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  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering if you could help me. My sister is a single mother to a child who is 1,5 years old. She started claiming Income Support while working 10 hours a week. She increased her hours and has been working for 15 hours a week since September 2013. She went to JCP in September for an appointment and informed the adviser that she was now working 15 hours a week. Her Income Support stayed the same I think. Now she had another appointment in January 2014. I went with her. She spoke to the advisor and said she is working 15 hours a week. The adviser said she is still entitled to Income support and even did a calculator to show her how much she would be better off if she was working 16 hours a week - increased her working hours by 1 hour. The adviser was aware of how many hours she is working. We talked about this at least for 30 minutes there. Then she was asked by JCP to post her wage slips. This was February I think. She posted her wage slips. Then few days ago (April 2014) she received a letter saying they over payed her since January 2014 and she has to pay Income support back. She is a single mother with a baby and can't afford to pay this back. My question is, whose fault is this, she reported how many hours she works and enquired if she is entitled to Income support, she was told for quite a long time that she is entitled. Now they want it back. She can't afford to pay £1000 or more back now when she's lost income support as well. I always thought if it's JCP mistake then she shouldn't have to pay it back. She never withhold any information so how come they didn't calculate it months ago, instead of waiting for months and now wanting all the money back? can someone please help me and advice me on what to do? I am quite upset as JCP just make mistakes so much and people who end up with no money have to pay them back when they are supposed to help people in difficult situations, instead they make their situation worse. thank you
  2. I am a small business offering guitar lessons in a town with approximately 20,000 residents. I was approached by the local post office (later found out it was on behalf of) with a view to advertising on the TV within the branch. The Company Called 'The Community Network' arranged a visit and I was visited today by one of their salesmen. I'm now feeling completely duped as I have taken out a 24 month contract to display my advert of 30 seconds every 10 minutes within my local post office branch. What originally looked ok at £12 per week has escalated into £1831.20 over 2 years with a deposit (that I haven't yet paid but have given my details for) of £374.40. I originally thought this might be a good bit of advertising within the local community. Local people visiting the post office will hopefully see my advert for guitar tuition and I'll get a few calls. From what I have read both on this Forum and on others I may well have made a big mistake. Lot's of downtime, nobody looks at it e.t.c. My biggest worry is this "This agreement is a legally enforceable business to business contract and may not be cancelled or terminated except as provided by these terms and conditions." Looking at it I don't think there is any way out of the Agreement, but I'm really wanting to cancel as this is a big expense for my fledgling business. Do I have any right to cancel or should I have been more firm with the salesman and just said I can't sign up now?
  3. Not again. :mad2: A visitors parking permit for newham borough, the permit is for 6 hrs, start time was 9:50am This Saturday was the 17th may 2014 He crossed the box 17 but the month he's done incorrectly he crossed March then 2014, Again he has dyslexia and he got muddled up. For him he did not even aknowledge he was making that mistake. So the question is how can I fight this appeal.
  4. I recently visited HA Fox Jaguar dealer in Preston and shook hands on the purchase of a new vehicle in the showroom. A Vehicle Order was completed, agreed and signed by all parties, and a deposit was taken. All aspects of the contract were covered on the Order Form – offer, acceptance and consideration. The following day, after processing my finance application, I was informed that the discount had been miscalculated, and the figures on the Vehicle Order were incorrect. The eventual negotiated discount was 32%, which was made up of subsidised 20% employee family discount, and what I assumed was discretionary dealer-applied additional discount. Online brokers discount levels are approximately 10%, so I deemed that this additional reduction was both achievable and genuine. However, they are claiming the additional discount was applied in error. They are now refusing to honour the original contract and I'm considering my options. I've attempted to negotiate to a reasonable 'halfway house', but the process has stalled some way from a mutually satisfactory point. I'm reading up on Unilateral Mistakes, Loss of Bargain, and a possible Specific Performance claim. Has anybody got any advice on the subject? I'm drafting a 'without prejudice' letter to the dealer principle explaining the situation. I want to complete the deal, but they aren't budging. Any advice gratefully received. Sam
  5. Hi all, I was on my lloyds tsb online banking and I accidentally transferred the money to an old nationwide account i haven't used for a couple of years and was £222 overdrawn. I rang Lloyds straight away and they said there was nothing they could do and I should contact Nationwide. I rang Nationwide and they said as it was £222 overdrawn it's now £78 in credit and they can't do nothing for me despite it being my holiday money for 3 weeks time which i've now lost and the fact it was an error. I didn't type in the details it was an existing payee which i used once around 2 years ago i was meant to have deleted it from the payee list on Lloyds online banking. I know i'm clutching at straws here but I'm desperate as I've just lost my holiday money, I was supposed to transfer it over to my Natwest account for safe keeping but accidentally clicked on the wrong account.
  6. Background. My husband had debt when I met him - not irresponsible spending, debt accrued trying to keep his house after a divorce. We are in NI. Santander started sending us letters in May 2013, saying we needed to make payments on a card I thought had been cancelled. I checked our records- it was closed, the balance was nil. We phoned Santander who took some time, but eventually a manager replied saying it was their mistake - debt to someone of a similar name had been attributed to us. Their explanation was the agent responsible had hit the wrong name when printing out the pay your debt letter. They apologised profusely, promised it would not happen again. In September we started receiving letters first from Wescot, then Dryden Fairfax Solicitors, and we spoke to Santander. They apologised again, blaming another error and said they would speak to the companies concerned. They also said, on request, they would remove any erronous markers on credit rating. Now we have received another letter- Arden Credit Management, stating they took over the debt from Idem Servicing. Neither company is known to us. Santander have said there is nothing more they can do as the debt is now owned by a company they have no dealings with. They have said they can do nothing at all. This debt is not owed. It is not ours. Santander acknowledged it stems from their mistak initially and we should never have been pursued for a debt owed by someone else. What do we do now?
  7. Hi, I signed an order form last night at peter vardy for a used car. I paid a £100 deposit and am meant to be going back on fri to sign for the finance. But im suddenly feeling like this isn't the car for me. Can I still pull out the deal or is it too late? Any help would be great.
  8. Hi guys, I think i made return incorrectly by returning wrong bag I realised this just know reading forums that i might get charged I did it not on purpose my partner told me to return and it seemed i returned wrong one and price tag was off so i didnt realised it was wrong. what should i do know? and there might be more occasions i just realise in the past as i didnt bother to much but know i know this is offence what should i do??? Please help as i am stressed should i go back and tell tk maxx of this or what should i do? Thank you
  9. I shop in tescos nearly every day but last week was in shopping as usual with shopper bought bleach and toilet cleaner and sweets and went to checkout as usual to empty shopper and pay which i was doing untill distracted by attendant alerting me i had dropped item so picked it up and put it through checkout totally not realising trolley was not empty so thinking i payed for items happily walked out of store when approached by security i was surprised and shocked but quickly relised and explained took out purse to pay for the items which came to 1.40 after paying for items that came to 7 pound but no was marched to back of store and took to smaill room being left alone 2/3 times then told by them maybe it was mistake and told police not called because of value of items by this time i was shaking and in tears and went home ,ironicly i have worked for that store cleaning their checkouts and cash office for 2 years and for a genuine unknowingly mistake i was treated badly by tescos because they have banned me from store and took my clubcard i am so angry and still up set i dont know what i can do if there is anything .
  10. I became unemployed in may so this is what i did 1.registered and claimed jsa 2. Rang hmrc explaining that i was no longer working and in process of claiming jsa (took dwp 2 weeks to send appt after making claim online) 3.made claim for hb and ct when my hypermobility syndrome worsened at the beginning of june my gp put me on the sick so dwp placed me on something called esa on the 18th of june(contribution based) £71.50 per week hmrc sent amended award and stopped paying working tax element only paying ctc £164.00 doctor re issueing sick note every 2 months i then recieved letter saying they taking £25.00 a week from jsa due to a social fund loan from when last claimed benefits (2006) so now recieve ....£46.00 per week after speaking to cab they advised me to get back in touch with dwp as i was not recieving anywhere nr the correct amount bcoz at 13 weeks of esa beneit it should go up ...ring esa...told to ring other number...then informed got to go for assesment 9th nov...21wks after claim started...and i rang them:?::?: Then rang hmrc:?: To ask if calculation was correct..turns out they have based calculation on last yrs wage...£13,500.00!!:???: Even though i had informed them not working...i asked for this to be backdated as it their fault ..told it would be shared out over 52 wks rather than lump sum...this is not fair ...can they do this ??
  11. Okay so i'm hoping someone can give me some sort of advice about this as i'm really scared about it. my father left his freedom pass on the table without noticing and went off. I noticed and picked it up, shoved it in my wallet and was going to give him it later. After some birthday shopping (my birthday was the day before) with money i'd been given i went to the station to get the tube and swiped his freedom pass by mistake, (I've only just started using an oyster card recently and up until yesterday kept it in my wallet). Got pulled up by a woman who flashed me a shiny badge, no i.d. didn't hear a name either. And asked to check my oyster, which i gave her, she pulled a colleague over who also just flashed a badge both said it hadn't been used since last night, I swore that was what I used. (I'd forgotten about my father's freedom pass, it's been hot, i was feeling out of breath, and hadn't slept properly due to just starting working nights and not sleeping due to the heat). The police were there as well looking for someone specific and she called them over then she wondered off somewhere. By this point in my head i'm panicking, there's 2 tall policemen, one's frisking me, the other writing out one of those form things, they just about for my info and check up on me and find nothing. give me the pink copy of their form and then instruct me into an office where the woman with the badge now is. She first tells me something about me being free to not be there then shows me a piece of card with that whole "you have the right to remain.." thing whilst quoting it then asks me some generic questions though first she asked about the police. I told her what they said, and she moves on to asking where i was born, height, hair colour, eye colour, job, how much money i have on me. Whilst doing this she's already taken my father's freedom pass and looked something up then at the end asked herr if I can have a copy of the notes which she brushes overs/ignores/doesn't reply and instead requests that i sign her note book agreeing after reading it it that what shes written is correct. it' only legible to my eyes in bits (shorthand and hand i can't read) but i'm so worried at this point it's all be rather scary and no one has even asked my why I had my father's freedom pass that I sign. I'm then told that ill get a letter either about a caution, fine or summons. This is my first offence, and i'm really worried from what i've read that it'll be a summons and ill end up with a criminal record. Is their anything i can do. The thing is a fine is also sort of a problem as i had been on the dole for a while before hand, then wasn't and was living off my overdraft which was mounting up until my parents payed it off with the agreement i'd pay them back. I have though managed to get a job in the past couple of weeks but it doesn't stating paying until 4 weeks in so if i've got to pay my parents back and a hefty fine i'm not sure what i can do.
  12. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with this. The Social Fund have started taking £8.43 a week from my ESA for a loan, which had an outstanding amount of £243, that I had in 2005 when I was (last) on JSA. However, they forcibly took the same amount back out of my Maternity Allowance in 2011 (£9 a week for 6 months) with their only explanation being that it was for when I was on JSA. They have ignored both of my letters requesting that they answer whether I have already repaid this debt and that, in the interim, they reduce my repayments as we cannot afford £8.43 a week. We are in dire straights financially and the £9 a week they took from my Maternity allowance ultimately drove us into homelessness. I have autism spectrum disorder and find bureaucratic mazes like this impossible to deal with, especially as I find talking on the phone extremely difficult and can't afford to dial their 087- numbers anyway (no alternatives on saynoto0870.com), Though I do try. The local mental health liaison service have agreed to communicate with the Social Fund about this on my behalf, but they seem to be giving them the run around and have claimed they have no information about the money they took from my Maternity Allowance. They have agreed to let me pay £3 less a week (which we still can't afford), two weeks after I send a form back to them agreeing to this. Alternatively, they said, I can appeal the repayment amount, which I'm guessing would take even longer. In the meantime, I am extremely anxious about our financial situation because of the rate of money they are taking off my benefit. We are desperately short of money and can't afford to heat our home properly, etc. We've had 2 direct debits fail already, which has resulted in a total of £25's worth of fines. My questions are: 1) What would be the most direct route to getting them to find their records of the money they took out of my Maternity Allowance? 2) What would be the quickest way to get them to reduce the amount of/stop the repayments? I could ask the mental health liaison team to refer me to a CAB specialist (my current CAB rep can't or won't help with this issue), but this again would take time we can't afford. Also, my experience with the CAB, and their insistence on making me wait for phone calls from them, has been extremely stressful and I would prefer, if it's at all possible, to avoid this route.
  13. I used a Capital One credit card yesterday to put funds into my Paypal account and sent the money to a relative. I checked the Help section first to see if there were any issues, but it did not say you could not do it. I proceeded with transaction paying the money into the account and then sent it to their Paypal account. The relative received it into their account and did a withdrawal to their bank account, but it has been "Pending" since yesterday. Today I received an email from Paypal EU to say that I had done "a credit card cash advance which we don't allow with our service, as clarified under the 'Restricted Activities' found in Section 9 of our User Agreement." I only use Paypal once in awhile as I am not a regular user of it. I never knew that it was a restricted activity otherwise I would have looked at another way to send the money. Also if it was restricted, why did they allow the transaction to go ahead. I have asked for them to do a reversal and to pay it back to my credit card. I am very worried that they may decide to "keep" the money even though I thought it was okay. Can I get my money back and should it take a long time? Thanks.
  14. In December 2011, I bought online a £600 washer dryer with a year warranty from John Lewis. In October 2011 the machine broke down and as the engineer sent by John Lewis could repair it, we were advise to exchange it with a similar product from their online website. In November 2012, we decided to pick a new washer dryer that was £60 more expensive than the original one. When ordering the machine, the outstanding payment was taken over the phone and we were advised that the payment went through and nothing else was required. The machine was then replaced and we were overall very happy with the exchange procedure. In February 2013, we received an email from John Lewis requesting us to contact them back in relation to a declined payment from our bank to refund an outstanding payment £660. In their response to my enquiry email, I was then advised that, in mid January a full refund of the original washer dryer had been processed back into my payment card. Then they tried to bill me the £660 for the new machine but were unable to obtain an authorisation from the bank. So, now I had to contact them back in order to settle the outstanding payment. Checking my bank statement and then noticed that £660 had been transferred from John Lewis which it arrived pretty much on the same time as my salary. Unfortunately, I genuinely spent it during that period as I was on holiday for a month in Thailand and didn’t check my bank statements. On my last email, I explained that I didn’t understand the reason why they had refunded the money back as everything had been sorted back in November when the washer dryer was exchanged. I also advised them that I had since spent all the money and requested them to advise me on fair solution for both parties. I offered to may the payment in instalments but I never heard anything back. No emails no calls. Today, I received a new email requesting me to settle the outstanding payment. They advised me that if I don’t settle the full amount, they are going to send the debt to a Bailiff company. I realise its their money, but I find the sequence of events unusual. So in summary, washer dryer was exchanged in November 2012. They called me and I settled the outstanding amount on the phone. 2 - 3 months later they refunded the full amount for the washer dryer. They then tried to get authorisation to get the same amount back from my account, which my bank refused. They then emailed me a month after that requesting the full amount. I spent the money and couldnt settle. I offered to pay in instalments, however I never heard anything back. I've offered to pay in monthly instalments again, but they are saying I need to settle in full or they will send my debt to the bailiffs.. What do I do?
  15. Hi all, New to the forum, and I was looking for some opinions. I recently purchased a car from a specialist dealer, and part-exchanged my previous car. When I first contacted him, I was on business in America and we discussed the part-exchange over email. The only information he asked for was the registration number and mileage. I asked my wife to email me the mileage, and I passed it across to him. He gave me a part-ex value, and told me that he would be passing it on to another dealer. Upon my return, I drove up to complete the transaction, paid him the balance, got an invoice, and took the new car on. He didn't check the car, or the mileage upon handover, just got me to sign the V5 document, and an invoice including the part-exchange details and new car details. He phoned me 4 days later saying that the mileage was wrong. Evidently my wife had read the number from the trip meter, not the main mileage, and instead of 4700, it was nearer 8500. He told me that the dealer he was passing it onto was now offering £1000 less on the value, and that he would be out of pocket. He asked me "out of good will" to pay him £500 towards that value. I have told him that it was a genuine mistake, and that it was his responsibility to check the part-exchange vehicle at the point of purchase. He is now chasing me (in a friendly manner) to see if I will pay the additional money. I do maintain it's ultimately his mistake, as if he had told me at the point of purchase that I needed to pay £1000 more on the balance, I would have had the opportunity to decide not to purchase the car, and walk away. It's not escalated - but I have a feeling it might. I was looking to check my sanity here and see if others feel that it is right/appropriate to tell him that it's his problem, and I am not willing to pay anything more. Many thanks in advance for the advice. Craig
  16. I'm at a loss, I came home and found I had been broken into. I found a letter from a Bailiff addressed to someone who doesn't live here regarding non payment of Council Tax. I have since found out that Lambeth Council have registered this persons mail to my house, based on the lack of Tax paid on another totally different property. I can now see that the Council have used the forwarding address (my address) as a contact for the Bailiffs who have subsequently broken in and taken things that don't belong to them or the person they are after - My problem is, is that the Liability Order went through on this person and my address was accepted as legit - Meaning the Bailiffs could go in and rob me!? I haven't contacted anyone yet as its Sunday - But who do I contact first to stop the bailiffs? The Court and say they have the wrong address for the Liability Order? The Lambeth Council for getting the address wrong in the first place? The Bailiffs who will probably say "yeah, right, and I'm Mr smith!?". Please please help - I don't know what to do?
  17. Hi I work in an office and stupidly borrowed some money from the accounts safe with no authorisation and had every intention of paying it back. I had 75% of it today to replace. I have went into work and I have been found out and now have been suspended on full pay. I have admitted i took the money and did not deny it and paid the money I had and said I will pay remainder this week. I am worried in losing my job, I have no one to talk too as I feel too embarrassed to discuss with my family...... I would like any advice is to what I can say in my disciplinary meeting, I am unsure when this takes place, I am waiting for a letter Thanks
  18. If a bank sent a letter out to a customer in June 2013 saying that they had a payment of £544.21 off a loan which reduced the monthly payments, and it comes to light in September 2013 that that payment was not taken off the customer's loan, is it on the customer to prove how the payment was made, or the bank to prove why it was not taken off the loan and where it went? I have gone through RBS complaint's team and they are now trying to say the letter was a mistake and sent to me in error, yet it was system generated, so that either means all their system is wrong with customer's information or the information was on their system already for the system to produce and send me a letter confirming a payment received. I have passed it to the Ombudsman as RBS will only offer a small amount of compensation for the letter they now say was erroneous, rather than honouring the letter and taking the stated amount off the loan as the letter says.
  19. Hi all, Not sure if this is of interest but thought I'd share. My mother drove me to Driffield for a job interview which ended up taking nearly 2 hours. She'd parked in Lidl and did not see or read the small signs dotted around. For most of the 1 hr 55 mins she was sat in the car (after buying a few things in Lidl). Lo and behold the red-topped charge notice of doom came through her door a few days later. I submitted this appeal through their website (not a template, all my own work!): I, XXXXXXX, am making this appeal on behalf of, at the request of and with the permission of, the vehicle's registered keeper, XXXXXXXX. Correspondence may be addressed to myself. The following is a reply to, and refers to, the ‘civil parking charge notice’ sent to the registered keeper and issued on 23/07/2013. There are several issues with the parking charge that has been levied. 1) The cost of the charge is prohibitively excessive. At no point is this charge of £90 described as or implied to be a penalty or fine. The alleged overstay is cited as consisting of 25 minutes and 23 seconds, equating to an hourly rate of (approximately) £212.74. By any possible measure, this can only be described as an unfair and discriminatory amount designed to exploit those wishing to use Lidl’s parking facilities in order to shop at the establishment. The ‘reduced charge’ still equates to a rate of £106.37, also a prohibitively expensive charge. Due to the excessive nature of this charge I request that you provide me with an explanation of and justification for the charge, including a breakdown of the costs and losses incurred by yourself in the administration of this specific charge. This will allow yourselves an opportunity to prove that it is not of an excessive nature. 2) You have given evidence of the vehicle being ‘parked’ which comprises of still photographs of the vehicle allegedly entering the car park at ’10.35.51’ and exiting at ‘12.31.14’. The evidence provided does not, however, prove beyond ‘reasonable cause’ that the vehicle was parked for this entire period of time. It can be reasonably assumed that the vehicle was parked at some point (should these timestamps be accurate) but without further evidence supporting the movements of the vehicle inside the car park, and bearing in mind the alleged overstay consisted of only (approximately) 19.9% of the total alleged stay period, I request that evidence be provided which proves that the vehicle was stationary and unattended for a minimum of 25 minutes and 23 seconds. 3) You have given no indication as to the reliability and accuracy of the equipment used in recording both the photographic evidence and the times at which the vehicle entered and exited the car park. I therefore request supporting information which relates to the maintenance schedules, methods and practices of all recording equipment used in the gathering of the presented evidence as well as a detailed account of the error detection, diagnosis and rectification procedures employed by Athena as well as the steps taken to ensure that timestamps are accurate to 1 second (the level of accuracy used by yourselves). 4) I request that you provide me with an explanation of how a third party that does not own or rent the land nor utilise a retail space or outlet linked or related to property on which the vehicle was allegedly parked, has a legal or civil right to not only levy a charge on customers of a retail outlet to which the land is related, but also to access the personal information of the registered keeper stored by the DVLA. Athena ANPR accessed this information without permission, for a purpose not required by a criminal investigative process and without ensuring that the registered keeper concerned was satisfied that their personal details would be safeguarded under the Data Protection Act 1998. This act requires that the processing of such personal data is not conducted in a manner or for a purpose which ‘is likely to cause substantial damage or substantial distress to him or to another’. It can be argued that sending a letter demanding £90 for a parking charge which equates to an hourly rate of £212.74 is likely to cause distress, or at the very least Athena ANPR cannot guarantee that the individual concerned will not suffer ‘substantial distress’ as a result, especially when the individual concerned is an elderly lady who has never been persecuted, prosecuted, investigated or charged with any traffic or civil offence or violation. 5) Your correspondence states that ‘the terms and conditions of the car park are clearly displayed on signs in prominent places.’ I request that you provide evidence, time-stamped before the alleged incident, which supports this claim. This evidence should include a clear notice that states by entering the car park in a motor vehicle, customers agree to be bound to a contractual obligation which would allow Athena ANPR to access the registered keeper’s personal information from the DVLA as well as reassurances that, should this information be gathered by Athena ANPR, the rights of the registered keeper will be protected as per the Data Protection Act 1998. I would like to make it clear that this letter is not an attempt to elicit a cancellation of the charge by requesting excessive information (nor is it a template), but is instead a measure, commensurate with the scale of the charge levied, to ensure that said charge is duly justifiable and due. £90 (or even £45) is a large sum of money to a pensioner and I intend to ensure, beyond reasonable doubt, that you have full and proper rights to claim it, and that you have done everything possible and within your powers to ensure that the legal processes are being followed and that you have provided full and complete disclosure of all facts and consequences prior to the alleged incident. I also wish, simply, to be entirely satisfied that the alleged incident took place and that the charge presented is not due to an error by yourselves. With that in mind, I also wish it to be made clear that this letter is not an admission to liability. Yours respectfully, XXXXXXX On Behalf of XXXXXXX (registered keeper) ------------------------------------------------------------ I received an automated email acknowledging receipt and can only assume the person who opened it could not be bothered to deal with it as my mother received, a few weeks later, a letter saying that as no appeal had been received and no payment made, the cost was now up to £90 and debt collectors and legal action may be forthcoming should no payment be received. My reply: Parking Charge Notice Number: XXXXXXX Vehicle Registration Number: XXXXXX As with my previous correspondence I, XXXXXX, am communicating with yourselves at the request and with the permission of the registered keeper, XXXXXXX. I write in reference to your letter dated 27/08/2013 in which you demand payment of £90 and threaten the involvement of a debt collection company and possible legal action despite my having received no communication regarding the appeal I lodged on 02/08/2013 through the appeals form on your website. I have evidence of submission in the form of an automated email sent by Athena acknowledging receipt. In my original appeal, which you have seemingly, and very unwisely, ignored, I made it explicitly clear to Athena that the registered keeper of the vehicle, and thus the recipient of your correspondence, is an elderly lady who is finding this process highly distressing. Despite this you have seen fit to send her a threatening letter which has served only to, illegitimately and reprehensibly, increase this distress. Please accept my assurances that should the 'legal action' you promise come to fruition, this distress will be discussed in considerably more detail in court. You will be aware of the legislative process you must go through to claim your 'parking charges' and you will be aware of the scrutiny under which your industry operates. By ignoring my appeal, which was filed through your own website, within the time limit specified and with all of the information I am, by your own terms and conditions, obliged to provide, you have breached this legislative process and I am sure I do not need to clarify the position you now find yourselves in. I look forward to reading your acceptance of my appeal and your apology for the unnecessary and unjustifiable upset your actions have caused. Regards, XXXXXX On behalf of XXXXXX ----------------------------------------------------------------- The 35 days they state they will respond to an appeal in expires tomorrow so my argument, in the unlikely event they should continue, is simple. Either there is no contract between the registered keeper and themselves or any affiliated party, in which there is no obligation to pay the charge, or there is a contract in place, in which they have breached it by failure to respond in their own time limit. Sorry for the text bomb but I'm interested if anyone else has had a similarly pleasant experience with this apparent bunch of schoolboys
  20. Hello, I have received a Section 21 notice. My landlady has said via email that she has no intention of asking me to leave and making me homeless before I can move into the property I am buying, but that she has had to serve the notice in order for the agent to market the rental. The notice asks me to leave on a date in August 2013. The covering letter, signed by same person as the notice, says I'm required to vacate on a date in August 2014. Is this notice therefore valid? Is this perhaps her way of saying I don't actually have to leave until I'm ready? The agent has written and signed both the covering letter and notice. Or is it just another of the many mistakes the agent has made?
  21. Hi, I'm wondering if someone can advise as to what will happen after I was sent a certificate of satisfaction with regards to a CCJ. Some numpty added a nought to a payment I sent and they sent the cert as the computer said the debt was overpaid. I've been to the court with the certificate and the CCJ is now satisfied; the bank I owe the money to has since sent a letter I have to sign to say I still owe the money etc....what should I do? and if I don't sign what will THEY do? Thanks in advance for any advice. Mac
  22. Hi I received a £200 fine for driving without insurance, I paid £100 off my fine before I went to Dubai to work. i honestly though that I had paid off the fine completely, however, my wife has had a bailiff from Marstons (he's an agent working on behalf of Marstons) at the door demanding £400 (£100 outstanding fine plus his charges). He has told her that if she doesn't pay asap then I will be arrested at the airport either when I return or leave the UK. Is this correct? My wife did try and make a payment of £100 but he refused to take any instalments as he wants the full £400. The letter from Marstons states that a "Warrant/Order" has been issued against me and that it has been assigned to one of their enforcement agents for their information/action. Can anyone advise me on this please as I cannot afford the full £400 now but obviousy I am now worried about being arrested at the airport!!!
  23. Hi all, We made a silly mistake (with hindsight) in bringing an online claim for a rip-off car in the company's trading name rather than an individual's name (sole trader not limited company) We exchanged letters with their solicitor at first, rejecting the car under the SGA. No reasonable offer to settle was forthcoming so we issued the claim. We eventually received judgment in default as no defence was served... only to find the company had disappeared from its premises, removed its online presence and (as I've discovered through lots of research) set up under a different name at a different address. My question is, if we can confirm the name of the individual and ideally a residential address, can we reissue the claim? This will be easier said than done as currently the only direct evidence linking he individual with the company is a 'Whois' web form showing the company's website as being registered as "Company XYZ trading as Mr X UK Sole Trader" and the original address of the garage. The amount of the claim is just over £4k plus interest from last November, so we don't want to let it drop. How can it be so easy for sole traders to disappear and avoid any liability? We know this company have stitched up many others, it wasn't a one-off, yet the police say its a civil matter and Trading Standards couldn't care less. Thanks in advance.
  24. We tried for many months to resolve longstanding wrongful charges on our account (resulting from the on-going service problems) with Chess Ltd. Throughout we have been met with inconsistent advice, incompetence, continued lack of acknowledgement finally resulting in us taking our business elsewhere. This is when Chess Ltd sprung into action and issued extortionate “Breach of Contract Charges!” It’s a shame Chess Ltd do not employ the same level of service/customer service to the general day to day running of their Company that they seem to have when harassing customers pursuing contractual disagreements, we are astounded just how many other customers of Chess Ltd seem to have been in the same situation. Our complaints to Chess Ltd have been repeatedly ignored, Chess Ltd failed to reply to correspondence, to provide requested information (ie. call recordings, logs of our complaints, the original contract, copies of engineers reports etc.) finally they failed to notify us of the arbitration route. When we were notified (by a 3rd party) of CISAS arbitration, Chess Ltd agreed to our ‘Deadlock’ situation and referred us to CISAS the ombudsman. They then proceeded to issue court proceedings the very next day which in turn means CISAS will not engage and refuse the arbitration. In this difficult business climate, is this the type of service you would want from your communication provider. We are a small family run business, our losses resulting from their poor service and the time it will take to assess the same, together with the stress of attending court are something we could well and truly do without. Would appreciate hearing from others in a similar situation.
  25. Ok so first off yes I was on double yellow lines. I got home at around 11pm on Easter Sunday and knew I would leaving for work on Easter Monday (a bank holiday) at about 8.45am so I parked outside my house on double yellows overnight. (this is me justifying to you why I was on doubles, not an excuse!) In the morning I had a fixed penalty notice from the police from 23.59 (incidentally this was also April Fools Day...thought it was a joke at first). However, while I live on Wescott Road, they wrote Westcott Road. I know this is really petty, but I feel they have been really petty by issuing a fine for being on double yellows at midnight on Easter Sunday on a residential road in a quiet town! I didn't pay up and have recently received a Notice in the post saying I have to either pay, contend it at a Mags' Court or a variety of options that aren't relevant to me. Can I appeal based on their spelling mistake!? If so, do I have to tick the box that says I wish to be dealt with by the court? Many thanks.
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