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  1. Hello all, I have received a county court claim form from Moriarty for an old payday debt from 2011(not quite statute barred yet) I have acknowledged the claim and need help with a defence please. The original loan was from Speed loan finance, I recall making one payment via direct debit but nothing more. I have never received an assignment notice from Speed loan and all I got from mmf was the standard threats and phone calls. Who should I contact to see if they can supply any written proof of this loan? Or should I just admit defeat and pay up? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Hi Guys, I just got this from MMF. CURRENT OUTSTANDING BALANCE: £1777.50 Our efforts to contact you are becoming exhausted as we have made several attempts to offer you a repayment solution and even a discount. In light of this we are preparing your account for one of the following possible actions: Legal Assessment - your account may be sent to our legal partner Moriarty Law, who will assess your account to determine if legal action is suitable. If they consider this to be the most appropriate action, we will inform you of the next steps. You should be aware that there may be additional costs in the event that legal action is taken. Assignment of your account to one of our external debt recovery partners, BPO Collections Ltd, or Themis Recoveries. You still have time to set a plan with us if you contact us within the next 7 days. There are several payment methods available to you, as previously advised we are happy to discuss together the available solutions in line with your circumstances. You can now manage your account online by visiting http://www.mmile.com/myaccount. If you prefer you can email us at [email protected]. The details needed to set your plan are: Date of 1st instalment Payment Amount Frequency of Payments Preferred Payment Method Please ensure that your priority bills are up to date for example rent / mortgage, utility bills, council tax to make sure your payment is affordable. If you are experiencing financial difficulties please be assured that our specialist team will be able to assist you. Information pertaining to this account may be registered with credit referencing agencies, this information may then be used by future lenders, landlords and employers and may affect your ability to secure credit in the future. You can contact us on 0113 887 6876 if you wish to discuss your account(s). We look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely Motormile Finance UK Limited (MMF) I've never heard of them or any debts witht them?
  3. Received the email below today - does this seem legit ?
  4. Hello and happy new year all! been a while since i have logged on but i have some queries on this lot. i have had 2 MMF accounts since 2011 - one for a speedloan account and another for National cash advance which i believe have stopped trading in the uk. are these likely to be written off? i already had my NCA account merged with 2 pdl debts which i claimed as SB and they wrote them off. i currently pay £1 a month on both debts
  5. Hi there I have noticed on my credit report a default on in July of this year for an old cash genie payday loan, this account started in Nov 2011 and there was no payment since 2011 how is it possible for MMF to issue a default date of 2016, a full 5years after the last payment? Is this possible ? Any advice on this Thanks
  6. I've had similar emails as the above. Is this still the advice you would give if they have emailed "If we do not hear from you within the next 7 days we will be left with no alternative but to refer your account to Moriarty Law LLP." Still the same nonsense?
  7. Hi, I've been looking over the forum and though it may be worth asking some advice here. I'm currently trying to resolve my debts and clear my credit file, I know i have outstanding PDL's with a couple of companies from back in 2013 when i was in a particularly bad place. A couple of the companies have since written the debt off, but a few still remain with the likes of MMF. Upon reviewing my file today i found a default for the tidy sum of £22 with MMF, I (stupidly) contacted them about resolving this debt. They then proceeded to list off 6 accounts totalling cira £1500 in monies owed 5 to swift sterling and 1 to Mr Lender. None of which were for the £22 listed on my credit file and i need to contact their Credit File Queries team. I would be willing to settle these if they were remotely close to the original agreement or the value of the offer i made that SS rejected, but there is about £800/900 of interest/charges here. I'm quite concerned now that they are going to add an additional 6 defaults to my file, destroying everything i have done for the past 3 years to build it back up. I have seen from past posts that people have written directly to Swift Sterling to resolve / bring back dept from MMF. is this an option? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hello all I have several debts that I am currently repaying, under a self managed repayment plan, to which all debt collection companies agree to every-time. This thread relates to one company, BPO last year they offered me a reduced rate of 12 payments of £? and the rest will be cleared, I paid the 12 payments and wrote to BPO stating that the account should now be closed and that all credit reference agencies notified that the account has been settled as per the agreement, I got a letter back, stating the remaining balance is still payable due to the fact they had nothing on their files that shows I agreed to the reduced payment options, I duly sent them a photo copied copy of the letter that I had received from them back in 2013 offering this method, and a copy of a letter of my agreeing to they offer which I posted back in 2013 to which I made 12 following payments. This followed by another letter from BPO now stating the remaining balance is due, due to not keeping up with payments, yet I have bank records of all 12 payments which were made every month for 12 months... .I do not want to continue correspondence with this company, as far as I am concerned I repaid 75% of the debt to which the account should now be closed and marked as settled. I will be sending one final letter tomorrow, asking for the above to now be closed, as I will send them the banking records, is they something I can put in the letter, that will stop further contact from them, or shall I now just ignore they letters ? When these companies offer reduced settlements, are they really worth it. I have no problems with my other 5 collection companies, they seem happy for me to make the monthly payments without any hassles from them. sometimes my debts get passed from one company to another, but they always agree to my repayment options. Just BPO side tracking on what was agreed.
  9. Hi, I've recently checked my credit file to find Motor Mile have placed a default on my credit file. They state the type as Pay Day Loan. Account started - 19/07/2011 Default Date - 22/04/2016 Default Balance -£318 This has just appeared out of the blue. Reading the forums here it sounds like they buy old date. My question is are they allowed to place a default on my account? I've never heard of them. They also have my date of birth wrong on the credit report. out by a couple of days. There was never any other default from any payday lender before april. Please can someone advise how to get this removed? Thanks.
  10. Hi everyone, I took out a few loans with quick quid a few years ago, paid them all on time until the last one. I cant remember exactly what happened but i do remember i was having some sort of problem with the bank at the time and tried to resolve the loan with qq several times. After a while I started getting those "please contact us" letters from Mackenzie Hall but because i had never heard of them i didnt contact them. About a year or so later i got a letter from i think Motormille Finance asking for repayment of the qq loan, i arranged a payment plan with them and the first payment was taken from my account on the due date,. the next month the payment never came off so i conntacted them and they said it was a problem with my card details and they would set it up again. it never came off again and this time the excuse was that my repayment plan had been cancelled because of a failed payment, they set it back up and I thought that was the end of it. I then got a letter from National Debt Recovery demanding the same money so i called them and told them i already had a payment plan set up with another company and therefore i would not be paying them. i also called mmf and advised them of the second company, both companies said it was them i should be paying but i told them until i got confirmation from qq i wouldnt be paying either of them. I heard nothing until recently (around three years after all that) when i got a similar letter to what a lot of other people seem to be getting from Marshall Hoares bailiffs, but after reading the info on here about them decided to ignore it. today I got a letter from MMF saying they are taking me to court AND a call from Marshall Hoares about the same money. I toled marshall hoares the story and that i would not pay them until qq told me who to pay and i called mmf to advise them the same. mmf say my account is sttill on hold after me originally informing them about two companies wanting the same money and that they have not heard from qq and could not explain why i had recieved the letter from them. Marshall hoares said they will contact qq and call me back. I contacted quick quid and they said they only ever sold the debt to Mackenzie Hall and quote "the debt no longer matters to us" So my question is what do i do? should i just ignore all these threatening letters as other threads suggest?
  11. Hi all, yet again i need your help. I have acted foolish, earlier this year i applied for and was suprised to be offered a loan of £950 by Sunny.co.uk, so i took the loan, then 4 days later paid it back, now according to their website you have a 5 day cooling off period where no interest is charged, although can only use this once every 12 months, i paid back and was charged £40+ extra in charges as i recall..... a few days after this i decided hmmm £950, that would come in handy for this and that, maybe my credit is getting a little better, applied again, was offered £950 again, took it, again....... i know, shame on me. Now the problem starts, i thought i would be paying back monthly over 10 months, but it turns out then wanted weekly, i went on the defensive and pulled the plug, running with the £950 essentially, fast forward 6 months, the total amount owing is £1450 odd from a initial £950 borrowed, on CR it is being marked as late payment NOT as a default, not yet anyway. I figure i want to enter in to negotiations to pay this back before it hits as default on CR, can i do this, are they likely to listen. I could maybe afford £50 per month for the next 6 months then maybe £80 per month. I know this will take forever for it to clear but better than getting a default... .. or not. Thanks in advance.
  12. Out of the blue, I have received a letter from MMF which outlines three debts that have been assigned to them and that they are now chasing me for. There is no detail of the debts, just the original loan company name and a balance. The three companies are Mr Lender, Pounds Till Payday and Speed Loan Finance. did have a loan wih Mr Lender that was taken out around 2009/2010 but I was under the impression that I had paid this off, although I don't have any documentary evidence of this. The other two companies I do not recall having taken a loan out with. Should I make contact with these companies directly to see if they can give me any information? Am I also correct in thinking that I can ask MMF for the original credit agreements? Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi I have payday loans with the above dating back to 2012 and despite Being in a IVA at the time I was accepted for the loans which were rolled over numerous times. I hold my hand up and should never have taken these out but I feel they did not carry out correct checks which would have shown I am in a IVA. They were not willing to accept payment plans which then resulted in the debts growing. I have managed to get 3 other pay day loans written off. QQ is highest at £1,900 from a loan of £400. Does anyone know if I can get these written Off? QQ confirmed my account is not one of the recent 4000 due for refund and confirmed my account is at bankruptcy status not sure what they mean by that as I am already in a IVA. Any advice appreciated.
  14. Hi I have received a letter from MMF in connection with the Pay Day loan lender Swift Sterling. I have received letters in the past from MMF but I put them in the bin and buried my head in the sand. (Not the best option I know) I have looked on my credit file to find it is no longer there, I'm assuming they haven't done a credit search before giving me the pay day loan or the debt has dropped off? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mark
  15. Hi there, First post here but long been an observer. Had an account with Lending Stream which due to financial difficulty defaulted in April 2011. Motormile finance purchased the debt from Lending Stream in 2013, and I entered dialogue with Motormile as soon as I received correspondence from them. I requested a full statement of account and a copy of the default notice, as no default notice was received from Lending Stream. After hearing nothing back for over 2 months, I chased Motormile who reluctantly admitted they were unable to obtain this information from Lending Stream. The balance (including a high proportion of default fees, late payment fees etc) was £782, Motormile offered to settle for £250. I agreed this on the condition that the default notice would be removed, as they were unable to show a statement of account or a default notice had been sent, and Barry from Motormile called me a couple of days later to confirm he'd spoken with Lending Stream and they'd removed the default. I paid in full via card £250 over the phone after receiving email confirmation from Motormile the default was being removed (see below). "Email: Good Afternoon Mr *, I can confirm that we have previous received confirmation from Lending Stream that they would update your credit file for the data they have shared. I understand from our early conversation that this has now been updated accordingly. Should you have any further concerns regarding this, please contact me again. As requested, I shall arrange for our collections department to contact you to settle the account. Regards, Barry Customer Relations Manager Motormile Finance UK Ltd (MMF)" After being declined for credit, I checked my credit file in June 2015 to find that the default had been reappeared on the credit file, this time from Motormile Finance. I queried this with Motormile immediately. I was promised a response to my complaint within 14 days. Over a month passed (chased every week), blaming Lending Stream. Once I pointed out on multiple occasions that the default was from Motormile and not lending stream I received a response saying my compaint was being investigated and I would receive a response within 28 days. Sure enough, a month later, I received this response: "Dear Mr *. Thank you for your recent correspondence. We understand your concerns to be that: · We have requested the removal of the default from your credit file previously, however this has recently re-appeared. · You have applied for a mortgage and the default applied by MMF is having a detrimental effect to your application. We have investigated your complaint thoroughly and have provided a response to each concern individually below: We have requested the removal of the default from your credit file previously, however this has recently re-appeared. We have reviewed all correspondence on your account and have found that you have previously discussed your credit file with us in December 2013. We would firstly like to make you aware that MMF did not record any data with the credit reference agencies at this period and as such, never agreed to remove any information on your credit file. Your correspondence with us in December 2013 was in regards to data that was shared on your credit file by Lending Stream. In December 2013, we explained that as MMF has purchased the account, we are legally obligated to take over any information on your credit file. We are obligated to do this to provide an accurate reflection on a consumers credit history. The default that was originally applied by Lending Stream should have been removed in August 2013 and updated to show that the account had been sold. As a resolution to your concerns in December 2013, Lending Stream confirmed to us that they had updated your credit file accordingly. You have applied for a mortgage and the default applied by MMF is having a detrimental effect to your application. We are sorry to hear that you feel this default is affecting your chances to obtain a mortgage. We are obligated to report factual and up to date information on your credit file to provide an accurate reflection of your credit history. Lending Stream have confirmed to us that a notice of default was sent your postal address (*) on 11 April 2011 and the account defaulted on 25 April 2011. We have provided you with a copy of this documentation for your records. As you were provided with a notice of default, we are unable to remove the information as the data is factually correct. We hope this response has brought the matter to an acceptable resolution and the action taken is to your satisfaction. However, this is our final response, if you remain unhappy with the response I have attached a link to the leaflet about the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). Should you choose to contact them, you will need to do so within six months from the date of this email, enclosing a copy of the final response, which they will need for their investigation. If you would like a copy of this response by post including the leaflet please let me know by return email. FOS Leaflet: - Kind Regards, Pat Lee Customer Relations Officer Motormile Finance UK Ltd (MMF)" The default reappeared in February 2015. Originally this showed as a fresh default on this date, dropping off in February 2021, but they have updated this to the actual date of the debt, dropping off in April 2017. Removal of this default was essentially a term of me settling the debt (I refused to pay without this being part of the agreement), at at no point was there an indication it could reappear. On discussing this with Barry I was assured that this couldn't reappear, completely contradictory to the claim in the response stating I was made aware of motormile legally obliged to taking over my credit data. Motormile had 2 months to supply details of the default notice and statement of account back in 2013, so now sending me a copy of the default notice after complaining in 2015, which was never received, seems ridiculous to me. I issued a data access request last week of which I am awaiting an acknowledgement of receipt. Where do I stand here? Do I have grounds to have this removed? Motorfile seem firm on their stance, if I have a case would be happy to proceed with the court or FCO complaint, whichever I am more likely to obtain the outcome of removal. I have applied for a mortgage on a dream home, most likely to come back as a decline next week solely due to this default. Any advice would be much appreciated Many thanks for your time - Lewis
  16. I like many on here have discovered over the last 3 months that MMF have put 2 "8" entries on my CRA file, but yesterday I received the notice of assignment letters from them confirming that they now owned the debt etc. So if they put the default entry on my CRA account months before they actually had the debt assigned to them does it make the "8" entry unlawful or is there some clever legal wording around this ?
  17. Hi all, Had the pleasure of MMF calling me on friday regarding a debt that's been supplied to them by WDA. Now I did have a loan with WDA for £135 (plus £15 transfer fee) which was paid into my account 09/Nov/2012 and paid a total of £187.50 on the 26/Nov/2012 (17days). MMF stated they are chasing me for a debt of £523.50, to which I said I am not prepared to discuss with them until I receive Notice of Assignment and while there at it send me a copy of the credit agreement as I own nothing further to WDA. Over the weekend I received emails from "[email protected]" stating "Please contact to arrange home visit appointment date", then today I've recieved the notice of assignment and also an email from [email protected] containing the agreement I requested. Now the agreement is dated 10/Nov/2010 (not signed just my name typed) but the details on it state the following: I would like a little help as to what I should write to them to stop the threat of Door step agent and the fact that the agreement they provided had been paid, plus provide full breakdown of balance as none of it makes sense. (sorry I know i got the basis for a letter there but I struggle, to get my point across in a professional manner) Thank you in advance for your help.
  18. Another lender has just informed me that they have sold the account to MMF, they already owned 2 accounts which are still outstanding and now this is the 3rd! Is there any limit to the amount of accounts they will buy belonging to a single person? Do they believe I'm easy to get money out of so they keep buying my accounts? Do they do bundle deals to clear all accounts? Anyone been in the same situation, or able to shed some light on the situation and the best course of action. I dont want a company buying up all my old debts but could be some benefit if they do deals to settle them all cheaply.
  19. Hi all I'm working with Stepchange to get all my finances in order and received some great help from them and also some great help on CAG forums (thanks DX100UK ) I ask MMF for a breakdown of the outstanding debt I have from a PDL and they have come back with this: Loan Date: 17/08/2011 Original Due Date: 31/08/2011 Orig loan value: 200.00 Loan interest: 60.00 Refinance Fee: 1672.00 Late Direct Debit fees: 51.00 Are they able to charge £1672.00 for refinance?!? Thanks in advance as always
  20. Checked my Noddle credit report, and there is an entry by MMF for a "Student loan" First up, I do not recognise the account or the balance, and secondly I have never taken a student loan. What is my course of action? Do I send a formal complaint to MMF instructing them to remove this entry from my credit files? Advice please. Image attached... [ATTACH=CONFIG]52501[/ATTACH]
  21. Guys I'm a little concerned, I've been delaing with MMF for quite some time now and last November they "Lost" my letter which had proof to close these accounts... Now ive just logged online to Experian for the first time... To give you some idea, they started reporting it in April this year, The account listed was fraudulent along with the other 2 accounts they hold. I don't know what to do anymore with MMF, I want the account/s removed... But I know MMF wont listen...
  22. Hi, I had a loan from Mr Lender in June, I rolled the loan over five times but when it came to paying the whole thing off in one go I couldn't afford it, I missed the payment on 19th December 2013. I set a payment arrangement for three months to pay the debt off, I made the first payment in december with the next one being due at the end of January which I didn't pay and made no further payments. They sold the debt to Motormile Finance in march and I am still to hear from them. I've checked my credit file and it shows a record of the Mr Lender account, it shows as closed and settled on the 19th December and MMF now shows as the new owner of the debt. The problem is that on the entry from MMF it shows that the account closed and defaulted on the 19th December 2013 even though I had set a payment arrangement with Mr Lender and made the first payment to that in December with the next one not due until the 31st January 2014. The ICO rules state that if you enter into an arrangement to pay with a creditor then this will show as an arrangement to pay and this will not show as further arrears unless the arrangement is broken. As I was in an arrangement to pay and I have clear proof that I was then the default date is totally wrong, this to me says that the whole default is flawed and must be removed from my credit file. Can any one please help with views on how I should deal with this, should I approach Mr Lender or MMF? Should I ask that the default be removed permanently? I'm guessing that they would just change the date of the default on my credit files but wouldn't they need to go through the process to default me all over again before they could do that? Any views would be appreciated. Thanks
  23. Hi all! Sending this on behalf of my partner - She took out a payday loan with QQ she thinks back in a time of crippling debt. She owed a few things out at the time and basically ran away from them when it all became overwhelming. She borrowed £200 in July 2009 and never paid a penny towards it, fast forward 5 years and a letter from BPO Collections has landed on our doorstep this morning, acting on behalf of Motormile Finance and threatening visitors to our door. So first question is - can she request a CCA? Because this was online is it different to a normal loan where you sign something etc. If someone does come to our door, they have no rights to enter our property without our permission do they? I'm fairly certain of that. Only problem is what if some bully turns up while im at work and barges past her. Thanks in advance
  24. MMF are trying to collect on 2 accounts, both Payday loans. I have sent several requests to MMF asking for proof of my liability to the alleged debt plus a full breakdown. MMF have continued to ignore my requests and have continued to send emails and letters with their usual threats of court and doorstep collection. I sent a recorded letter on Monday 26th November and was received and signed for by MMF on Tuesday 27th November telling MMF that ALL Communication MUST BE IN WRITTING by post, and no telephone, e-mail or text contact will be tolerated, Furthermore I expressly state that I have no wish to make any appointment for any agent, representative or employee of MMF Ltd to visit my home, should such a visit occur the person will be invited to leave failure to do so and will result in their removal using any necessary means. I have requested a full explanation and proof of my liability for this alleged debt along with a full breakdown of the alleged debt and MMF have failed to provide any data in this regard; therefore I do not acknowledge any debt to MMF Ltd., or any company you may claim to represent. I have also sent an email to Baranby Page & home visits with the same information which has been read... Fast forward to this morning whilst in the shower I heard a knock at the door and Ignored it. Through my letter box was 2x letters from MMF, hand delivered. The leter states "I have now been instructed to visit your property to discuss repayment. I am your local MMF Doorstep Agent and although disappointed that I could not meet you today, I am constantly in your area and a revisit can be booked. Why are these people ignoring me?
  25. Hi I know there is loads about these people on this site and I have read most of it with interest. I would just like to explain my situation and any help is very gratefully received. I have had dealings with them in the past when they threatened me over email but they never put anything in writing and did not contact me by telephone. This was in relation to Quick Quid with whom I had tried and failed to reach an agreement. I was so incensed by the threats uttered by MMF that I ignored them. One of them, who called himself 'Jason' told me that he was going to break down my door and collect evidence for court. Evidence of what pray tell? Anyway, they left me alone - that was over a year ago. Early this year I was unable to pay Lending Stream the £500 per month they were seeking. I sent numerous emails explaining my position but got nowhere so I set up a standing order for £20 per month (informing them of my actions) and still they did not reply. They did not return the funds though which surely constitutes implied acceptance of my proposal. They continued to send automated demand emails which I ignored. Several months passed and I was contacted by Mucky Hall stating that they had bought the debt. I emailed them and told them I had been paying LS and to refer to their client. All they would say was 'please confirm your name and date of birth'. Eventually they gave up. Unfortunately I did miss a few of the payments to LS but I reinstated them several months ago and have been paying ever since. Then about a week ago I got a text from MMF saying that they had bought the debt. Within seconds they were ringing me. I did not answer the first call but when I tried to answer the second one it was just a recorded message. I blocked all the numbers as they came though but my phone call still show me if they tried to call, the phone just does not ring. There are about 6 calls and texts per day, from a range of numbers, as has been the case with other posters. The calls stopped last Friday but on Saturday (24th) they started ringing my landline and again leaving automated messages, this time very threatening. My elderly mother heard this message and was really frightened. So my flat mate rang them and told them I didn't live there. He did this because he was genuinely afraid that they would turn up. We still don't know if they will or not and we are living in fear. The person he spoke to said that the number would be removed from their system but we got another call today and apparently they cannot remove the address on their file? I don't know what to do.
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