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  1. CAN ANYONE WHO READS THIS PLEASE GIVE ME SOME THAT IS CORRECT AND FACTUAL BECAUSE I HAVE TO HAND IN MY DEFENCE FORM AND EVIDENCE TO THE COUNTY COURT TOMORROW. This is something I think everyone should read as it may help you defend a sec 21 and eviction. I will give as much information a possible without it becoming to long to read or confusing. I will refer to the Landlady as She or Her. In August 2017 I moved into a self contained unit in a house that had been converted to 6 flats each with electric meter, bathroom, simple kitchen unit but still classed as a self contained studio. She did not take a deposit to avoid depositing it. Even the kitchen and bathroom had been converted into flats. as it had been done a few months before the other 5 tenants and i had moved in there was a lot to been done yet the landlady still demanded the £800 monthly rent. In addition the electric had been sub metered and we/I were have not been given a top up key or card we had to give Her £10 every Sunday and she would use a disposable prepaid card then tore it up so we could not read what was on it. She was charging us 20p kwh day or night. She put the heating radiators on when it got cold in December and put it on a timer to suit her as she was paying for it. I noticed that the extension at the back had walls that were not straight and all partition walls had no insulation. Heating the place got very expensive costing Me £40 a week. That suited her very well that she gave every tenant an electric blanket for Xmas . All the other tenants praised and thanked her saying she was the best landlord ever. OK I WILL EXPLAIN VERY BRIEFLY By now it was clear that getting them to report her to the council would be futile so I did it myself in January. They told her and she gave me a section 21 as tenancy was 6 months. I read it would be invalid if name was spelt wrong and she put a O instead of A. I had broken my leg badly mid January at work so was off for the next 6 months and being self employed the council now paid my rent. BTW....4 other tenants all on ESA and taking illegal substance paid for by tax payer. I thought council would take action but nope. I lived in a hostile place but they slowly came around to listening to me when I showed them how she was robbing us. It was only 30 June 2018 that a enforcement notice came from the council stating no planning permission and illegal use as flats that has to be rectified within 4 months of the notice. I thought finally they took action even though very late. 11 July an eviction notice is put under my door saying I had to be out on 19 July. Seems she had had a tenant get all important mail so I did not even get the defence form. i text her and asked where all that information was and she just replied i have until 19th. On 18th in went to court with a few photos of the place and n244 to stop eviction and give me a hearing and got one for 20th. On the 19th she came to the house and thought I was out I could hear her shouting to a tenant in room 6 above me as I am 4, asking why he didn't tell her I went to court etc. I ignored them and did my research for hours trying to find something to help as I knew the wrong spelling would not be enough when she tell court a lie that I got all letters from court. I was up all night and went to court for 10am and she was sitting there looking all confident. what I did was to tell the judge that the sec 21 was invalid because the EPC she gave me was not valid as law state every self contained unit must have its own EPC. she must pay me £200 and face a fine of 5000. I went on to say the GAS cert she gave me was also invalid because it has a Beko gas stove test results in the kitchen....OPPS, there is no kitchen in the house or gas stove, I went on to say the law says if she sub meters electricity she can't charge more then what she is paying the supplier and if she did she is to pay me back double plus the bank of England interest rate (needs better explaining I m writing fast as its getting late) she charge 20p and at times was paying 10p. The Judge had to look up everything I said for 30 mins then came back and told her I made my case the sec 21 is cancelled. She did say anyone can say they didn't get the defence form and he explained that when I got the eviction notice I contacted her and took action in taking evidence to court, And that did not make a difference because my EPC evidence is water tight. She kept insisting about the defence form so the judge said he will give me the form and other docs and I should file my defence form in 14 days which is tomorrow. to make things worse she offered me £500 to move out as she needs the property empty to do the work and I turned it down. She turned my electric off this past Monday saying she was changing the meters. Yet I told her I was doing my evidence for court and she kept it off all day. My question is can counter claim and ask for the £920 paid in electric, £200 for epc, my time and expenses gathering evidence and the stress I been through in the past 2 weeks or do I have to file separately in small claim court? I also want the court to award me an amount that will get her to know she is not above the rule or law because she has 12 other tenants living in the same type unit as I and just yesterday she tried to rent flat 1 that got vacated when she gave a sec 21 because he spoke up to her Thank you for your time.
  2. Hi there, heres the story, I paid for an early upgrade online with ee. the cost was £251 including the early upgrade fee to buy out the rest of my contract and the upfront cost of the new handset. Now I ordered this the same day my new bill was generated, however my payment date for this bill is the 10th of each month, it was not due for another week so I didnt see a problem. in the after morning after ordering I checked the ee tracker to find news of my delivery only to find it `timed out` it couldnt find any record of the order number in other words. I phoned ee to find out what was going on, the rep told me for some reason the system had taken my upgrade fee but then straight away refunded it and it was on its way back to my account, she apologised and said if I wanted it back quicker I could get an indemnity on the direct debit with my bank asking them to cancel it and I should recieve payment that same day. Since then I found a better deal with another provider on the same handset (vodafones 32gb of data v 8gb ee were offering for the same price as I was paying now monthly!) I decided id use the refund to pay off my contract with EE and go with that one instead of upgrading. I contacted the livesupport on the ee website just to ensure the upgrade hadnt been put through again and to make sure it was indeed cancelled before going with the other network. I was then told that I was not being issued with a refund, the funds instead had been put towards my account balance and it was now in credit (this was presented as something I was apparently meant to be happen with) Now I wanted the refund, my bills not due till the next week and I didnt want to pay it till my next payday which falls before my payment date anyway. I was told I couldnt be refunded as the payment had already been put towards my bill and id just have to get a refund of the credit after paying my bill the next week. My issue is I never authorised this, the payment was sent as part of the early upgrade service it was payment for the early upgrade fee and the handset it was never authorised by me to be used as payment for my bill. EE have just gone ahead and done this without my permission then used that as a reason for not refunding me, I dont see how this is legal to use a payment in a way it wasnt intended without asking esp when the payment is taken as payment for a specific. product and service such as an upgrade. Not happy as not only was my payment used for something not intended by me and without my permission but the woman on the phone in the morning was obviously utterly using me. What I think has happened is ee have sneakily used the fact I made a payment for this upgrade as a way to have me pay my bill off early and just cancelled the upgrade so they can use the payment for this. Obviously very dodgy practise if so! Im just wondering if my misusing my payment in this way ee may have broken any part of their contract, id love to get a bit of revenge by using it as a reason to tear it up. Latest update got in touch with my bank, they say I cant get an indemnity anyway as the payment was by card (so the ee rep was totally using me this morning it appears!) but that the payment is still pending so it shouldnt take any time at all for EE to refund as they can just cancel it.....lets see if they choose to or see if they choose to `keep the money` on my account balance against my will......what they do will decide if I take further action im guessing, EE rep claiming they dont have the ability to cancel a pending payment......utter rubbish! I will be taking this further! luckly ive saved the chat transcripts. anyone else experienced this kind of thing?
  3. Last year I owned 3 vehicles and sold one last year and ownership papers passed on, I only had it one year, it was a sports car for the summer. A few weeks ago I got a letter through the post asking if I wanted to renew my insurance and if so it would cost £220, this was exactly what I paid for my camper van insurance last year and the quote came at the same time, I always insure it in April and tax it then. As it came at the usual time, I thought it was a decent price and put it in the drawer to sort out nearer the time. I then got a phone call asking if I wanted to proceed a few days later, decent price I thought so agreed. This was on the 29th of march. I then got another letter today asking if I wanted to renew my camper van insurance and thought it was odd as I already had. It then hit me like a brick what I had done. I had insured a vechicle I no longer own and the owner has it insured with someone else. I have read by law I have a 14 day cooling off period and I will ring to cancel tomorrow, but will I get charged fees for cancelling, if the car is insured by someone else and it was a mistake, will I still get penalised? I don't want them making their own rules up while I try to cancel. I can't believe what I have done, but I'm so used to insuring the camper in April I never checked the reg Thanks for any help
  4. I'm currently working my way through old accounts and such like and closing down where applicable those I don't use but have not yet been classed as dormant. One of those accounts was a savings account with a well known retailer, almost 20 years I've had it, they periodically send me a statement, amount saved was under £40. I also had a cc with the same company, it went tits up around the same time as most other ones and it ended up in default, I wrote to them as I did all of my creditors, stated how it was and that I'd be making token payments and then came consumeractiongroup and I went from debtor with no hope to an alleged debtor that became empowered, I dealt with my alleged debts and helped others around me do the same..the cc debt mentioned here simply faded, I did for a time receive letters from dca's re the debt but I chose to ignore them as they ignored my plight in the first place. In any case, the cc debt mentioned has been stat barred for some time, maybe 6 years of stat barred, I know the debt doesn't vanish, so it's out there somewhere. My point (ok it took awhile) when I was closing the aforementioned savings account down they asked me if I wanted the money paid into an account they had on file for me, the account is still live so I agreed for them to do this. (all by phone).... However after the call I was putting paperwork to bed and came across a letter from the original creditor (well known supermarket) where they said at the point of default that they would collect any money they could from any other accounts I may have with them (my savings account possibly?) they never did, but I chose to leave the account alone just in case they went calling on it (for the small amount in it I shouldnt have bothered) So, had this been picked up on when I called them to close the savings account down, could they have diverted the amount saved and paid it towards the now long gone account stat barre CC account? and if they had done that would this then have reset the stat barred account? and all because of me not thinking? I should say that they did close/pay the money into the other not related account so the transaction is done and dusted....BUT...could it have gone so terribly wrong for me if they'd paid it off the original CC? as far as I'm aware they never assigned the debt to any collection agency, I did have some bottom feeding dca's trying to collect but they were simply ignored.
  5. had a letter from a well known agency anyway gist of it is dear..... we're sorry we have made a mistake your account was recently transferred to ....from ...due to an error we started reporting this account on your credit file. we have informed the credit reference agencies to remove this account from your credit file which should be completed with the next 3 weeks...sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you now i know they trashed my credit file because i saw it...so do i have any redress over it or is it because they are now removing it lets all be friends and ignore it? any ideas?
  6. Hi guys, Story goes, Back in December 2016 I called up the body which were dealing with the transaction move from CSA to the the 'Child Maintenance Service' questions, what they told me then led me to call the CSA From 21 Oct 2015 I was officially out of the UK and not contributing to the Tax system as I was now working in Denmark. I was still paying the same assessed money as I was told to until I called up about the above proceeding move between the 2 companies. The agent from the CSA told me because I was now working out of the UK and getting paid from Guernsey there would be a NIL assessment because they could not assess what payments I should making. So in theory I was still paying their calculation for around 14 months, which I didn't need to do, but this doesn't bother me, I was still contributing to my child and taking the responsible thing to do. Now during all these years I have always, when calling CSA, asked them to clearly check and confirm what I was paying was correct and everything was up to date, I never missed one payment and always kept to the agreed standing order for all the years. I also received a few statements of what I had paid and my future payments dates. There was a time previous that they did an assessment on me as I returned back into the UK a good few years ago and I had arrears to pay off which I did at £410 and then once they were paid off I then started to pay £310. This was all calculated out for me and I have the documents in my folder of all the breakdowns and payment structure When I called up in December she told me that as of December I would not have to pay anything due to the Nil assessment (working in DK) but I told her I would still like to keep paying, which I am doing straight into her account, the mother agreed and sent her bank details to the CSA which were then fwd onto me, payments are still going smooth. (I also have a letter from the Child Support which stating I am due £0.00 from December) Until yesterday, I came home to a letter from the CSA demanding over £1000, they state in the letter (attached) "we transferred the money to the Secretary of State, rather than the parent with care" Has anyone else experienced this and due to their blunder (I presume), they don't even send a break down of where this money is due from dates etc, it's like someone coming to my front door and saying, "Sorry buy you're due me £1000, pay up now!" Please can anyone help? I'm thinking of writing a letter back explaining all the conversations I had with previous agents asking for a confirmation of balance and the fact I have have it in B&W I was due £0 from December, how can they now go back? I am also thinking of visiting my Solicitor regarding this, just mad that this should have all been taken care of CSA just makes my head boil !! CSA DEMAND 2.pdf
  7. I was caught speeding in a 30mph and pulled over for checks, when the officer checked my insurance he said it was coming up as only my partners name on the insurance. To cut a long story short, the insurance company had made a mistake on the policy, I have never driven without insurance in all my years of holding my licence. I was sent a plea form through which I filled out online including mitigating circumstances. My fine came through the post a week or so later with 8 points and a £1000 fine (without the speeding included) is this common for a first offence with mitigating circumstances? I have since contacted the magistrates who claim they hadn't received my plea.Can I appeal the fine and points?
  8. October last year I had my van stolen. When the police came I told them the circumstances and wrongly stated that the van was unlocked. I believed this to be correct and even told the insurance claims handler the same thing. Baiscally I was loading the van (box van with tail lift) with two other guys. I had hung my jacket up with the van keys in the pocket . We were up and down stairs loading up furniture. Next thing i know is one of the lads shouted the vans been nicked , it was literally just speeding off up the road , tail lift down and furniture all over the road. Anyway this was in October 2016. I had told the police and the claims handler that I believed the van to have been unlocked. Sometime in December between Christmas and New Year I was informed that the insurance company would not be paying out and would not be refunding any of my premium either! In January I went to the Auction House where the theft occured and was asked about the payout on the van . I told the lads that were helping me load the van that the claim was refused because I had left the van unlocked. I still believed this. One of tha lads then told me that he had wanted to adjust the tail lift and could not get in the cab to turn on the power as it was locked. Obviously I was a bit peeved about this as I had told the insurance assessor and the police that there were lads helping me and could tell them as much as I could but neither were interested. Hed either of them spoke to the lads who were helping me then my mistake about the van being unlocked would have been discovered earlier. As soon as I realised there had been a mistake I wrote to ageas insurance . The are not interested in looking again as I had told the police and them the same thing ... because I believed it to be true. How can I force Ageas to listen , they have made the decision on incorrect evidence and even though the mistake has been pointed out to them , they are refusing to even speak to the guys from the auction house. I want to go to the Ombudsman but Im not sure if they can look at the new evidence or will just look at what was said to the police and insurance claims handler. Would it be worth correcting the mistake in my police statement ? Would a statement of truth help ? The van was on finance and I have nothing to gain but everything to lose . I thank you for looking and hope I can get some advice . Shaun
  9. Hi all, I had no idea that with my Barclays account I had PPi. Barclays contacted me a few years ago and i got the odd thing in the post from them, it always referred to the fact that 'IF' i had ppi, tbh i really didn't think i did. The most recent form they sent me was so long! With so many questions I could not possibly remember the answers. This company contacted me and said they could see if they could do it for me and that they would do all the hard work, but then they sent me exactly the same questions, I called them and explained this is why i signed with them because i thought they were going to do all this and the guy just tried to help with the answers. Shortly after this I get a refund from Barclays for £3700 approx. AMAZING! BUT they have sent me a bill for £1400. I'm annoyed because all i needed to do was fill in the form like i did for this company and send it back to Barclays, like they asked me to a while ago, now i have to pay this company £1400, so much money, for just this form... Is there anything i can do? I have been dealing with Barclays directly for a while on this and just hit a brick wall when the form came through with lots of questions that i couldn't remember the answer to.
  10. I hope I'm posting this in the right place, it involves quite a few different debt related topics so this seemed as relevant as anything! I've recently split up from my husband and I'm looking to divorce him shortly, in the process of splitting up I've needed to apply for credit for the first time in years and it's become apparent that I've got a poor credit rating as a result of a number of payday loans that have been taken out over the past few years, and a credit card that I paid off years ago and haven't used since is also showing an active balance. I had no idea about these until now, as we've been living abroad and it looks as though my old address was used. I have no proof that this was his doing at all, but he would have known all of my personal details to enable him to apply, and he has a pretty severe gambling problem as well. He has in the past stolen money from me by using my debit card so I absolutely wouldn't put it past him. I reported this to the bank who refunded the money, but it was never proven that it was him. The payday loans were taken out over a short period in 2013, and this is the first I knew of them. I knew about the credit card but as far as I was concerned it was paid off then lost (admittedly, never cancelled). In addition to this, there are 2 loans showing on there as 'lowell' these were from much longer ago, around 2007 and 2009, but I believe these were Welcome Finance loans that I did take out but paid back by around 2011. I can only assume that the fact these are still showing on there is a mistake and somehow they have incorrect records. I should be able to dispute these using bank statements though. It all seems like a lot to deal with on top of the divorce etc. if anyone could point me in the right direction I'd be so grateful. I want to move forward and look into mortgages eventually but having all of this on my file will make that nearly impossible I think
  11. Hi, First time post for me but after doing a bit of searching this place looks to be very useful so hopefully I can get some advice on my predicament... Firstly, I'm not looking to blame Barclays as the problem is entirely my own doing BUT isn't helped but what I see is a failure of several Barclay's systems to provide useful information which would have helped my not make my mistake so my request is twofold. ... I had two Barclayloans, one for oustanding amount A and one with an outstanding amount of B. The difference between the two outstanding amounts was £4K. One monthly payment was £230 and the other £380. I took out a third loan to cover some credit card debt, pay of the lesser of the two loans and buy a car. All good so far. After paying off the cards and buying the car I then went into my local Barclay's branch to pay off the lesser of the two loans, here's where it all goes wrong. Looking back at my 'workings out' to decide how much to borrow, what to pay etc I managed to get the outstanding loan values and their monthly values mixed up. Thus I thought the smaller of the loans (the one I intended to pay off) attracted the higher monthly payment. Here's the first 'issue' ... to the best of my knowledge nowhere on Barclay's site does it tell you what the monthly payment for a loan is. Even the Direct Debit statement entries for the loans have no information with regards to which loan they relate. And yes I know I should have referred to the original paperwork (no idea where that it is) for the loan and it doesn't in anyway exonerate my stupidity but I do think it would be useful if Barclays could show the loan monthly payment along with the outstanding amount on the main detail page. So, in the local Barclays branch I instructed the very nice lady to pay off the smaller of the loans and to confirm it was the one with the £383 monthly payment. She again couldn't confirm this as (and I have the print out from the 'payoff quote' from the internal system) their internal systems also don't appear to show a monthly payment either, certainly not the print out I've got. The smaller loan was paid off however but I also instructed her to cancel the £383 / month direct debit.....The reason for this was when paying off loans in the past I've been told to cancel the direct debit 'just in case'. This is where it gets serious. Turns out that by her paying off the smaller loan, the £230 / month direct debit was automatically cancelled BUT by me instructing her to cancel the £383 one too, that was for a live loan (which didn't become apparent for a few weeks later)!!! Again, there didn't appear to be anything stopping her from cancelling a direct debit for a live loan which seems a bit odd. She wasn't prompted with any warnings or anything, didn't question what I wanted to do ...nothing. Nothing more was heard until I received a 'default loan payment' letter from Barclays a couple of weeks ago which alarmed me. I spoke to their team that night and was adamant that there had been a mistake and that £383 was for an old loan which I'd paid off.....clearly not! Big penny dropped.... Person on the end of the phone told me that £383 was for an ongoing loan so I paid it and set up a standing order for the £383 to cover the rest of the loan period. All the credit reference agencies have now been told of my default and I'm blacklisted. Various conversations with people in Barclays have told me that it's a one way thing and they can't remove the blacklisting, even though its down to my own stupidity in cancelling the wrong direct debit and not the fact I ran out of money! Not a huge issue as I won't be applying for credit for a bit BUT and this is the important question.... is there anyway I can let the credit agencies (and which ones should I contact?) to let them know of my mistake and to prove that it's a stupid error on my part and not a financial issue, or is a default a default, there are no 'types' of default? As proof it was an error on my part I have the letter from Barclays confirming the £383 payment had been stopped Secondly is there any 'proper' email address for Barclays that I can send this tale to to highlight shortcomings in their systems? Appreciate this is a fruitless exercise but even if the loan account had the monthly payment shown online I wouldn't be here. Let alone their internal systems not showing it and the ability to cancel a direct debit for a Barclayloan with no warnings. Really appreciate any help (apart from checking my facts and figures in future, definitely learned that one!) anyone can offer on this. Thanks
  12. I am a pensioner and full-time round the clock carer to a close disabled relative. I receive no benefits apart from the usual state pension. The disabled relative I care for has severe care needs and is unable to work, they receive PIP and ESA. Upset and frustrated by lack of interest on my life savings I started reading info on savings on the Martin Lewis website. To maximise interest it is recommended to open several of the top interest paying current accounts - which I did. I had money over so accounts were also opened in the person I care for's name (all my money, paid directly to accounts from my bank account). The relative I care for has now been called for compliance interview with DWP, no reason given. Could what I have done have triggered this? I didn't even know about the savings thresholds and can't believe what I have done and how stupid I have been. I feel ill, my anxiety is through the roof and I have felt ill since the letter arrived. I fully understand this was a ridiculously stupid thing to do, there was absolutely no intention whatsoever to cheat the benefits system, the benefits system wasn't even thought about! We're talking about maxing out the current recommended currents acounts. Could someone please advise the least damaging way to explain this to the DWP?
  13. Just curious: I am wondering how many people have had their NHS Exemption Certificate cards reprinted? I recently received a new card as they are now only valid for 7months - I guess to avoid fraud.... However, the printer screwed up. The card was printed "Valid End" and "Expires From".... Of course, it should have been the other way round (valid from, expires end) So I just received another new card with the correct wording. Seems a really stupid mistake and potentially very expensive [read: waste of tax payers money] if ALL cards had to be reprinted.... Anyone else affected by this?????????
  14. Hi - my daughter completed her degree this summer and left her rented accommodation at the end of June. She forgot to cancel the standing order from her bank account to the letting agents and so a payment of £912 was paid to them at the end of September. The rent was paid quarterly and I think the summer one didn't get paid as she had no money in her account. She had just received her first month's salary which meant there was sufficient funds for the standing order to be paid this time. She called the letting agents as soon as she realised what had happened and they said they would send her a cheque less £10 admin fee. The cheque didn't arrive, so she called them again and was told the cheque was in the post and that is should arrive within the next day or two. It didn't arrive so she called again yesterday, and was told it would be put in the post and should arrive today, but it still hasn't. Could somebody advise as to the best course of action please? Thank you!!
  15. I've taken out an insurance policy. a term assurance one over 15 years thinking even if I still live over that we get a payout. I wanted one where I know there would be a definate payout.
  16. I stole £200 pounds worth of money from my work. I have an investigative meeting on Tuesday and am at a loss over what to do. I know I am in the wrong and I am aware that the company uses civil recovery to recover any loss from theft. However, will they have me arrested and charged or take me to court. I can't afford even a caution against my name due to my future career. Please help, I haven't slept a wink since I was given the letter and suspended for gross misconduct. Thanks.
  17. Hi, My partner went onto the Vanquis website to pay her payment (using their debit card payment page) and even though she only pressed 'Send' once, the payment was taken twice. A few phone calls and a few days later, one of the repayments was returned to her MINUS £5 'administration' Now, I'm no lawyer, but surely this is unjust? Is there a way to encourage them to refund that fee too? Thanks, Phill
  18. Hi Everyone, Just to say I love this site, it packed with really helpful people, who have helped me sort out a situation. I hoped I would find a forum dealing with HMRC and luckily I have, this time it is not about me, HMRC have been chasing my partner for years now, stating he has not filled in self assessment forms since 2004! They will not have it that none have been sent, which isn't surprising really as he is not a company director he is a shareholder and as far as we know he doesn't have to fill in self assessment forms. Just wondered if we are right? Eventually HMRC made such a fuss, basically sending letters from all over the country, visits to the house and finally threatening to make him bankrupt, we have sent letters which have been ignored, finally we have asked our accountant to sort it out but I am ashamed to say we did pay them what they wanted because we hope when it gets sorted out they will refund this. They are truly a very incompetent organisation who have chased him relentlessly, can we make a complaint about this? If so to who? Thanks to anyone who has any information on what we can do, we have paid these people about £18,000!!
  19. I am about to raise a complaint with Kwik Fit relating to a winter service that they did on Dec 23 2014 the subject line says it all will keep this thread updated
  20. Hi there, I to was grilled over whether they thought I was actually 'miss-sold' my ppi eventually received the confirmation that I would be receiving my ppi amount back and would be paid by 28th dec 2014, however when the payment failed to make an appearance in my account I made enquiries into the matter and discovered my payment had been sent to 'debt free direct' because of my "IVA"!. I first had to research what an IVA was and why I might possibly have had one without knowing it plus supposed dealings with 'debt free direct' , After discovering what an IVA was and that i definitely dont/didnt have one 'debt free direct' where just as puzzled as I am not on their system and never had been (because I dont owe any money or have a debt management plan!) but my sum of money is down as being cashed by them! Ive been passed from pillar to post trying to track down my money and told from both sides that I must consult the other party! 'Debt free direct' raised an important quiery, lloyds would have had to check my name against the insolvency register incase of owed monies that the ppi money would by rights go towards paying off, They advised me to check the 'individual insolvency register' while on the phone to them as the only person showing on their records with the same name as me had a very similar date of birth, I typed in my surname and first initial and sure enough the only person on the register sharing the same name as myself all except middle names and DOB being a month and a day different to mine had an IVA against her name! Lloyds said they will pass the issue over to their investigations team after they receive contact from the debt company , I have Emailed 'debt free direct' asking for them to make contact with lloyds to confirm that Im not on their system and I just hope Lloyds dont drag out giving me my answer as to why they wrongly handed my cheque to what I can only imagine has gone to pay off someone elses debts!! Im sorry for rambling on, I hope you managed to understand my situation and wonder if anyone else has ever had or heard of this happening before, any feed back on the matter would be greatly appreciated, Thankyou in advance, becky
  21. I want to book a hot air balloon flight voucher for 2 for my partner for a Christmas present. I looked around for the best prices and found that red letter days had a special where you get a £30 gift voucher for £18 http://www.redletterdeals.co.uk/deal.php?reference=GCWXA I found this through their weekly deals link on their website and assumed it was a £30 gift voucher you can use towards anything and could use more than one at a time. the page states 'Total flexibility means the gift card can be used to book any experience' so I figured that it could be used for a balloon flight and there seemed to be nothing in the terms about only using one voucher per experience, only that you couldn't use a discount code with it. I was going to get 10 vouchers to total the cost of the balloon flight and have purchased 5 and was going to get the other 5 on Friday when I get paid to then book the balloon flight, I started to register the vouchers to my account today so I didn't have to sit and do all 10 at once and I have done 2, they seem to have separate redeem buttons so cant be used together to go towards a bigger experience and when looking through what they can be used towards there is nothing in the hot air ballooning option. The customer service is closed now so I will need to call tomorrow, but any advice before will be really handy.
  22. My mother is a pensioner her last years insurance direct debits for her house insurance were taken out of her bank account by a company called mypremiumcredit Her renewal came through 2 weeks ago and last week my mum received a letter from mypremiumcredit stating the company dont have her bank details on file in order to commence the direct debits for the new insurance cover (when she had cover the previous year with them already!) and if my mum does not pay within 2 weeks she will have to cough up the full amount which is almost £250 in one go!. They have also sent my mum a default letter - my mum is stressed out by the default when it is not even her own fault - she's never missed a direct debit with this company I rang the mypremiumcredit asking them why have they sent a default letter, the advisor said it their fault for not having my mums bank details on file, i replied the bank details have never changed, so why the default letter, the advisor said the default letter is a 'generic' letter thats sent out and it wont effect my mums credit rating - my mum is stressed out and worried - that the company even before her new renewal commences which is next week has alread received a default letter! What action can my mum take, where does she stand and can this complaint be pushed all the way to the Financial Ombusman?
  23. hey guys, this is my first forum post, i found a freedom pass on the ground and used it on the bus turns out inspectors got on the bus and yeah karma, guys i am shaken to the ground I dont know what to do i gave the guy my real name and dob but a different address, what should i do, I am shaking as i type this. please help me
  24. Not sure if someone else has come across this But I am facing 2 HMRC Issues which shows their non professionalism and inadequacy: Issue One (1): Last year my Spouse was on Maternity for 1 year which included paid, Statuary and Unpaid 3 months of Maternity pay. Since it affected our overall income I rang up HMRC and requested them if we are eligible for any Benefits due but they did calculation based on previous year and said we do not qualify for any benefits as we earned over £32000 for previous year and requested us to call them back later. However few months after my son was born and my wife's maternity finished I called them up again and asked for Child Benefit as our actual annual income for whole year fell below the estimated annual income but this time around guy working out said we do qualify and should've received tax credits HAD we called and Claimed benefits earlier. I disputed that I did call earlier but was given wrong information but he stuck to argument since I never claimed within given months I've now lost out on it. Issue Two (2): I received a letter from HMRC that I currently owe them approximately £500 in tax from year 2013-2014. Problem is that last year when I changed my employment I was charged at Basic Rate so I called up HMRC and told them about my change of job and salary etc and they said they would automatically send new Tax Code into new Employer's System which they did. Now If they are the one who put tax code into system and were aware of all my change in employment details they are responsible for not charging me correctly. Saying that do they have a right to charge me back dated tax for a mistake they made? I've recently read in local newspapers that they have done that with many others this year as they had issue with their computer systems. Can this case be argued and is there a way that outstanding tax be waived off if I put a challenge up with HMRC? Any help will be highly appreciated
  25. Hi Just looking for some advice for a friend. A friend has just received a letter to attend a compliance interview and she's worried big style - its NOT an interview under caution. Four years ago she received some inheritance that took her close to the £16000 mark but not over, she was on incapacity benefit at the time and she was told the savings would not affect her benefits - pretty much all of the money was spent on adapting her home. She was moved to ESA last year and then onto income based ESA a few moths back and her savings have been pretty much zero since 2011. The Job Centre now want her to provide bank statements for the short period she had the inheritance in her account four years ago. She has spoken to welfare rights and they didn't know why she would be pulled in for that as the benefits she was receiving were not means tested at the time. They suggested that she may have been on some smaller component that was means tested but she has every letter ever sent to her regarding benefits and she has never been on anything that was means tested. Other than that it could be a mistake on their part. Has anyone else been through a similar situation?
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