refer to the sum that I paid, but these are just typed into the letter, and that there are costs outstanding. There is no copy of the original credit agreement, no copy of anything with reference to the additional costs incurred, which have never been advised to me. Can anyone advise what I should do next? Is there an email address that I can contact at MMF - as their generic one never responds to me, and I have emailed Wageday Advance to confirm payment of this and they are also now ignoring me!!! Strange how they respond to emails when you are after money or repaying them back!!! Many thanks in advance
  19. Hello, recently received CCA from MMF re: Payday loand with Wageday Advance. Not sure what to do next. Original credit amount was £150. Now it is sky high £550! Is there something I can do about it? Sorry for asking, new to all this debt fighting and CCAs. Just wanna sort my debts out and would greatly appreciate any advice [ATTACH=CONFIG]49134[/ATTACH]
  20. I took out a loan of£500 with Mr Lender on 22/05/13. The loan was automatically rolled over 6times. Under increasing financial hardship I cancelled the Continuous Authorityon my debit card on 30/10/13. At this point I had paid £997.50 to Mr Lender. I have subsequentlyreceived numerous e-mails from Mr Lender demanding ever-increasing amounts ofmoney. Their website states that "We will suspend interest andcharges if you are unable to pay what you owe us in full but give us arepayment plan which is reasonable and acceptable to us, or after a maximum of60 days after non-payment." although, curiously, the loan agreement doesnot... On 13/01/13 Mr Lender e-mailed to say that my balance hadincreased to £1207.50 On 07/02/13 Mr Lender e-mailed to say that my balance hadincreased to £1609.12 I attempted to access myMr Lender account online in order to view a detailed statement of account, onlyto find a single screen requesting repayment of some other unfathomable amount(again, with no breakdown of charges/interest) beyond which I could notprogress, effectively denying me access to detailed information of my ownaccount. The debt is now being"dealt with" by Motor Mile Finance, who are demanding £1609.12(which, if paid, would bring the cost of a £500 loan over x months to over£2600). No breakdown of charges or interest has been provided by MMF. MMF's latestcommunication via email states: "DearMr ---- --------, TRANSFER TO HOMEVISIT DEPARTMENT OurRef: M------- Mr Lender Payday Loans Debt Value: £1,609.12 Your file has now been passed to the Home Visit Department and aDoorstep Collection Agent will shortly be instructed to attend your property. The default will be registered with all 3 credit reference agencies in ourmonth end report. If you wish to prevent this registration, contact us to accept one of thefollowing offers: - Payment of the debt over monthly instalments. - A substantially discounted payment in full and final settlement of thedebt. Contact us NOW before it is TOO LATE: 0113 887 3869. If we do not hear from you the default will be registered at Experian,Equifax and CallCredit and this will make it difficult for you to obtain creditnow and for 6 years. Yoursfaithfully, DoorstepCollections Dept MotorMile Finance UK Ltd. 0845 2418729:Telephone 0113 8873869:Local 0808 1686913:Freephone" In addition, I have justsigned in to an email account I haven't used or given since 2009 in order toretrieve my CAG login details, to find numerous MMF emails with titlesincluding "Notice of Assignment", "County Court Action","Doorstep Assessment" etc etc. Why are they serving these"notices" to an email address I haven't used for 5 years when theyhave my current email address and home address - and are these"notices" considered "served"? 1)Clearly I have had adebt with Mr Lender, however I will not acknowledge a debt of any amount to MMFwithout an adequate (or indeed any!) explanation of what it actuallyrepresents. Therefore I dispute the debt alleged in their email. 2)I do not wish todiscuss the matter via text, phone, email or on my doorstep. 3)I do not particularlywant a default on my credit record. My attitude is that - if a default isapplied - MMF/Mr Lender won't receive a penny from me as they have effectivelyremoved all incentive for me to pay (i.e. by stuffing my credit rating for 6years, whether I pay them or not). I therefore need towrite to MMF to ask for proof of the debt, with a full breakdown of EVERYTHING,to dispute the debt whilst awaiting "proof" (thus preventing anyenforcement in the iterim), to avoid harassment/doorstepping, and to preventincorrect and damaging information being recorded on my credit file. My questions are, howmany template letters is that?(!), and where are they please? I've scoured theforum but there seem to be variants all over the place, some of which areout-of-date, or not directly applicable. I defer to the more experienced topoint me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi, I've joined this forum to try to get some help for my husband's elderly parents, who have been receiving frequent messages from these people, and are causing a great deal of distress. They have been hounded by nuisance calls generally, which lead to them reporting it to the police a few months ago, and getting their phone number changed. My MIL almost fell foul of a 'Microsoft' fix-your-computer [problem] call, which we think might have got them put on a sucker list. Anyway, they have a new number, and have gone ex-directory, but have since started getting calls from MMF that are recorded messages, threatening to visit them if they do not contact them about a 'matter'. My in-laws do not, and have never had any sort of debt - they pay cash and don't even have a bank card or use cash machines. They recently purchased a BT call blocker phone, but it doesn't stop these people, and they seem to be calling from a different number each time, so it feels like £50 down the drain, plus my in-laws now feel that there is no way of escaping from these people. I have found the website and an address, and would like to send them a letter telling them to stop, but don't want to give my in-laws details, as they don't appear to hold any information other than the phone number. Also, whilst I am going to write on their behalf, I don't really want to give them my details either. I have made a complaint to the ICO via their website today, but would really appreciate some advice on how we can make these people go away. The distress they are causing is really severe and I need to try and stop this now. Please help!
  22. Amend thread as per required however ive just found a golden nugget of information. Mr Petty's potential mobile number has been plastered on the internet of a certain webpage Im a fan off. Site Team, I wanted to run this by you mainly first because its quite important and dont want to cause too many issues.
  23. Hello everyone New to this forum and this is my first post - looking forward to some advice I received a letter today from Motormile Finance - a debt collection agency who it seems train their staff to bully, harass and generally p**s off their pray when you try to talk to them.... Anyway, the letter was regarding a wageday advance debt from 2007, that they say they have recently acquired. I called MMF and asked that the debt be placed into dispute as i do not recall the debt, and as it was from 2007 - it would be statute barred anyway and unenforceable. The agent stated that i could not put the debt into dispute and threatened me with a default on my credit file. I asked how he could place the default on my file that was over 7 years old after one had more than likely already been on there previously and he said "because we can, its down to you to prove there was one before" I then asked for the CCA for the account over the phone, and he said he would get "something" out to me in 14 days - probably via email if they cant do it within 14 days ????? - he then became aggressive, condescending and actually someone impossible to talk to, so i terminated the call. Ive sent them letters today - one complaining about the service issues and a statute barre letter so my main questions are these: can they register a default for a debt from 2007? what do i do if the fail to respond to both my complaint and my statute barred letter? Has anyone else had similar issues with these "people" thanks in advance
  24. Dear All I've been reading the various forums regarding this company from afar for the last few days. I have two payday loans which have been passed to MMF on 13 February and so have a personal interest. To give some background, I worked for a debt management company for ten years and so have relatively strong knowledge of the tactics employed by DCAs. This company seems to have stooped to new levels in terms of blatant disregard for acceptable debt collection practises. This morning I emailed the OFT summarising the complaints highlighted in this forum in the various threads. I have asked them for advice on the best way to proceed with key questions as to whether it is 'safe' for me to (1) communicate with them and (2) send payments to them. To be very clear, I want to pay my debts back, but at an affordable rate and in the knowledge payments will reduce my debts. I expect this will be the same for most people who are experiencing problems with MMF. I will try to upload the email I sent to the OFT onto this thread for evidence of action - my simple request is that all of you people who are suffering at the hands of MMF take action and register the Complaint with the OFT - it is a numbers game, the more complaints they receive, the more they will listen! I would ask anyone who has made a complaint, or is considering doing so, to post on here.
  25. HI ALL, Recently received a letter from MMF titled Formal Notice of Assignment. This is in respect of a Wageday Advance loan. However it states in the letter that Mackenzie Hall Debt Purchase has assigned the legal and beneficial rights, title and interest to MMF. Im not sure how this can be correct I have never received notification from the original creditor that they sold to Mackenzie Hall, neither have i ever heard from Mackenzie Hall. On that Basis how can MMF have purchased it. Is this a correct notice of assignment or just MMF trying it on?
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