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  1. Hi all, Cannot believe my week, but its been terrible. I have been a Natwest Mortgage holder since 1997, and we had our ups and downs through various life challenges, but for the past few years no problems, and I always praised how good their customer service was when there were any issues. A little background to this... January 30th, my wife gave birth to our first child, but all was not rosey, he had to go to special care, and wife and son were kept in hospital for an extended time. But eventually they came home. The stress of this was not a good start to the year, especially as my employer asked me to leave due to this as I would not be able to do the 12-14 hour days I was doing before the birth, and I was now inconvenient. See my previous threads, it resulted in a successful out of court settlement in July. Any way, fast forward to May, and I received the worst news I have ever had, my mother has a terminal lung disease, and realistically had 3 months, optimistically 9 months. With the birth of my first son (and me turning 40 in 2 days) I could not believe life could be so unfair, my mum had been praying for years, we had tried many times, and now finally she will not get to see him grow up. So I took the decision and made her a promise that despite her living in a different country and unable to travel, we would make the 600 mile journey as much as possible. My wife and son have made it 3 times in a few months, and I have been over there more than here. Because of this, life has been a blur. And the unimportant things have been put to one side. Poor son still does not have his own room as I have not had time. I started a new job in June that allows me to work from home if I am not required in the office, so it works well, has allowed me to work from my mums. So now on to my problem. Tuesday this week, now I am back in the UK, I had to go to our office in London, and on the way I stopped at Tesco to get some lunch, but my debit card would not work, each till they tried it in reported "Chip error", so I tried it in their cash machine, which resulted in "Card retained" showing on the screen. I rang natwest, and was told there was no problem with out accounts as they were in credit, and would I like a replacement card, which I said yes. Inconvenient but it will only be for a few days. Later in the day my wife tried to get some much needed nappies and food in our local co-op, only to have her card retained. She was utterly embarrassed as she used to work there part time and know all the staff, and there was a big queue behind, she had to leave, she rang me and I got straight on to Natwest. Again "There are no problems, would you like a replacement?", I pushed to find out why, said surely there must be a reason, I was put on hold, and then she said there was a "portfolio" on the account and she needed to transfer me. She put me through to credit services, who after going through all my details, checked my accounts and could find no reason for us to be put through to them, he advised going in to a branch. So I did, and the advisor there did the same thing, "no problems, would you like new cards". And I left it at that. Roll on to today, this mornings post was a letter from Natwest Collections dated the 26th July 2012 (did they walk it from birmingham?) with a First Arrears Notice attached and a note stating that due to the issues in June some letters may be delayed! Really? I would call 5 months a hell of a delay. As I was about to ring, I also received an email from my ISP saying my direct debit had been cancelled, this got me a bit worried, so I logged on to online banking to find out whats going on and also check our Mortgage payments. Only to find "There is a problem, please try later". Nothing new, so tried the app on my mobile, again same error. So I ring the number, and after a bit of digging, she tells me that because we are 6 months arrears with our Mortgage, our accounts have been frozen, banking withdrawn and how was I going to catch up? I said to her, surely one letter is not enough, and one that is dated 5 months ago. She said "has your Relationship manager not been in touch?" Relationship Manager? What? She then asked did I have a business account, to which I said yes, a few years ago, but it got closed this year as the business was wound down, what has that to do with my Mortgage? She had no answer, except he should have managed the arrears. I said so who is he? Because I have never spoken to anyone with that title, nor had a call from, or letter, or email or anything. In a panic I banged off an email to work to see if tomorrows pay run could be changed and could my wages be paid else where, nope too late. The advisor at Natwest said I need to call them tomorrow to get authorisation to withdraw my money and I now need to bank elsewhere. I went through everytning that has happened, and she asked if I wished to make a complaint. Too right I do. I asked why my mortgage was not paid, and her response was the direct debit was cancelled in June, without my knowledge. Her response was "It wasnt us".... so who did it then? And wasnt that around the time they had all the computer issues? She said there was nothing more she could do until this is investigated by the complaints department. Which will take a minimum of 5 working days. So here we are, 9 month son is down to 5 clean nappies left, and enough food for today. Now surely they cannot simply withdraw service without notice? Surely as a responsible lender they should have told us? She did say on the phone "didnt you notice your mortgage was not being paid" Well no, I had other things to deal with like taking my old employer to tribunal, and the imminent death of my mother, and her care. The entire time I was away my wife was checking our mail and notifying me of any problems, but we had no notifications from Natwest. I have banged off an email to Les Matheson @ rbs as he is the only contact I can find high enough up the food chain, and copied in Watchdog and the Financial Ombudsman but I dont know where to turn now. I am half tempted to launch small claims, the inconvenience, embarrasment and distress is unreal, so far today I have managed to do NO work and cannot concentrate. Anyone have any further advice? Have had a quick read through the BCOB and also had a look at the FSA MCOB (Mortgages and Home Finance) Any help gratefully appreciated. Brad
  2. A bailiff called today but didn't explain who he was properly so hubby let him in, the man then said who he was and hubby quickly escorted him back out the front door. Hubby told him he wasn't going to be coming in and doors and windows would be locked. The man wrote a few things down and left. Is this now seen as allowing him in and I wonder if what he wrote down was a list of things he had seen. He also came at 6.30am I didn't think they were allowed to come that early. Can anyone help please
  3. Hi - four days ago I received a letter from Wonga, telling me that I owed them over £350. Now don't get me wrong, I am sure that for some people Payday Loans are a necessity at some point in their lives, I have been fortunate not to need them. I thought the letter was fake, but on googling the phone numbers realised it wasn't. I felt panicked initially, thinking that they thought I owed them money. I contacted them, spoke to a lady who said I need to speak to a different department that dealt with these mistakes. The number she gave me wasn't answered, but gave me the opportunity to leave a message and someone would call me back. I did this twice - two hours apart. (I still haven't had a call!) I have since emailed them 3 times, explaining there was a mistake. I was not a Mr, I was a Miss and I had never borrowed money from them. At this point I had received two more letters in the post, with the debt increasing. I became demanding that they contacted me. I contacted my bank who assured me that Wonga did not have a direct debit set up. Then last night I checked my bank, and Wonga had taken £350 out. The fraud department in my bank have been fab. They spoke me through some things, cancelled my bank card (explaining that Wonga didn't have my bank account but did have my card details) and they have refunded the money. They have said they will send me some forms to complete and then they will investigate the fraud. It's a little scary that someone has used my card details - I'm not naive to know that this happens, but how they also got my address is beyond me. Now I am left wondering if I contact Wonga and demand that under the Data Protection Act that they destroy any details they hold on me. Anyone else had a similar problem??
  4. Hi there I hope you can help me. Last year sometime (I don't know the dates off the top of my head) I went on to carer's allowance from JSA to help my dad. (This year I also discovered I could apply for IS so I did and they also said I could still work as long as it was kept under the amount/hours) I looked up that I could work 16 hours a week and also make sure I don't earn above £95-£100 (different sites say differently! And they didn't confirm how much when I applied either) Around September last year I took on some agency work, everything was fine as long as I kept it under the amount I needed to and I worked below 16hrs. But then it got to December, the agency gave me more work, and I took it. It was over 16 hours and over the amount I should be paid, I FOOLISHLY have only realized that it wasn't declared! And this is me realizing now a year bloody later and I want to tell them but I'm so afraid they'll take legal action against me, but at the same time will be worse off if I don't, will they take court action against me? I can't handle it right now because my Dad is having some serious issues, which I suppose is what made me double check because I thought everything was fine, but then for some stupid reason I forgot I did that much work and I am freaking out right now. One thing I'm sure of, we're talking about money in it's hundreds and not thousands at least. But I feel so stupid that I didn't declare it, if I owe money I will pay it back, I'm happy I've now noticed it but will they still have me for benefit fraud? =(
  5. Hi, I would like to share my frustrating story.. In November 2011 I've received a letter from the DVLA saying that my licence has been revoked and it no longer covers me to drive. I rang up DVLA immediately and after long conversation I was told that there are 6 points on my licence with driving with no insurance somewhere in London. After couple of weeks I received another letter from the Magistrates court (North West London) saying that I didn't show up to the court,however, they didn't notify me at all. In the meantime I spent hours on the phone trying to sort this out, because I am living in Manchester and I've never been driving in London. In this letter (from the court) I've noticed that my name is spelled wrong (only the first letter of my first name matches, but the surname and DOB is correct). I'll give you an example: imagine that my name John Smith, but they sent it to Jago Smith, but the driving number (which is on licence) is mine. After this I came up with decision that some guy Jago was convicted in London and he didn't provide his driving licence and policeman recorded it like J SMITH and system found me instead of him. I spent another weeks trying to sort this out, I sent all the paperwork to the DVLA, Magistrates Court and I went to the local DVLA department to have a word with them, but with no success. The next step was getting solicitor involved. This guy was very helpful.. he did his best to solve the problem. He managed to reopen this case and after 2 months we went to the same Magistrates Court in London. I had with me all evidences to prove that it wasn't me driving in London with no insurance. I provided all insurance policies I had since 2010-2012, letter from the work that I was working in this day in Manchester, bank statements in which is clearly seen that I was doing shopping in Manchester and physically I couldn't be in London. Before we went to the court my solicitor managed to get a fax copy from the London Metropolitan Police with an actual report/protocol made by policeman. In this report was written name Jago Smith, driving white Iveco van. We though that it will help us a lot, because I am not a Jago and because of someone's terrible mistake I was disqualified. The court was USELESS, my case was 50 minutes long with 3 breaks. The court agreed that there is something wrong and was very sorry about me, but they need a Jago not me and I have to contact DVLA again. You can't imaging how upset I was in that day.. we went back to the Manchester and next day my solicitor spoke with some big boss in DVLA directly, explained everything and points were removed from my licence next day. All this process was from mid November - mid August. Guess now what' the reason why I have posted all this rubbish? I received a letter from the DVLA this morning ON MY NAME, WITH MY DRIVERS NUMBER, WITH MY DOB, WITH MY ADDRESS and saying that I WAS CONVICTED on 24th Sep in North West London. Sadly, my solicitor is no longer in this country and I have to start all this from the beginning. I rang up DVLA straight away, explaining all the situation, but they don't want to listen to me, they just kick me to contact Magistrates Court and when I ring to Magistrates Court they told me to contact DVLA. Can you please give me any sort of feedback? I am starting to think about claiming compensation, because I couldn't drive for the 5 months and it ruined my holiday and now I am in exactly the same situation. Is it reasonable to even think about compensation? The last case shocked all my family and we had a really stressful period of time, I don't know if I will tell my family that this happened again. Thanks for your time. Best Regards, Yuri
  6. This is bad taste, but Radio Ulster were spoofed into reading out a joke. http://panicdots.com/2012/10/bbc-radio-ulster-read-out-jimmy-savile-joke-live-on-air-by-mistake/
  7. Hello all, Just had a letter from C&G - cannot scan sorry so please bear with me.... Refs etc AC Number Dear Ms >>>> Important news about your mortgage account I'm writing to apologise for a mistake we have made on your mortgage account. The mistake happened when we made a change to your mortgage. This would have been either when you took out a new mortgage product or when you asked us to complete a specific transaction on your account. At that poinnt we incorrectly calculated your new monthly mortgage payment because we did not include the repayment of the fee associated with the change. This mistake has meant you have been paying less than you should have been since the change to your account was made. To correct this we have credited £$$.$$ to your mortgage account. This payment is made up of the amount of interest that you were charged in error plus an amount that reduces the balance on your mortgage to the level it would habe been at had we not made this error. As a result of these changes your new monthly payment from 1/11/12 will be ££££.££ (around £30 less than currently pay) There is then a further bit of bumph obout if I make overpayments etc and another form letter of questions and answers. Initial questions are.... They state I have underpaid, yet my payment has gone down...I am assuming it is because I make overpayments They don't state what the event that caused the mistake was or what date it happened, so how do I know they have calculated correctly... A bit of background to the mortgage... Had a joint mortgage with ex - I took out a new mortgage in my own name (new mortgage not a transfer) on a 3 year fixed rate...at end of fixed term I took out a new fix(can't recall how long but could find out)...then at end of that term I have left it at current rate where I also now make overpayments of around 600 to 700 a month. I want to send them a letter asking for details of when this happened and what event caused it, but should I be asking anything else that will help in the long term? Many thanks Tinks
  8. hi there just got home from work to find a message from garage regarding my car which is in to have 4 new tyres fitted. The garage owner gave my car to somone this morning thinking it was his courtesy car which is the same make as mine. it wont be back until 5pm tonight so tyres wont be fitted. and ill have no car for another day. having to borrow partners. Im not happy as you can imagine but not sure on what my next course of action is, My car is ony insured for myself and partner to drive also it has a very dangerous bald tyre hence why it was in to have new tyres fitted. Any advice would be greatly appreciated sara
  9. Please help. I signed on for the first time in 24 years after being made redundant back in July. I had no idea what I was doing and made it quite clear I needed help and advice when I went for my first appointment. Apparently, in the many bits of paperwork I was given there was a specific order to send my CV in by a particular date but I didn't do this. I was under the impression I was waiting for another appointment to discuss my options and I would then take in my cv. With hindsight i should have chased this up but i'm a very busy Mum and just didn't get time, i have many more urgent things to attend to and assumed the jobcentre would contact me if they needed anything. I sign on when i should and keep a detailed record of my job searches etc. It was at my last signing that they noticed i hadn't sent my cv in and i was asked to return the next day, i assumed to discuss this and nothing more but it was actually an assessment. I explained to the seemingly sympathetic man that i had the found the initial appointment very confusing and must have misunderstood the directions given to me. I sent my cv in the next day. I have a jobseekers agreement that does not specify a date for me to send my cv and if i was given a direction but failed to comply, why wasn't i contacted earlier? It's just a genuine mistake for goodness sake! The woman i had the first appointment with has been off ever since and doesn't return for another couple of weeks, otherwise i'd ask her to back me up. So today I have received a letter dated 17th August (6 days to reach me??) informing me that my JSA will be stopped from 21st August to 3rd September. I'm so upset. Surely something as important as this should be discussed properly and notice given? Even with the JSA we were struggling to make ends meet so heaven only knows what we'll do for this couple of weeks. My husband is self employed but not earning anything at the moment due to a combination of lack of work and ill health. We do get tax credits but this will barely cover our bills even after i've reduced them to the bare minimum. The child benefit will have to pay for food but we're a family of 5 including a toddler still in nappies so i'm seriously worried. I know other people have asked similar questions and i've read a lot but i still can't figure out how to sort this out quickly enough. It's two of my children's birthdays coming up and i have a horrible feeling we're not going to have any money in time. I honestly could just cry... Can anyone help?
  10. I took out a £200 loan and after four weeks I would need to pay £272. I decided to roll over for another two weeks at £36 which brought my balance down to £236. I rang them up two days before the due date because I was considering rolling it over again and here is an overview of the convo: Me: I would like to pay another £36 and pay £236 in two weeks - like I did two weeks ago. Them: No your final balance will be £272 plus the £36 you want to pay now. A mistake has obviously been made so you now need to pay the proper amount (£272) Me: Well it ain't my fault someone in your office made a mistake. I have it in writing from you what I owe (£236) and you are now penalizing me. It's not as if I rang up knowingly that a mistake might have been made - you have only informed me. I will not be paying the extra due to your mistake. Them: You have to pay as agreed in the terms and conditions otherwise you are stealing from us! Me: Are you accusing me of fraud - it ain't my fault and it wouldn't stand up in court!! What if I hadn't of rang up today? Them: Well you probably would have got away with it. Look, I will let you pay the £236 to close the loan but you will no longer be able to use our service again. Me: But it ain't my fault and that's a bad business model whereby again you are penalizing a valued customer because of a mistake someone in the company made. And you're now admitting that there's a potential flaw in the system/company to a customer because if I did that in my work place I'd get fired. Also these calls are recorded aren't they so your boss can hear you slandering the company. This shut them up and they terminated the phone call. I had taken their name and called back later and asked to speak to someone in charge to make a complaint about them. I spoke to a very helpful person who was apologetic about what happened and said they would listen back to the calls. I said about being accused of wanting to steal, how the employee had spoke about the company and their general aggressiveness. The supervisor agreed that I shouldn't have to pay more and it was at their own fault so agreed to keep my balance at originally agreed amount. I got the sense that they believed what I was saying about this person and their customer service manner. Also why don't they have a contactable email address because my mobile bill has shot up thanks to all this hassle that lasted about half an hour. I know what some will say... never ring a PDL company!
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